June 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 21 MN/USA CD

    I haven’t checked in for several days……we had unexpected house guests until this morning and that really threw me for a loop! Enjoyable, but I really was not prepared and so I had a lot of scrambling to do in order to be a proper hostess.
    Absolutely no fasting has been achieved, and I am up a solid 3 lbs or more. As others, I will have to hope that my control and my mojo return in July. I hate to see my hard work of past months just disappear into a pudge of fat, so I must get control at least.
    @stitchincarol – Do enjoy your time away with your DH. I hope you can get away when the funeral is over.
    @daffodil2010 – I’m very glad to hear you are doing well post surgery. Yes, it’s very important not to overdo and set yourself back.
    @songbirdme – It’s good to hear that your lack of posting is simply due to being busy, and that you are doing well. Good luck with the dental procedures. I hope they aren’t painful!
    I’m still trying to catch up on posts. Tomorrow I am planning a high protein, low carb FD800 to ease back into my routine.
    Good luck to everyone!

    Day 22, NFD, Aus

    Experiencing a slight PFDS today but let me explain. Yesterday I was struggling mentally to find my fasting groove and around 11.30am I was so hungry, I thought, drat, I’m going to buy lunch. I was focused on a steak sandwich and chips (fries). But then I realised my wallet was not in my briefcase and therefore I had nothing to pay for lunch with. Ok, I thought, enforced FD, that’s ok. Then after a while I figured my wallet was in the car, so off I set. I was just about at the carpark, when I realised I’d left my car keys in the office. Another karmic reminder that this should be a FD. I stalked back to the office. After another while, I grabbed the keys and went to the car. My wallet was not there! Back to the office I went. So that was three times a reminder that I should not eat.

    Having made it through that day time period it was far easier to resist my OH’s tempting offer of toastie sandwiches for dinner. So a successful LFD was had after all. [And I found my wallet on the floor behind the driver’s seat in the car so it was there after all. – Far less emotional than a lost dog who wasn’t really lost, @fivetwofan!]

    And I’m always amazed at how not-hungry I feel the morning after a FD which really should help to round-up the mojo and bring it home.

    Interesting article, thanks @michelinme. This resonated (and I see it also struck a chord with @basyjames!): “Now that’s a dumb thing to say, because sometimes life demands a banana, and sometimes life demands a chocolate bar.” So true!! But seriously, I’m interested in different foodgroups and their calorie counts – has anyone got any further resources along these lines?

    Happy holiday, @stitchincarol – hope all is quiet on the pastoral homefront so you can enjoy your time away without distractions.

    Which reminds me, Americans and other English-speakers use holiday and vacation differently, from what I understand. So to you, I mean have a good vacation!

    Ok, enough chit-chat, I’ve gotta start work.

    Day 22. NFD. U.K.

    A successful fast day although perhaps not a particularly enjoyable one, as I was very hungry for a lot of the day!

    However I realised at 6 pm that I had drunk nothing apart from coffee and tea all day, so I really only have myself to blame!!!!!

    So I hurriedly drank about 2 L of water during the evening and of course I felt a lot better!

    @&stitchinCarol – i am so sorry to hear about the funeral

    @penz – wow!!! I am so impressed! I can’t believe that you manage to salvage a fast day like that! I would never have pulled that off… Hats off to you, you definitely deserve some PFDS! And a bit of halo polishing is in order as well!!!!! And best of all, your wallet wasn’t even lost! (Your wallet and my dog,eh?!!)

    @penz – yes isn’t it strange how the following morning the hunger has evaporated? It always amazes me!

    Day 22 – Ireland 🇮🇪- NFD

    Beautiful midsummer weather we are having, yesterday was glorious, I just sat out my back garden, relaxing and reading and enjoying the sunshine and grateful that I could do so, ie not stuck in the office.

    There is a competition between me and the cat as to who can lounge around the longest 😆, I don’t think I can beat the cat though!!

    @penz I loved how the universe just insisted that you were having that FD yesterday, well done on staying the course

    @michelinme thanks for the article, proteins really do make you feel fuller for longer. Remember there were a few of us doing Egg Fasts a while back? I remember never feeling hungry, though got fed up with eggs. Plus the weight flew off.

    So my plans for today…..rest and relax. I went for my 6am walk as usual this morning, but my steps are nothing like the strides I used to take. I just can’t at the moment. Very gentle and slowly goes it, took nearly an hour as opposed to 30 minutes, but there is something about being out in the early morning air which lifts me.

    I took my dressings off yesterday, which was difficult enough as there seemed so much dressing, and looking at my poor wounds made me realise again I need to take it easy. I plan for a nap fairly soon, (ha ha, its still early morning), afterwards potter about in the sunshine, ready my book, listen to the birdies. So lucky the weather is conducive to this at the moment.

    Wondering where @i-hate-lettuce is these days, haven’t heard from him in a while.
    Hoping @jaifaim had a great holiday on the boat, would love to hear about it.

    Day 22, London, UK, FD

    Today would have been my dad’s 96th birthday 💜 💕 🙏, I dare not remind my mum, she regularly asks where he is or ‘Did I give your dad something to eat?’

    Anyway, the weekend involved a father’s day meal for my brother and it was a great excuse for a family get together!! Socially distanced, but it did my mum a world of good just to see grandchildren & have a meal with more than 1 person!! 😍😍😍 Of course there was wine 🍷 🍷 and I swear I heard the table groaning under the weight of ALL THOSE CARBS!!!! Reset FD today!! 🙌

    @penz, Phew!!! That fat fairy got kidnapped on her way to visit you!!!! Someone’s looking out for you!!!! 👏 👏

    @daffodil2010, rest, recover & reset ………………… Sounds like a plan to me!!! 🤗

    “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke

    Day 22 – Canada – NFD

    Good morning everybody. Yesterday was a somewhat successful FD but the day ended with a calorie laden protein bar, so delicious though. Today I will have a mindful eating day.

    @michelinme – thanks for the article. So interesting.

    @daffodil2010 – so good to hear you’re healing well and looking after yourself.

    @penz – oh my goodness you were really not meant to eat that day, so funny 😆 but I’m sure frustrating at the time.

    Take care all.

    Day 22 – USA/GA – NFD

    Next FD will be Thursday. Today’s weigh-in: 222 lbs. My 10-day average is trending back to pre-vacation levels, but not quite at the lowest level back on the last week of May just yet. Probably by the end of the month. Not disappointed at all; my body attempts to regain weight, then realizes I’m not going to settle back into old habits, then resigns itself back to a baseline before it can be lured back into loss. I call these “lost months,” but they’re probably better defined as “adjustment months.” I just need to learn to predict these a little better and be conservative with moving my goal weight for such months.

    Day 22 UK NFD

    Very impressed with all the positive thinking, think we all realise we are in it for the long haul , there are no quick fixes and we just have to hang in there

    I too have wondered where @i-hate-lettuce is , hopefully just too busy looking after all those gardens 👨‍🌾

    Day 22 UK NFD

    Very impressed with all the positive thinking, think we all realise we are in it for the long haul , there are no quick fixes and we just have to hang in there

    I too have wondered where @i-hate-lettuce is , hopefully just too busy looking after all those gardens 👨‍🌾

    Day 22 – Rural Nebraska, USA – on vacation

    The scales were back to 153.4 this morning, so I was right that most of that extra weight yesterday and Sunday was water from excess sodium…but it sure was an ugly sight! Thanks, @basyjames, for your encouragement; it meant a lot.

    Lovely to read all the chatter and details of your lives. Didn’t @i-hate-lettuce say he and Mrs IHL were going away again? That’s what I remembered, but perhaps I was misunderstanding him.

    It’s noon, and I’m done packing, I’m done watering, I’m done washing up all the dishes in the kitchen…I’m done. Now it’s a matter of waiting for DH to get home from church so he can finish up his little bit remaining, and we’ll be off. Ahhh, but to be on vacation sounds lovely, and I’m eager to be off! Thanks for all the good wishes, and I hope everyone else’s next week-plus is lovely!

    Day 22 UK FD

    Late check in.

    I blew yesterday’s FD with a big bowl of popcorn – just felt too cold & hungry! – which made it a day comfortably under TDEE but not really a CD.

    Successfully fasting today instead, mostly bc I didn’t get a chance to eat all day! I did however line myself up at my zoom station with a litre flask of peppermint tea and a 2litre bottle of fizzy water. I’ve drunk TONS – which of course makes fasting so much easier. It’s still cold here but not raining today so lost that damp nip in the air. Also I’ve layered up and been busy all day so no time to eat – yay.

    My first day back doing more since my week off. Woke tired and achy but somehow ready to host a 90 min logistics planning zoom this morning, speed edited some minutes and then hosted my 83yo mother to tea. We enjoyed some communal hymn singing then transferred her utilities to be an online account. Now my brother can plough through and see what the problems are -so important to share tasks! Then I got bogged down in email and nearly forgot a teatime zoom call with someone in the US, which turned out to be an interesting TWO HOUR conversation. Late supper of baked sweet potato with soya mince, mushrooms and peas plus vine tomatoes on the side. Now a flat white peach and I’ll close the kitchen.

    Determined to get clothes out and bag packed for tomorrow. I’m going into town for an event – my first weekday trip into town in 16 months. Slightly nervous, not least bc I still have to write a 15 min talk. But I’m hoping that early night and starting tomorrow being able to just focus on the writing without any other distractions will help my post-covid brain and be doable. I’ll have around 4-5hours which should be more than enough.

    My thinking isn’t reliable atm – reading and writing have been the hardest things w long covid, plus the post-exertional malaise. It’s a sense of wiped out, no batteries that seems to kick in 48hrs after doing something, so yesterday i was wiped from being out Saturday. Still pretty wiped now and hoping the extra sleep will do the trick. Thursday is quiet but out again on Friday and Sunday. I may have to start rethinking my plans!

    @stitchincarol hope you have a wonderful time away

    Day 23, NFD, Aus

    Thanks for the reminder re egg fasts, @daffodil2010 – I should reintroduce that to my regime. Take it easy – it seems you are champing at the bit to get back to your old lifestyle, but give yourself plenty of time to heal. Give your cat a run for its money on the couch!

    Planning on an FD tomorrow. Maybe I should leave my wallet at home again as insurance!

    Happy hump day everyone (still thinking of you @funshipfreddie)

    Day 23 – Ireland 🇮🇪-NFD

    Slept much of yesterday, I simply cannot believe how tiring it is just getting well again. It has to be my age and stage of life too, but nearly one week in and I am resting all the time, I thought I would be more active by now.

    You are right @penz, I was thinking I should be a bit more active but that’s only me reckoning that, so maybe I should take heed of Missie (my beautiful cat) and lounge, lounge, lounge.

    I am brewing up some home-made detox pads for my feet (instead of buying what could be dubious brands on line), seeing as I have lots of time I may as well detox my feet and see what happens. So it’s minced and boiled garlic and onion, going to add some Epsom salts, baking soda, and ACV, apply to gauze and apply to the soles of my feet, pop on a pair of socks and detox.

    Ha ha,luckily it’s just me and the cat today as the feet won’t smell too great with that concoction 😄 Interesting to see if it works.

    It’s raining today but I am glad, only in a gardeners way, as the garden really needed moisture and I can’t wield a watering can at the moment.

    @michelinme you are always so busy, I feel tired reading about all that you have to do, but you will be well able for it all, hopefully today goes fine for you.

    @flourbaby that sounds like a lovely family day you had with your Mum ☺️

    Still not fasting but eating all the right foods, fruits, veg, good carbs, lots of water and green tea, once I am back to normal it wil be back to FD’s and exercise, but right now even Leslie is too much. I will enjoy this time out of the rat race. 👍

    Day 23, UK – Will it be a FD?

    Just a v quick check-in, as I feel like a migraine coming on, so I may abort the mission today 🙁

    If it clears this morning, then it will def be a FD 750

    Fingers crossed!

    Day 23 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Good morning everybody.

    Had a good day yesterday and today I’m determined to have a FD500. The scales won’t budge. I’m getting my second vaccine shot today so possibly tomorrow I might be suffering the effects.

    @stitchincarol – enjoy your well-deserved vacation.
    @daffodil2010 – I’ve never heard of detoxing your feet, interesting. How will you know if it works? Good idea to copy your cat, I have a very active ginger tabby who never seems to stop.
    @fivetwofan5252 – I’ll keep my fingers crossed your migraine passes. Good luck.
    @michelinme – sorry you’re still suffering from post Covid problems, best of luck with your talk.

    Stay strong all.

    Day 23 Pocket List

    Day 23 – USA/GA – NFD

    Scales were kind after a nice lunch out with my counterpart at another college yesterday. Weigh-in: 223 lbs. The bad was that my whole TDEE was pretty much in that one meal — I ate some there and polished the rest off at my desk throughout the afternoon. The good: I wasn’t that hungry in the evening and had a few snacks and a bowl of cereal instead of a meal. I have to keep learning to listen to my body instead of doing something out of boredom or habit.

    Have a great day!

    Day 23 USA – MFD

    Going to take it easy eating today with a MFD, likely OMAD. That’s how maintenance rolls for me. Weather has been so different with the front that came through the other day, cooler, cloudy, and even might get some rain!

    @northgeorgia – isn’t it nice when we really aren’t hungry, so good to eat only a little? Yeah when that happens. I do believe eating anything with sugar (even carbs) begets CRAVING sugars. Our bodies are just kind of made that way?!

    @michelinme – hugs and healing prayers to you. Glad you can take care of yourself.

    @penz – your tale of looking for wallet, etc. was delightful to read! You’re a terrific story-teller.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 23 North Canton OH CD – 24 days to beach vacation 👙

    Slept like a log yesterday and woke up ready to hit the ground running- and I did. Ran for 2 miles, came home, did Zumba and then completed my upper arm workout.
    @daffodil2010 yes, those egg fasts were very effective and a nice reset, take your time and give yourself a chance to recuperate. You will get there. By the way those detox pad sound interesting 😁😁
    @michelinme incredibly busy day, and you’re doing great- big bowl of popcorn or not. Fizzy drinks are my secret weapon to conquer fast days. Sorry about those long Covid symptoms- I pray they clear up in due course.
    @northgeorgia some wise words right there- break bad habits and don’t eat because you are bored
    Have an amazing day everyone

    Day 23 – Ireland – NFD

    Hi all! Back on land 😂😂 since Sunday but sooo busy with work etc so will read & post tomorrow and @daffodil2010 I’d highly highly recommend… will share thoughts and tips tomorrow.. but book it!!! Fab!
    Hope everyone is well…
    Oh those lost lbs…. I found them 😬😂🙃
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 24, NFD, Aus

    Working from home today and it’s a grey wet blustery day so I just know I am not in the right mindset for a FD.

    So true, @northgeorgia: “learning to listen to my body instead of doing something out of boredom or habit.” How often do we eat/drink out of mindless habit?

    Day 23 Minnesota, US NFD

    It’s about 10:00 pm here, and my 9 year old DGD is sitting with me watching some television show that she rarely gets to see when she is at home. We are having a sleepover at my house. It’s been a long and lovely day together, with a lot of sushi, popcorn, and chocolate……some of her favorite things. I gave up on trying to track calories today. In fact, I don’t have any fasting plans until next Monday. In the next 4 days we will have a Birthday celebration for youngest DGD, our Anniversary, and a dinner party to attend.

    At this point I have promised myself to stay mindful when eating, but I will enjoy the special events without (too much) guilt, and make up for excesses over the next month. I love that this WOL makes that possible.

    Here’s to hoping we get to bed soon. LOL! I am so looking forward to a good night’s sleep, but that is usually not the case during these sleepovers. She is always just so excited to be here, and that makes any sleep deprivation worth it, of course.

    Good luck to all.

    Day 24, London, UK, FD

    I’m aiming for a LFD today after yesterdays’ rather indulgent NFD, there was a raisin whirl that kept calling my name ……………………………. That precise fat/carb/sugar combo is completely irresistible to this particular flour loving baby!!! 😜😂

    I’m sailing this weekend (praying for 🙏🌞sun!!!) and last year’s summer shorts are a wee bit tight!!! I’ve got to right off a couple of years😤 and get back to living this WOL as I had been doing😇!! Unfortunately, this weekend will be a food & drink extravaganza, mindfulness is the plan, however, we all know what happens when the vino 🍷 🍷 🍷 is flowing and some idiot puts a bread🍞 basket in front of you😱😱😱!!!! I sense a reset week starting on Monday!!!

    I haven’t quite caught up on posts, but hope everyone is doing well and staying mindful …………………………. Stay strong folks!!! 💕

    “The task is not to see what has never been seen before, but to think what has never been thought before about what you see every day” – Schrödinger

    Day 24 UK FD-750

    Luckily my migraine only really lasted a day, so I am very relieved.

    So today is a FD instead of yesterday.

    @dvw – my scales aren’t budging either. I still have 3.6LBS to lose.
    You were mentioning motivation last week…..My motivation has recently changed:
    Every time I find myself being pleased with how my clothes are now fitting (often as I am getting dressed in the morning) I then think to myself: “Well you had better do another fast day today or otherwise it won’t last!!!” This new line of thinking is actually really motivating for me!

    @basyjames }
    @michelinme } sparkling water is the saviour of my fast days!

    Day 24 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Well, my attempt at home made foot detox pads did not work, apart from a messy, smelly , sloppy goo that dripped through the gauze, through the thick socks, through the towel, and onto my freshly laundered bed sheet 😱 So e erything thrown out and sheet put into a hot wash to get rid of garlic/onion residue.

    My DH fell about laughing when he heard, I had to giggle too….again, not my finest idea.

    Foot detox pads are supposed to take all the toxins from the acupressure points in our foot and the darker the pads after use, the more toxins that have been de-toxed apparently. As I have been suffering with pain in my sole and heel of my left foot ever since I was diagnosed with appendicitis back in April, I am convinced it’s got something to do with it, and I though I would detox it out 😆

    Next time I will try an Epsom Salts foot bath!!!

    Hope everyone is having a grand Thursday.

    Day 24 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Good morning. You are so right @fivetwofan5252 about being vigilant, I’m going to try your mantra. I love how much more comfortable I am in my clothes and don’t want to forget when I had to pour myself into my jeans!

    @daffodil2010 – sounds like a foot bath will be a lot less messy, ha ha ha.

    Good luck all.

    Day 24 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 224.6 lbs (almost went to 225 a few times). Oops. I blew yesterday’s NFD big time. Started off well with my morning oatmeal. Then ate out for lunch with coworkers again. Was not reasonable. Ate an appetizer AND a huge chicken/veggie/noodle dish, then finished it off in one sitting! Next proceeded to snack around 4:00 when a co-worker pulled out six bags of assorted snacks (WHAAT) lol! And of course, came home and had a few Father’s Day leftovers (no, there weren’t many, but…) a serving of macaroni and cheese, a serving of breaded okra, a serving of slaw, a ham sandwich, a serving of stew with a side of avocado and Colby jack cheese, and a half slice of chocolate cake. The hunger dragon reared its head on a NFD for sure! It turned into a mid-week feast day that was probably predicated on an unusual stressful time at work with personnel issues. We’re trying to work on these as quickly and effectively as possible with the means we have, but it’s going to be intense into late July. A month of stress. I’m really going to have to figure out a time to walk and do something more for stress relief!

    Still, as of yet, my weight has either been the same or less for each corresponding day over the previous week, so it’s going OK. Still, with the Independence Day weekend just a little over a week away, I’m planning on doing a 3:4 (ADF) next week to get myself into the 5:2 groove again. July 3 will be flexible, depending on when the feast day is (Saturday, Sunday, or Monday?)

    Needless to say, VERY happy to be on a FD again and restoring my resolve.

    Pocket list Day 24

    Day 24 North Canton OH WFD – 23 days to beach vacay

    @northerndawn your DGD sounds like a sweetheart and what a lovely time you are having with her. It warms my heart.

    Love the quote @flourbaby

    @fivetwofan5252 so glad the migraine did not last, and so glad that your mojo is working

    @daffodil2010 that is a hoot, or should I say a foot!!! 😁😁😁

    Joining you all on the pocket list

    Pocket list Day 24

    Day 24 UK FD
    Day 23 UK CD

    Yesterday went really well, thank you for good wishes. As I’d hoped, my brain kicked in when I sat down to write once all the distractions had been cleared away. I left home only an hour later than my plan and with plenty of time to meet colleague for a cuppa and catch up first. I’m not sure how well I’d really processed the structure of what I was saying but it seemed to work for everyone else and that’s the point!

    I fasted all day yesterday and ate when I got home – the extra portion of baked sweet potato, soya mince and peas I’d prepped the day before. It really helped to do that – when i was out and tempted I had a mental image of the plate awaiting me in fridge that just needed a quick nuke. Followed with 50g fresh pineapple and strawberries – and popcorn! This seems to be my go-to atm – not great for a FD but I think better than sugar.

    I had a quick weigh first thing today and seem to be down 5lbs on the month! If that stays true for my weekly weigh day tomorrow then I’ll be v pleased – goal for June was 4lbs. NB I’m at the v beginning of restart so it should be pretty straightforward as long as I actually DO 5:2 – two good FDs and don’t overeat on NFDs.

    My FDs this week seem to have been derailed by popcorn. But on the bright side I’m eating loads more veg & fruit, i’m back in the habit of checking calories and writing down what I eat and eating earlier in the evening – excpet yesterday when train problems coming home. I’ve also swerved my (now back to) weekly vegan icecream treat this week in favour of popcorn – to be air popped in microwave then add some coconut oil afterwards. It’s all Progress!

    @daffodil2010 General anaesthetic takes some recovering from too. And just bc surgery is minimall invasive doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need big recovery time. You’ll be feeling better v soon – rest and indulge 🙂 Your foot detox made me laugh 😀 (I once tried a turmeric bath – it took weeks to get everything clean again!)
    @jaifaim welcome back. So glad you had a great time!
    @basyjames your WFDs are epic – how’s it going this time?

    Pocket list Day 24

    Day 25, NFD, Aus


    Have a great weekend everyone. Loved the foot detox story, @daffodil2010!

    Day 25 UK NFD

    Morning all , struggling- not terribly but not good, trying to pull it together for the month end

    Day 25 – UK – NFD

    Woke up to wet wet cumbrian day…….

    Not been in a fasting mode since I last posted on Day 19 but managed to do one yesterday coming in at around 500cals for my OMAD and it was a struggle….thankfully I had an evening pilates class that managed to keep my mind off food….

    On a positive note I have been managing to keep up with all my regular classes, most are back to live ones in the studio but not doing as much hiking…..

    Day 23 was OH birthday – cooked him one of his favourite dishes Jamie Oliver’s Crispy-skinned mackerel with Asian-inspired dressing served with rice and an Asian cucumber salad and he requested a Burnt Basque Cheesecake for pudding (never made it before but it seems to have been successful and I served that with a blueberry compote)

    Apologies for being an absent host once more but glad to see a strong core posting although we are missing a few regulars….

    @stitchincarol – your post on day 19 resonated so much with me…..have a lovely break with your OH once you get going after the funeral
    @northgeorgia – so pleased that your post holiday RESET has worked 👍
    @emma-taylor – I used to weigh in after my 2nd FD of the week – the idea being that hopefully this will be my lowest weight and will motivate me however recently I have been weighing in only a couple times a month….maybe that’s where I have been going wrong and hence playing hide and seek with my Mojo 🤣
    @penz – your post has inspired me to feel some PFDS and I will try to hold on to that feeling for a bit
    @daffodil2010 – slow but sure is the way to recovery – you need to give your body time to heal not just from the surgery but all the infections caused by that nasty appendix beforehand – that foot detox story just had me 🤣 sorry you had such a smelly mess to clean up!
    @northerndawn – fab times with your DGD
    @flourbaby – enjoy your weekend and hopefully the weather will be good for you – If you wear “last year’s summer shorts that are a wee bit tight” they might give you a nudge in the right direction with the the food and vino 🤞
    @brightonbelle – a few of us are struggling – let us hold on tight for the remainder of this challenge as Together We Are Stronger! cannot remember who used to say this in previous challenges???

    Today we have a Simon Rogan delivery for OH 2nd birthday dinner…….so will try very hard for a OMAD to keep calories down…..

    Meeting an old Suffolk friend who is up here celebrating his 60th birthday for a coffee and catch up this afternoon – He had a flying experience over the Lake District and the Eden Valley yesterday to celebrate – he said it was fabulous and he got some fantastic photos – what a wonderful idea that was from his family 🤗

    Right I’m off to work on finding my Mojo and holding on tight for the remainder of this challenge – 5 days to go…….who’s up to hosting July?

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 25 ( what? How did that happen…) OMAD London.

    Thanks for the weighing advice all. I’m just scared of the scales. Physically I feel very well – I’ve been doing OMAD for a year and in general I love it. If I am losing weight, which I think I am, it’s very slow, but I’m hoping my body will adjust and not try to hang onto the excess if I do it slowly. I’m giving myself a year to lose around twelve pounds.

    We went to Margate yesterday and went on the beach. It was sooo lovely. Not quite warm enough to swim yet….

    Day 25 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 222 lbs. Still no weight gain — either a loss or no change over the same day over last week, and tomorrow is Saturday. Still about a pound above my May average, but on track for a good July ahead. Having two huge mid-day lunches didn’t help this week, but I did enjoy time out with some co-workers. It was nice to hear my counterpart from another college say, “I don’t know if I should say anything in case it’s from the stress, but have you lost weight?” LOL No, stress has the opposite effect on me!

    Fortunately, the stress is decreasing as a plan is coming into place with personnel at work. I’m going to try a 3:4 (ADF) next week, starting Sunday, to prepare for the holiday on the 4th. At worst, it will turn into a 5:2 (how is that bad?), and at best, it will kickstart my July towards a downwards trend.

    Day 25 USA – NFD

    I had a great pedicure yesterday, complete with leg massage. Lots of leg cramps had me sleeping fitfully the night before, so the massage was greatly appreciated. DH was at doctors appointments, so he didn’t miss me at all. But we did indulge with dinner out at a nice sports bar. Don’t want to get on the scale this morning, so I won’t. 🙂

    @at -you are a marvelous host even if you miss posting for days!

    @northgeorgia – sometimes those plateaus can seem like they last forever. Sorry you’ve been under stress, but hopefully will keep getting better for you.

    @stitchincarol – hope your vacation is excellent!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 25 UK NFD

    I forgot to weigh in first thing this morning but at lunchtime I was 173lb, making 5lbs down on the month so far. That’s slightly overshot my goal of 4lbs but I’ll take it joyfully. Next goal, to get below 170lb, then into the 11st somethings.

    I’m reminding myself that this is the easy stage where I’ve lots to lose and it should be easy. I *just* need to stick to basics bc this WOL works. Tho I haven’t actually managed a whole FD this week – so nearly there and then derailed by popcorn – twice! Today I’ve again accidentally fasted again bc not eaten yet, but I’m SO hungry the chances of staying under 800 calories are slim.

    Tomorrow morning I’m on a zoom conference until midday then baking an inclusive cake for a community gathering on Sunday. It needs to be gluten-free, vegan and diabetic-friendly so that sounds like an almond flour chocolate cake with chocolate avocado frosting. I saw another recipe with courgettes and tapioca flour but I think this might not be the time to try it out. I’m awash with various egg substitutes but going for a recipe that uses banana instead.

    OK need to go and eat some dal with some sort of protein and salad. I could eat a metaphorical horse right now! Hope you have a lovely weekend x

    Day 26 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Quick good morning to all. I am losing track of the days and had to really think to figure out today is Saturday. I will get back to fasting from next week, I am starting to feel normal again, and two days in a row now that I haven’t felt the need to nap.
    So recovery going well.

    I am signed off work until 29th July but honestly don’t think I will need all that time. Another two or three weeks, maybe WFH for a week….anyway, not going to think work right now.

    Going for my constitutional walk now with DH…I am walking faster now too…not WOAM…but faster than the toddle clinging to his arm that I was doing last weekend.

    It’s very quiet in here ….hope everyone is ok. Have a good Saturday.

    Day 26 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Quick checkin. I ate too much ice cream and chocolate yesterday. Urgggg. No doubt caused by the stress related to the big changes coming in my life. My house is going on the market next week so it’s a busy time. The photographer came yesterday to take pictures for the website.

    Today I’ll have miso soup, white fish and veg.

    @daffodil2010 – good to hear you’re feeling well. 😊
    @michelinme – well done!!! Congratulations.
    Stay strong all.

    Day 26 Pocket List

    Day 26 – USA/GA – NFD

    Today’s weigh-in: 223 lbs. Last chance for me to surge to 225 or higher before the planned 3:4 (ADF) next week! April was a “lost month,” as it appears June will be. But I have no doubt I will drift into the 210s by next month. We have to remind ourselves that slow weight loss is a good thing; it generally means our bodies can adjust to the new weight more easily, and we are more likely to keep the weight off as our minds and bodies learn healthier practices.

    Although my weight is the same as last Saturday, I am happy that each day this week compared to last week measured either no change or some weight loss, so the plateau is still trying to edge downwards.

    Good luck to those on the pocketlist today!

    Day 26 USA NFD

    Summation: DGD stayed another night and day. My DH taught her how to use her compound bow, and gave her archery lessons. We will also give her x-country skiing lessons. Friday I took her back home, and my DD said within 5 minutes of my departure the girls were arguing over the most trivial things….loudly. I think that all parties enjoyed the girl’s time away from each other and one child per household, so to speak. 😂

    I must admit to uncontrolled carb eating in the evenings with DGD here. July will be a “make -up” month for June indulgences.

    Since the couple of days of shopping and restaurants around May 20, then the graduation reception, graduation ceremony, then Memorial day, then Dance Recital on 6/4, etc, etc, to the end of June with birthdays and our anniversary……..too much food. Too many carbs. And a gain of 2 Kg!

    I am not feeling very good at all. Lethargic and bloated. Carbs make me tired.

    It’s amazing how awful 4-5 pounds can make you feel bad, physically, so that is something I really need to keep in mind.

    As far as how it makes you feel psychologically…..The weight gain seems to affect me even worse psychologically than physically.

    I felt like I had” failed” by gaining back 5 lbs… And I didn’t really want to go to these social events that were on the calendar (diary) because I was feeling fat.

    Now, I know it’s only 2-3 Kg, but that put me right up there at the border of healthy vs overweight BMI. And it just made me feel bad. At first I didn’t want to try on my new clothing, out of fear they would be too tight. As it happens, I could still wear them and they didn’t look awful, but I must admit that I didn’t look as nice in them as I did a month ago.
    And that is not the lovely feeling of loose clothing that I had become accustomed to. I am very determined to stop this upward swing right now. We have cancelled our dinner party plans for tomorrow night. DH is in the same boat, maybe even worse, and he has health issues that he needs to be vigilant about.

    Reset Monday!!. Tomorrow, a high protein and low cal day. Tons of veg for me. tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, zucchini (courgette), cabbage slaw, eggs, turkey sausage, chicken. Same Monday, but less food.

    That’s the plan. I won’t give up.

    Day 27 – USA/GA – FD

    @northerndawn I am right there with you! I behaved abysmally yesterday, as I did on a couple of other days last week. Too many carbs and overstuffed myself. Today’s weigh-in: 226 lbs, representing a 6 lb gain over this time last Sunday. Yeah, mostly water, but I really lost the plot on the 5:2 this past week compared to the week before, when my post-vacation reset worked wonders.

    But our commitment to the WOL will win out in the end! I am telling myself that this will be probably be the last time I see 226. My 3:4 starts today with only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday planned as NFDs. Could turn into a 4:3, depending on what day we have hot dogs for Independence Day 🙂

    I have to find my mindfulness on NFDs. Not sure why I threw all caution to the wind. It’s OK to enjoy a meal out, but I can get a to-go box, and I certainly don’t need to overeat at every meal on NFDs and throw in a few snacks. Summer is settling in, and I haven’t really increased my water. I remembered this as a problem last year. Going to up my hydration today while I clean house.

    I am marching into July with a determination to get out of the 220s. Grrrrr 🙂

    Pocket list – day 27

    Day 27 MN/US FD

    @northgeorgia – Thank you for the support! It’s just what I needed. I will fast with you and start my reset today. You are right that our commitment to this WOL will win out in the end. I will keep telling myself that. In the past an increase of weight like this after so many months of sticking to plan has been the beginning of a sustained weight increase and going off the plan entirely. I won’t let that happen this time around.

    Pocket list – day 27

    Good luck to all.

    Day 28, NFD, Aus

    Suffering from Mondayitis today, not helped by a city blanketed in fog after a minus-temperature night. But a FD it will be!

    Lots of good resolve shining through the weekend posts. Let’s kick the end of June into touch!

    Day 28. OMAD London

    Where is everybody? The forum has gone really quiet, unless I’ve missed something. Hope everybody is ok, and had a good weekend.

    second post.

    @EmmaTaylor. I thought the same thing. I remember in some months there would be a page of posts for each day – a 30 day month would mean 30 pages to read. Now it’s only 2-3 days to go until the end of June, and we’ve barely scraped 6 pages. I don’t believe we’ve said all there is to be said!

    Day 28, UK, fast day

    Last week was not a great one for me due to a migraine which kept coming and going and really did not properly disappear until Saturday afternoon……

    So not much fasting undertaken by me last week and now I can really tell that I have put on a few pounds 😱

    So the plan is for me to do 3X fast days this week:
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    I am determined today and I think it will probably be quite an easy fast day because I am so full of food from the preceding week and also from this weekend!

    Second post

    @northerndawn and @northgeorgia, thank you for checking in and keeping the forum going when as @EmmaTaylor says there aren’t too many people checking in I guess right now?

    @penz – well done, it sounds like you are fasting through gritted teeth today given the cold fog!

    @northerndawn – we went out to dinner last night and my clothes weren’t as loose as they have been recently either!!! It’s quite a motivator isn’t it!!!

    @daffodil2010 – glad you continue to feel better…

    Day 28 UK FD

    June’s been great for starting to get back to normal, not so great in terms of me being able to moderate my intake but it is what it is- still a few days left if I can weigh in at the end of month at the same as my starting weight I’ll take that as a result , now to start my planning for July – not a major rethink just need to tweak here and there

    Day 28 – USA/GA – NFD

    A -mindful- NFD, of course. I’m at 224 lbs post-FD this morning, and at the end of May that number was 220. I did hit 220 again on June 20, but a week of NFD feasting is partially to blame for the regain (as well as a mid-June vacation for the first round of gain). I won’t be meeting my June goal; I’ll forward that 217 lb goal into July. I do feel good for holding the weight between 220 and 226 during this wild month, and I’ve been patient, but it’s time to get back on track and start ticking into the “two-teens.”

    With Independence Day next weekend, my 3:4 is off to a great start. Sunday FD down, and three more to go this ADF week. I’ve just finished my bowl of oatmeal and have my sandwich and fruit packed for lunch. I will be lighter in July. It will not be a “lost” month. I’m facing this outgoing week with renewed determination that had just vanished last week (not sure why!!). Again, I did fine on my FDs. It was the NFDs that sabotaged me as old habits snuck back in.

    Sounds like a team of us are building up a mid-year resolve this week! Good luck to us all!

    Day 28 North canton OH FD 18 days to beach vacation

    I was just thinking the same thing, we are almost at the end of the month and still only 6 pages. We have a lot of irregular posters (myself included) lately, but I am still thankful that I have this forum to stay accountable too, its like a warm blanket- you may not need it all the time but its good to know that its there.

    Do we have a host for July? I will be out for a week in July, else I would offer to host. Anybody up for it?

    I can’t remember but I think postings are usually down in the summer months due to various activities, and that might be even more relevant this summer as everyone tries to make up for lost time.

    Someone asked me how my waterfast last week went, I can’t remember who? I did very well Monday and Tuesday but could not continue, so I broke the fast on Wednesday and did OMAD on Thursday. This week I am going for 4:3 as I ramp up to my beach vacation. I plan to do a lot of cooking this week for OH- Low carb, Mediterranean style meals, I have noticed that I am more mindful with my fasting practice when I cook for my family- which is weird.

    Happy Fasting to all of today’s fasters

    Day 28 Minnesota, US CD

    I had a reasonably good attempt at a FD yesterday coming in at about 860 cals. I’ll count that as a success of sorts seeing as I hadn’t planned to fast until being inspired by @northgeorgia. Today, I will keep calories to under 1000 for a nice CD, and plan another FD for tomorrow.

    Looking back over all of my food journaling and weight and exercise charts, especially for the last 6 months, has me realizing that my best months were when I:

    1). Planned and prepared ahead: low calorie but nutritionally dense foods…. both for FD meals and to have on hand to “snack” on (if needed). Special focus on fiber and crunchiness.

    2). Had no alcohol intake (Lent), or minimal (maybe two or three times for the month). It never fails that with wine or cocktails I end up eating/snacking on carbs, and the next day the carb cravings are ridiculously difficult to ignore.

    3). Made myself keep track of calories…..as honestly as possible. It’s easy enough with MFP on my phone. (And it doesn’t have to be exact to give me an overall idea of the days/weeks intake. I like to have a “weekly average-goal” calorie range that I can work with. For instance, 9100 to 10,500 calories. It allows me to be flexible on certain days for special events, and cut back on the days I have nothing going on).

    4). Kept to ZBC and an 8 hour window of eating.

    5). Walked at least 1 mile/day, and added a few push-offs, squats, and planks, and an Apple+ workout of 10-20 minutes….just enough of an obligation to feel I’d done something daily. More often than not I would go on to walk 3+ miles and do a couple different 10-20 minute HIIT workouts, throughout the day, once I started.

    6). Weighed daily and averaged the numbers each Saturday.

    7). Posted daily on this forum.

    Those are the most important “rules” for me to adhere to in order to continue losing weight. I think I should actually decide on my goal weight, which I really haven’t done. I’m really undecided at this point. I’ll have to think about it seriously and decide. That should give me a real target to aim for and motivate me a bit more.

    August will be my 1 year anniversary for this restart of 5-2, and I had thought to host that month, but I will be far too busy with other obligations. I’ll host for July, as long as no one minds that I will probably not be able to post daily, but I’ll try to respond to posts frequently. Hopefully, @at can set up the spreadsheet for it, or someone with such skills (which I don’t have). If anyone else would like to host July, please feel free to do so!

    @basyjames – I think you are right that everyone is busy and enjoying the freedom of this post lock down summer. Fasting doesn’t feel as important as enjoying time out of the house and with family and friends, for now, anyway.

    Stay mindful and strong everyone.

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