June 2019 challenge

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  • Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    A good FD yesterday, but very little movement on the scales. At least they’re going in the right direction.⬇️

    @flourbaby – okay, no more KK talk on FDs! But I promise you, you would NOT have been tempted! Baked potato flavour? Anyone..? 😳

    @daffodil2010 – re hump day, I only remembered when I heard our local radio dj wish everyone ‘happy hump day’! I guess it’s catching on?! Happy Birthday! 🎂 🎈

    @at – belated birthday wishes to you too! 🎉🥂

    Feeling really dejected this morning- weighed myself and after 2 FDs I have GAINED 1.3 kgs.
    Don’t really understand how this is happening- I must be eating too much on NFDs!

    Going to tack on another FD today to try and rectify this. It’s really discouraging as previously this diet has worked very well for me, however every time I have tried it this year (and other diets/healthy eating) nothing has worked for me.

    Day 6 – second post

    Busy work day for me and I had a rotten night’s sleep so I had breakfast (ham & cheese toastie) as a way of trying to get me going for the day. Bad idea – I feel really bloated!

    Great successes to read in the posts, not the least of which was @snowflake56’s heart to heart. Well done!! I do hope your friend permanently adjusts her ways to save your friendship.

    What trip are you planning @jaifaim? That’s a lot of miles on the bike so I’m guessing a cycling holiday somewhere. And the optimism is infectious, isn’t it!

    Way to go @johnnyr! You may not have reached the buzz of enlightenment, but I hope you have a huge buzz of achievement.

    Enjoy your break @RedRockGirl – sounds like a lovely escape.

    I agree with you @rabette – you can teach an old dog (cat) new tricks. My 11 ½ year old pooch still likes learning new things.

    Hope you get that smug after FD feeling tomorrow @michelinme. I did smile at the mental image of you mainlining sweets. Straight into that vein!

    A good reminder @missybear for me to review my own TDEE. Especially having had a break from 5:2 for nearly 6 months. These little calibration checks are probably good for all of us once in a while.

    Sorry have not been able to comment on everyone’s individual comments but I do think of you all!

    Day 6 UK FD

    Really disappointed today as weighed myself and discovered I had GAINED 1.3 kg. Not really understanding how this is happening, I must be eating too much on NFDs. This is really upsetting as its just perpetuating the feeling that nothing is working for me and I’m going to feel like this forever 🙁

    Hope everyone is having a good day!

    Day 6 – Reading, UK – FD

    Such a huge thank you to @rabbette, @flourbaby (you did make me laugh with your cheese on toast – it’s like a long gone era) and everyone who helped with my calorie counting dilema. All useful, helpful and thought provoking suggestions. Anyways up, I counted calories yesterday and found that FD stands for Fat Day in my world, and not Fast Day. I’m eating way, way too much – all healthy and all small portions – but it’s all adding up. I’ve no idea how I will manage a true FD even at 800, but I think it was @rabbette who said to treat it as a practice. So that’s my practice for today – eat a LOT less. And count. And a big Happy birthday to @daffodil2010 who isn’t counting today. Onwards and downwards.

    Day 6, UK, 2nd FD (B2B)

    Good FD yesterday, had 500-600cals in total, today Im hoping for the same. Skinny latte for breakfast, Thai fishcake and salad for lunch (no dressing), and strawberries for later.

    Have a good one everyone!

    Day 6 Herefordshire U.K. NFD

    The garden is taking up my time taming it from our neglect whilst we had a stream of visitors these past three months. Have nasty ground elder in my flower boarders which is making life difficult!

    Managing to be sensible food wise.

    @daffodil2010 – many happy returns, enjoy your celebrations.

    @ktcaroline – knowledge is a great thing. The reality of how much we over eat is shocking but at least you know and can now plan a winning formula for success. Good luck

    @laurello – don’t be too hard on yourself, maybe you need to go back to basics like @ktcaroline & @missybear to assess wether you are over eating on NFD.

    @johnnyr – well done on your three day WF, big pat on the back from me.

    @jaifaim – wow 230km, no wonder you gave into carbs, I’d have eaten a whole sweet shop! Good luck with the training.

    @snowflake56 – how wonderful to have nature so nearby, fingers crossed the eaglets survive their ordeal, nature is harsh. Even though I hate spiders I could never hurt them, though getting better since moving to the country, they are everywhere! I’ve been known to ask a neighbour to remove them and at other times it wasn’t unusual for OH to come home to find a glass placed over a spider ready for him to deposit at the end of the road, I didn’t want the little chap coming straight back in.
    So pleased for you that you’ve managed to have a heart to heart with your friend and she seems to understand now, must be such a relief, you can enjoy your friendship again.

    Have a good day all.

    Day 6 UK FD

    I broke my 3 day fast a couple of hours early. My son had cooked a chicken pie (low carb) so it would have been rude not to 🙂 I had a bit of chocolate too as a feasting treat.

    I feel great this morning. Scrub that. I feel fantastic! And happy to go back to my 800kcals in the evening and only water, coffee or tea with a splash of milk during the day.

    I’m not sure when/if I’ll water fast again. Maybe if I hit a plateau? But I think I’d need a few days where I don’t need to do much and I don’t get many of those. I’d probably prepare a bit better too; I was a bit blaze´about the whole thing 🙂 But that’s me really. My dear wife thinks I’m obsessed, but I think you have to be really.

    I’ve learnt loads but it’s made me realise how good the OMAD approach suits me and fits in with family lifestyle. My two older kids actually love my low carb 800kcal cooking, which surprised me. My eldest said it was some of the tastiest food he’d ever tasted 🙂

    I use Dr Moseley’s Blood Sugar Diet cookbook and The Hairy Bikers / Dieters cookbook both have tasty recipes that are reasonably quick to prepare.

    Well done all. Thanks for the encouragement over the past few days 🙂 You’re all fabulous people.

    @ciren2 I have an all singing, all dancing Garmin watch for running, cycling and swimming which I love. They do some really good not so fancy watches that are a bit better than a step counter and no more money than a fitbit. Something like the Forerunner 35 (£99 on amazon) is a great piece of kit. The Garmin Connect app it syncs with on your phone is quite good and offers quite a lot of help and advice and tells you where you rank amongst your age and gender on steps, etc.

    Adding myself to…

    Pocket list Day 6:


    Day 6 – Ireland – NFD
    Hi all and happy birthday @daffodil2010! Have a lovely day today 🎈
    @at that’s so funny I’ve actually wanted to go back to cartmel to eat in L’enclume 😃 Back in 2013 we were over for a wedding in the lakes as I have some friends over there and on the way back we stayed in a gorgeous b&b in Cartmel and spotted l’enclume – of course no chance of getting a reservation 😂…one day 🤞 also did a lovely walk over to grange over sands.. have fab memories of that trip 💕 Enjoy!!

    NFD for me today as have coffee and cake for my friends birthday 🎂…
    Good luck to all the fasters today!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 6, London, UK, FD

    3rd OMAD FD for me today, after yoga last night I went home, had my soup ……………. Job done, kitchen closed!!!!!

    Happy Birthday @daffodil2010! Enjoy the wine, the cake, the meal and the time with your OH!!!

    I’m not sure if I wished you a Happy B’day @at, so ……………….. Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope you have a fantastic time at L’Enclume, really, truly, honestly wish I was invited!!!!

    @betsylee, it was my ‘go-to’ greedy comfort indulgence, a habit I developed when I got home from school, BEFORE a balanced home cooked dinner!!! The calories were for the entire meal which used to be 2 sandwiches & a decadent mocha made with heaps & heaps of coffee-mate. The mocha itself was over 300 cals, it has been such an eye opener!! Now I’m a firm believer in not drinking your calories ………………………… unless it’s red wine of course!!!! I still think my ‘off’ switch doesn’t work properly, so I can’t afford to wake the dragon at lunch time, it suits me to let him sleep all day, then feed him at 6-7pm then bed at 10:30pm …………….. I unconsciously popped a cherry tomato in my mouth at lunchtime once and couldn’t keep my mind off of food or stop the tummy dragon roaring for the next 4 hours …………………. No fun at all!!

    @johnnyr, I remember way back when I did an accidental LFD, I found those miso soup sachets tasted like the food of the Gods!! They’re probably light enough to break such a long fast without causing tummy distress.

    @michelinme, that used to be another of my go-to comfort foods, or I would swap the jacket potato for buttery mash!!!

    @funshipfreddie …………………. Not unless I could have it with butter, cheese & baked beans!!!!! Uurgh!!!!

    Chin up, @laurello!!! Go back to basics if you need to, count every calorie, FD & NFD just to get your head in the right place. Knowledge really is power, don’t guesstimate how much you’re eating. Once you know, you won’t feel so in the dark as to what’s happening. Whatever you do, stick with us & just keep going. It MUST start working as long as you’re in calorie deficit!!! Stay strong!!

    The positivity is high at the moment, I’m sharing & spreading the mojo to those struggling, the greedy gorging habit MUST be broken (that particular dragon wears steel plated armour!!), we will get there, with this amount of support ……………………………. IT’S INEVITABLE!!!!

    Thanks for the welcome! I had planned for yesterday (Day 5) to be a FD, but we ended up taking my mom out to dinner for her birthday so that definitely did not happen. Switching myself to today.

    @laurello, the weight loss is definitely nonlinear. Because I was getting frustrated with that, I made up a spreadsheet for myself where I track planned calories in and out (my average TDEE according to my apple watch stats), actual calories in and out, and my projected and actual weight – daily. I base my projection on the prior day’s actual weight and actual calories in and out. I can also see how much I am following my plan and not. I find it helpful to see that the immediate few days before don’t necessarily correlate with the weight. It’s not terribly rigorous, but still useful for me to see data and trends.

    If animal news is a thing on this forum, this morning I stopped for 20 minutes on my way to work to make sure a turtle made it off the road. It was a big turtle, and I briefly considered helping it but decided to just keep it company instead, because cowardice.

    Add me to Pocket list Day 6:


    Day 6 – UK – FD

    An early aerobic class this morning followed by morning coffee with the group – planning a FD today in view of birthday dinners on Friday and Saturday!!!!!!

    Not much planned for today so catching up with some housework and generally a relaxing day so hopefully can stay focussed to complete a FD

    @daffodil2010 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY 💐
    @keitii – Sorry a typo on my part weight on Tuesday should have read 55.8kg not 55.3kg – a drop of 1.4kg but weight variations over a week can easily vary by 2+ kg I find!!!!! Glad my quotes resonate with you too xx
    @matpi – I do enjoy watching sport at international levels especially tennis, cricket and rugby and no guilt here 😉 often have it on in the background whilst I’m doing stuff around the house though – OH not as keen……….
    @gretta – hope you managed to fight that sugar 🐉 today!!
    @snowflake56 – the menu they show on line is an example of what they provide but very seasonal on the night and yes very lucky!
    @funshipfreddie and @flourbaby – thank you for the birthday wishes
    @laurello – don’t get disheartened and don’t be too hard on yourself, we have all been where you are. Personally when starting this WOL my biggest learning curve was portion control – I would advise keeping a food diary either by writing down/using an App for a week and monitor closely what and how much you are actually eating/drinking over the week and you might be surprised how many calories you are actually consuming…….The only reason we all put weight on is that we were eating way too much and also it is so easy to overestimate calories burned when exercising…….I am very active but when using the BMI calculator here I only mark myself as lightly active – “Knowledge is Power” Good luck on your journey and stick with us – it does get easier I promise
    @ktcaroline – it does us all good to review our eating habits every now and then as it is so easy to slid back into our bad ways – honestly counting every calorie we consume can be a real eyeopener!!!! You have got this x
    @johnnyr – thank you for sharing the effects of your 3 day Water Fast and what you learnt – great that you found a WOE that works for you i.e. your low carb OMAD – I’m a snack and one meal per day girl!
    @jaifaim – meant to say very impressed with your 230km bike riding over the weekend – serious stuff!! Hopefully you will get back to cumbria and get a visit to L’Enclume one of these days…..

    Day 6 Pocket list (pulled together from the spreadsheet and those who have stated an intention for a FD)
    @laurello (holding on tight to you)
    @georgia83 (B2B)


    “Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumb bell; it starts in your head with a decision.” Toni Sorenson

    Day 5- FD- Atlanta, Ga-USA

    Well camp is almost over! Taking the campers on an overnight today. Wish us luck!

    Day 6 North Canton OH FD

    @laurello I can understand how you feel because I have been there. Don’t be disheartened, let’s regroup. First thing I would encourage you to do is write down everything you eat, you may be (unpleasantly) surprised at just how many calories you consume cumulatively on your NFD. Also recalculate your TDEE using your current weight, and modify your intake to match that on NFD, reduce your intake to ¼ of your recalculated TDEE on FD.

    When I first tried this way of life, it worked like a charm because I was much heavier then, however as I have gotten older and closer to my happy weight, my body is not as responsive to FD when I eat too much on NFD. I realized I am basically self-sabotaging. Plus food tastes so much better when I behave myself and plan my treats. The human body is so efficient and adaptive, it will do more with less for a while if it has to. So write everything down, if you were not doing so previously.

    @ktcaroline, I would like to suggest adding mindfulness to your meal times, slow down, savor every bite and ask yourself, “do I really need or want another bite?” before you proceed with it

    @at and @daffodil2010 happy belated birthday to you!

    After 5 straight FD I feel great! And I just want to give everybody a hug 🙂 So hugs to all!!!!!! And keep it moving

    Day 6 pocket list
    @laurello (we are all holding on tight to you)
    @georgia83 (B2B)
    @basyjames (not queen for the day)

    Day 6 California FD

    Day 6 pocket list
    @laurello (we are all holding on tight to you)
    @georgia83 (B2B)
    @basyjames (not queen for the day)

    2nd post

    This will be my third fast day this week as I’m hoping to speed things up a bit. Happy birthday @daffodil2010 have a wonderful day.

    I love all the stories of cat training and tricks. I think my cat is too old at 20 but he is pretty smart.

    Day 6 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    @at thanks for putting me on the pocket list.

    @laurello you’ve already had great advice here, I just want to echo how important it is to measure everything that passes your lips and keep a log of intake for a while. After being in maintenance for over a year I started to gain so this month I am tediously weighing all my foods and measuring out milk in tea/coffee and after just a few days I can see why I’ve put on a few pounds…..simply too many calories consumed. Keep on, it really worth the effort.

    Getting hungry now and looking forward to my tuna salad dinner. Off for another glass of water to drown the hunger dragon.

    Day 6 UK FD

    Always good to be focussed on FD – and that may be the upside of today! I was just winding down yesterday and dripped water onto my laptop keyboard. While looking up solutions my phone died…. and half an hour later my home broadband crashed! Not the end of the world but with a pile of stuff to edit and prep ahead of design/print deadlines and people waiting to work on it… Now V grateful to be set up with old laptop, new phone and broadband up again, but lost 10 hrs – and some sleep!

    Thank you @at for adding me to today’s pocket list. It feels wonderful to be among so many – wishing you all a good FD. Remember – whatever you are struggling with, food is not the answer!

    Day 6 pocket list
    @laurello (we are all holding on tight to you)
    @georgia83 (B2B)
    @basyjames (not queen for the day)

    @snowflake56: You save spiders too? So do I, and wasps, I like them but with care! Capture with a glass and a piece of card!
    @hedwig6: A TURTLE? Where do you live? But, yes, I care about animals, good that you saw the turtle across safely. If I can help an animal in distress, I always will.
    @johnnyr: I need something that simply counts steps. Technology confounds me! How does something on your wrist actually connect to a phone? Someone at work today, showed me his phone which says his delivery averages 25,000 steps, but I wouldn’t know where to start with it. He says it has GPS (or something)!
    @laurello: I commiserate. Good advice from @basyjames.

    Day 6, 7, 8, 9 Eastern WA USA – NFDs

    After 3 5:2 style FDs (that means with some food), I’m on to some NFDs. Will still be planning some TREs at least. Am not weighing at the moment, just working on making good decisions that I have control over (the scale I can’t control).

    @johnnyr – good on you with being aware of how you do on various types of fasting. I know for me, if I want to be successful on the longer fasts (without food), having enough fat along with low carb and moderate protein ahead of them, sets me up for success. One caution on continuous OMAD, it leads to a plateau after a while, again according to Dr.Fung. It is suggested for maintenance. So some days with 2 meals are important while we’re still in the weight loss mode.

    Looking forward to coffee with a friend plus a healthy meal at Thai Bamboo later, hopefully with my daughter. Today Thai Bamboo shares part of its profits with World Relief who works with refugees in our city and other locations, so wanting to support them.

    Success to all of you forum friends!

    Day 6, VA, USA, NFD

    Mmmm broke my fast at lunch, I almost kept going. However – I realized that I may not be eating supper and if I do it will be late and it will be broth and veggies as eating after 9pm is not my favorite (unless I’m snacking on the weekend and staying up till like 3am)

    @betsylee – AWE your ginger baby Wilbur sounds handsome!

    @daffodil2010 – Yay Happy Happy B-Day today!

    @ktcaroline – yes, treat it as a practice, I find starting the day with water fasting and then having one meal (counting the calories for that meal *at least when you first start out) is helpful. *I was also eating WAY too much. I mean I’d eat fairly healthy but I ate too much for my body.

    @snowflake56 – HA, I guess he always KNOWS that one then… High or low five is pretty easy. I just put my hand up and make a very shallow (almost like I was going to wave with my fingers) and then pause to let the kitty reach for my hand. You need to pause the waving motion, otherwise most cats don’t like to hit a moving target and if they do it is a SWAT not a little tap. (And in the process of learning a trick, reward for the animal sitting and just starting to raise a paw… ) then wait till they raise it higher… give treat again. Then wait till maybe they touch paw to hand. I can usually get this one in one session, but it will depend on how hungry they are (they have to be a little hungry, but not soooo hungry they can’t think straight)

    Cheers you guys!

    Day 6 – USA – NFD

    @daffodil2010, happy birthday! And @at a belated happy birthday!

    Day 7, Aus, NFD

    Aiming for a OMAD today.

    End of week one. Good time to take stock and see how you’re going. Still plenty of time left in the month to make adjustments to your routine, if need be, or to pat yourself on the back and continue the way you’ve gone if things are on track.

    Stick with it Laurello. Are you weighing yourself every day? If you are, could I suggest you don’t. Our weight can fluctuate on a daily basis – even during the course of a day – so you may not be getting a true reading. If you weigh yourself at the same time on the same day, maybe once a week or once a fortnight, you might see a better trend. In the downward direction.

    Great to hear how you felt after your 3 day WD @johnnyr. And even more wonderful that your kids like the low carb cooking. With the whole family on board, it will make things easier for you.

    I like an animal news segment, @hedwig6. There just has to be a joke in the turtle crossing the road.

    @rafiki44 – wow, your cat is 20 years old? What a trooper! Good luck for your third FD.

    Oh dear @michelinme. It really makes you realise how dependent we are on technology when the wretched things crash, but to have everything go down at once must have been terrible. Glad you’re back up and running.

    Day 7 – Brisbane – FD

    Can’t believe a week has gone already. Looking for a strong finish today. Broke my (800cal) fast last night as I felt I needed some extra sustenance. Planning to be back to routine today though.

    @penz – what is OMAD – I tried looking at the acronym list on page 1 but couldn’t find it.

    All the best to everyone for a great end to our first week.

    Day 5 – London – fd 600 cals
    Day 6 – NFd – 2000 cals

    Managed to overeat today but went to the gym yesterday and was famished today! Tomorrow is a fd and I walked 3.5 miles today so not feeling too guilty.

    So weigh d myself this morning and I’m down to 176.6! From 184ish! So feeling smug and probably the reason I overate today…though I really every one loses a lot in the beginning…

    @johnnyr well done on the water fast – you have so much willpower…
    Resetting my goal from 175 to 170 for the end of the month. I think it’s doable if I do 4/3 and go to gym once a week.

    OMAD is one meal a day I believe. It works well.

    Day 6 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Did okay yesterday on my DAFD. Today, though, took 2 granddaughters and DD out for Jimmy John’s sandwiches after the girls’ last day of school. I knew I was hungry having skipped breakfast. Ate the whole thing, all 1134 calories at lunch! Sandwich with mayonnaise and potato chip bag. Whew! Very unlike me, but tasted so good. Will have to really watch my supper.

    @daffodil2010 – “Happy birthday, dear Daffodil, happy birthday to YOU!” Hope it has been a terrific day!

    @therealwil – hope your camp overnight goes well! My DH and I used to do summer camp counseling many, many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    @keitii – OMAD – One Meal A Day — a form of IF (Intermittent Fasting) that has worked for lots of people.

    @redrockgirl302 – hope your junket off to the Red Rocks is refreshing and fun!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 5 – Japan – NFD
    Day 6 – Japan – NFD
    Day 7 – Japan – WFD #41

    Wow there has been a lot of fasting going on in June. I know for myself the summer is better because I tend to be a little chilled when fasting.

    Day 7 Herefordshire UK FD

    Pocket List
    @dykask WFD

    Day 7, Emden Germany, CD

    Most of us are doing so well, long pocket lists daily.

    @dingping we don’t have eagles here, I’m following the 2 nests at Decorah, Ohio, @shinything (I hope you’re fine) posted the link. It was just terrible to see the eaglet falling down and hearing it crash. One eaglet is still missing and the eaglet of the other nest fell out of the tree also but seems to be safe in the pasture below the tree. It’s nature but when you see the eaglets grow up you get attached to them. We also have ground elder here, but not that much this year. A problem since last year is bindweed, it ties everything together and it’s growing so fast.

    @ciren2 most spiders we have are the normal housespiders, in the basement we sometimes have larger black ones with hairy legs, they are harmless but scary. For those I need a glass to catch them.

    @gretta how is your shoulder doing?

    @basyjames impressed by your FDs! Thanks for the hugs, needed them yesterday. x

    @hedwig6 you did good, never try to speed up a turtle. Does this happen often?

    @rabbette going to try the high five, perhaps he also nows this one already.

    @rafiki44 I love senior cats, we had two that reached the age of 20.

    @prina39 you’re doing so well!

    @therealwil hope your camp overnight went well. The two older ones from next door, 10 and 12 y.o. are off to a youth camp this afternoon for the weekend. First time, the 10 y.o (girl) is very exited, the 2 y.o.(boy) plays cool.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 7, UK, NFD

    Hello everyone, first week of June gone already! Managed my very first B2B FDs (it’s tougher than usual but definitely doable with lots of sparkling water and coffee to help out). Didn’t sleep very well last night despite saving some carbs to eat before bedtime but happy this morning to see the weight shift below 66kg (has been many years since I last saw it on the scales). A lot of it will be water lost but feeling confident about hitting goal this month. Breaking fast with yummy egg on toast and milky coffee.

    Now heading to work for another busy day. Going to a festival tomorrow with OH, I hope the weather holds.

    Good luck to all fasters today!

    Day 7 – Ireland – NFD
    Hi all and happy Friday to you all! @hedwig6 I’m intrigued … where are you based? Love that you have turtles 🐢 crossing the road? I saw a YouTube video just the other day where a turtle helped another upturned turtle to right himself and didn’t give up until the job was done – too cute.. the tag was that we humans could learn a lot from turtles.👍
    @laurello dont lose faith! As many have said, there is often a delay in weight loss but it is important in the beginning to identify how many calories you are taking in…. so easy to go over without realising 🙄

    NFD for me today as i have a work night out tonight and then home to my parents this weekend … lots of chores planned so will be kept busy 👍
    Good luck to all the fasters today!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 7 Belfast NFD
    Despite a controlled few days the scales show a rise of 1.5 lbs. How annoying the body is.
    I’m going away for the weekend in my caravan, so I must be diligent.
    Lots of good chatter here about portion control. I like to stick to 500 cals on a FD which goes a little wriggle room. I also only eat two meals a day, brunch around 12 o’clock and my evening meal. My problem is those little extras. Even if it is fruit or something healthy, the calories add up. As many have said here, an occasional reality check with some calorie checks is always good and sometimes surprising even to seasoned fasters!
    @hedwig6 – a turtle certainly tops the list of exotic rescue creatures.
    @keitii – OMAD is one meal a day

    Off now to pack up.
    If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    3rd FD for this week. I think this is the only way I’ll see any progress & reach my goal this month.

    All the talk of calorie counting made me take a closer look at what I’ve been consuming on FDs. I just can’t enjoy coffee/tea without milk, so I would have a splash of milk, believing it was insignificant. I guessed I was having a quarter of a litre over the day, so I thought around 50 calories. Duh? Whole milk? More like 155! So I’ve switched to low fat, at least for FDs. Only 104 calories. I got some of those small quarter litre cartons, so I can track the amount easier.

    The last day of week 1 – good luck to today’s fasters!

    Day 6 – NFD
    Day 7 – NFD

    Wow, I wasn’t able to post yesterday as had stayed over at my friends after our late night Spag Bol & wine, so when I logged on today I am so impressed with the level of posting and commitment going on.

    Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. I really was in such brilliant form all day yesterday, and then reading all the messages from you guys made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you all. Being 52 ain’t half bad. In fact I feel better now in my 50’s than I did in my 30’s and 40’s…….maybe this WOL 🤔

    So I arrived into work yesterday and the gang had provided a birthday breakfast for all….consisting of sausage rolls, croissants, plain and fruit scones, jam, cream, Danish pastries, then bags of Cadburys chocolates like mini Boost, mini Moro,………well, it would have been rude not to partake seeing as it was my birthday treat. I immediately had two sausage rolls with my coffee.

    Sausage rolls…..so old school. But so yum. It’s years since I had one. I also had a fruit scone later on. Plus the odd chocolate. Our area was a hive of people buttering scones etc all morning. It was good fun though, and shows how we do revolve a lot of celebration around food.

    Came home to a magnificent bouquet from DH…..I have it in. Big vase beside me now and the scent is heavenly. Did not do much last night, as although we had made plans for dinner, DH was called for a second interview for a job today, so we have postponed wining and dining until tonight.

    But I am off today and the sun is shining so a great weekend looms ahead. P,is, after all the food and wine…no weight gain this morning. Yee Haw!!!!

    Love all the cat talk. My girl Missie is a beautiful dark tortoiseshell, with golden strands of fur and the cutest golden patch just above her nose, perfect for booping ☺️ Her mother was a show cat, a guy who DH worked with used to breed cats. . Anyhow, Lola, (I imagine that’s what she was called…….cue Barry Manilow…..), well, Lola, the show cat went down the wrong side of the tracks and “met” a stray Tom Cat (Tony perhaps?)…..result was Missie and her siblings, but homes found for them all.

    Oh and turtles….I remember my first time driving with my sister in the woods around East Hampton in the US when she jammed on the brakes. A turtle was crossing the road. It was a busy road so she picked it up and brought it to where it was heading. Hope that was the right thing…..otherwise it might have met its demise.

    Have a great Friday. I am in such great form, I hope everyone else feels good today.

    Day 7 – Reading, UK – CD

    So many interesting posts – I’m useless at replying individually but I’m reading them all and soaking, soaking, soaking all your wisdom and ideas. Today I’m trying an OMAD day. We are out to dinner tonight, so trying to fast during the day so I can enjoy tonight. I never would have tried that with you lot 🙂 Onwards and downwards happy fasters.

    Day 7 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @funshipfreddie yes its the calories in seemingly innocent foods that can catch us out. I had been estimating the calories of my huge portions of veg to be around 50, this week I have weighed the veg…..more like 150!

    Feeling like I’m back in control and in a better place than I was at the end of May. Next challenge…..be less wine greedy over the weekend.

    Strength to the Friday fasters 🤗

    Day 7, Boston(ish) MA, USA

    I did not quite eat maintenance yesterday, but also did not manage a full fast day, due to a bag of jalapeno cheddar popcorn. Whoops! I really REALLY need some accountability. At the end of the day I roped my kids into making sure I eat healthier. Now I have to log daily and show them my log to make sure I am eating enough fruit and veggies and meals, not snacks. The insane thing about this is that I am actually really good at making balanced meals and the kids are great with eating a variety of healthy food. Apparently I just don’t eat the food I make. I did run 3 miles, which was fun.

    Now, on to turtles.

    @debster Well, I did not realize turtles were so exotic!

    @jaifaim I live in the suburbs of Boston and some roads have (handmade) turtle crossing signs.

    @snowflake56 It’s not common, but we see a few turtles crossing each year, on one road or another, and in our backyards, ha! I go to work early, so between five and six in the morning I tend to see (and hear) more wildlife. Thanks for the reassurance!

    @daffodil2010, glad you enjoyed your birthday to the max :). And I am impressed that your sister picked up the turtle and moved it. I read that if you move them it should be in the same direction they are traveling. This turtle was quite large and looked heavy. Also grumpy. I am glad it decided to move (rather quickly, once it made up its mind) off the road.

    Not fasting today, but eating <1200 calories and logging dutifully. I’m planning to do a strength training session for exercise today, and I might run a mile or two if I get around to it.

    If I don’t kick this tendency to turn my FDs into NFDs via general lack of self-control, I may need a kick in the pants. We’ll see!

    Day 7: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD….

    My day off today. Thank goodness, because it hasn’t stopped raining all day. Postman’s nightmare! So I get to be indoors…ha…ha!

    Day 7 UK FD

    Yesterday’s FD was good. Around 700kcal. My family are impressing me with meals from Dr M’s cookbook!

    Today I’m fasting for 24hrs to 7pm and going for a quick run. Then all hell breaks loose as it’s son No.2’s 16th birthday. He’s playing football until 7.45pm with friends, then we’re having friends and family around for a Chinese meal. Hello insulin!

    Weight this morning was 83kg. It went up by 0.5kg the day after I broke my 3 day fast, but dropped again. If it stabilises at 83kg my 3 day fast probably netted about a 2kg loss. I think the affects of the 7 mile hill run at the end of day 1 will have helped weight loss a bit by boosting metabolism on day 2 . I bloody hope so 🙂

    Weekends are hard aren’t they? I sometimes need to treat them as a break from fasting. Tomorrow I’m at my wife’s parents house for another ‘do’. So I may add a few Kgs back on by Monday… I comfort myself by saying that re-feeding to the max on these days is a good thing to keep your brain and metabolism guessing.

    I keep telling myself I’ve only got 9Kg to go to reach a healthy weight. That’s gotta be ‘doable’. I might reset my end of June target next Monday.

    Happy fasting fasters.

    Pocket List
    @dykask WFD

    Day 7 – Reading, UK – CD – 2nd post

    Well I managed to fast from 9pm last night to about 1pm today, which is the longest I think I’ve ever done. Then had lunch – mostly from boredom and kinda missing food if that makes sense. It’s my first attempt so not being too hard on myself. I’m treating it as a practice @rabbette 🙂 The interesting thing is that I now feel SO TIRED. I’ve come back to my desk after lunch and want to take a nap … Maybe food is slowing me down. Interesting. And @johnnyr you are doing so well – 2kg loss is amazing – even if so of it comes back. And yes @ciren2 – it’s wet, wet, wet here too. And cold.

    Day 7 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Checking in. Off to Silver Sneakers shortly. Maintenance is good, despite some overeating yesterday.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 7, London, UK, NFD,

    Quick check-in today. Great Pilates class and now I’m preparing for a night out …………. hotel & dinner with my best mate celebrating her Birthday.

    I hope everyone is doing well, happy fasting folks!!

    Day 7 – UK – NFD

    A lovely riverside walk this morning with my walking group and coffee sitting outside afterwards, all done before the rain arrived mid afternoon!!!

    Going to get ready now for my first birthday night out – meeting my DD when she finishes work and going for a cocktail 🍸 first (she loves a cocktail!) before having a meal together – will be a good chance for a catchup. Hoping to stay controlled but we will see what the night brings…….

    Special night out tomorrow with OH and then a girlfriends night out next week – will have to make sure that I fit in a couple of FDs next week with some controlled eating on the other days!!!!

    Hope everyone is doing well at the end of this first week of the June 2019 Challenge – Enjoy your weekend whatever you are up to 🤗 and hope the rain is not as bad as forecasted

    Day 7, VA, USA, FD

    I kinda had a fasting day yesterday by accident (got to love when that happens!) – I only felt hungry for lunch and ate homemade guacamole with a head of fresh raw broccoli. Oh and some very thin slices of roast beef (I was craving something salty and wanted to stay away from nuts) I think my over abundance encounter with nuts was exacerbating my restless leg.

    So today I had scheduled in my head to be a fasting day. I think I may soup for lunch instead of supper as I won’t be home. Besides the soup will be FAN-TAS-TIC for lunch as it is all rainy and cool outside.

    I’ve been on a steady decline with my scale too. Even with eating my low calorier meals (during the month of May, I had a hard time dropping any weight, without just doing straight WFD. So its nice to go back to regular FD and the numbers still decline and I’m feeling better nourished.

    I’ve got to prep more of my materials for tonights lecture. Cheers!

    @ktcaroline – depending on what I have for lunch, I too will feel tired. FD I keep it light like the broth with veggies. I feel less sluggish then.

    Pocket List day 7
    @dykask WFD

    Drink your water! Mmmmm Water (thats something I would have never said before I started this WOL!)

    Day 7 UK FD

    Unplanned FD – caught up in deadlines -postign for accountability so I don’t blow it with bedtime munchies 🙂

    Just made it with deadline – phew! – but exhausted so zzzz now.. Hope everyone is doing ok.. Back tomorrow to catch up with posts xx

    Day 8, Canberra, NFD

    Ah, back home. Even had a sedate dinner with hubby – we usually hit the red wine on a Friday night but I only had two glasses!

    @keitii – I see others have already explained what is OMAD (good mental note to add to the acronym list). It’s not necessarily a FD depending on how many calories you consume, but falls more into the restricted window class of eating. Like 18:6

    Lots of great successes for the first week:
    Fantastic news, @prina39!! No need to feel guilty at all!
    @georgia83 – B2B2s are a great personal challenge, but once you’ve cracked the first they get easier.
    Yes, accidental FDs are the best @rabbette. I feel like it’s my body’s way of reminding me how little food I really do need for normal sustenance.

    Some time ago I switched to skim milk, @funshipfreddie, for those few calorie savings. I lasted about 6 months. To me, I could balance out those extra calories somewhere else and return to the better taste (to me) of full cream milk in my coffee! But you’re right. Sigh. Those little extras do add up.

    Love that you had a such a great birthday @daffodil2010. And I laughed at Lola the show cat. We saw Barry Manilow do a Christmas concert last year and he sung the opening line as “Her name was Lola. She was a reindeer.” Very funny.

    A friend of mine has a rural property and occasionally she moves tortoises off the road. She has to be very careful when picking them up because they urinate (a defensive tactic? Certainly works.) Or maybe it’s just water pouring out of their shell.

    Enjoy those birthday celebrations @at – great that you’re stretching them over days! 

    My weekend might also be a challenge @johnnyr: dinner with friends tonight, dinner with family tomorrow and a long weekend to boot.

    And for those of you whose start to the month was a little rocky, don’t worry, we’re here to hold your hand until the finish line!

    Day 8 – Japan – NFD

    41 water fasts done in 2018. This on was just over 36 hours, but it was pretty easy.

    My weight is heavier than last year but I’m easily wearing pants that were too tight last year, so here is hoping that it is just upper body muscle. Not talking about a big difference, 2kg to 3kg typically.

    @rabbette – Accidental fasting is a hit in my book! Wish it would happen to me sometimes.

    Day 8, Emden Germany, FD

    stormy day here, love to read all the cat and turtle stories.

    @dingping Saturday again!

    @at enjoy your dinner tonight!

    @ktcaroline it could be the things you had for lunch that made you tired, try eating different foods to see if it get better after lunch.

    @laurello how are you doing? Don’t give up, this WOL works, just take a bit more time.

    Pocket list day 8, anyone wanting to join me?


    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 8: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD…

    I don’t believe it…STILL raining out there…AND I’ve got to go to work today! I thought it was supposed to be bright with the odd shower…HA! Rubbish weather forcast.
    @ktcaroline: You did well. I expect the tiredness was something to do with eating carbohydrate after the fast. I very nearly always get tired after my “coming home from work” meal…but that is both carbohydratey and large!! Too much sugar in my case…
    @dykask: With all those regular water fasts combined with your body-building exercise..it’s bound to be extra muscle over the year. Your waist measurement will tell you that.
    Accidental FD’s? Now there’s a thing….wonderful!

    Right, must go to work now…bye xx

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Finally?! 71.5kgs. 1.5kgs to go. I don’t think my weight has been this low for over 3 decades ⚖

    @penz – re skimmed milk, urgh! I remember my Mum buying that in the ’70’s and having it with her Special K during the big low-fat movement. Awful stuff. But the low-fat milk isn’t so bad. Saves me 100 calories, which is a big deal on fast days.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

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