Just Starting New Keto diet with IF.

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  • Hi all

    So, I’m a 49yo Male and weighed 17st 5lb when I started my new diet on the 23rd April 2019.

    I have done Atkins is the past with mixed results but have now found that the Ketogenic diet to suit me better. I have also introduced Intermittent Fasting to the diet which is now showing results.

    I now only have one meal a day in the evening with Zero food any other time. I drink sparkling water or black unsweetened black coffee throughout the day. I check my urine with urine keto strips and am solidly in Ketosis. I feel load better and the weight is now dropping quickly. It would be good to share my experience with others on a similar diet or happy to chat will anyone considering it.

    Hi there! I’m interested in reading your progress as I already practice IF, have for nearly 3 years so am already at goal weight, which I reached through conventional 5:2 of consuming 500 calories on fast days. Because I continued to experience a deep seemingly insatiable on my non-fasting days, I decided to try lchf and that has not only satiated the hunger, I have reaped many other benefits. So, I’ve continued with lchf and am contemplating moving to keto. Please keep writing updates. I would love to read them.

    Hi there, I would love to hear your progress. I’ve just started the keto diet 2 weeks ago, lost some weight already. I’ve done 5:2 a few years back and found that eating 500 calories left me feeling continuously hungry. I tried water fasting for health reasons, which suited me a lot better, but couldn’t stick to it because of my schedule/social engagements. Now I’m thinking of doing 5:2 or at least 6:1 combined with keto (which is fast becoming a lifestyle).

    I’ve done keto for over a year, but do have spells of eating carbs again on holidays etc, it can be quite hard to stick to long term, for me anyway! But I feel so much better physically that I want to! I lost half a stone with keto & extended fasting, on top of 2 stone I’d already lost with ADF, 500 cal FDs. I’m finding maintaining quite hard though! I’ve found recently that combining keto with the Fast800 diet is working well.
    Good luck with your journey!

    I’ve lost 1.5 stone with 5:2 (and a little calorie restraint prior to finding 5:2), but am now thinking longer term and am starting Keto from next week, alongside/as part of my 5:2 wol…
    I have been sort of doing Keto-type eating already, meat/green veg/salads, little or no refined foods, as I don’t eat the obvious carbs like cereal/snacky things, but wanting to change the whole family’s intake/do my bit for everyone’s long term well being.
    Very interested to join in as my Keto journey begins. (I still have plenty to lose/no current health issues, aside from weight).

    For those who have been on a Keto wol, do you find it works well with 5:2? It seems like it’s very compatible…

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