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  • Day 4 UK FD

    Ha, ha! Second day of my water fast. I thought I’d share my experience so far…

    The first 24 hours was, er, both easy and hard. I was OK hunger-wise until the smell of Lasagna wafted through the kitchen. But I resisted. And I realise that eating nothing is actually sometimes easier than eating a meal of 800kcal in terms of staying on the wagon.

    I did a 7.4 mile run in the evening. Running in the absolutely beautiful and uplifting scenery of the Peak District National Park is a real pleasure. I might get around to posting a link to the odd pic if anyone’s interested. My run however was a wee bit mixed I was taking it steady; the first three-four miles were great – better than I was expecting. But then I managed to take a wrong turn down a narrow path and, I got overambitious by adding in a second significant hill with some steep climbs which I had to eventually walk/run. But, overall it was OK-good. However, my Garmin watch told me quite sternly not to try that again 🙂 (as if it’s not bad enough my weighing scales not being helpful!).

    The dilemma after the run was salt/electrolytes. Clearly running for that distance needs something adding back. Having had a salty 33cl of water in the afternoon (Yuk!) I couldn’t do that again, so I decided to eat a couple of largish pinches of Himalayan pink salt washed down with water. What can I say? It was like the world’s worst Mojito! Truly awful. A few minutes later I felt sick. Then I remembered that salty water is what they pump your stomach with at the hospital when you’ve been poisoned!!

    But all is OK. I went straight out today and bought some electrolyte tablet which claim to be 0kcal on the packaging, but actually have 9Kcal/tablet. I’ll just leave that there…

    Day 2 is fine. No hunger at all so far. And the weigh in this morning said I’d lost 0.9kg in a day!! Blimey. I’m figuring a fair chunk of that will be water loss. But I think I wasn’t too dehydrated and usually I retain water in my legs after a run.

    Take care all. If I can do this anyone can.

    Day 4 Canton OH FD

    @snowflake, your post had me shaking my head and thinking friendships can be so complex. I am trying to get to the place where if a friend’s actions make me think “Oh no, you did not just do that!” I call them out on it, but it’s hard to do and so I get it. Still shaking my head, because I have no words.

    @borealis and @ciren2, I agree. Lost the weight and ate too much over an extended period of time and now my clothes are tight. I read a post that clarified it for me; I can either eat as much as I want, whenever I want, or I can stick to my plan and be at my healthy weight. It’s a binary choice and I believe I am getting there -one day at a time. I have seen what my fate will be if I don’t get some self-control and stick to the plan. Almost all of my female siblings are on the heavier side, and I am not going there.

    @at that was so spot on. My mantra for the day, sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life

    @daffodil2010 good for you and I applaud your attitude, I know that there’s good stuff around the corner with your name on it. It just hasn’t revealed itself yet!

    I have a few minutes and I am going to start a pocket list – why? because I can
    Day 4 pocket list
    @basyjames – queen for the day :)

    Second post

    @johnnyr I enjoyed reading your post thanks for sharing.

    Adding you to the days pocket fast
    Day 4 pocket list
    @basyjames – queen for the day :)

    now I really have to get to work.

    Day 4 USA (Illinois) FD

    @at – wow, sorry I missed singing to you for your birthday! “Happy birthday, dear AT ♫♪♫♪ happy birthday to YOU!” Sounds like it was a good one.

    @rabbette — glad to hear your kitty is on the mend.

    @keitii – I also love those Facebook Delish videos, as long as they aren’t too calorific at least. That one looked very friendly. Some stores around us sell cauliflower “rice” to save time, but it does spoil quickly.

    Travel day for me today, so going to do a FD (or possibly OMAD if daughter feeds me when I get there).

    Day 4 pocket list
    @basyjames – queen for the day :)

    Onward and downward.

    2nd post

    @johnnyr I’m so impressed, you’re the hero of the day but take care!

    @dingping got the wrong word, it’s their wedding anniversary. You could be right about this friendship (?), I think it’s more for her than for me. Perhaps more distance would be better for me, but how to do it? My DH called her this morning (he was at work) to tell her again not to buy food for a whole army. Let’s see if it helps.

    @basyjames if someone would tell me this, I would think, no way, why are you accepting this? I just don’t know how to react on something like this.

    Day 4 UK ?FD

    Pleased to swerve late night munchies last night by posting! I went to bed feeling hungry but of course woke v happy to have finished a successful FD. I seem to have put on weight rather than lost it, but scales are not linear so it’ll even out eventually.

    Feeling v delicate today but SO much to catch up with and v urgent project deadlines. Did some gentle stretches this morning then had strangest vertigo, follwed by intermittent sore throat, shooting nerve pains and a desire to sleep. Luckily my same friend was visiting who was here just after Easter when I started this virus and she recognised all the signs… maybe a second wave or second dose? Just when I thought I was nearly better… this is the Strangest virus.

    Drank 3.5l water yesterday and currently around 1.25l. Boosted my energy with a large 350 calorie salad lunch – crispy lettuce with warm baby tomatoes, avocado and hummus. Aiming for supper of soup with vegan koftas – mostly bc they need eating up!

    Pocket List has had two iterations thus far today.. @babyjames thanks for hoovering up all the Europeans, I’ve added earlier Australasians and we continue united with the US 🙂 Add yourself if you’re fasting. Pocket lists give us a sense of strength in numbers – whether for external accountability or simply knowing we’re not alone.

    Here’s to good choices whatever the weather…

    Day 4 Pocket List:
    @basyjames – queen for the day :)

    @snowflake56: I just worked out that 250,000 steps a month equals to something like 8,500 per day. I’ve been told that most of our town deliveries come to 19-21,000 steps!! Just at work. So…Qantas, here I come!
    @keitii: the only thing is…how accurate ARE these step-counters??
    @johnnyr: I’m seriously impressed. I wish I could do that.
    @daffodil2010: It was ok today, weatherwise. Looked like rain a lot, but didn’t come to anything. Just one heavy shower this afternoon, after I got home.
    @gretta: OUCH! Do be careful xx

    Day 4 – UK – CD

    First of all THANK YOU all for my birthday wishes 😘
    What a different way to celebrate my birthday yesterday with an amazing FD of around 120cals – lots of water, a couple of cups of tea with semi skimmed milk and the treat of Semi skimmed Flat White ☕️ and weight this morning was 55.3kg 💃 We had a fabulous Pocket list on Monday – felt the support!

    I had a lovely Mat Pilates class in the afternoon and a wonderful yoga class in the evening – my teacher organised the class around some of my favourite poses – as she said “Nothing like some planks, side planks, downdogs, goddess pose and warriors to celebrate your birthday! 🧘‍♀️🙏🏻”

    Did not meet with DD as planned today in view of the awful weather forecast – Anyway it meant that today’s food intake could be carefully planned to ensure I have a good CD – OH and I went out for a late brunch where I broke my fast with some sourdough toast, spinach leaves, poached eggs, fresh pan grilled asparagus and some gorgeous local smoked salmon and a flat white.
    I have my usual High Impact Pilates class later this afternoon with OH then have a supper of Sumac-coated fish with green bean, lentil and parsley salad planned! (total of 1300cals)

    This week has to be a controlled one as on Friday I am out with DD for a girl’s dinner out (planning on making Friday a OMAD)
    On Saturday OH is taking me out for a celebration meal at a Cumbrian 2 star Michelin restaurant – which means their Taster Menu with some lovely 🥂🍷 😋
    How spoilt can you be – feeling the love 🥰

    Welcome back to @aglowworm – I have added you to the spreadsheet if you want to use! Very happy you decided to stick with us – lots of support here and hopefully we can offer you a refuge from the family issues 🤗
    @snowflake56 – I do hope your friend shows some understanding – I would just eat what I want/can from whatever spread she offers and tell her it is for personal health reasons – we will be there supporting you in spirit xx All my friends here thought I was mad for fasting on my birthday but it suited me and I felt really good this morning!
    @rabbette and @basyjames – glad that quote resonated with you 🤗
    @therealwil78 – I’m sure you’ll do a great job as camp director for your school’s summer program and you have nothing to worry about x
    @prina39 – great job on taking control of your body especially with an 8 week old baby 💪
    @metatauta – so glad to see you back with us and wonderful to hear that maintenance is still your game and your name is definitely on the spreadsheet highlighted in GREEN for maintenance ☺️
    @gretta – Ouch – take care and make sure that you allow that shoulder to heal and recover properly xx
    and I’m with you and others about being ” less wine greedy on weekends too”
    @johnnyr – Thank you for sharing your experience so far with your 3 day Water Fast – personally I don’t think that our bodies actually need as much salt as we sometimes feel we should have but we are all different and I don’t think I could ever attempt a 3 day water fast unless it was medically required!!!!!

    Off to get ready for my class now so sending positive thoughts to all those fasting today – You can do this!

    “LIFE is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to DANCE in the RAIN”

    Day 4 – USA – NFD

    Thank you all, for the welcome, and thank you, @snowflake56 for adding me onto the spreadsheet!

    Day 5 Melb Aust FD
    Day 4 NFD (unfortunately!), Day 3 CD, Day 2 NFD, Day 1 TDEE

    Haven’t started out well, but am determined to improve from today.

    @at, love the quotes you share, they’re very encouraging and motivating!

    @snowflake56, when I’m invited to a friend’s, especially for morning or afternoon tea, I simply warn them to not provide any food, as I won’t be eating it, for health reasons. They’re forewarned, so anything produced simply doesn’t get eaten. Dinner’s a bit more difficult – maybe balance your FDs around your social life, especially when it’s an important occasion for them?

    @rafiki44, re target weight, mid-BMI seems to be where most doctors are happy for people to be at. That means dividing your weight in Kgs with your height in metres (mine would be 1.54, as I’m 154 cms tall) squared. If the result is below 20, you are probably already too thin; if over 25, you are officially overweight, and over 30 means you’re in the obese range. For instance, for me at 73.1 kg, 73.1 divided by 1.54, divided again by 1.54 gives a BMI just under 31, so I am still in the mildly obese range. I have another 2 kg to lose to be “overweight”, and 14 kg to reach a BMI of 25. Waist measurement at half your height is another option, but that may depend a little on your age – women who are older tend to have thicker waists, so it may not work as well.

    @ciren2, hope your hamstring injury is settling down.

    @rabbette, glad your sick kitty is recovering.

    @RedRockGirl, sorry to read of the death of your beloved dog, and straight after a difficult time re your grandfather, too.

    @annemarilyn, Hope you enjoy your training and new volunteer career – sounds very worthwhile.

    @michelinme, your virus is still lurking, obviously. You may need to be kind to your body for a while longer. These things can take their time. Could it be glandular fever? I know the relapses are very common with that.

    @johnnyr, had to chuckle at your comment about “stress testing my willpower”!

    @gretta, sorry to read of the shoulder injury, and hope it’s settling down now.

    @basyjames, how wise of you to be determined not to end up like your larger siblings

    It’s early here and still day 4 for many of you, but I’ll start the day 5 pocket list:

    Day 5 Pocket List

    Day 4 – Eastern WA USA – ?

    Not sure what I’m going with today. Plan is to stay on liquids most of the day. Planning on using up some strawberries and rhubarb with a keto friendly recipe or two. Even if I taste some, I expect it would still be a type of FD.

    @songbirdme – FYI, Trader Joes has cauliflower rice in the freezer section. I like to have some of that on hand.

    @metatauta – you have done so well! How wonderful that you’re in that lovely maintenance range! I’m needing to refind my way a bit it seems. You’re an encouragement.

    Glad we’re on the journey together!

    USA Day 4 FD

    Adding myself to the pocket list.

    Day 4 Pocket List:
    @basyjames – queen for the day :)

    So far, FD is going well and I have already closed the kitchen until tomorrow! Hope you are all doing well!

    Day 4, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Yesterday was a CD as well not a FD 800. Could not resist the nuts!
    @betsylee: Thank you for your kind words regarding my dog and father! 💐
    Meeting hubby at the botanical garden now for a walk and then coffee.

    Have a good Tuesday/Wednesday everyone! 🌷🌷🌷

    Day 4- London – CD

    Managed to eat only 1600 cals today so a CD though I did manage to eat 4 choc biscuits. Tomo will be a FD…

    Good luck everyone!

    Day 5 – Brisbane – FD

    Had a good Day 4. Stuck to my 800 calories and enjoyed a 2-hour afternoon walk with my walking buddy in the evening. Fitted in some exercise (most of the 30DS – but I don’t like floor exercises as well as additional squats and core exercises). No weight change but have been finding that happens…a little weight loss followed by a stabilisation period.

    Lovely to see some members of this challenge from Japan @dykask @chocollette I lived in Japan for many years and visit as often as I can (unfortunately not as often as I would like…)

    Wishing everyone a great finish to Day 4 and energetic start to Day 5!

    Day 5 Pocket List

    DAY 4
    Thank you @penz for hosting this month.

    NFD. I finally made it under the big 170. When I weighed on Sunday, I was 170.2. Today under that. Only 6 more lbs to reach my goal. Hopefully, I can keep it under. I’ve been going back and forth on the last couple of months.
    We got our hurricane supplies. Since we are new here, we hadn’t gotten a few necessary items like a weather radio. Hopefully, we won’t need it.
    Hope everyone has a great evening.

    Day 4, VA, USA, NFD

    Started with WF yesterday and then at supper had a bowl full of the vegges from the corned beef and cabbage soup I made. Perfect and the scales said -2 lbs down. So I’m excited.

    Kitty is doing better every day. Getting ready to do a 4 day Yin Yoga workshop (teaching it) so my post may be rather short during those days.

    @ciren2 – have you tried tiger balm its less sticky and its warming. (I remember I got that when I was in central London (but I have to remember thats like being in NY here where they probably have everything!)

    @at – Belated Birthday cheers!

    @annemarilyn – waist height ratio? Had to look that one up. Very interesting. I found a calculator and it looks like I would need to lose about 4-5 more inches. Which seems about right.

    @michelinme – so true about the pocket list. Its a good reminder we are not alone.

    @prina39 – I personally love broth and or vegetable soup of all kinds. There is something so peaceful even eating something very simple like broth and boiled carrots. I really enjoy this a lot after having the start of the day as a WF and then ending the day with a broth meal. OR even a mix of veggies water sautéed with a dash of salt and pepper.

    @keitii – Yeah – we can do it! I’ve never been that small before, but I figure heck I can at least try. I’m looking at those Breakfast muffins, um yum and thank you.

    @funshipfreddie – I notice it too with fasting, if there has been a longer gap since my last fast, boy it is a little bit of a struggle at first. Fasting must have it’s on mental muscle!

    @gretta – ouch! Poor Shoulder

    @ktcaroline – I actually use my fit bit app (I think you could just use the app without actually having a fit bit) the other one folks use a lot is an app called my fitness pal

    @johnnyr – a little less salt at a time and it is a life saver… Try like an 1/8 of a tea spoon under your tongue then drink down 8oz of water. Wait a bit and you should feel better, not worse. Then if you need more do it again. (I usually do this only 2 times a day especially the 2nd and 3rd day of WF)

    @snowflake56 – maybe an easier way of thinking about setting bonderies is to think about seeing someone you love be “walked on” or taken advantage of and how you might just step up and say “hey, pick on someone your own size” OR what ever would be appropriate (now replace that mental image with YOU!) You are just as important as anyone else and your feelings and desires especially for your own health and well being are also very important. WE ALL have your back here on this forum. You can do this, set your healthy boundaries if they are not respecting them, then (for me at least It would be time for spending time for a different friend who does respect me and my boundaries)

    Oh and yes CAT Tricks! So far each of my kitties knows how to:
    1. Sit
    2. High five, low five
    3. Stand up (its like standing on their haunches or back legs only)
    4. Spin
    5. Rub/Love/Headbutt (human bends down taps near their own forehead and kitty rises up and rubs side of head)
    6. olé (hold down a hand towel and they will pass under it like “bullfighting”)
    7. Jump (hold out arm and they will jump over it!)
    8. Come OR clicking noise made with tongue (of course to come when they are called)

    one kitty knows the commands
    9. Up (meaning jump up on humans kneeling leg)
    10. Down (jump down off human kneeling leg)

    9. One kitty knows how to …. Wait for it…..
    PLAY DEAD! (You “shoot” her with your fingers in gun shape and we like to make a laser gun sound like Jedi guns “pew pew”) AND this kitty *most times* even makes a pitiful meeeeeeoooow noise as she falls down on her side. (Funniest trick I have EVER taught a cat!)

    OK got to go teach. Hope the Cat tricks list keeps you guys entertained imagining all those cute tricks they do.

    @rabbette those cat tricks are amazing! The last one reminds me of our neighbour when I was young. They had a lovely dog that could do all of the most creative tricks because the boy in the family had been ill when he was young and had to have 6 months off school. During that time he taught their dog lots of tricks only a child could think of. There was a whole story about the dog coming home drunk after a late night out. The dog would stagger and wobble along and eventually pretend to collapse in a drunken stupor.

    I am so excited for you (for us!) working towards our goal. June is going to be a great month!

    Day 5, Aus, OMAD

    Sad news about Darwin, but enough said on that front. Too much badness in the world without focusing on one city (tho it’s close to home).

    Successful FD for me yesterday. How did the other Day 4 FD-ers go? I am feeling good and back in control.

    Nice to see you again Metatauta and thank you to Snowflake56 for doing the spreadsheet magic (I am no wizard in that department).

    Yay for those destroyed 3lb Daffodil2010. I am so behind on everyone’s news – hope you weren’t too upset by not getting the job but well done you for being professional with the new starter and what a relief you like her!

    Oooh Gretta a disclocated shoulder sounds painful. But what a great attitude you have to roll out of bed anyway and get out there. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Of course holidays count as part of the weekend; why else would it be called a long weekend!?

    How did you FD go Laurello? Rocky Road is an evil bypass on this journey but I like your plan to avoid the supermarket.

    Hi KTCaroline – I’m not a calorie counter/tracker but I glad to see others here have pointed you to free apps that are available. (That’s what’s great about this wonderful forum – there’s always at least one person who can help or give the right advice.)

    FlourBaby – here I am feeling good, and you just had to put the words peanut butter down on the page. Shame on you!  I recently discovered that particular species of Kit Kat and – what’s worse – our office social club stocks them. Arrgh!! Good thing I’m on the road otherwise I suspect I would be mindlessly walking down the end of the corridor to buy one. Let’s make a pact: no more PB slip ups this month!

    Hello Georgia83. Not that I always follow my own advice but recognising what your MO is after a stressful day can be half the battle. If you know you’ve had a bad day, be extra-conscious of your next steps. Hopefully you’ve emptied the fridge and crisps – don’t restock! But a good position to be in for you B2B2 FDs – the best of luck!

    I love to see that green tick @missybear! I hope – for your sake, that PB (oops!) Kit Kats are not available in Wales!

    By the way, why is it that most posters put the little @ symbol before someone’s name? Does that make it magically pop up somewhere? (And apologies that I forget to do it more often that not.)

    If you’re running a kids’ camp, therealwil78, I’m sure you’re burning a lot more calories that normal.

    I’m with you JohnnyR – for me eating nothing is so much easier than trying to restrict eating to a particular calorie limit. Well done for your big attempt! Given you don’t like your pink salt Mojito (I did laugh out loud) perhaps a beef stock / bullion cube in hot water could give you the necessary salt intake? (They actually taste pretty good.) Or a spoonful of Vegemite of course!

    It’s so true @michelinme – that feeling the next morning of smugness at having ignored the siren call of munchies and awak to knowing you’ve had a successful FD the night before. Soooo much better than that feeling of wanting to beat yourself up because you surrendered to a dragon. Do look after youself though – sounds like you’ve got a bad dose of something nasty.

    Wow super impressed with your cat tricks Rabette. What breed are they? I love the ‘pew pew’ mewling kitty death throes trick.

    Have a great FD to all you Day 5 FD-ers

    Day 5: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD…

    A quick hello before work.
    @betsylee: Yes, thanks, my hamstring damage is feeling quite a bit better, though I do feel further damage is only one false move away. So, being careful!

    Day 5 – Melbourne Aus – FD

    Quick check in, v busy day.

    Thanks all for the well wishes on the shoulder!! It’s settled down a lot, and doesn’t look like nerve damage which is a bonus. Start rehab next week.

    Pocket List Day 5:

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @ktcaroline – I certainly don’t count every calorie. On FDs I only eat OMAD, in the evening. I leave out the carbs, watch portion size, and just have fish or chicken & veggies. Just enough to stop me from chewing the furniture. I think if you go that route it’s unlikely you would consume more than a few hundred calories. I mean, I know it’s far from ‘one size fits all’ with fasting; but it works for me.

    @flourbaby – I used to be a complete KitKat fiend too! The chunky/mint variety. Loved them. Especially when they’ve been in the fridge for a few hours. We have the chunky peanut butter ones here too, but the chunky mint was my first love. And then several months ago they just disappeared from the shelves?! So rude. When I was travelling in southeast Asia I used to see the most peculiar KitKat flavours. I’ve forgotten most of them, and was never tempted to try them, but a couple were green tea & wasabi flavours! Check out ’32 Unique KitKat Flavours You Must Hunt Down in Japan’ at tripzilla.com. You’ll be amazed! 😅

    Happy hump day to all – fasting or not!


    Day 5 – Ireland – FD
    Hi all, well yesterday was a bad day for me so unfortunately I surrendered to that dragon 🐉… so definitely not smug this morning 🤣but will try again today… I’m sure it will be a better day – so back on the list I go 😃
    I had cycled over 230kms over the weekend…I know it sounds excessive but needed to start my training for trip later in the year… and it was so good to be out in the clear air… 🤯 I think my body was craving carbs….
    There is a great air of optimism on the thread which is infectious so tuning into that here and hoping for a good FD today…
    Day 5 pocket list:

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    So now into a spate of NFD’s until next week. Going to my friends tonight for a pre birthday dinner of Spag Bol and wine, then I turn 52 tomorrow (yikes 😄), then a long 3 day weekend as I am off on Friday.

    Already completed day 5 of shred, and yes @flourbaby, I have pushed through the pain barrier now. But God, how I loathe those pesky Jumping Jacks. I have Jillian turned down quite a bit now as her voice is annoying….but determined to keep at it for the month of June.

    @rabette oh how I loved your kitty tricks. So cute. I should have been teaching my Missie tricks but she is 13 now so guess it’s too late. She rules the roost, but does know the special sounds I make that mean mealtime…..or get off that! And she knows Hoosh means get out of there!

    @penz I went for the permanent role of the job I am covering a maternity contract for (one of the team left). I didn’t get it as I wasn’t experienced enough in financial services (despite doing the exact job for nearly a year now). Anyhow, I actually felt relieved when I was told I was not successful. This surprised me, and made me realise that maybe a permanent pensionable role is not what I want right now. I mean I had that for 18 years, then tried horticulture for a bit, so at my age, do I want to be locked into an office job for the next X amount of years? So, let’s see what will present itself.

    Right off to said job ☺️

    Have a great Wednesday everyone

    @funshipfreddie. Good for you Dave for remembering it’s Hump Day.

    Day 5 – Reading, UK – FD

    Thank you so much everyone who made suggestions about counting calories. I had a look at both MyFitnessPal and Fitbit and will experiment with both. I counted my calories this morning and was shocked to find that one pear and an ounce of walnuts came to 300 kcal!!! OMG – no wonder I wasn’t losing as much on FDs as I thought I should. So I think I shall track calories at least in the short term, and then maybe try OMAD for longer term. I’m still not able to go all day without eating. And happy birthday to @daffodil2010 for tomorrow, and I think @at had a birthday. Many happy returns to all those with calorie free days to enjoy. Onwards and downwards 🙂

    Day 5, London, UK, FD

    Feeling that post-successful-FD smugness @penz & @michelinme!!! Another FD for me at 500cals, I’ve definitely given up on the 800cals, 500 (for me) is so much easier, I reach my target easily and that’s IT!!! Whereas with 800 cals there was always 1-200 ‘spare’ calories I HAD to use which woke all kinds of dragons, followed by the inevitable snack avalanche!!!

    @missybear, I’m not sure how much info to share ………………………………… but even better than a peanut butter chunky kit-kat is the ‘salted caramel fudge’ one!! ……………………………. I’m just sharing the pain; again!!!!!

    So true @johnnyr, with OMAD I’m always surprised at just how easy it is to stop the hunger pangs …………………….. a simple glass of water seems like witchcraft to me!!! I often get to 23 hrs and consider not eating anything, then I start doubting whether I’ll sleep, whether I’ll waste away to nothing overnight (as if!!) or whether I’ll be soooo weak the following day that I’ll need a Zimmer frame!!! The couple of WFDs I’ve done were purely accidental, I think I kind of scare myself if I plan them!! Also, I’ve heard coconut water is good for replenishing electrolytes.

    @penz, as I said before, I’m just sharing the pain, but with love!!! Regarding the PB KKs ………..Sshhh, I suffer terribly from FOMO, so when I see a pack of 4 for 90p, I just CAN’T resist!!! I’m not really much of a Chocoholic, more of an Alcoh………………… No, not going there!!! I think the chocolate rears its ugly head at a certain TOM, or that could just be another excuse we ‘eaters’ use!!!!

    @funshipfreddie ………………………… today is a FD ……………………For my own sanity & the safety of others around me ……….…………. I CANNOT hunt out kit-kat flavours!!!!

    @daffodil2010, well done, funnily enough, I have the volume up and never look at the screen!!! ………………… Nobody needs to see Natalie smiling through those side lunge arm-killing things whilst they slowly die on their living room floor!!!!

    @ktcaroline, although a serial dieter, I really hadn’t been a calorie counter before 5:2 which educated me in portion size too (NOBODY ever thinks a portion is ½ a bagel, a matchbox sized piece of cheese or 1 biscuit, and who the heck, apart from the Scandinavians EVER made a sandwich with 1 slice of bread????) My favourite quick & easy meal used to be cheese on toast ……………………… thick slices of mature cheddar cheese on 2 slices of bread, grilled then smooshed together with ketchup or Branstons or Gherkins in the middle ……………………. I cried when I first calculated the 1380 calories!!!! Eyes wide open now!!!

    Anyway, enough rambling, there’s work to be done ……………………… so I’m off to delegate!!!

    “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” – unknown

    Day 5, UK, FD

    Typing on the fly as stuck at work all day.

    Had a light and early dinner last night, been drinking lots of water (still and sparkling) and coffee since then to keep the hunger at bay. Having a slimming worlf pea soup for lunch and 1 slimming world (i love their stuff!) Thai fish cake with lots of lettuce tonight after a 5km walk.
    Repeat tomorrow.

    Have a good day everyone!

    Day 5Belfast FD

    My sugar free intentions were swiftly derailed by OS who bought a large pick n mix at the cinema on Sunday. 🤭 must do better.

    @daffodil2010 – I couldn’t resist copying your goal on the spreadsheet! That’s me! And a big Happy Birthday for tomorrow. 🎂
    @michelinme💪💪 well done on those good choices!
    @matpi your beautiful poem brought a tear to my eye
    @at – Happy belated birhday🎂
    Great post @JonnyR. Would love to see a few photos. You’re in a beautiful part of the world.
    @basyjames – you hit the nail on the head. I guess eating what you liked when you liked got you on this forum in the first place so no contest. It’s hard. You didn’t come this far only to come this far.
    @Rabette – your cat tricks made me chuckle 😀
    @gretta wishing you swift healing

    I’m starting today’s pocket list.

    @debster 251

    Together we are stronger💪💪💪💪

    Day 5, second post FD800 (well, FD1000!, but better than before)

    Not sure where the original day 5 pocket list got mislaid – me, @keitii & @gretta were lost in the world shifting on its axis, I guess! 🙂

    @flourbaby, How did your cheese sandwich become 1380 cals? Two thick slices of bread are just 190 cals, so how much butter & cheese were you using? Or did you have more than one sandwich? ????
    Re 500 cals FDs compared with FD800, unlike you I didn’t manage the 500 cals very well. I like the FD800, as I can have about 200-300 cals for lunch, and still have protein and plenty of vegies for the evening meal. But, sometimes like today, I do go a bit over, sigh! However, I manage much better than I did with the normal FD of 500 cals. I guess it has to be what best suits the individual.

    @rabbette, what clever kitties you have. My Wilbur was 3 years old when I got him, and all I’ve taught him is to come when I call (usually he wants to come eat, so that’s not surprising), to jump on my lap when I tap my knees a couple of times, and if the door is open but he’s hesitating to go out, at the count of three, the door closes. If he wants out, he goes!

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 5, Emden Germany, FD

    Thank you all for your support. I spoke to my friend while getting the food out for us. I think she didn’t realize how much pressure she puts on me with her behaviour. I told her how I disliked it when she put the cut fruit in front of me last time. Her answer was: “But it was healthy food!” She just doesn’t understand. I told her if she does it again, I don’t want to eat with her again. I hated doing this, it felt awful. She said she never wanted to put any pressure on me and won’t do it again. We always agree on what to eat, she’s from southern Germany and her food always consists of much meat, fat and salt, salads or lean cuisine are not her thing. I can look at the food but can’t eat it. We hope it will be better in the future.

    @penz, if you put a @ in front of the handle, the handle shows up in blue.

    @ciren2 when you work 5 days a week, you’ll be at 400.000 steps, this will be so easy for you. Sign in, if possible!

    @at what a nice yoga teacher you have! I remember last year’s yummy tasting dinner. Where are you heading to this time?

    @ktcaroline bfore starting this WOE I didn’t now anything about calories, I had to look up everything. At the moment I weigh my food and look up again and wright it down, I don’t have/want a cell phone. After a while I now what to eat.

    @rabbette I loved reading the cat tricks, we have a few of them. My BIL had a dog that could play dead, it was so funny. Our cat is ~14 years now, I don’t know if he’s able to learn new ones.

    @prina39 I go for cottage cheese, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and ghurkins to fill me up.

    @betsylee I also stay at 500 cal on a FD, with 800 cal I don’t seem to have control anymore. Tamme also reacts at calling and tapping.

    Pocket list day 5, it’s complicated with the different time zones, I hope I have everyone on the list now.

    @annemarilyn ?

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 5 Canton OH FD

    Adding myself to the pocket list
    I’m starting today’s pocket list.

    @debster 251

    Together we are stronger💪💪💪💪

    Day5 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went into about 750 calories after a nice taco bar that DD had for the family when I got here. It was still a good MFD overall. Her scale here was kind.

    @ktcaroline – it’s amazing how many calories we don’t exactly count. I have become addicted to MFP once I realized there were more in my daily intake than I thought!

    @betsylee – yes, who in the world counts those “portions” is rather crazy.

    @laurello – Rocky Road can be full of potholes, can’t it?! 🤪

    @rabbette – crazy cat tricks — amazing!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 5 third post

    @keitii, I tried looking up both the URLs you shared, for the HF and Qantas – seems like they only work on Apple devices, so do they work on iPads, or should they be on phones that you carry around with you? If so – I have a Samsung phone, so guess not for me.

    @snowflake56, just had a thought re your friend – her “love language” may be feeding people, so that could be why it’s so much harder for her not to feed you. That doesn’t solve the problem for you, but it may help you understand her a bit more.

    Day 5 UK FD

    Final day 3 of water fast.

    Thanks to all your encouragement and tips 🙂 I think I would have quit last night had it not been for the accountability and support here.

    Results-wise I’m down to 83kg from 85.1kg three days ago. Im sure most will be water. It’ll be interesting how much water goes back on.

    I’ve not managed to get the buzz of enlightenment I read about with a slightly extended fast. But I’ve never been that enlightened anyway 🙂

    Felt a bit cack really. A kind of out of body experience. A bit more salt seems to help with that though. I will technically finish my 3 days (72 hours) at 10pm. I was going to carry on into the next day but I may quit at 70 hours with a light meal if my energy doesn’t pick up. There are things I need to do…

    Happy fasting and controlling. And remember a little bit of what you fancy does you good (as long as it’s not chocolate, crisps, chips, sweets, etc.)

    Hello, I am just joining this today. I used 5:2 a few years ago and lost a decent amount of weight, but stopped doing it for reasons I can no longer remember. I’ve been meaning to start again, but have been terrible at following through on my fast days. So I’m here for some accountability.

    I’ve also gained about 10 lbs since November, and been eating a lot of junk and snacking a lot. I’d like to shift to healthier eating on both FD and NFD.

    I’m 5′ 2″ and 128 lbs. My goal weight is somewhere between 105 and 110 lbs, probably. I’m going to see how I feel once I get closer to 110. I’d like to jumpstart a little so I’ll go with ADF for this month. I added myself and my goals to the google spreadsheet.

    And finally, I probably should have read all four pages of this thread, but I only read the first and last, and I don’t know what a pocket list is.

    Day 5, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Going to our cabin in red rock country for 4 days. Lots of hiking but there will be also lots of snacks, the naughty and healthy variety. 🤨🤔😊 But it is a mini vacation after all!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow @daffodil2010! Enjoy your days of celebration! 🥂🍾💐🎁🎈
    @rabbette: Your cats are amazing! ❤🐈❤ These are very cool tricks! 😊😊😊

    Have a good Wednesday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    @hedwig6: Welcome. The pocket list is the list of fasters for that day. You just copy and paste and add yourself if you’re fasting….which I never am, sigh!

    Day 5, VA, USA, FD

    I am a WF LOVER! But I’ve noticed that my body is getting used to the routine and will lose the weight over the 3-5 day fast, but it comes back during the 2.5 day re-feeding. I feel like I can not possibly be eating that much over 2 days.

    So this month I went back to regular 4:3 FD on alternating days MWF right now. I start with nothing but black coffee and water and then have a light prob less than 300 cal supper. Mostly I love having broth and veggies of some sort. AND the results so far have been on a better downward decline.

    I suppose I just really have to keep my body guessing. It sure does seem to pick up my routines and adapt very easily.

    I’m doing more challenging yoga moves in class (teaching and doing) working toward more arm balances giving fun options along the way. I teach to MANY different skill levels and I think its important to help everyone feel like they can work toward or do some part of the challenge that is being offered.

    Kitty is doing better, she does still have a bit of GI distress as her bathroom time is not quite where it should be, but she is eating so hopefully as the new food moves through her system she gets to feeling and having better bathroom experiences.

    @betsylee – I love math, but had to laugh at myself as I was following along with your answer to rafiki44 and got lost a time or two.

    @betsylee & @snowflake56 – As for tricks, being consistent (((use a different hand gesture for EACH trick along with a command especially for a CAT))) My older kitty can do ALL the tricks with just the hand gesture… but not as good with JUST a command, so it shows me cats have a slightly harder time hearing the difference in sounds *they know inflection or if you are sad/happy/angry. But not as much on the sound for one syllable words. ***I have found ANY age can learn…. (Much patience is needed for older than 10, but just go slow and make it easy) I found sit to be a good first trick *because they eventually do sit out of not knowing what else to do) and then the low five and/or high five the next easiest trick to learn.
    Now if you have a not pleasing behavior such as begging/whimpering/whining (mostly thats doggies with the whimper, but I have met a whining kitty cats) the PET PARENT needs to be VERY patient. A good thing to do in this case, is to teach a GOOD trick, such as SIT! Then they get a treat and you don’t have to focus as much on them BEGGING or Whining, b/c you can say sit! And they do the thing… then the next trick. 3 tricks in and then start ignoring the not pleasing behavior. B/c then at least they KNOW the thing they CAN do to get a treat.

    @kaywesterman – wow you are sooooo close to goal!

    @keitii – ha, drunk doggie trick. That is a good one.

    @ktcaroline – I counted calories only for about 2 weeks (to get an idea of what I ate on NFD and FD) – YUP isn’t it surprising some of the HIDDEN calories!!!! Then after that I counted calories only on FD. Now I have a good idea of what most of my meals are on FD I don’t even need to count. I also do WF and those are nice b/c yay no counting! I’m kinda lazy when it comes to counting calories. I don’t like being married to WATCHING every bite b/c of calories. However, it was good when first starting out b/c I really didn’t know how many calories I was eating and where some of my biggest calories were coming from… now I know stouts, bananas are big ones for me as well as pasta.

    @daffodil2010 – Early Birthday wishes!!! 52 years young! ☆◡☆

    @redrockgirl302 – thanks, I love teaching tricks to my kitties!

    @penz – the @ symbol in front of the name helps it more or less light up. It does become a link that if you click on their name it will take you to their profile. I just find it helpful to SEE the name easier, but I don’t think its a big deal if you forget.

    My kitties were both RESCUE KITTIES.
    -The older one about 3years old (the one who is recovering) she is gorgeous (and this is not just b/c I’m her kitty mom. EVERYONE says this when they see her.) She is considered a Calico Tabby. She has the white Tuxedo body (meaning the white underbelly and white paws.) With mostly the Tabby face VERY distinct eye liner and M marking on face and then her tabby stripes have BEAUTIFUL red within the strips instead of just white or grey.
    -Younger kitty just over 1 year old. She is a cute talkative tuxedo kitty. (Although in bright light you can see strips on her like a tabby, I don’t know if you see this on most tuxedo kitties. I never noticed it until this kitty.)

    I tried to be mindful and update names on the Pocket List accordingly for day 5 if I messed up or left someone out please forgive me. Pocket list for today has been a bit CrAzY!

    Pocket list Day 5


    Cheers – We can do it!

    Day – 4- FD- Atlanta, Ga-USA

    Day 5 UK CD

    Today better than yesterday despite staying up working until late, plus segued back to CD after mainlining a bag of throat sweets! The sugar dragon and late working are hard to separate. That weird thing of just looking for food seemingly without thought or control – definitely slid backwards atm.

    Made it into town for meetings this morning and had excellent lunch of pret vegan salad, alongside lots of water and black coffee. Switched usual pm meeting cake for clementines which went down really well 🙂 And sensibly headed back home early for light supper, epsom salt bath and long sleep. Back to good choices 🙂

    Going to make today CD rather than go for an extra FD bc I know how easy it is to half-heartedly do lots of FD and end up failing – much better for me to stick to a plan of 2 FD, 4 CD and 1 NFD each week.

    @gretta no wonder if was painful! Hope your shoulder is better soon x
    @rabbette amazing cat tricks! 🙂
    @jaifaim 230km!!!!!! wowsers!
    @penz i read your comment about after day smugness the morning after I’d fallen off a FD! Smarting 😀 But that’ll be me on Friday morning 🙂
    @flourbaby well done you! Me too with the 500 calories – 800 feels like being let off the leash and i loose the sense of boundaries and fasting…. and off I go! I used to love my “healthy” jacket potato with baked beans, butter and cheese – shocked to discover it was 1300 calories 🙁
    @snowflake56 I’m the same with counting calories – all new to me with this WOL, but have many of them in my head now 🙂
    @hedwig6 welcome to the June challenge 🙂
    @johnnyr congratulations on your epic WFDs 🙂
    @daffodil2010 happy birthday for tomorrow! xx

    Supper time – setting myself up for a good FD tomorrow 🙂

    Day 5 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Just a few days of weighing and measuring and logging calories has revealed to me that I have been significantly under estimating and exceeding TDEE. Good reality check and I feel optimistic now that I can change the direction the scales have been traveling.

    @daffodil2010 wishing you a fabulous Happy Birthday 💐🎂🍷🌻

    Stay strong everyone 😊

    Day 5 – Eastern WA USA – FD probably

    I’m not sure what to call some days this week. I kind of got weary with too much fasting, so this week I’m adjusting – kind of taking a step at a time. I’m at least always doing some type of TRE (Time Restricted Eating). Yesterday I went to about 20 hours and had an eating window from 2:00 – 6:00 PM. Today I’m at 18.5 hours so far. @Rabbett – you’re right our bodies pick up on patterns. I think it’s good to change it up.

    @snowflake56 – I’m glad you had a clarifying conversation with your friend. It sounds like she didn’t realize how she was coming across to you and is willing to change to comply with your needs.

    @daffodil2010 – Have a fun start to your birthday celebrations today! And may it continue tomorrow!

    @johnnyr – on Dr.Jason Fung’s info, they say usually on a water fast .5 lb per day is usually actual weight lost. So depending on our eating, that would be about 1.5 lbs that would stay off after we eat reasonably.

    Pocket list Day 5


    Day 6, Aus, NFD

    A quick check in before a long day at work (will read the posts in detail later). I sabotaged myself last night by hitting the mini bar; something I’ve never done before. Why???

    Welcome Hedwig6! Great to have you here.

    And happy birthday Daffodil2010 – have an awesome day!

    Day 5 – UK – CD

    Busy day starting with another fabulous yoga class followed by coffee with friends then an afternoon of volunteering – back home to sort out dinner – now relaxing with a cup of tea whilst I catch up on the forum whilst watching the ICC World Cup 🏏 New Zealand v Bangladesh

    Hoping that the kitchen door is firmly closed from now so I finish on another good CD 😇

    @betsylee – glad you find my quotes encouraging and motivating! 🤗
    @redrockgirl302 – I too find nuts especially cashews/pistachio hard to resist!!!!!! I only buy small packets at a time and don’t keep a stock in the house…….only way to control that particular 🐉
    @kaywesterman – good to see you are still with us and only 6 more lbs to reach your goal 💪 I have added your details to the spreadsheet if you want to use it for extra motivation this month!
    @rabbette – thank you for the birthday wishes 🤗 Enjoy teaching your 4 day Yin Yoga workshop 🙏
    I told my daughter about your cat tricks she was impressed and wished she had thought of teaching her cats when they were small – she has 2 cats and a beagle pup of around 15months and she has taught him lots of tricks already1
    @daffodil2010 – getting in with an early Happy Birthday for tomorrow – a youngster at 52!!! have a fab day and a 3 day weekend to look forward to 💐🥂🍾🍰🎈🎁
    @ktcaroline – I still use MFP every now and then to make sure that I don’t forget what a true portion size should be – so easy to under estimate calories in what we eat/drink…….It is one of the tools that has helped me stay in maintenance…….And as @basyjames and @debster251 both said ” eating what you liked when you liked got us on this forum in the first place ”
    @debster251 – thank you for the birthday wishes x
    @snowflake56 – Yes I have a fabulous yoga teacher 🧘‍♀️ so lucky! And fancy you remembering my birthday treat of last year – this time the place OH has chosen is called L’Enclume (google it – fabulous food!!!) Good to hear that you and friend could talk and agree a way forward x
    @johnnyr – Well done you on your 3 day water fast 👍 wonder if you’ll wait until tomorrow to break your fast as 10pm is getting a bit late to eat – let us know your final outcome and if you wake up tomorrow feeling better??
    @hedwig6 – welcome on board – never too late to join!
    @redrockgirl302 – have a lovely break at your cabin in red rock country for 4 days of hiking ⛰
    @missybear – unfortunately it is so easy to get complacent and to start significantly under estimating and exceeding TDEE – great that you have caught yourself in time 😇

    You just have to remember that every healthy choice you make is the right one. Just because the scale may not reflect it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it. SUCCESS IS THE SUM OF SMALL EFFORTS, REPEATED DAY IN AND DAY OUT

    Sending positive vibes to all those in need today 🙏

    Day 6 – Brisbane – FD

    Another steady day yesterday with two-hour evening walk showing a new visitor to town the sites of our city.

    @ciren2 I have manually counted my steps as I walk to check the accuracy of my Fitbit and it seems pretty accurate to me…. If it is out, it wouldn’t be by much.

    @at – 2kg loss already this month! That’s fantastic! I had wondered what the highlight colours on the spreadsheet indicated – so green means ‘maintenance’? Good to know.

    @rabbette congrats on your successful start to June. I hope Day 5 was great for you too.

    @daffodil2010 @flourbaby – feeling a little sore from shred but that’s not a bad thing. Feel myself getting stronger! I know what you mean about turning down the volume…. Happy birthday @daffodil2010 Hope it is another great day for you!

    @betsylee – yes the links I shared were the Apple links but both are also available on androids (Google Play)

    Love the motivational quotes/messages shared by @at
    I’ll add one to the mix today:
    “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit.” (Conrad Hilton)

    All the very best to those on Day 5:

    Pocket list Day 5


    And starting the new day here in Oz:

    Pocket list Day 6:


    Day 5 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 4 — NFD (?? bites)

    Yesterday I felt poorly all day long, so much so that I over-ate in the evening. Fortunately, the MFD today has gone well, and it looks as though I’ll be able to get more that 14,000 steps in.

    @at I’ve never been able to watch sports on TV. I suspect that it comes from a practice that my mother had when I was a kid —- If she caught any of us kids watching TV, then we obviously had time hanging on our hands, so she would find us some chores to do. (On the other hand, if we were reading a book that was okay — no chores.) So now when I watch sports on TV, after a few minutes I feel as though there is something I should be doing . . .

    @daffodil2010 Happy Birthday! Have a great celebration on the start of a new year!

    @missybear One of the things that counting bites revealed to me was that the TDEE
    was way to high for me and that trying to eat close to that level really was contributing to my difficulties in losing weight, as well as to almost perpetual digestive discomfort. All that only became apparent after I had been using the bite-counting method on my NFD’s coupled with 5:2 fasting for some time. When I started the bite-counting experiment, none of that was anyplace on my radar.

    Day 6 – Melbourne Aus – NFD

    Quick check in, things have been so busy that i’m struggling to keep up with posts, but definitely still here!

    Hardly slept last night so fighting the sugar dragon today.

    Hope everyone is well 🙂

    Day 6, Melb Aust CD

    Just a check-in before I Skype with my study supervisor.

    @rabbette, your kitties sound beautiful. Wilbur was also a rescue cat. He started living under the floor at my workplace. I ended up catching him and called the rangers, telling them that if he wasn’t claimed, I’d be interested in adopting him. Well, prompt call the next day, asking me to adopt. He was micro-chipped, and his previous owners wanted nothing to do with him, so they had probably dumped him. He was already 3 years old, and not de-sexed, so that may have been their problem with him, as he is a very friendly cat. He was neutered at the cat rescue place (which I paid for) and so I ended up with a beautiful ginger tabby. He looks like a mini-tiger.

    @johnnyr, I think with water fasting, it’s supposed to be AFTER 3-4 days that the lift comes. I wouldn’t know, as I have never water-fasted that long. Longer fasts for me tend to be liquid fasts, not water fasts.

    @daffodil2010, Happy birthday!

    No more time, so will close. Loved the quote @at, “success is a number of small steps repeated day after day” – very applicable to weight loss!

    Day 6: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Lovely, sunny start to the day.
    @daffodil2010: HAPPY BIRTHDAY….hope the sun shines on your day. Oh to be 52 again!
    @gretta: Keep fighting that sugar-dragon.
    @keitii: I bought a step counter from Amazon quite recently. It had mainly good reviews, but I sent it back. It was wildly inaccurate! Not a FitBit, admittedly, but a seemingly well-regarded make. The trouble with my job is that, although I do a lot of steps, I also am constantly getting in and out of the van, how can the step counter tell the subtle differences?
    Aaghh…look at the time! I’ve got to go…

    Day 6, Emdem Germany, NFD

    Had a terrible sleep last night. Following the Decorah Bald Eagles, the oldest eaglet fell/flew and is missing, the younger one fell from a branch shortly before we went to sleep, we heard it hitting the ground. This morning the site says the older one is still missing, the younger one was quickly found, seems to have no injuries and is now in good hands. No more eagle-watching for me, but I saved a spider this morning, it couldn’t get out of the bathtub.

    @daffodil2010 Happy Birthday 🎂 🥂 💐!

    @betsylee we also thought it could be a way to show her her love to people, it’s how she is. I think she understands now, I like her without the feeding.

    @at I looked up the menu, it sounds delicious. I like everything, this the kind of food I could eat every day, lobster, turbot, chicken. You’re a lucky girl!

    @rabbette I tried the sit trick but found out he always sits down before he gets food, never noticed it.

    @redrockgirl302 enjoy you mini-vacation!

    Have a nice day everyone!

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