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  • Hi ive started the 5.2 diet dont weigh myself only being 4ft 11 and 58 years old i know ive got stonesssssssssssssssss to go but was just asking if anyone knows,so far this morning ive gone 18 hours without food iam going to have porridge about 12.00 so well over 18 hours is it ok to do this ,,thanks GERRY

    If today is a fast day, then having porridge at noon is fine. Just count this as part of the 500 calories you will have today before going back to bed.

    Tomorrow, it will be back to eating normally.

    Hi Thanks Amy c still not sure how this forum works on here i take it you was answering me Gerry hahah well i do two fast days on the trot so i will do again tomorrow i just wasnt sure how long i was allowed to go without food as i genrally go hours on fasting days (i include the hours throught the night)so last thing eaten,,,having said that this is the only diet iam loosing on and find easy and manageable,,,,,thanks again good luck everyone

    Hi jelster, you can go as long as you like without taking in any calories on a fastday, even 2 consecutive fastdays. Some people can’t go for long without food and have to split their 500 throughout the day but if you can manage without then lots of people just have one meal late in the day. And then there are those that don’t consume any calories at all on fastdays (even the 500/600 permitted). It’s up to you – find a pattern that works for you.

    Best of luck 😉

    Thanks Tracy so handy being able to ask,,,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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