June 2018 Monthly Challenge – Hello Summer!!!

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June 2018 Monthly Challenge – Hello Summer!!!

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  • @shinything

    Iโ€™d love to join July!

    Day 27 – FD (<400 calories)
    Day 28 – NFD
    Day 29 – FD

    I’ve been away for a few days; was grumpy because the scales were not cooperating with rather decent behavior, and was busy, so stayed away and didn’t even weigh myself for two days, which is completely opposite of my forty-year tradition of weighing every single day, and sometimes twice! But I *felt* thinner, so I decided to brave out the scale–and was stunned to discover I was finally down to 152.4 (from 157.4 at one point in June!). Just goes to show that good behavior DOES get rewarded, but not always in the time frame we’re expecting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Welcome, @bluebell Blue! I only joined the group two weeks ago, and can affirm this is a lovely group of 5:2ers.

    I’m signed up for the July challenge; thanks @shinything, for hosting it! I’m starting off the month by going away for two days with my honey, but we’ll walk so much, and not be able to nibble in between meals that I think I’ll be fine.

    Question: how do you all define a CD/Control Day? How is it different from a NFD?

    Day 28 Wales FD

    2nd post

    @flourbaby DH and I managed 22 min. then we both didn’t have any coordination at all, the legs seem to be the problem. But we did it! Even typing is difficult now. If we’re able to move tomorrow we’ll try again. It seems doable.

    USA Day 28 FD

    Thank you, ShinyThing, for agreeing to host our site in July. I will be on board, too!

    I plan to copy Diana123 for her 800 calorie a day diet in July. I just started. I think it will give me a boost.

    Have a great day everyone!n:)

    @stitchincarol – a CD seems to have a fairly loose definition. For me, it really means staying under (or very well under) my TDEE on that day. When I post that, I make a concerted effort to stay away from sugars and too many carbs.

    Day 28, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    I have to change from FD 800 cals to CD today as I will have a spontaneous lunch out with friends. No way to know the calories when going to an old fashioned American diner. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคช

    Have a good Thursday everyone! ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒผ

    Day 28 North Wales FD

    Back from my daughters who is vegan. Had a nice surprise when I hopped on the scales. Despite only one fast day last week I have lost 4lb. Not sure if it was the vegan diet. Perhaps eating more veg and no any meal products is the way to increased weight loss. Off again until Sunday 8th July to first my youngest daughter and my husbandโ€™s son.

    Adding myself to the Pocket List:
    @flourbaby (3rd of B2B2B)
    @moukinator (MFD 800kcal)
    @sarahbob 2nd of B2B

    Have a good day everyone x

    Day 28, UK, FD

    Surprisingly easy FD today, always so nice :). Been busy all day and even managed to do pilates so I’ll count it as a productive day. This is the last FD in June (hard to believe!) so tomorrow will be the final weight. We shall see ๐Ÿ™‚

    @bluebell Blue welcome :D, its never late to join and our July challenge will be starting in few days so we will continue there. There is a lot of useful info in the opening post(s) if you want to have a look ๐Ÿ™‚

    @merryapple sorry to hear about break ins, thats awful. I hope they catch the culprit this time ๐Ÿ˜ก . Also, ouch for injecting yourself with bamboo needle ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

    @daffodil2010 good to hear that horsebite is better yay ๐Ÿ‘ , and good luck with the mammogram, I’m sure everything will be fine, but I’d be nervous too ๐Ÿค—

    @flourbaby you will be missed, I always enjoy reading your posts, but enjoy your holiday and see you whenever you are back ๐Ÿ˜€

    @louiseo46 making any progress is never bad, even if we don’t reach monthly goal we make it a bit easier for the next month ๐Ÿ™‚

    Welcome @marsupial ๐Ÿ˜€ , I added your name to the spreadsheet, its up to you if you want to use it or not, some people prefer to use it some not ๐Ÿ™‚

    @stitchincarol it goes to show that persistence pays off and that this WOE works , congrats on your new low ๐Ÿ˜€

    For anyone looking for a link to join the July challenge:

    Adding myself to the Pocket List:
    @flourbaby (3rd of B2B2B)
    @moukinator (MFD 800kcal)
    @sarahbob 2nd of B2B

    Have a great day everyone ๐ŸŒผ

    USA Day 28

    Second post! My fast is going well. I think this 800 calories program will be sustainable for July.Have a great day everyone!

    @shiny thing

    Thank you I was looking at it on my phone and couldnโ€™t do it! Iโ€™m not great with spreadsheets but learning..!

    Could you put in my start weight of 158 lbs do you mind?

    Second post:

    @marsupial you are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ , and its done. If you, or anyone, need any help with the spreadsheet just let me know x

    Day 28 – UK – Day 5 of B2B2B2B2B (800cals or less)

    Very hot day and a busy morning volunteering at my local parish centre cooking Fareshares Lunch – we fed 50 people so lots of washing up afterwards – left home at 0900hrs and returned at 1500hrs ๐Ÿ˜ฉcertainly needed a refreshing shower and a long relax with my feet up and perked up.

    So glad that this is the last day of my 5 B2B days – feeling really proud to have stuck to it and stayed below 800cals each day – certainly feeling better, bloating gone, feeling full of energy and a clear head!
    Out with friends for dinner tomorrow will try to stay controlled but will definitely enjoy a glass of wine with dinner!

    @shinything – you are a star for taking up the helm of the July challenge ๐ŸŒŸ I’m definitely in – being accountable on this forum is what has kept me in maintenance for 18 months now!
    @annamariav – congratulations of becoming an aunty and good to know that your sister and baby are doing well after that emergency C-section
    @bluebell Blue – welcome – look forward to getting to know you – Just a thought – do think about sticking to the basic 5:2 because it works and is less stressful than 4:3 until you settle back into this WOL – then experiment if you feel the need
    @merryapple – sorry to hear that you had yet another break-in – 4th one!!! Hope you are having a good last FD for June
    @arelkade – Been thinking about you and your brother – hoping that as a family you are finding a way to cope during these difficult times ๐Ÿค—
    @daffodil2010 – hope you survived the heat in the greenhouse today and did think of you when attending your mammogram this afternoon
    @flourbaby – Happy holidays for July – maybe just pop in and say hello when you can – we all love your posts……
    @louiseo46 – hope you feel better soon
    @debster251 – enjoy your weekend in Glens of Antrim – just googled to find out a bit more about the area – looks very nice and I learnt that there are 9 glens and the names of the Glens evoke their history and features!
    @michelinme – lovely to hear that you are in such a positive place
    @marsupial – it will be lovely to have you join us, I know you popped in briefly into various challenge months last year and this year – Take the step and sign up for July and you will amazed at how it helps with accountability and there is a huge amount of support available from this multi-national forum
    @stitchincarol – how wonderful 5lbs dispatched ๐Ÿ’ƒ For me a CD/Control Day is a day when I’m at least 200cals below my TDEE but I suspect we all have our own definitions ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @molij – ๐Ÿ‘ on that 4lbs melted away

    Adding myself to the Pocket List: TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER
    @flourbaby (3rd of B2B2B)
    @moukinator (MFD 800kcal)
    @sarahbob 2nd of B2B
    @at Day 5 of B2B2B2B2B

    โ€œThe Only Limit To Our Realization Of Tomorrow Will Be Our Doubts Of Today.โ€ โ€“ Franklin D. Roosevelt

    @shinything I volunteered to do August so I will follow you in.

    Is there any guidance anywhere on how to set up the spreadsheet, it’s the only bit that concerns me. As I haven’t done that before!


    AT: Congratulations on your B2B2B, etc. fasting. I am trying something like that myself but am not sure I have the perseverance!

    Day 29 – Japan – FD 79.8kg
    Day 28 – NFD 79.5kg
    Day 27 – NFD

    Really behind the game. This will be water fast #46 assuming I make it.

    Day 29, Emden Germany, FD

    Pocket list Day 29

    @snowflake56 2nd of B2B2B

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 29 – Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช – NFD

    Official June weigh in today and yup, the party month shows, up by 4lbs. Sigh โ˜น๏ธ
    However, my waist, neck, bust measurements etc all remain as they were 1st June, so still in healthy place. I am happy with that. I have a podgy roll around my Tim but nothing like it used to be and feel confident enough to wear relatively tight thirst in this weather….so onwards to July ๐Ÿ’ƒ

    Starting at 7am in the glasshouse was a great idea. Everybody got out and picked the edible flowers (we sell hundreds of packets a day, so talking thousands of flowers), we boxed them up before any orders came in, and put them in a cool room. As orders came in they were labelled and packed off. Stroke of genius on my part I think! It broke my heart to throw out so many wilting flowers over the days….โ˜บ๏ธ

    The mammogram was super quick, super easy, not even uncomfortable. I was delighted. Results in a few weeks.

    It’s DHs birthday today so out to dinner tonight.

    Have a good Friday โ˜บ๏ธ

    Sorry for typos in previous post. Predictive text. Tim is tum. And I meant tight t-shirts. Not thirst. Jeez ๐Ÿ˜ก

    AT: Iโ€™ve missed the post on your B2B2B fasting.. are you doing 500 cals on those days & what on your NFD please? … I MIGHT go for it in July.. also might not!!

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD

    Iโ€™m off to pilates soon, then the final holiday shopping, more shorts & vests I think.

    @snowflake56, well done on the shredding, the improvements in stamina are quick, it might not feel like it, but youโ€™ll be completing it fully by day 4!!!

    Iโ€™m out for a Thai meal and a few glasses of vino tonight, I really am determined to not use it as a reward for a fantastic fasting week which has seen a whoosh, so Iโ€™ll be mindful tonight and throw a FD in tomorrow to mitigate any damageโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ note to self โ€“ stay mindful, mindful, mindful!!!!

    Final 2 day push people, we can do this!!!!!!

    Day 29, Cornwall UK, NFD

    Weekly weigh-in and 0.7kg down this week to 75.2kg. Feels good, as I stalled in the first half of June and have now caught up a bit. As I am a weekly weigher, these are my final figures for the month:

    Weight: Down 1.9kg to 75.2kg
    Waist: Down 2cm
    Hips: Down 1cm

    Target of 2kg down only just achieved, but I am not complaining as it is harder to lose now I’ve lost quite a bit. And I ate a lot of sourdough bread and drank a lot of beer and elderflower champagne! But I skipped more breakfasts, especially in the last two weeks. For those of you who are scared of carbs, they do not necessarily prevent weight loss if you restrict the fats! I remember reading somewhere that low carb diets work well for people who are diabetic/pre-diabetic and have insulin resistance, but low fat diets work better for those who are not. But I know there are loads of people out there who do not agree! Me too sometimes.

    Thanks @basyjames for keeping us going this month! Will carry on into July.

    Day 29 NFD Dublin, Ireland

    Thank you @at feeling much better this morning, well done on 5 B2B very impressive. Enjoy your meal out tonight, well deserved!
    @shinything how right you are I will be starting July at a lower weight than I started June and that’s what matters most! Thanks again for hosting the July challenge, looking forward to getting back to it next week.

    Happy Friday everyone! Myself and the husband are off to Belfast for the weekend so going with my weight this morning as my final June weight as no doubt it will go up over the weekend as we are away with lots of meals out and drinks in the sun ๐Ÿ™‚
    June starting: 156lbs
    June end: 152lbs…. goal was 149lbs but least I’m heading in the right direction.
    My other goal was to run 80km over June, after park run tomorrow morning I will be at 62km so not a bad effort and now more determined to get to 80km in July!
    Thank you @basyjames for hosting the June challenge, my first monthly challenge and what a lovely support and great introduction to everyone. See you all in July ๐Ÿ™‚

    Day 29 Wales ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ท๓ ฌ๓ ณ๓ ฟ NFD

    This morningโ€™s weigh in showed a new low of 129 lbs so an unintended loss of 3 lbs this month, largely down to sadness and loss of appetite following the death of our beautiful cat. Iโ€™m still in the learning stage of maintenance so will accept 129 to 133 as my maintenance weight range, I donโ€™t want to lose anymore as Iโ€™m starting to look a bit too thin………words I never thought I would string together!

    Thank you @basyjames for hosting June ๐Ÿ’ and congratulations to everyone who has completed this months challenge, I hope you have achieved your goals…..but if not just keep on keeping on and you will get there. See you all in July โค๏ธ

    Day 29 UK NFD

    Whoosh in night means I’m down to 150lbs for the month, from start of 154. That’ll do me! Off the plateau at last, and turned the corner to the 10 stone sonething, with 140s lbs just ahead.

    Couldn’t get warm last night, and burning joints. Got up, showered and dressed today and suddenly felt weird so back to bed and slept for an hour. Finally warm but so dizzy when I move my head, and temperature up ny 2.3C! That’s today gone to the more important things of health.

    Lucky I have a friend who came over to garden, she’s going to cancel my deadliness and weekend plans, and I’ll sleep. Hope to be better soon.

    @basyjames thank you for hosting June, around all your tech issues too!
    @shinything see you in July.
    @flourbaby and everyone who’s going on holiday, hope you have a wonderful time

    Hi everyone – today is FD for me. Aiming to do 500 cals.

    Yesterday was a great and productive NFD – managed to clean the whole house and go grocery-shopping. The only thing not-so-good is that we ended up having dinner (BBQ) at around 9:30pm!

    I swear after just one FD (on Wednesday) I already feel a difference in energy and mood.

    Day 29 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Great day yesterday, just about 1000 calories, and that is what I called a CD. My portion of Illinois is experiencing a very high heat wave, so staying inside or in the backyard pool. I normally drink lots of water, so that will be nothing new.

    @michelinme -sure hope you’re feeling well soon!

    @missybear – hugs to you, and hope you’re able to cope with your loss without too much sadness or depression.

    @louiseo46 – congratulations on your great progress! It’s always so great to see those pounds leave your body!

    @cornish-jane – I had not heard that about carbs vs. fats. I just know so often when the low-fat diets came about here in the USA, so many formulations of products just added sugars when they took out the fat. I love fat. My downfall, so I have to be careful.

    I will echo others with thanks to @basyjames for June and looking forward to @shinything and July.

    Onward and downward!

    Day 29…NSW Australia…NFD
    (9.38pm Friday)
    Hi everyone, just checking in!

    Thank you @shinything, for hosting in July – you are an inspiration!

    Thank you @at for your lovely message re: my Brother – he will be moved to an oncology hospital on Monday, then to a hospice when timing is right! My Father and us 4 siblings were all together today at the hospital – a rare treat due to distance and travel – upsetting to feel it may have been the last time we will be all together, so hard to contemplate!
    We all shared many memories and feel good for sharing time together.

    Hope each of you have a wonderful weekend doing lots of pleasurable, relaxing things with many happy moments. Bye for now!

    Day 29, UK, NFD

    After successful FD yesterday, and weigh-in today, I end up this month at 52.5kg.
    Half a kilo loss is still a loss, says this tortoise ๐Ÿข

    @rainbowsmile I use the spreadsheets we already have and just delete the data in it, leaving all the names. But I can help you with it or set it up for you for August if you wish ๐Ÿ™‚

    @missybear I’m so sorry to hear that your beloved cat died ๐Ÿ˜ข , may she rest in feline heaven. Sending you a virtual hug ๐Ÿค—

    @michelinme I’m sorry to hear you are not well ๐Ÿ™ , I’m worried about you, please let us know how you are feeling later ๐Ÿค—

    @arelkade I wish I could ease your sadness but all I can do is offer my prayers and a virtual hug, I feel for you. Its good that your family is together supporting each other.

    Thank you so much for hosting June challenge @basyjames , these are for you ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿค—

    Have a lovely day everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    Day 29, NFD, US

    I don’t think I’ll make it to the end of the month. I failed (and yes I am deliberately using that word!) yesterday’s planned FD. I’m going to take the weekend off to mentally re-commit and be ready for July. I am even going to attempt – no, I will do! – Dry July!!! Who will be with me?

    Day 29, Mountaintop PA USA, NFD

    The end of another challenge month and I am grateful to check in here regularly to keep me focused in maintenance. I have been following Fast 5:2 since November 2016 so it is 20 months and this WOL has become a healthy routine for many of us. I fast two days a week on Monday and Thursday and the other days are easy to maintain. I don’t count calories but know that my FD’s are about 800 and the other days are within TDEE. There are treats now and then including my favorite Cosmo cocktail and some delicious dark chocolate so denial of favorites is not every day.

    I just marked my fourth anniversary with my Fitbit this week. In the past 4 years I lost 50 pounds, and have been in maintenance for 8 months. I am amazed at the energy and stamina I have to walk four miles a day, work outside on garden and yard projects and enjoy traveling a couple of times a year. A healthy weight and lifestyle gives us so much freedom to enjoy life.

    I am 71 and just enjoyed my 50th college reunion. My husband and I will be married 50 years in August and will celebrate with our three children and their spouses and six grandchildren at a classic resort here in PA. Life is good and enjoying good health is truly golden.

    I don’t post often but thank all forum members who share their triumphs and struggles. There is strength in our combined efforts. It’s the glorious summer now and time for a walk. On to July!

    @steffieagal – great to hear from you! Maintenance is so worth it, I fully agree. I’m right behind you, was 70 in May, and will have our 50 years next January. Hugs to you!

    @songbirdme we have the patience and wisdom that comes with age. Tomorrow always offers the expectation of a new or familiar enjoyable experience. We are the seniors on this forum and hopefully give the new members the encouragement to persevere. It is so worth it. Thank you for the hugs and back to you!

    Day 29, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800 cals

    Yesterday morphed into an EFS event after lunch with friends. Went over TDEE but at least walked 7 miles. Still, the scales were unfriendly this morning. So reset today and being mindful on the weekend.

    Have a good Friday everyone! ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒป

    Day 29 – UK – NFD

    Well I managed to complete my first ever 5 day B2B FDs, although only at between 600 and 800cals. I did this purely because at the end of last week I felt bloated and lacking in energy so decided to start this 5 day B2B last Sunday – I also stayed alcohol free and tried to eat healthily. The result is that today I can report to feeling much more energised this past week and this morning my results were BMI: 20.1 Wt:53.2kg/117.3lbs.

    @rainbowsmile – Brilliant to have you leading the August Challenge – thank you x
    @ccco – Thank you – my first ever 5 day B@B but ate between 600-800cals daily – don’t think I could have done it at my 1/4 TDEE!
    @daffodil2010 – Happy birthday to your DH and enjoy your meal out tonight
    @marsupial – This was a one off 5 day B2B at between 600-800cals (see reasons why at the start of my post!) My TDEE is around 1500cals so I try to stick to that on NFDs – I have been in maintenance since December 2016
    @flourbaby – You and I both have a mental note of being mindful tonight as I’m out with friends tonight and we haven’t seen each other for a while, so must be sure to limit the ๐Ÿฅ‚ which will hopefully limit the amount of food consumed……..
    @cornish-jane – Well done on dispatching that 1.9kg
    @louiseo46 – Will enjoy tonight but will try not to see it as a reward and go overboard – aiming for TDEE or just above today…..Have a fab time in Belfast with your OH and well done on that 4lbs gone
    @missybear – Well done on that new low! but sorry of the sorrow behind it x
    @michelinme – Another one with 4lbs dispatched ๐Ÿ‘ Hope you feel better soon x
    @arelkade – Lovely for your family that your father and all 4 siblings could all together at the hospital ๐Ÿค—
    @shinything – 52.5kg is great – I see your goal weight is 50kg – are you of a petite frame and height?
    @penz – Come back to start July with a positive frame of mind and you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve “Believe you can and you are halfway there” T. Roosevelt
    @steffieagle – You and @songbirdme are an inspiration I hope to be like you when I get to your age – comfortable in your skin and frame of mind “A healthy weight and lifestyle gives us so much freedom to enjoy life”

    Have a fabulous weekend and for the those in the UK – make the most of this glorious weather we have been experiencing. Tomorrow is the last day of my 60th Birthday Month Challenge – I am so happy to have been able to celebrate my 60th in style and still end the month maintaining nicely below that 55kg original target – what is there not love about this WOL!

    “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle = Positive Minds = Positive Vibes = Positive Lives”

    Day 29 – NC USA – FD? CD? I’m unsure

    I have hit a plateau and decided spontaneously to skip dinner last night and start my 24 hr fast since we’re having guests tonight and I would not be able to have a full fast today. Hopefully that will still count for my body as a fast… This month has been crazy both work wise and weight wise. My body hasn’t seemed to want to get off the 128 to 131 range and it’s driving me crazy if I’m honest. Hoping the July challenge will be more productive for me. I loose so slow sometimes it’s a tad frustrating. But I keep reminding myself this is healthy for my body regardless of what the scale says ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have not had a chance to read everyone’s posts but congratulations to everyone who made progress this month and hang in there if you haven’t progressed as much as you wished. This is definitely not a sprint, but a life long marathon. Yay for the turtles!!! :p

    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 29 Nebraska, USA – FD:500 calorie limit

    What a lovely treat the scale gave me this morning: despite yesterday being a NFD (although probably a few hundred below my TDEE…didn’t count, but that’s my guess), I was down to 151.8 this morning! SWEET! So with today’s FD to balance out the party we’re attending tomorrow evening, I am hoping to be at 152 on Sunday morning. And, honestly, regardless of what the scale says, I’ll know I’ve behaved, and if I’m up, it’ll just be water weight—I’m not going to be eating an extra 3600 calories over today and tomorrow, after all, lol.

    @louiseo46, you and I are at the same weight, and my husband and I are also going away for several days (starting Monday), and I also wanted to be at 149 by now! Good luck on your days away and your path to 149!
    @missybear, “words I never thought I would string together!” That made me laugh, and I can’t imagine ever saying that, either! Congratulations on not letting your sorrow lead to binge eating, which is my own tendency.
    @bluebell Blue, I still remember when I first began 5:2 in 2014…or maybe 2015? Dunno anymore. Anyway, I was astounded by how much better I felt with fasting, so I’m glad you’re feeling the same benefits!
    @arelkade, I’m so sorry about what your brother is facing, but so glad you had some family time–that time is so precious!
    @shinything, 52.5kg is right at 116lbs–wow, but that’s tiny!! Surely you’re on maintenance now?
    @steffieagle, I loved reading your post…loved it, and read it to my husband (I’m 59 and he’s only barely still 63), who also loved it. You gave some serious encouragement to this no-longer-30-year-old woman (and excuse I’m fond of using) that I’m not too old to get truly thin, instead of simply just inside the high number of my best weight/BMI. Thanks for your post!

    second post

    Just realized I forgot the pocket list, and I want on it, so here we go:

    Pocket list Day 29

    @snowflake56 2nd of B2B2B
    @bluebell Blue (I hope it’s okay I added you in)
    @redrockgirl302 (I hope it’s okay I added you in as well)

    Have a nice day everyone!


    Would you mind telling how long youโ€™ve been doing 5:2 ? Iโ€™d like to get to 10 10โ€™ by my holiday in 6 weeks.. currently 11.4


    third post

    @marsupial, I started 5:2 in January 2015–I always forget what year, but I’m sure of that now. I was at 153 then, I think. In a few months, I got down to 145, which is the top weight for my age/height. By August, I was at 142. By December, I was at 136. In January 2016, I gained back 4 pounds, and didn’t worry, but then I was suddenly on a roll of gaining, despite continuing 5:2–the problem, of course, was not being completely below 500 on my FDs and being way above my TDEE on NFDs. So now, at 152, I’m once again working on heading down. I’ve always thought 125 was my ideal weight, although I’d certainly be happy anywhere in the 130s–even 139, lol.

    What is 10 10′ and 11.4?? Oh, wait–you are talking stone, huh? So, are you saying you want to lose a stone and a half, or some other amount? In 6 weeks? Well, when I was in my thirties, I could have done that, but I doubt I could lost that much that fast now, unless I had way more self-control than I do. Are you a woman of good self-discipline?

    Hey @stitchincarol

    Thanks so much for reply! Yes Iโ€™m writing in stones, Iโ€™ll adapt, my ideal weight would be 140. No? Not aiming to get there in 6 weeks but maybe 150 :))

    Day 29 UK NFD

    Well I had my weigh in this morning and unfortunately I am up one pound from my June start weight. My waist, hip and bust measurements have remained the same but I have lost 1 inch from my thighs and from my calves and I have gained 1 inch on my arms. I have little Popeye arms now lol

    While I would have loved to have seen a weight loss I am happy that I have really increased my strength. I enjoyed my Les Mills pump and body combat workouts today and I even tried Sha’bam. It looked absolutely awful but it really was the most fun I have had exercising in a while. ๐Ÿ˜ I will also be continuing with my Jillian Michaels workouts. I have clocked up over 20,000 steps today so reckon I should sleep like a baby.

    Thank you @shinything for hosting July. Please count me in.

    Day 29, Surrey (UK), NFD, 157lb. Still 7lb to go!

    OK so…perhaps I have hit the plateau! I’m not overly bothered, because my BMI is below 25, my WHR is well below 0.5, AND I have achieved an overall loss of 3lb this month. Slow and steady tor-twah does the trick.

    I remember some posts about a MOB (mother-of bride) dress. Well, I’ve got my WOBB (wife of birthday boy) dress, and I’m wearing it to his birthday bash tomorrow night! Got my hair and nails done to match, too! It does feel good, especially as the WOBB dress is a size 12!

    See you all over in the July thread, and thanks for your company and your inspiring posts this month. I’ve enjoyed reading them. With your help, I’ll get closer to my goal in July!

    @marsupial Okay, this is how I’d do the math: you’re at 160lbs right now. If you do two FDs per week, and sticking to 500 calories on each, then you’re burning at least an extra 1000 calories on each of those days. That leaves you 1600 calories to burn during the week to reach 3600 extra calories burned, and a pound lost. 1600 spread over 5 days is 300 fewer per day–completely doable. So in 6 weeks, you’d lose 6 pounds.

    You want to lose 10 pounds in those 6 weeks, however. I love math, so that’s how I approach this. Let’s assume your TDEE is 1500. So in 6 weeks, you’ll use 63,000 calories. To lose 10 pounds over those 6 weeks, you need to skip 36,000 calories. That leaves you 27,000 to eat over 6 weeks. If you do 4:3, and stick to less than 500 on those FDs, then you’ll get 750 to eat on a NFD if you want to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks. See how tough that would be? Unhealthy, even.

    But, if your TDEE is 1800 (either because it is, or because you exercise enough to get it there), then with 4:3, you’ll get 1275 calories on NFDs.

    If your TDEE is 2000, then with 4:3, you’ll get 1625 calories on NFDs. Or, if your TDEE is 2,000, then you could do 5:2 and have 1400 calories on NFDs.

    There. Do you like math, and find this helpful, or is your head spinning, lol?

    NFD today. Trying to be mindful on what I eat. Decided I need to make spare bedroom into an art room. It seems wasteful to keep a full size bed in there to be used maybe 3 times a year. Looking at futons or sofabeds to fill that need.
    Thank you @shinything for hosting July.
    Everyone have a great Friday.

    Third post ….

    @at and @stitchincarol to answer your question …. yes I am of a petite frame and just touching 5.3ft. I’m trying to reach the weight I was for many years before my thyroid problem and consequent loss of it, and gain of over a stone, but I could be happy with the weight I am at the moment as well. Its just a feeling, mental thing, that I would feel my old self at my old weight before my sickness ๐Ÿ™‚

    Day 29 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    Today is the start of my weekly 3 CNFD’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s. Looking forward to a great weather weekend. There will be lots of boating.

    My scale was very kind to me again this week, down another pound, that makes 3 pounds for June.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 29, Germany FD
    Day 28 Germany NFD

    Just checking in before I close my eyes. Donโ€™t have any energy left to read or reply to comments. Have a great weekend and good night!

    Day 29 – USA – FD

    Was out of town since 6/20, which was my last FD. Today I’m resuming another FD and possibly tomorrow. I read every single post this morning since 6/20, so I spent quite a few hours and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with all of you. I’m sure you will be glazed over with all my dated remarks, but I feel it necessary to comment on many of your posts, because together we’re stronger! I will make 3-4 posts to give your eyes some rest, lol! @Strawberriesandcream, will miss you, gf, but you know we will catch up soon on email! @ktcaroline, have fun on your vakay – perhaps you are back already? @diana123, good for you monitoring mom’s medications. There can be so many contraindications and lots of drs. miss it because they don’t bother to ask; many seniors don’t remember them all so it’s wonderful that you took the initiative to do that for her. @rainbowsmile, I really relate to your graphic cartoon head! @EmmaTaylor, good for you! Congrats on being 2 lbs. below your goal!

    Day 29 – USA – FD
    Second post
    @EmmaTaylor, oh yeah, forgot to congratulate you on finishing the bikini! @annemarilyn, you know it’s 5.5 months fresh for me having been in your former situation, so hugs to you! @bert1802, hugs to you re: your brother-in-law. @okeydokey, good to see you! How is your hubby and daughter doing? Still 5:2-ing? @steffieagle, great to see you again; you’re an inspiration. @fatfingers, yay for your size 12! I’m still in between a 12 and a 14, hoping to reach 12 by maintenance. Welcome, @bluebell Blue! @missybear, so sorry to hear about your kitty. @flourbaby, love your description of Level 3, day 3. Laughed my buttocks off (I wish).

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