Junk Food Hangovers!

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  • Hi

    I went to the movies with my youngest son last night, and decided to indulge in some chilli cheese nachos and fizzy pop. My boy shared some candyfloss with me too. I didnt even finish the nachos, and only had a tiny bit of candyfloss. But this morning I feel awful!

    Since I’ve been doing the 5:2, my eating days have been very healthy, and I havent indulged in much sugary or processed food. Its obviously doing me some good, as I have never ‘felt’ the effects of processed and high sugar food before! Its actually quite put me off, as I really feel rough, in a numb-facey, groggy tummy, headachey way. I’m looking forward to fasting today!


    That’s what 5.2 does to you lol 🙂

    but sorry you are feeling rough today, hopefully it will soon pass, and enjoy your fast today!! 🙂


    I’m sure I would enjoy it much more if I could tune out the sarcastic comments from certain people in the house who think I am starving myself.

    I just ate a satsuma and one, yes ONE sugar snap pea and I’ve apparently broken my fast as it’s not a “proper” fast unless I only consume water! Grrrr, I could go off some people.

    awwww just ignore them Carm!

    little do they know all the good we doing to our bodies, boo to them lol!!!till and wait till they start seeing the changes in you!!I bet you a pretty dollar all comments, snide remarks etc.. will stop 🙂 in fact it’ll probably shut them all up hahaha!! which is exactly what you want…

    so you just go ahead and fast forward 🙂 ( see what I did there?!)

    Carm…Angie has the best advice. While on my journey I heard everything from “You are starving yourself” to “This can’t possibly be healthy for you.” Lucky for me I ignored them and have lost 35 pounds…looks and feel great and my doctor said my labs were “perfect”.

    You WILL have the last laugh. Trust me 🙂

    Thanks both of you

    I needed that. My biggest critic is 18st and crippled with fibromyalgia. He’s in a wheelchair and refuses to even do physio. Says it all huh?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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