June 2019 challenge

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  • Day 8 Herefordshire U.K. FD

    Yesterday was tough, felt wiped out and put that down to the heavy duty gardening done Mon – Thursday so was relieved it rained heavy all day and could give in to tiredness. Spent the day reading and listening to the radio with the cat for company. Today looks similar so no gardening today which means my battle with the ground elder is on hold. Although the garden is hard work it’s a delight to have inherited such a beautiful garden, someone put a lot of love and joy into it, and we are reaping their rewards.

    @snowflake56 – yes Saturday again! Hope I survive as it’s going to be a long day as picking OH up from London at midnight or later depending on what time the paper goes to bed and then doing the three hour drive home. Good luck today.

    @funshipfreddie – congratulations on a breaking a three decades barrier, must feel great!

    @ciren2 – hope your wrapped up in waterproofs that work!

    Wishing all a happy weekend.

    Pocket list day 8, anyone wanting to join us?

    Day 7 – Brisbane – NFD

    Should be a fast day because everyday is a fast day on the Fast800 but…birthday celebrations for my cousin so I don’t think I have stuck to my 800 calories today. Having said that, I didn’t go crazy so don’t expect to see any gains after today, but also unlikely to have any losses either.

    I baked the breakfast muffins that I shared in an earlier post, but as a slab cut into slices rather than as individual muffins. It worked out well and helped me to keep the calories in check at the birthday lunch!

    1.4kg overall loss for the first week of the June challenge which is better than I would have hoped for. Aiming for 0.5kg loss this week.

    So many inspiring stories from everyone this week, reaching new lows on the scales. I envy those in the beginning of summer as I always find the summer months easier for losing weight. Still, it will be such a huge win for me if I can not gain weight over winter or, better still, achieve my goal of losing the last few kilos.

    Thanks to everyone who caught me up on the meaning of OMAD @prina39, @songbirdme, @debster251, @penz

    @hedwig6 – I’m impressed by the detailed info you are tracking about calories in and burned etc. These last few months have really helped me to be much more aware of my health and which foods are most satisfying without being high in calories.

    All the best to everyone for a great Day 8.

    2nd post

    @dingping could you take a nap this afternoon? Lucky you with that garden, ours was a mess when we bought the house. The house wasn’t lived in for a year, the children didn’t do anything. What a pity we can’t post pictures, our roses are doing so well this year. Painting day today: hall goes from lavender to grapefruit. Was hungry so had a small bowl of broccoli soup. Tamme is on my footstool but I have to go on painting, the brush and the roller dry out. x

    2nd post

    I probably will have a nap later this evening as quite busy today and have friends I’d like to catch up with in London early evening.

    Being an English country garden we too have some beautiful roses the most spectacular is an apricot/orange rambling rose, something nostalgic about them, reminds me of my grandparents gardens. Yes it’s a shame we can’t post pictures and videos – would be lovely to see those kitty tricks!
    Our main problem is that we don’t have the equipment to manage such a large garden, we only had a long narrow patch in our old terraced garden, no need for heavy duty strimmers or hedge trimmers. I’ve got my shopping list so hopefully we will be on top of it soon!

    Ooooh grapefruit that sounds so lovely, such a colour range from blood orange colours to vibrant yellows and all in between, which have you gone with?

    Hope you’ve suppressed the hunger, good luck with the rest of the day.

    Ta x

    Day 8 – UK – NFD

    Still raining here, not sure it has stopped since it started around 2pm yesterday 🌧☔️

    Had a lovely evening with DD yesterday, met her after work and went for a cocktail 🍸 at a Bar we both like – I had a Raspberry and Elderflower Tom Collins which was really nice!!!
    Dinner was lovely, shared a cold seafood platter (with a lovely cold Viognier 175mls) and then surprised myself by going for an old fashioned beef stroganoff (with an equally nice Shiraz 175mls) – we were both full after that so no pudding!!! Managed to come in just above my TDEE for the day so not a bad day………

    @daffodil2010 – lovely to hear that you had a wonderful birthday xx
    @rabbette @michelinme – I too love those accidental FDs but does not happen very often for me 😉
    @penz – birthdays are definitely to be enjoyed with family and friends and who am I to refuse an offer of celebrations 😉
    @snowflake56 – thank you and I’m sure that I will 😋
    @ciren2 – thinking of poor you doing your deliveries in this rain – you’ll certainly need those waterproofs!!
    @funshipfreddie – well done on reaching that weight for the first time in decades……
    @snowflake56 and @dingping – I think that you can post photos here using for example
    I’m not sure how it works but have noticed that some on other forums use this to post photos on the their forums!

    Great job by those who have had a successful first week of this June Challenge – for those who are struggling keep at it and you will reap the rewards too.

    I love this quote from Michael Jordan:-
    “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it”

    @dingping and @at: Actually the rain stopped before I had to go out on delivery, so no waterproofs needed! Turned out bright and blustery in the end, after a dodgy start. Phew, relief!
    @funshipfreddie: SO close….you can definitely do it.

    My upper-hamstring-tendonitis (or whatever it is) Is really bothering me at the moment. I can do my deliveries, but every step on that leg hurts and as for climbing sloped and, worse, steps and, even worse, crouching down to low letter boxes…..OW, ow ow! then driving home, sitting on that sore buttock…I have acupuncture next Tuesday. Hopefully it will help me.
    Have a good weekend everyone xx

    Day 8 UK CD

    Another quiet day on the food front – not sure what’s wrong with me! Early o-clock this morning I weighed in at 143lb – down 2.5lb in a week. That’s the joy of the Easy On Easy Off weight gained during my May virus break.

    V early start for rehearsal, sensibly set off with lots of water and a little black coffee and fruit. Broke fast early afternoon with a teeny sandwich colleague had kindly made for me – gf seedy bread with peanut butter, spinach and marmalade! Now planning early supper – spring vegetables, green pea pasta with tomato sauce, pudding of strawberries & blueberries with yogurt, pumpkin sees and cacao – bc tomorrow may involve cake 🙂

    Had a lovely hour catching up with posts, great to have such a lively international forum 🙂

    @funshipfreddie congratulations on your epic 3-decade low!
    @ktcaroline not all foods are created equal – even (esp) those with the same calories. The body works really hard to digest food – and we probably only notice once we begin to fast. Carbs are the hardest work of all! I find light lunches of eg omelette, salad or soup will boost body rather than sending me to sleep
    @dingping your garden sounds glorious! But rest important too 🙂
    @snowflake what colour is grapefruit paint?
    @at dinner with DD sounds lovely – hope your second dinner with DH is equally wonderful. Lookign forward to enjoying it vicariously 🙂
    @ciren2 v glad you didn’t get soaked this time – but 🙁 re your buttock ache. Empathy. I’m going to be better disciplined with daily yoga this week, and go see GP if no improvement by next weekend…
    @shinything @borealis hope you are doing ok xx

    Wishing you all a good weekend, whatever the weather 🙂

    Day 8 UK NFD

    Trying to do TRE at weekends. Today is BBQ at my in-laws. Trying hard to steer clear of beer but might need to have a couple for celebrating people‘s birthdays. Definitely steering clear of potatoes and garlic bread tho.

    Well done all for one successful week of June here’s to another.


    Day 8 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Silver Sneakers yesterday was especially energetic as the sub who taught the class usually teaches kick boxing she said. Whew … we worked hard!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9, Canberra, NFD

    Dinner with friends last night and while I ate mindfully, I did not drink the same way! Lovely shiraz but I am feeling it this morning.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Very quiet on here today? I’m trying not to do too much damage over the weekend, but I really needed a break from not eating. I’ll be back on the fasting wagon tomorrow.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend 🌍 🌞

    Day 9 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    Just checking in. It’s been a busy weekend so far with lots of food and drinks so I suspect tomorrow’s weigh in will be on the high end. But a spate of FD’s will follow, going to do 4:3 next week.

    Day 9. London. NFD

    It’s Open Garden Squares weekend in London so we have been visiting lots of gardens which are normally closed or hidden from public view. We were on a lovely rooftop garden at Nomura in the City yesterday when the Red Arrows flew past for the Queen’s birthday, and we’re volunteering at Kensington Square this afternoon, so I’d better get up and get dressed! Fasting has gone awry. Got to get organised. I feel so much happier when I fast.

    Day 9: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Aah, Sunday!
    No need to get up so early, though the annoying thing is, of course, I still wake up at the normal time…
    Also, when at home, I eat more. Sigh!
    It’s sunny at the moment, so later on, after church, I’ll take the dog for a long walk in the parkland on the edge of town.
    We get our first (of only two) choir practices today. We will sing Ave Verum at the First Communion Mass on the 23rd. Needless to say, we are a pretty informal choir. The C of E does singing so much better in their church…ha…ha, and their choir is much bigger than ours, but hey.
    DD tells me there is a long weekend in Australia and that the weather where she is (near Melbourne) is glorious. What are you celebrating down under?

    Day One Uk
    Hoping to get back to fasting soon and going to get lots of rowing done. Have a great weekend everyone:)

    Day 9, London, UK, NFD

    I didn’t post yesterday, purely down to laziness, didn’t even turn the laptop on!! Fridays’ Lebanese meal out was ok, there was wine and flatbread (1/2) and lots of meat……………. I’m thinking it was a low carb meal ……………….. well except for the vino!!!! Yesterday was a CD with lots of water, the urge for wine was strong, but I’m patting myself on the back for resisting, I’m aiming to be dry for the remainder of the month as I’m on holiday in July, and those linen shorts are NOT very forgiving!!!

    @hedwig6, Boston!! I was guessing you don’t live in London ……………………… No wandering turtles here!!!! I find it helpful not to derail a FD when I think of the quote @at posted which resonates so well with me and applies to EVERY part of this WOL, particularly when I get to 5pm on a FD …………. Derailment would be pure madness after the days’ effort!!! ………………….. “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    @annemarilyn, thanks for the advice re: plateauing when doing OMAD, I’m planning to add a 120cal snack salad of baby plum tomatoes, gherkins, red onion, cucumber & a babybel cheese at 3pm then dinner at 6:30pm, so it’ll be a 20:4 week for me. Then maybe back to OMAD next week, just to keep my body guessing!!!

    Well done @prina39 …………………….. smug is good and certainly well deserved, don’t derail your efforts with false rewards, try a manicure, new scarf, new lipstick or a facial as a reward (or just leaving the baby with your OH!!) rather than a foody reward!!!

    @daffodil 2010, I had this image of a turtle doing his best Michael Jackson, moonwalking across the road, then this do-gooder stops, picks him up and transfers him back to where he started an hour before ……………….….. Doh!!!!

    @keitii, the winter months scream ‘comfort food’ to me however, I’ve become used to having lovely warming soups for so few calories then salads during summer that my FDs tend to have very little variety!! It really works for me …………….. cold weather = soup; warm weather = salad!!!

    @funshipfreddie …………………. Yup, 3 decades sounds about right for me too!!! Congratulations, every day from now on will be an ATL (All Time Low) no going back!!!

    Welcome @xatie, this is the first step to getting back on the fasting wagon!! Have a read of the OP on page 1 for some guidance from this months’ host @penz, there will always be someone here to help answer questions or offer advice or just to be a sounding board. Happy Fasting

    Keep the faith folks, and remember ……………………….. Whatever the problem is, the answer is NOT in the fridge!!!!

    Hi Flourbaby, thanks for all your lovely enthusiasm. Hope you have a fab time on holiday in July:)

    Day 9 California FD

    This will be the first of my three fast days this week. I ate too many carbs yesterday because I find it hard to resist warm fresh bread in restaurants!

    Good luck on your fast. I know what you mean, just the smell of fresh bread is enough. Diet, what diet:)

    Day 9, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800

    Back from the cabin. Quick check in. Will read posts later.
    Great time hiking checking out slot canyons, amazing wildflowers and encountering lizards, cotton tail rabbits, deer and hawks.
    Going to Trader Joe’s now for groceries, then doing some light hiking.

    Have a good Sunday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    Day 9 – Ireland – NFD
    Hi all, just checking in…. with my parents this weekend so I’m busy doing bits and pieces for them although had a lovely early beach walk this morning.. followed by coffee and cake 😁
    The weather is glorious here so now sitting outside just chilling with them… my mother has Alzheimer’s so it’s nice to just sit and be calm… 💕
    I will hit the road for home later on 🚗
    I’m not sure if anyone is fasting today but good luck if you are!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 9 UK NFD

    Slept like a dead person last night – not a single wake or even rollover! Managed to get up & out early this morning but forgot to take food 🙁 Swerved delicious-looking celebratory cake at long lunchtime meeting but enjoyed small bar of dark chocolate with a banana instead.

    So tired, and going to be a really full week with lots of details to remember, plan, get right. Gotta start with good self-care – prioritising sleep, yoga, meditation, 5:2 – and lots of water! Need to remember how much better I feel when these building blocks are in place – beginning with good nutrition as well as careful calories…

    Hope you are all haveing a good weekend. If not, the beauty of this WOL is you can always hit the reset button – and getting back on track just takes one good day.

    DAY 9 – UK – NFD

    A lovely weekend but unfortunately too much food/alcohol consumed and therefore in definite need of a good FD tomorrow

    Meal out with OH on Saturday was wonderful – a theatre experience with great food sensations and some lovely wines too……….need I say more!
    Met up with friends visiting cumbria today and it was definitely not the CD I had planned 😈

    @ciren2 – glad you had a dry delivery day on Saturday – shame that your upper-hamstring-tendonitis is not settling down…..
    @xatie – welcome on board – I have added you to the spread sheet in case you want to use for motivation – here is the link
    @redrockgirl302 – your mini break at the cabin sounded fantastic!

    I suspect that there will be a lot of us pressing that RESET button tomorrow with a FD – I definitely need it and also planning another FD on Thursday with the remaining days being CD before I head off to Greece at the end of the week for a yoga retreat – I have meals out with friends planned on both Tuesday and Wednesday so must ensure that those days are OMAD in order that I stay below my TDEE 🤞

    As @michelinme said “The beauty of this WOL is you can always hit the reset button – and getting back on track just takes one good day!!!”

    Right off to bed for a good sleep as will be starting tomorrow bright and early with a 7am Broga Class with OH

    Day 10, Canberra, NFD

    I usually do FDs on a Monday but because it’s a long weekend, I’ll slide it right a day. We’re celebrating the Queen’s Birthday, Ciren2.

    Welcome @xatie – glad you can join this chatty and supportive group.

    And welcome back @Redrockgirl – I envy your time out in nature.

    That must be tough having a mum with Alzheimer’s, @jaifaim but lovely you can still enjoy each other’s quiet company.

    Day 9 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Doing fine on maintenance.

    @at – loved the Michael Jordan quote. We Chicago Bulls fans adored him through the great years, well, also through the lean years. 🏀🏀🏀

    Speaking of sports: are there any World Cup fans out there? I see England beat Scotland. Don’t think we have any Scottish members here, do we? Of course, I am U.S.A. all the way! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    @redrockgirl302 – this Utah weather has been amazing! Today high 60’s but so sunny. Beautiful.

    Onward and downward.

    Days 6,7,8,9 Ohio, US — NFD’s

    Just checking in — I’ve been down with allergies the last few days, and can only just say hi to everyone.

    Have a great start of the work week!

    Day 10: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @penz: The (official) Queen’s Birthday….I suppose we in Britain should know that. We had the Trooping of the Colour and the Royal Family on the palace balcony….but no bank holiday for us! However we only just had one a couple of weeks ago the Spring Bank Holiday, used to be called Witsun in the old days. On top of the earlier May Bank Holiday, I suppose we’ve had enough!! No more until the August Bank Holiday…

    Well, off to work now, bye xx

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @daffodil2010 – ditto! 4:3 for me too this week, Mon, Wed & Friday.

    For anyone interested, Dr Claire Bailey (Michael Mosley’s wife) has a book coming out on the 13th June – ‘The Fast 800 Recipe Book’. But it’s being serialised this week in the Daily Mail.

    Lots of people fasting today; let’s do this!

    ‘You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.’

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Doing a B2B then another FD on Thursday. Had a wonderful weekend, great food, too much wine, but lots of love and laughter. Yesterday we just lazed around in our (nearly completed) camper van making plans for when we can finally take her on the road.

    So big reset today and looking forward to the week ahead and staying on track. Plan for today is nowt until 13.30 then a small homemade Oatbran bread sandwich with ham and mustard, at least 3 litres of water, green tea etc, no milk in coffee, then I will prepare a light veg soup for dinner and whilst that is cooking I will leap about to Day 10 of the 30 day shred 😄 Early to bed.

    Good plans and I feel good so won’t get derailed.

    Pocket list day 10

    Day 10 – London – FD

    After a weekend of eating normally it’s fd again! Just quickly checking in before doing school run with older one. I’m doing Mon / wed / fri fast days this week.

    Good luck everyone!

    Day 10 pocketlist


    Day 10, Emden Germany, FD
    Day 8&9 NFD

    Saturday’s FD didn’t work out at all, I went from Fd to FD800 to CD and ended at a normal NFD ~1300 cals. But no sugar so not too bad. Yesterday we had friends over for dinner and ended tasting every liqueur with orange in it, found 5 different brands. Also drank 3 Guiness. So need a FD, but I’m not very motivated today. I’ll just see how it goes.

    @matpi hope you feel better soon, allergies are so exhausting.

    @xatie welcome!

    @at thanks, looked at imgur, no idea how to transfer pictures. Yoga in Greece?

    @dingping hope you did better than me on Saturday and hope you came home safe. No English garden here, we’re just beginners and very happy if things survive and don’t die or got eaten up by lice or slugs. In the next house DH wants to have more lawn, he’s dreaming of a sit on mower. No need for somthing like that here, I’m sure you’ll need one.

    @michelinme and @dingping this is the color, it could be a bit warmer but it works in the hall and the stairway, lavender was too dark. I didn’t use this paint, took the liquid version of it. It doesn’t cover the lavender very well so I’ll have to paint it twice.


    @michelinme I made the banana ice cream yesterday, I used a bit of normal milk, it tasted great so it’s a keeper. I combined it with a kind of dark chocolate lava cake. Made it with stevia instead of sugar, this didn’t work at all. The fat of the butter and chocolate separated from the eggs and the flour. I poured it out, the cake was edible but strange. So not a keeper this one.

    Day 10 pocket list


    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 10 – Reading UK – FD

    Very wet here today. Like @johnnyr, I’m trying to do TDEE on non-fast days, and managing OK. It’s a whole new way of thinking for me. And thanks @michelinme – steering clear of carbs sounds like a good idea – albeit hard sometimes. A busy day today, which is good as the weather is awful.

    Second post

    Hope you’ve got those allergies under control @matpi – not a good start to your American summer!

    @ciren2. I can’t remember when the Queen’s real birthday is – not quite sure why we celebrate it in June here. It’s now a long break until we get our next public holiday! (Well depending on which Australian state you’re in – Queenslanders get one for their agricultural show, Victorians (or is it just Melbournites?) get one for a horse race…_

    Oooh thanks for the news @johnnyr – wonder if we can access the Daily Mail recipes from the Southern Hemisphere?

    Your plan to down 3 litres of water @daffodil2010 is a good reminder for everyone (esp me!) to keep up their H20 levels.

    Good luck with your 3 FD week @prina39.

    Ah @snowflake56 I did laugh. Five different orange flavoured liqueurs??! I do like a Cointreau of an evening. I would probably like 5 different kinds more!

    Busy days certainly help a FD go faster (ha, no pun intended). Hope it’s working for you @ktcaroline.

    2nd post

    @penz – the Queen’s real birthday is April 21st. Many Commonwealth countries celebrate her official birthday; it’s also a holiday in New Zealand & Gibraltar, but on different days.

    I get the Daily Mail on my Kindle, but I’m sure you could access the recipes from the online version – dailymail.co.uk According to Amazon the book is already a bestseller, even though it’s not on sale yet?! So, just from people pre-ordering it!

    Day 10, London, UK, FD

    As I’m back on the original 5:2 plan of 500cals, I’m not sure if I can call yesterdays’ 700cal day a FD………………….. so I’ll stick with CD, although I’m chuffed to bits since at home fasting/control is unheard of for me!!!

    I’m working today as I have an appointment tomorrow, so today, unusually, is a FD. I’ve a small snack planned for 3pm, then soup for dinner at 6:30. This should be a successful 20:4 day providing the herbal tea & water continue to flow.

    It’s been a good start to June for many of us, I’m spreading the mojo and hoping all future fasting proves successful to all of us!! We’ve got this!!!

    “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” – unknown

    Day 10 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    The weekend was a success. I ate healthy Mediterranean style foods and enjoyed some wine but stayed within TDEE. The recently regained flab around my waist feels like it is diminishing.

    My plan for this week is FDs Monday and Thursday, CDs Tuesday and Wednesday. I will continue to weigh and measure and log everything passing my lips.

    This is going to be a great month. Onwards and DOWNWARDS 😊

    Day 10 UK FD

    Day 8 NFD
    Day 9 NFD

    My weekend was OK. A few sweet treats but nothing like the quantity I was mullering a couple of months ago. Also, a few low carb meals and avoidance of garlic bread and potatoes at the family BBQ.

    On a positive/negative note I ran my quickest 5k for a couple of years yesterday evening without really pushing myself at all :), but managed to tweak my calf again having rested it all week. Not sure I’ll be able to do my 20k hill run at the end of June if this doesn’t heal in the next week or so 🙁 . the rowing machine is being dusted down tonight to try and see if cross training helps for the next week and a half/two weeks, but it’s not looking good. I’m going to try this and a long run the weekend before the race before I make the final call. Might have to sign up for an early September race instead. Without a target on the horizon I find training easily becomes less of a priority…

    Another week of 800 Kcal FDs. Trying to do OMAD Mon-Fri each week for the rest of June. Seems to work at the moment. Emergency soup for lunchtime if absolutely necessary.

    Good luck all. Do we have a pocket list today? Ahh, yes here it is… I’m adding myself. Will you? Go on, turn today into a bonus FD 🙂

    Day 10 pocket list


    Day 10 UK FD

    Quick check in for accountability, will be back to catch up …

    Have a good day – esp fellow fasters!

    Day 10 pocket list


    Day 10 – Ireland – FD
    Tired today… lots of travelling and a busy weekend and increased sugar intake is definitely taking its toll. need some time out of life I think 😂 😴 😂
    Fasting today but never great FDs when I’m tired… will soldier on 👍

    Pocket list for today:

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 10 – England – NFD

    Hi All. I hope everyone is doing ok this month. Things have been chaotic over the past week, but I’m still here looking through posts for all your inspiration and support and posting when I can. NFD today because I’m going out to the theatre tonight which I’m really looking forward to. Good luck to all the fasters today 🙂

    Day 10 – UK – FD

    The sun is shining 🌞 but I think I might struggle with my FD today – too much carbs over the weekend showed in a weight of 56.8kg this morning – a gain of 1.5kg!!!!! Pretty sure some of that is water retention but must persevere and ensure that this FD is a strong one……..

    So far today – an early Broga class followed by a semi skimmed flat white with OH!
    Food shopping done and will soon be going out for my regular Monday coffee group (sparkling mineral water for me)
    Pilates to follow mid afternoon and an evening yoga class which is a stretching and chilled class this week – must keep drinking plenty of water……

    @snowflake56 – Yes Yoga on the island of Ithaca – my yoga teacher and another teacher friend of hers from Kent have booked a yoga retreat on the island and are doing a Yoga, Sun, Sea and Summer Solstice Retreat there with a mixture of their students – so looking forward to it!!

    I just remembered that I promised to make a cake for tomorrow for the BBQ at one of the walker’s house after our usual Tuesday walk – will have to make it tonight when I return from yoga – planning on making a Sticky Maple-Apple Traybake

    Adding myself to the Pocket list for today – Day 10:

    For anyone struggling at the moment – this is for you:-
    Don’t let frustration knock you down.
    Don’t let time get in your head.
    Your only competition is yourself.

    It’s Day 10! Going for a 96 hour WFD stretch as promised
    @annemarilyn I need to catch up on Jason Fung videos, I did not know OMAD can lead to plateaus. Hmm interesting….

    @dykask, fasting is really great in the summer because it helps keep me cool especially at night. And I sleep really well with fewer calories on board

    @funshipfreddie congratulations on your 3 decade low!!! That is awesome

    @rafiki44 warm fresh and soft rolls at restaurants is kryptonite for me – I just can’t turn them down and I can’t have just one ; plus it’s usually a catalyst for bad decision making – I have eaten 4 rolls and plan to eat 3 more before I leave so might as well splurge on…. Long story short, no dinners out for me for the next little while.

    @matpi feel better, allergies are really the worst. I have to tackle mine with a combo of eyedrops, nasal spray and pills. And I still struggle. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over by a bus; although to be honest I don’t really know how it feels to be run over by a bus because it’s never happened to me – but you know what I mean 🙂

    Okie pocket list time


    USA Day 10 FD

    I’ve been a little remiss in posting lately but have been reading all the posts. Way too much going on for me this month and am enjoying my new baby grandson! What a sweetie! I love being a grandmother. I just hope I don’t too overindulge him! LOL Anyway, I weighed myself this morning and amazingly I am down 3 lbs.! I was getting fed up with being a slow poke and decided to jump way in there with eating only one carefully measured meal in the middle of the day and that got the scale moving again! Maybe I will meet my goal this month! Here’s to hoping!

    Adding myself to the pocket list:


    Good luck today, everyone! 🙂

    Day 10 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Good CD yesterday – keeping at maintenance

    Onward and downward

    @penz: The Queen’s official birthday is June 6th (I think)….apparently the tradition started in the 1700s, I believe, when they decided the then king’s birthday in November was a bad time of year for celebrations, so made it June, and so it has continued. As @funshipfreddie says, the Queen’s real one is in April.
    @flourbaby: Sounds like you’re on a roll….well done fasting from home. 700 sounds pretty good to me.
    @basyjames: Good luck on your 96-hour water fast. That’s FOUR days…..wow! keep us informed on your progress….what an inspiration.
    @ccco: Congratulations on becoming a grandma xx

    2nd post

    Ooops I got dropped off the Pocket List for today – @basyjames and I were posting at the same time

    @ccco – lovely to hear from you and so happy that you are loving being a grandma 👶
    @basyjames: Good luck on your marathon 96-hour water fast. That’s FOUR WHOLE days!!!
    @songbirdme – great job at sticking to maintenance – for the first time since reaching my target I have slipped a bit so taking myself in hand this month with the aim of losing those pesky couple of kg that have crept on….

    I’m adding myself as I need the accountability to see me through this FD
    Pocket list for today – Day 10:


    Day 10 Melb Aust NFD
    Day 9 TDEE Day 8 NFD Day 7 FD800

    Didn’t lose a gm after my FD800, so indulged at the weekend – very poor response! Long weekend for the Queen’s birthday, as has been mentioned.

    @penz has said – from here, it’s a bit sparse in holidays for a while. BUT, Victoria has two sporting public holidays which I think are rather absurd, but still – the last Friday in September holiday is the day before the Australian Rules football grand final where there’s a parade of the players, etc., and the first Tuesday in November is a public holiday for the running of the Melbourne Cup horse race. Where else but in Australia would you have public holidays just for sporting events?!

    It’s been cold but erratic weather here, beginning of winter for us, and my eating spiralled out of control over the weekend. I think I need to throw out a few things that have crept into my cupboards (not looking at anyone in particular, but I live alone 🙂 ), and set the re-start button.

    Portion sizes – very important. A friend commented recently about her parfait dessert serving dishes from 30 years ago, and how the amount of dessert we eat now tends to be twice or three times that amount. Availability doesn’t mean we need to eat something, but sadly, a lot of people do, often including me.

    @rabbette, yes, my Wilbur is a beautiful looking cat, but a bit pudgy. He’s always hungry at this time of year, then loses some of the fat by late spring again. At 14 years old, I let him be.

    @ciren2, just a question – could the pain in your hamstring actually be some referred pain from your lower back, as you have to do so much bending? Hope it settles soon.

    @at, as always, good inspiring words to follow.

    All right, restart button set. Finishing off now and going out to throw out some of the “extras” in the kitchen. Three B2B2B FDs coming up!

    @betsylee: Yes, the pain IS connected with my back, but not in the way you think. I have spinal fusion, so the metalwork in my spine means all the flexibility has to come from elsewhere when I bend. Hence the strain on the hamstrings. Also my hamstrings are, and always have been TIGHT! Acupuncture tomorrow….hope it helps.

    Day 10, VA, USA, FD

    Day 9 NFD
    Day 8 NFD
    Day 7 FD

    Was so tired after leading the 4 day Yin Training. Whew did not have time to check in with you guys. I’m catching up.

    Kitty cat seems almost back to normal (except she has managed to catch a little cold *while on antibiotics!) she is very talented. And not all antibiotics treat colds so theres that. None the less, she’s just having lots of sneezing (although that could be allergies, poor thing does get allergies I the fall when its damp out.

    @funshipfreddie – ๑۞๑,¸¸,ø¤º°°๑۩ 🅖🅡🅔🅐🅣 🅙🅞🅑 ๑۩ ,¸¸,ø¤º°°๑۞๑ I feel your excitement so much!!!!

    @dingping – the garden is a labor of love.

    @johnnyr – that is usually my game plan at events, stay away from snaking and enjoy the cocktails. (Or bring a snack thats better on the healthy scale such as carrots and guacamole.)

    @snowflake56 – You are my kind of gal! We found the most amazing Orange stout here Choklat Oranj by Southern Tier Brewing – YUM!

    Pocket list for today – Day 10:

    PS – READING is especially difficult for me today. I love reading all of your post and I found that I could only get through a couple. My Dyslexic is really getting in the way of communications for today.

    Day 10 – Eastern WA USA – WFD

    Okay after some travel and exceptions to my keto eating on the weekend, planning to join @basyjames for some water fasting. I’ll go to 96 as well, unless I need to break an hour sooner. I’m planning to join a friend for her birthday Party Trolley from 7-9 PM on Thursday evening. I’ll try to carefully break my fast at her party. To make it 96 hours I’d need to break at 8 PM. @basyjames – yes, you may want to check out Dr. Fung’s website: idmprogram.com. A lot of the information is free there.

    @ccco – so glad you’re enjoying being a grandma plus losing some pesky pounds!

    @at thanks for your inspirational post earlier today

    About the royal birthday celebrations, in Canada, my dad grew up with always getting May 24th off (his personal birthday) for the queen. At some point it got changed, to the Monday closest to the 24th and it’s called Victoria Day. It’s interesting how it’s different in various parts of the “kingdom”.

    Pocket list for today – Day 10:

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