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  • I’ve not done this for over 3 years. If I remember correctly I can split the days, e if fasting Thursday I have normal meal Wednesday evening, then Thursday 500 cals between breakfast and dinner and then Friday eat normal. If I do 2 days in a row e Thurs and Fri I eat normally wed evening, 500 cals each day Thurs and Fri and eat normally sat. Yes? Or no?



    Alors, Payney, when will you begin: Thursday [tomorrow] or Monday? Most of us Fast Mondays and Thursdays, although some Fast on consecutive days, and some do Monday/Wednesday. Whatever works for you. I like Monday since it gives me a break from whatever I was eating over the week-end [!!] and Thursday since it is not too close to Monday and definitely not a Friday. This sounds as if I am a binger, which I am not. But we do enjoy some good meals on ‘Slow Days.’

    Good luck, Payney.

    I think Monday is likely as possibly a Wednesday. It really depends on when my hubby is in late shift. I think it might change each week. How quickly did you loose weight?

    I move my FDs around week to week to fit whatever is going on that week, although I know some people are more comfortable having a rigid pattern.
    I needed to lose 9kg (20lb) when I came to 5:2 in January. It took me 3 months to lose 8kg, although the biggest loss was in week 1 and it was very slow after that. I had hoped to lose a little more but my weight plateaued for 5 months even though I was still doing 5:2, so I just accepted that this was where my body wanted to be for now. Since I stopped fussing about it I’ve dropped another kilogram, but I’m happy to just keep sticking to a 5:2 lifestyle and allow my body to find its own set point. I have no remaining health issues that are connected to weight, so there is no need for me to pursue any specific weight now – other than vanity.

    I lost weight slowly and steadily over 4 years. I didn’t have that much to lose, just wanted to get rid of the jiggly bits on the hips. It worked. Own Dear Husband lost 40 pounds in 1 and a half years. We still do 5:2, for the other benefits and because we feel good about keeping our weight down.

    Fast Day for us, Payney. You?

    Not by the Chinese I just had definitely not a fast day. Going to fast on Saturday I think. Celebrating our wedding anniversary (hence the Chinese) this week so don’t expect any weight loss the first week, but I’m OK with that 😊

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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