July 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 12 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD

    The weekend went decently food-wise, and was lovely life-wise. We visited DH’s mom yesterday, and his sister also happened to be there, so we played pinochle for almost three hours. My MIL was so confused when we started pinochle because she couldn’t remember any of the rules, dealt badly the first time she was to deal (like, too many cards to one person, and too few to the next), but within about a half hour had it all figured out and was far sharper. I’ve noticed that on all of our visits, that she’s confused at first, but as we do stuff a bit she remembers how. I hope she continues to remember how. 🥰 She’s 91 and is mostly fine, so it’s a real blessing.

    My weight has been doing the trampoline thing: up, down, up, down. Today’s FD will be helpful, and my body’s ready for it.

    @foodfreedomgirl I’ll bet your DH had a GRAND time on Saturday showing off his car! How did it all go?

    @bellyblast Congratulations on the upcoming retirement! So much fun to have new things to keep you busy come this fall!

    @funshipfreddie I’ve gotten so fed up with the news that I just don’t ever watch it anymore, so I’ve heard nothing about how awful it is for you. I’m so sorry for you and your country; it’s awful when there’s rioting and looting, and I hope you stay safe in the middle of it all!

    I’ve been thinking a BUNCH about how I behaved back in my 30s when my weight stayed steady. 1) I never ate before noon. I’d get hungry at 10:30, but would make myself wait until 12:00. 2) I ate carbs freely. I think that difference has to be chalked up to age, and I cannot go back to lots of rice, potatoes, bread, etc. 3) One beer was the norm, and when we opened a bottle of wine–a rare thing in those days–we usually had some left over for the next day. A second beer was always a bit scandalous.

    Hah. Times do change don’t they, LOL! Like many of you, I find alcohol to be a slippery slope. I can skip it entirely with no problem, but to have only one beer or one glass of wine seems cruelly skimpy. So I’m skipping any alcohol modifications for now, and my current effort at a resumed discipline is never to eat before noon. My reason when I was younger was “If I eat before noon, I eat more all day long, so it’s best just to wait until noon” and that’s still true, so it’s my new/resumed norm.

    I have been shocked and thrilled that I’m suddenly sleeping like a log, another norm from when I was younger. Nine hours of never waking up, and sometimes ten have been what I’ve been experiencing for several weeks now. Even with alcohol–which used to ruin my sleep–I now am sleeping through the night.

    So, I’m up ten-plus pounds from Easter, and don’t seem to be able to recapture my discipline, but I’m sleeping well, LOL!

    Day 12 – Pocket List

    @northerndawn (all of July)

    Has anyone ever done the fast diet with a two day break between diet days?
    I am thinking of trying this – ie, Monday – Thursday – Sunday – Wednesday – Saturday and so on.
    I am thinking about trying this and wonder if others have tried it?

    Day 12 USA – FD

    Going to get a FD in today. Nice thing about MFP is I can go back and see when my last true FD was, and it was last Monday. I’m pretty much in the ZBC routine all the time, so the FD will mean just an apple for a late lunch then salad with some protein (egg, meat, cheese) for dinner. Then NO snacking after that.

    DH is doing well with upping his protein and lowering carbs and sugars. Yeah for that.

    Oh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 feel so sorry for your football team and fans. We were really rooting for you here in the 🇺🇸 (at least DH and I were). Woke up to Breakfast at Wimbledon – wanted the very handsome young Italian to win there but then for Italy to lose later on! Oh well…. Yes, hopefully just seeing players doing there best is a very important lesson We were happy to see Ash Barty win on Saturday – go 🇦🇺 tennis!

    @stitchincarol – how fun that you’re sleeping so well! After FD’s I sleep horribly, and even on NFD’s I am happy to get 7 hours. I think it is #of hours the same as our decade? You’re ever so much younger!

    @funshipfreddie – I will have to read up on your former president’s jailing .. whew… 🇿🇦 such a lovely country that I would love to visit one day..

    Onward and downward.

    Day 13, NFD, Aus

    When I got home from work yesterday OH asked ‘were you a good faster today?’ Yes, yes I was. LFD! (Polishing halo today.) It must have been all your good vibes, @jaifaim, @flourbaby, @high5, @MisyBear.

    And to top it off, I had a solid 7.5 hours uninterrupted sleep last night. Better than PFDS! But ten hours, @stitchincarol?? Wow!

    Love it, @IHL “basically a lazy day, didn’t do very much and did it to the best of our ability.”

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Must actually DO the FD today. I was so good until late afternoon, when I saw a fun size Cadburys chocolate bar in the cupboard and immediately took it out and ate it 😨😨. Saintly spinach soup dinner went by the wayside when DH rang on his way home and suggested takeout for dinner so it was fish and chips and mushy peas from the local pub 😨

    Oh, did I mention the wine that went with the fish supper???? 😱😱

    So, FD today. It’s my last official day of sick leave, back to work tomorrow, I need this FD.

    I am going to see a foot specialist this morning, a pedtherapist I think? Hopefully there will be a diagnosis of what’s causing the pain and something provided to alleviate it, they apparently can make orthotic insoles to match your foot.

    Funnily enough, or typically, I don’t have much pain this morning, just like you @jaifaim when you went for your scan for the niggling pain. Hopefully you will get an answer for that soon.

    Happy Tuesday.

    Day 13 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @penz – Everybody has got to be good at something 😉

    @bellyblast – Retirement, congratulations, but beware, the bad news is you will be busier than ever ….
    the good news … you’ll be doing things you want to !
    Well apart from decorhateing and all those other DIY jobs you never had time for 🙂

    @heydancer – You would effectively be doing alternate weeks of 4/3 5/2. It may work for you? I find sticking to Mondays and Thursdays work for me mostly, if I’m feeling like it I might drop another day in when I feel like it. Tried all sorts over the last 2 years but still keep returning to basics 5:2 and drink plenty of water.

    Hmmm … thought about Dry ‘Till Friday then realised tried it once before, prefer dry ’till Four or Five, PM of course 😉

    Take care all

    Day 13, UK, NFD

    I too was a good faster yesterday, à la @penz !

    Quick check in to say that my next FD is tomorrow to continue with my 4:3 theme…

    @heydancer – this sounds a little trite but the best routine is the routine that works for you! We all find our own rhythm and I have to say that my fasting rhythms have changed over the years!

    When I was younger I was able to do back to backs for an example and now that is totally out of the question! 😱

    Also when I was younger I only needed to do 5:2 To lose or maintain my weight whereas these days I need to do 4:3 to even get close to losing any weight…

    Second post

    @daffodil2010 – Your post made me laugh! That’s how I often feel… I talk about fasting … I read about fasting…. but the only way to lose weight is actually to get around to actually doing the fasting! So I am completely with you on that…

    Glad you are slowly feeling better ! 😊

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @heydancer – try it! You just need to find what works for you. And it depends on how much you want to lose, & how quickly. Some people do ADF, ie alternate day fasting. Some people do Mon, Wed, Fri, & many people stick to 5:2 or maintain with 6:1

    @i-hate-lettuce – “Hmmm … thought about Dry ‘Till Friday then realised tried it once before, prefer dry ’till Four or Five, PM of course 😉” That’s hilarious! 😂

    Pocket List – Day 13 🍏

    Day 13 UK NFD

    @heydancer – Anything goes – just experiment until you find what works for you , personally fasting at the weekend isn’t for me but it works for many on this forum

    Day 13 – Ireland – FD

    Hello everyone. I have to try again for a FD today!
    Yesterday was one of those days which started really well and went steadily downhill from mid afternoon where I was hovering up bits and bobs like crackers and tapenade… fruit… etc …🙄 🤨
    Anyway here we go again 😂

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 12 Pocket List

    Day 13 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Need to try for a good FD today. It’s going to be a busy one with a morning tennis match, afternoon walk and a start to further reducing my books prior to my house move. Good luck to all.

    Day 12 Pocket List

    Thank you @funshipfreddie for sending the article across. I have always had a round belly, I don’t remember not having one. I guess I have “an apple shape”. I also think my abdominal wall is very weak / flabby as I don’t train it, this doesn’t help!

    I tried a Zumba class with a few dogwalking friends yesterday. I am still not sure if Zumba would be my thing as I don’t like to dance, and am awful at coordination and rhythm, BUT yesterday I was determined not to stop moving, whether I could follow the moves or not. I even threw in a few burpees to keep me moving. I walked to the gym and back, this was just over a mile each way. All in all I felt good afterwards and I’m hoping to join my friends a couple of Sundays a month. Meanwhile I’ve booked some Barrecore classes. They are low impact toning / conditioning / strength exercise classes, based on ballet, pilates and yoga principles. As I was saying my core muscles are very weak to the point of affecting my posture and my lower back hurts after hours of standing. I retrained after 20 years in financial services to now a cook, teacher and writer, so being able to stand for many hours without back pain would be so helpful. Anyway, I have a few Barrecore classes lined up this week. Am looking forward to them.

    The 8th week of fasting is approaching, I fast every Tuesday and Thursday. I have found that as much as I love to cook and create recipes, I can’t face doing those ON the fasting days. I’d do much better cooking the day before the fast, so when I can eat on a fasting day, I have the food ready to reheat or serve cold. Also I prefer “chewy” vegetables any day over salad leaves. Even I have a pile of leaves with protein for a fasting meal, it leaves me unsatisfied, but switch the veggies to more fibrous types such as asparagus, mushroom, kale, cavolo nero, broccoli, etc. works every time. I’m not very good at “listening” to my body, but very slowly I’m recognising the nuances.

    I wish everyone success at keeping to your goal today.

    Day 13 – USA/GA – NFD

    Wow, almost mid-month already, and the plateau continues… today’s weigh-in: 223.0 lbs. FDs are going very well, but the NFDs sneak up on me. I have a plan of attack for today. A food truck is coming from The Varsity to work today (those who know Georgia, know the history and reputation of this place), so of course, I’m going to have a free meal today!! I think my co-workers are OK with moving the weekly lunch outing to Thursday (I have an all day meeting today and tomorrow). So, that paces out my 4:3 pretty well.

    Since the food truck is coming today, lunch will be my highest calorie meal. I’m having my oatmeal and banana breakfast this morning for satisfying fiber, and I’m making Sopa Azteca for the evening, trying it on the lowest setting on the crock-pot instead of doing it stovetop this go around. Part of the 5:2 game is teaching yourself how to naturally ease into a lower TDEE. The FDs help do this, but aren’t miracle workers if I continue to gobble lots of snacks and high calorie junk on NFDs. I have to keep teaching myself to return to a decent NFD during the week, and save the special meals for celebrations and the weekends (thought not necessarily all weekend long).

    We can do this! We’ve got half a month left to show some progress.

    As Rita and Megan return from the restroom, the soup course is served. The table falls silent — partly from eating something satisfying, and partly from the uncomfortableness that had settled around us. John and Rita gave each other a passing smile and returned to their soup and bread. Aunt Beverly sat daintily with a napkin in her lap, and carefully brought the spoon to her lips. Megan gave a passing glance at Buzz, then at Megan, then to her steaming bowl of soup. I glanced over at Wesley and Lola, who also looked over at me, before we quietly went back to our bowls.


    Half the guests at the table instinctively jerked their heads upwards in surprise.


    Megan clears her throat. “Ummm, excuse me. Hal?”


    “Hal? Hal!?”



    “That’s better. What is it?”

    “Could you please eat your soup a little more… quietly?”

    “Quietly? The room is quiet enough as it is.”

    “You’re slurping your soup.”

    “So now you’re telling me there’s a right way and wrong way to eat soup?”

    “Well, yes!”

    “Of course you’d say that Megan. Always a right and wrong way of doing everything, isn’t there? Why don’t you demonstrate how to eat?”

    With all eyes upon her, Megan first feels determined, then nervous. As she quickly brings the spoon to her lips, she suddenly feels self-conscious and her wrist begins to shake. When the spoon touches her lips, the spoon accidentally tilts inwards, dribbling a portion down her chin and onto her neck.

    “Oh no!”

    Buzz bursts out in laughter. “Oh, classic! I had no idea I was doing it wrong all these years. Did anyone take a video clip of that? I’d like to review Megan’s technique for later!!”

    Lola looks at me, eyes widened and discretely scratches the back of her neck. “I wonder if we’ll ever get through the main course.”

    Good luck to all our pocketlisters today!

    Day 13 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Monday was a good old fashioned back to basics FD, now for a couple of controlled NFDs before Thursday FD and who knows I might make a little progress 🤞

    Its a lovely sunny day, perfect weather for sitting in the garden sipping a glass of something chilled…..but I am committed to DTF so that something chilled will be water 😇

    @northerndawn (all of July)

    Enough of the month left to make a difference so going to do my best to get those sticky pounds off.

    Keep on keeping on everyone 😎

    Day 13 USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went quite well. Yeah for that. Also happy DH ventured onto the scale and was down 2 pounds. He was pleased to see results. I’m still deciding what to do for eating today… we’re off to an appointment shortly this morning, so I ought to have something healthy for breakfast. Likely yogurt and some granola.

    @daffodil2010 – sure do hope you can get some foot pain relief. Yes, good feet specialists can work wonders with orthotics, hopefully not terribly expensive for you. Your episode of a “FD Didn’t Happen” made me chuckle too. We’ve all been there!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 13 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD800/DTF

    I wasn’t entirely on track yesterday, but almost succeeded; haven’t put it into MFP yet, but feel reasonably good about my choices. Tonight is a shrimp salad, so that’s always good calories-wise and allows for some sort of lunch besides.

    @songbirdme So happy for you and DH that he’s managing to do some changing to his eating habits; well done in guiding him! And if you’re right about hours of sleep per decade, then I’d only be getting 6 hours a night, so I must be in my 90s or older, LOL!!!

    @missybear I’ve rediscovered my love of an Arnold Palmer on a hot summer day: iced tea with lemonade added. That’s way too many calories for a FD, however, so I take a large glass of unsweetened iced tea, add a LOT of lemon juice (1/4 cup/60ML? more?) and three squirts of Stevia. It’s actually more refreshing than beer or a chilled white wine; perhaps you’ll love it also!

    Okay, I’m almost awake now, LOL, so I should get up and get to it. Have a great day everyone!

    Day 13 Minnesota, USA FD800

    Many obligations today, so I’ll get to it:
    @stitchincarol – I am very much envying your long nights of uninterrupted (really??) sleep. I have not slept so well in the last week, especially since going keto and reducing calories. Btw, I am going to do HFLC until next week as I have several appointments this week and will be babysitting a few times. Next week I have only one appointment, so I will try the egg fast then. We also have some veggies and other food that should be eaten or they will go bad. I hate to waste them.
    @funshipfreddie – Stay safe……I’ve seen absolutely nothing on the news about South Africa….isn’t that something? Just Haiti and Cuba and Afghanistan are being covered in the past couple of days.
    @heydancer – I agree with @i-hate-lettuce as far as your fasting days. And as @high5 points out, we all have to find what works for us as individuals. What’s the old saying? “The only good diet is the one you can stick to”. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
    @jaifaim – Carry on…we have all been there, where we mess up our FD towards the end of it. Good luck today.
    @dvw – Good luck getting through the books. I’ve had to do that, and now I’m down to a small amount of physical books, the rest on my kindles. I love a physical book so much, but they take up a lot of room, and are such a lot of work to move around.
    @gkw – Go easily at first, if all the activity and exercise is new to you. But I agree our back’s and core are so important, so I hope you steadily get stronger and feel better when on your feet.
    @northgeorgia – I can really appreciate your persistence and commitment to this WOL.
    @missybear – Congrats on the good FD yesterday, and I hope you find a good replacement for a cold beverage. I keep thinking that even if I drink something with calories, it’s probably not nearly as many as a G & T or a glass or two of vino. And I am allowing myself a diet cola or a lemonade with some sugar and some stevia, mixed.
    Neither of those cause me to snack.
    @songbirdme – It sounds like you are off to a good start with your DH accepting lower carbs! I’m sure the two pound loss is motivating for him. Well done!
    @brightonbelle – I hope your FD on Day 12 went well. Hang in there!
    @penz – Well deserved halo polishing! Congratulations on a LFD FD!
    @daffodil2010 – Good luck today on your FD! I have been thinking of your long hair….My DD will go to a salon today and get her long locks cut off: her hair is not quite waist level as yours was. I’ll have the little DGDs here any minute to babysit so that she can travel about 15-20 miles to the salon, which specializes in preserving the hair for wigs for children with cancer and other conditions. Unlike some other programs for donating hair, this program is free to all children who need a wig. She’s going to necessarily have quite short hair, which will take some getting use to, but she is looking forward to it for a change.
    @flourbaby – I hope your FD yesterday was a success!
    @bellyblast – How exciting to have made the decision to retire! Have fun with all the plans, all the “bucket lists” you will be making. So happy for you!
    @emma-taylor – I don’t think some cream in your coffee is a problem at all. It seems to help a lot of people go longer in the day without hunger pangs. I admire you for swerving the alcohol most of the time. When weighing pleasure vs the negatives it contributes, it’s very seldom worth it.

    Best of luck to all. Stick with it through thick and thin! Lol We shall be successful if we persevere!

    Day 13 USA NFD

    Took a NFD on Sunday, and had a wonderful meal out! Yesterday was a FD, with 5 miles of intervals.

    Yesterday I got a call from a friend who has an overabundance of fruit she needed help picking, so I went and picked cherries and raspberries both and will make jam and dry cherries tonight.

    There is a fire just north of us, so I don’t know if I’ll be running after work today. We’ll see what the air quality looks like.

    @stitchincarol – thank you for asking. DH was thrilled to be driving again! I love riding along with him as he plays with the speed limit. 🙂

    @northerndawn – Regarding motivational quotes, I don’t know if you use a computer frequently, but my favorite thing right now is to have my background be a rotation of motivational quotes and pictures. I can change them easily and since I’m here 9 hours a day 4 days a week I see the reminders frequently!

    Day 14, NFD, Aus

    So much for my OMAD on Wed and DTF plans.

    Buzz is AWFUL!!!!! Keep it coming!

    Day 14 – Ireland – FD
    Again 🙄

    Hello everyone.

    Happy 14 juillet 🇫🇷

    Good luck with the foot specialist today @daffodil2010 I hope you get some answers… 💕Yes I’m hoping to have some answers soon 🤞So many of my friends have niggly issues at the moment …

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket List Day 14

    Day 14 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Today is going to be hot ! Glad I mowed the lawns yesterday, after coffee we’re putting the shade sail up already, in for a few days of this so going to make the most of it BBQ will be out, beers in the fridge.
    After last weeks success with veggie BBQ for FD think tomorrows FD could be same again!

    Take care all

    Day 14, UK, FD

    Just a quick check in. Fasting today.

    OMG! Buzz! He is so deliciously unbearable!
    Maybe the chef will mistakenly put some poison mushrooms in his maincourse ha ha ha!

    Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    I managed my FD yesterday so going for another one today, hey, maybe even tomorrow too, to make a nice B2B2B!

    I am back to work today but working at home as there are hundreds of emails to wade through (and then delete 😆), plus I have some things to save and file on my laptop as tomorrow, when I return to the office, I am getting a new laptop, so that’s for sure going to take a few hours of testing and checking everything in order. Sigh ☹️

    @songbirdme, @jaifaim, thanks for the thoughts re my foot appointment. Well, my four was scanned, gait checked, pressure points checked, and yup, it looks like plantar fasciitis alright with my walk now changed as I try to compensate for the foot pain. I still think it has something to do with the apoendicitis back in April, as in I had terrible pain in my right side and found it hard to walk properly and my left foot took the brunt of my hobbling and has done ever since.

    Anyhoo…..a custom made orthotics insoles are now ordered and the price was eye watering. But I have always looked after my feet and believe you get what you pay for. I also bought a pair of Brooks training shoes and OMG the absolute comfort of them. These will be my main shoes, with the insoles, until this pain is gone.

    @northerndawn of what a fab idea to donate hair for sick children. That is such a super idea. Well done to your DD. I have never heard of that here, but I certainly would have considered it. My eldest stepdaughter has her own salon in her house so that’s where I went, my long locks got swept up and into the bin.

    Happy hump day all. Off to see if I can log into this work laptop now 🙄

    Pocket list day 14

    Day 14 UK NFD

    South Africa on the news here last night @funshipfreddie Hope things quiet down soon

    Hoping those insoles do the trick @daffodil2010🤞

    Keeping busy today , find it easier if I’m not thinking about food

    Happy 🐫day all

    Day 14, London, UK, NFD,

    So I was in good company with @daffodil2010 and @jaifaim in falling off of the fasting wagon very very late into the day, I know, I know, it only takes 1 small morsel to start the avalanche!!!! I must remember to lock & bolt that bloomin’ kitchen door!!!

    Anyway, I promised myself that I wouldn’t play catch-up this month (a missed FD is a missed FD!), otherwise the last week would just be FDs!!! So, it’s a NFD and tomorrows FD WILL be perfect at <500cals!!

    Hope everyone is staying strong, WFH today and absolutely flat out!!! ……………………. Like a lizard drinking water!!!!

    Day 14 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Good morning. Quick check in to say hi. Those last few pounds are hanging on for dear life, urggg, 131.4 lbs, FD tomorrow. Stay strong all. 😊

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    How things can quickly unravel?! Hoping to find a few groceries today, but shops are either closed, have empty shelves &/or have been destroyed or looted. I guess I could always acquire a taste for cat food 😳.Boo Boo is blissfully unaware of the chaos going on all around her. I wish I was a cat. But hopefully the worst is over. I went out patrolling my area with a few neighbours last night, & everything seems eerily quiet. My two local supermarkets are unscathed; but one has no stock, & the other, well the queues are insane. All the unrest kicked off Sunday night/Monday, so everyone has been taken by surprise & not had a chance to stock up from the weekend.


    On a brighter note, another good fast day yesterday, & I’m just a kilo off my monthly goal/upper maintenance limit.

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    @funshipfreddie – Hi David, just been reading about some of the problems over in South Africa and read your post above. Hope everything settles down soon, take care. Barry.

    Day 14 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 224 lbs. Day two of stressful all-day meetings. Yesterday’s NFD went a little awry when my mom called me 30 minutes before I left work to ask me to pick up some take-aways. Apparently, she was making a huge stockpot of vegetable soup and decided it needed a little “something.” Not knowing the power of peppers, she threw in a half can of whole chipotle peppers and could not get the heat out. She was devastated. I tried helping with a few fixes, and the only thing we could figure out is to throw in a whole can of diced tomatoes and a quart of extra chicken stock. I think it diluted it enough as long as the chunks of pepper are fished out when eating. Honestly, I didn’t mind a super spicy vegetable soup, but I’d be the only one in the family…so I’d be eating soup for two years. Maybe this will help!

    So anyway, my Aztec Soup that I had planned to eat (yes, for some reason we both made soup on the same day) just went into the fridge. After sharing a chicken strip plate, tasting mom’s accidentally spicy soup for half an hour, and cooling my mouth with a bowl of cereal — well, that was the end of the day. Thankfully, only a pound or so of weight gain as I go into this FD.

    Good luck to all today!

    Pocket list day 14

    Yesterday’s fast went well but I did have a headache, despite having mugs of warm water throughout the day. I reserved a cup of Earl Grey till after dinner as I take mine with milk, saved the best till last! Maybe it was the caffeine talking…. I don’t know about everyone else, but it works better for me if I don’t eat on the fasting day till supper time. So to have the full 500 calories to eat then. It is too easy for me to “let loose the hunger dragon” if I ate sparingly in two meals. So far it works for me to resist and eat around 6pm. I would have a bowl of plain porridge made with water, followed by a savoury protein and vegetables plate. A bit bizarre maybe, works better for me this way. My first Barrecore class went well too. I do want to get back to exercising more, hope I can keep the commitment and discipline.

    I’m also going to try to reduce some starchy carbs, but not cutting out, by removing a portion out of the day when it is a normal eating day, like today. This year, I don’t know what happened but I love my breakfasts of porridge / no added sugar muesli and so I will keep this as is, but for lunch I could take out the Swedish rye crispbread / Scottish rough oatcakes / brown rice, etc. and have a big serving of veggies with the protein. At supper, I could have a small baked sweet potato / roasted butternut squash / roasted celeriac or some wholegrains.

    I hope patience will pay off…..eventually. I’m on week 8 of fasting and first week of incorporating additional exercises in it plus playing around with starchy carbs intake. If I kept up with this, some results may show in the winter or spring 2022? The jury is still out on this one.

    The Obesity Code book and Fast 800 cookbook have arrived, I’m looking forward to reading them and trying some recipes.

    Hope everyone is doing well today. Ciao from London.

    Day 14 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD800

    It’s been a rather stellar week so far. I must confess I’ve broken the DTF pledge, but in such a reasonable way that it feels like a success rather than a failure. There was just under half a bottle remaining of a lovely white after Sunday evening and I didn’t figure it’d be very good if I waited until Friday to drink it. Plus, after behaving myself all week, I’m going to reward myself with leftover wine?? 😜 So on Monday, around 8:30 or 9:00 (evening, of course!), I poured a small glass–half of the half. I sipped at it, enjoyed it, and was content to stop with it. I did have a little bit to nibble, but not much. Then last night, around the same time, I poured the rest of it, sipped at it, enjoyed it, and didn’t even feel the need to nibble anything with it. That’s what we always wish we could succeed at, right? Moderation. And the scale is cooperating quite nicely. So I’m not feeling anything but pride at the kind of behavior that loses weight. Now to maintain such control every single day!

    @daffodil2010 When I went to the doctor with my plantar fasciitis, he told me NEVER to go without shoes. EVER. As in, when getting up in the middle of the night, have my shoes at the side of the bed and walk in my shoes to the bathroom. Did you doctor say the same thing? It’s probably worth following that instruction.

    Oh, @funshipfreddie, what a horrible image of that child falling! So glad it was caught and the mom got out safely, but the picture and the article brought home to me just how awful the situation is for your country. Prayers that things improve soon!

    @gkw You might add the standard heading on your posts so we know where you are; it’s relevant to us all because being cold on a FD in July in London is very different from being cold on a FD in Canada in January, LOL! I do the same thing as you on a FD; I never eat breakfast anyway (haven’t since 1976), so I’m only skipping lunch, and then to have all 500 calories at once makes for an impressive amount of food if I choose that food carefully. Have you lost any weight at all so far in your fasting journey?

    One piano lesson to teach today, a little tidying, and the rest of the day in my sewing room. Only in January and July do I have nearly unlimited time to sew (I’m piecing together a quilt) and I’m sure enjoying! Plus, it keeps me busy enough that I forget about food, so that’s a win-win!

    Good luck with succeeding in whatever you have planned for today/this evening!

    Day 14 – UK – TDEE

    I have been absent since my last post on Day 8!!!!

    Woke up on Day 9 with a severe case of vertigo – I suffer with BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) and felt dizzy and nauseated for most of the next 48hrs and it has taken me until today to feel more or less normal!! Last episode of this was over 2 years ago but this one was by far the worst I have experienced…….

    No fasting but no EFS either and I have decided to give fasting a miss for this week…..

    Have been unable to read and catch up with the posts so hoping that everyone is doing OK and staying healthy 🤗

    Went to a gentle yoga class today and then had lunch sitting in the garden of our favourite cafe with a good friend – nice to be doing normal things after these past 5 days….

    The sun is shining so I’m off to sit in the garden and relax for an hour

    Second post

    I was wondering at your silence, @at! DH also suffers from vertigo, although it’s been a long time since he had an attack–and that is what it is, is an ATTACK! So I know exactly how you suffered, and am so glad you’re finally on the mend. I hope it resolves entirely and doesn’t return!!!

    Day 14 USA – NFD

    Went over TDEE some yesterday, but it wasn’t terrible for a Day After Fast Day. I will be more controlled today.

    @daffodil2010 – sure do hope the orthotics do the trick for you. My plantar fasciitis began from walking the streets of Rome on a walking tour back in 2009. After we got home, I read up about all the remedies and treatments of the day, but I opted to just tough it out. Took about 2 years for the pain to go away. Sure hope yours heals much faster. I like @stitchincarol and her advice about never going without shoes, although I do tread barefoot at times.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 14 MN/USA OMAD

    I’m heading off for the dentist: having an old amalgam filling drilled out and replaced with whatever they use now. The sound of a drill makes me break into a cold sweat, even though my dentist is lovely and gentle and numbs everything well. I figure by the time feeling returns I will bet able to have a nice OMAD supper.

    @funshipfreddie – Thanks for the link! You are in my thoughts! please, stay safe.
    @daffodil2010- I hope your inserts and new Brooks shoes sort out your foot problems. I must look into that brand of shoe.
    @i-hate-lettice – Is a shade sail the same as a patio umbrella or a canopy of some sort? It’s what I imagine, anyway. Stay cool and/or hydrated!

    Back later, to comment further, I hope.
    Stay strong and focused.

    Day 14 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Today has been a blur of housework. I did manage to fit in a brisk lunch time walk. Keeping well within TDEE…..and DTF.

    @stitchincarol I wish I could stop at one glass of wine but when a bottle is open I just want to keep drinking until it is drained 😳 so I really admire your self control.

    @funshipfreddie I hope you don’t have to resort to eating Boo Boo’s food! Stay safe 🤗 at least it sounds like you have a calming companion 🐈

    @at sorry to hear you’ve been feeling rough, speedy recovery 🤗

    Hope today’s fasters are doing well. It will be my turn tomorrow 🙂

    Second Post

    @at – Very sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so unwell. But I’m glad you are on the mend, and I think foregoing fasting this week is the best thing to do under your circumstances. Do you have any idea what might bring such an episode on? Hopefully that’s the last you’ll see of BPPV for another couple of years.

    @missybear – It sounds like you’ve got a good day going for you! And lot’s of exercise….house work is good exercise, after all.

    I hope all of you fasters had a great day. See you tomorrow!

    Day 15. Brisbane, Australia

    Hi, everyone,

    About time I wrote something. I read and enjoy your posts every day, but am slack about writing. Note to self: Ok Lyn, be kind to yourself – you have a lot of changes happening at the moment, and you know you don’t cope as well as you used to.

    I’m thrilled with my new regime! I’m enjoying a different type of food, and I’ve gone from 104.5kg to 101.8 in 3 weeks! I wonder if I’m losing a bit too fast, as I feel a bit light-headed most of the time, and tire very quickly, but actually those have both been par for the course since I sustained heart damage due to sepsis last year. Wiped me out for ages – it was 9 months before I could even make a sandwich!

    I said I’d let you all know how I got on with my diabetes educator wrt dieting. Basically, she said I was trying to do too many things at once. I have to stop trying intermittent dieting for now, and just concentrate on 5:2. next step is to change my Byetta (a twice-daily injection) for a new drug which is once a week. This takes 4 weeks, as you have to develop a level of the new drug, so for the first 2 weeks you have both, then drop to 1 Byetta a day for 2 weeks, then just have the new one.

    The next step will depend on how I am going. It may be to introduce limited intermittent dieting, or may be to reduce/eliminate insulin injections. Wouldn’t it be a change to have only 1 injection a week, instead of 4 a day?!

    In the meantime, I have to have at least 800 calories on fast days, preferably 1000, and 1500 on other days. I walk most days, about half an hour, which is about 1 to 1.5 km, as I’m slow, and use a wheely walker. But I’m losing weight consistently, so that’s great! I know the first bit can be the easiest, but even so, it’s loss (or gain, depending how you view it)!

    I had a good fast day yesterday. It was supposed to be Tuesday, but we visited our son, and our grandson, who’s a chef, and is completing pastrycook training, brought out slices of a beautiful chocolate mousse tart. So there went my 1000 calorie day!

    I’ve rambled on a bit, I’m afraid. I hope it isn’t too boring.

    Thanks to you all for your posts, I really enjoy them, and get some good tips from them.

    Bye for now.

    Day 15 UK, NFD/CD

    Very quick check-in as busy but wanted to check in for accountability

    Good fast day yesterday

    Still hovering at 3.6 lb above target weight

    Final fast day of the week planned for tomorrow to complete my 4:3

    Promises to myself for the rest of the week:

    1. Today will be a controlled day
    2. Saturday will be a controlled day!
    3. Sunday will be a TRE day
    4. Sunday will also be a ZBC day

    AIM by next Wednesday 21st : To have lost one more pound in weight.

    Day 15 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    What a glorious morning, it’s going to be hot and sunny!

    @northerndawn – yes, the sail shade is very much as it sounds, but because of the material keeps out 95% of the suns rays. The decking are is 3×3 m, the shade a 4×3 m square, only takes a minute to put up/down, very light and not only covers the decking but the BBQ area as well. One of our best buys!

    @lyndyhw – slowly does it, don’t worry too much about any sudden gain, that happens for no apparent reason, it’s the nice slow steady loss that seems to work best, not as exciting, but if the ‘tracker graph’ keeps heading in that slow downward slope you suddenly realise the 5:2 WOL works quite well.

    Take care all

    Day 15 Pocket list

    Day 15 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    3rd of B2B2B . Yay, I am really going to go for it. Back to the office today for the first time in 4 weeks and, strangely, I am looking forward to it!!! I do enjoy my job and it’s great to get back to normal and meet the (socially distanced and mask-wearing) team again.

    Yesterday I followed the TRE method where it was liquid only until around 4.30 or so, then had kefir, and spinach soup and large salad for dinner, small snackeen of raisins for potassium. Feel good enough to go today again.

    @stitchincarol, no, I wasn’t told never to go barefoot but that might be one of the causes as I have been schlepping about barefoot in the house since last year once grounding/ earthing was discovered. I also was walking a lot around the garden barefoot when I came home from hospital in April, and though mainly lawn we do have tiles and concrete…it may have strained the foot. I still ground myself everyday, but I better wear shoes until this is healed.

    @songbirdme Oh my, well done for toughing it out for two years. I simply can’t. I may have a high pain threshold but not when it comes to my feet, plus my girlfriends and I are planning a rail journey through Andalucia in Southern Spain next May and the thought of hobbling around with plantar fasciitis in Seville and Córdoba..just no. I really really hope these orthotics work!!

    @funshipfreddie Thinking of you, please take care. I hope you find some peace soon.

    @at hope you feel better now, such a thing to attack from the blue, I hope you will be free for years and years after this.

    @lyndyhw Great to hear your regime is going well and here’s wishing you the best going forward. You certainly didn’t ramble, that’s what this forum is for, sharing is caring ☺️ Sometimes some of us drop a one-liner, other times it’s a long story, but no matter what, every post is welcome.

    Have a great Thursday everyone, got to get back into my commuting routine again, luckily my drive to work is only 15 minutes so nothing too bad.

    Day 15 – Ireland – CD

    Salut! I enjoyed le 14 with some of my french friends yesterday… just a beach walk and some vin 🍷.
    This is week is turning out to be not so good but I won’t say “bad”… I’m mindful and that’s the mist important and these have been rubbish times so fun is important…

    I’ll get there..
    @at sorry to hear about your vertigo! And hope you are in the mend!
    @daffodil2010 I’m glad to hear you have a solution for the PF
    @lyndyhw welcome back!! don’t feel like you have to post but it’s great to hear from you! Well done on the loss 👏
    @northerndawn thanks for keeping us motivated!👏
    I know my fasting is lacking but I am trying to keep the habit of posting… 👍👍 then it might all come together 🤞

    Hi to everyone else! I’m on my bike and stopped for coffee so better get to work… @missybear I could do with some of your energy for housework… 😂😂

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    2nd post..
    Oops clearly my English is also deteriorating this week 😂 apologies for typos above 🙄

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Thank you Barry, @stitchincarol, @northerndawn, @missybear & @daffodil2010 for your kind words. Things are starting to improve. I didn’t find any groceries yesterday. I tried to get to a mall a few km away, but couldn’t even get into the suburb because of road blocks; then I heard the mall was closed anyway. I couldn’t get off the highway for ages, & I finished up doing 45 km just to get back home! It was horrifying to see the destruction, fires still burning & the highways strewn with junk & abandoned stolen goods, even though I’d seen it on the news. Anyway, our local Hypermarket is opening today. It opened at 8:30 am; I heard people were already queuing at 5:30 am! They’re restricting the number of items you can buy to 20. Ironically, because of fasting I guess, I really haven’t been panicking about food. I’ve still got 6 eggs, a can of tuna, a can of soup, a couple of carrots & a little cheese & could probably hold out a couple of more days before I join those long queues 😏

    @at, ugh, that sounds very unpleasant. Hope you’re fully recovered soon!

    @lyndyhw – best of luck reaching all your goals; I hope you can manage to switch to that new diabetes drug!

    An interesting article from Liz Jones of the UK Mail:-

    “So far 2021 is like looking both ways before crossing the street and then getting hit by an airplane” ~ A South African

    Pocket List – Day 15 🍒

    Day 15, London, UK, FD,

    Yesterdays’ NFD involved a lot of cheese ……………. ‘Nuff said!!!

    @funshipfreddie, could this be the time for an extended water fast?????? Maybe not, it’s a stressful situation, I couldn’t even imagine it!! The right to protest becomes confused with those who see an ‘opportunity’, no judgement here, if wealth & opportunity were more equally distributed, apart from the psycho’s out there, would crime be eradicated completely🙏??? I know, it’s far too early for that question!!! On another note, my mums cat is called Bo-Bo🐱 and he rules the house with a razor sharp claw and an irresistibly strokable tummy!!!Stay safe!!

    @lyndyhw, as a seasoned procrastinator, I love a long post As it keeps me from doing those things I’m supposed to do😂!! Just under 1kg/week sounds fine to me, the speedy losses at the beginning are so motivating when you realise ………………… “This isn’t THAT hard!!!”

    @at, that sounds sooo debilitating, take care of yourself and stick to gentle exercise & some serious self-care ❤

    @high5, I love the daily list ………………. I figure the key word for your next week is ‘Control’💪. I’m always ZBC, although for some reason, holidays always become HBC (Humungous Breakfast club 😊) Yesterday I had bacon and eggs for my dinner with sauteed mushrooms, I know it was missing the toast and I wasn’t fooling myself, but as a limited egg eater, I really, really enjoyed it!! I just had a hankering🤣!!!!

    @jaifaim, I just assumed the typos were vin🍷🍷 related!!!

    @funshipfreddie, I love that quote!!!✈

    Keep the faith folks, we’ve got this!!!

    “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

    Pocket List – Day 15 🍒

    Day 15 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Feeling hungry this morning but the forecast is for a hot sunny day so I will go for my daily walk before my egg brunch, should motivate to walk briskly…. I’m already looking forward to an omelette and coffee when I get back.

    @lyndyhw welcome, it sounds like you have a good plan organised and doing well.

    Strength to my fellow Thursday fasters.

    Pocket List – Day 15 🍒

    Day 15 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    I was supposed to fast today but I have a lunch date with my lovely niece so I’ll enjoy my time with her. Take care all.

    @at – so sorry to hear about your vertigo. You are such a fit active person it must be difficult for you to slow down. Very wise to limit the fasting, feel better soon.
    @high5 – you and I seem to be stuck on the same number, my goal is 128, my weight is 131.4. Darn it all, I cannot seem to complete a proper FD, maybe because it’s summer and there are so many fun eating/drinking opportunities, especially during this post-Covid time. Thanks for your plan, I too will lose 1 pound by the 21st!
    @funshipfreddie – so sorry to hear of the problems and upset in your country. Love your quote!
    @flourbaby – hilarious ‘just assumed the typos were vin related’ ha ha ha

    Day 15 North canton OH FD

    Hello everyone! Its been a busy week for me and I just have not had time to check in, but I see so much has happened while I have been gone.

    @funshipfreddie how awful! will keep you in my thoughts, praying for your safety. @flourbaby has an idea I can get behind though, time for an extended waterfast?

    I too have been staying away from the news lately for my sanity because every time I watch, I get upset or depressed. I should do better though to stay informed.

    @stitchincarol well done on the restraint with the vino. You are right, that is what we are all aiming towards

    @at feel better! OH had the same problem and then it went away, I hope it never comes back. His came with a lot of nausea and vomiting. Not good at all

    @daffodil2010 you have taken control of your fasting regimen and I am sure your foot problems will be fixed soon

    This will probably be my last post until we return from our beach vacation. Stay strong, practice self care, and take one day at a time – sufficient for the day are the problems thereof

    “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…its about learning to dance in the rain-Vivian Greene

    Day 15 – UK – TDEE

    Woke up to a gorgeous sunny and hot day – out early for a 9am Happy Hour (aerobics) class and it was still a hot one 🥵 Feeling so much better, still took it easy in class but all good!

    Back home and sat in the garden in the shade for a brunch of avocado, eggs and sourdough toast with a cup of tea 😋

    Now time for a catch up on the forum and just wanted to say thank you for your caring comments 🤗

    @daffodil2010 – sure hope that the orthotics help with your feet – my plantar fasciitis was resolved years ago when I suffered from it, with a steroid injection into the sole of my foot by an orthopaedic surgeon colleague when I was still working – I remain eternally grateful to her!
    @northerndawn – sympathies re the dental visit – I live in dread that they might want to replace old fillings but so far all good on my 6 monthly visits🤞 There is no known cause for my BPPV and it’s called idiopathic BPPV – luckily I have only suffered from 3 episodes since I was diagnosed over 10 years ago!!
    @i-hate-lettuce – you’ll certainly be glad of your shade sail with this gorgeous weather – mightily hot in the sun but lovely in the shade in my garden!
    @lyndyhw – good to hear that your medical team is working with you on your diabetes and your fasting regime – thanks for the update and your post was far from boring x
    @high5 – great to read your positive posts and your promise to yourself this week!
    @daffodil2010 – 3rd B2B you’ve got this
    @jaifaim – sounds a lovely way to celebrate your Bastille Day 🇫🇷
    @funshipfreddie – sounds like your lockdown is a bit grim – makes me realise how relatively painless ours was – was very lucky to have had no shortage of food/products and to have a huge outdoor area available to me from my doorsteps
    @basyjames – fingers cross it’s a long time before I have another episode – for me turning my head to the right made me very dizzy to the extent of almost passing out and very nauseated but so glad to be back to normal although I am being a bit tentative with sudden movements just in case……have a fab vacation at the beach 🏖

    I have collected a glut of blackcurrants and gooseberries from the garden this week – yesterday I made a Blackcurrant and Vanilla Custard Tart, Blackcurrant Compote and planning a Gooseberry and Elderflower cake tomorrow and the rest will be stewed and frozen for a crumble/pie at some stage and if I’m lucky it looks like I might get a 3rd small crop from my rhubarb soon 🤞

    Right I’m heading back indoors for a cooling shower and a relax with my book for an hour or so…..Planning on attending a Pilates class at 6pm then a light supper of mixed vegetable frittata with a salad which should keep me to under TDEE

    “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love – then make that day count!“ Steve Maraboli

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