Juicing on Fast Days

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  • Hello everyone at the forum and I look forward to getting to know people. I have dipped into the Fast Diet before, but I really want to make a go of it this time. I have had great success previously (and loved) Jason Vale’s juice diets and wondered what people thought of me just having fresh fruit and veg juice on fast days. I have a juice – I would have to work the calories out but was thinking three big glasses of fruit and veg juice per day on a Fast Day would set me up a treat!

    I believe as long as you are under 500/600 calories, you should be good. But if you can include fiber and all it is probably better.

    We all have to work this program in a way that works for us. If you’ve had success with juice fasts, that’s great. You’ve found what works for you! I need a lot of protein. If I had juice on my fast days my blood sugar would be messed with and I would be tired and irritable.

    I make a huge shake of soy milk, nutritional yeast flakes, vanilla and splenda and have half for lunch and half in the evening. Plus tons of rooibos tea, decaf coffee and a very low calorie soup for the rest of the day. All equal exactly 500 cals. I think the beauty of this plan is that we all find a unique way to make it work for us.

    I tend to make miso soup and add the veggies whole. Fibre stays in your stomach longer and helps kep cravings at bay!

    “fresh fruit and veg juice on fast days. I have a juice – I would have to work the calories out but was thinking three big glasses of fruit and veg juice per day on a Fast Day would set me up a treat!”

    Hmmm..great idea.

    I may consider this.

    This has got me thinking. I like the idea of juicing, but my blood sugar gets crazy and I get the jitters. But maybe the shakes or miso soup sound very good. I am starting again today. 🙂 Miso now on my shopping list. Maybe I could add a few rice noodles?

    Hey Saskia! That name doesn’t sound very English-like… Hmmm.

    Oh well, I think you should just do what you feel like doing (and what feels good doing it!) Try it out and see if you still feel healthy and energetic, and see if the weight comes off like you want (or whether other health things improve, depending on your goals).

    Launching Monday! Have lost 1.5 stone on fast diet since sept, have done 7lb in 7 days and 5lb in 5 days before. Starting with unblocker for fibre reasons and arthritic relief as my 2 juices for fast days. Gonna give it Jan and see how it pans out, will let you know!!

    I love the idea of juicing, but the problem is that juices contain a lot of calories and they do not really fill you up.
    I have a juicer at home but I’ve been horrified to realize how many calories one of my veggy juices contains, even when I do them with a little bit of carrots, kale, beets and spinach. One glass can easily contain more than 250 cal!
    Anyhow, now I am not so sure about my juices anymore.

    ” I am not so sure about my juices anymore.”

    Same here.

    Leaving the solids doesn’t make sense to me.

    I’m searching for a blender now.

    Juice alone doesn’t satiate …in the faq Michael does point out that, for example, 3 apples will fill you up and keep you satiated for a good while, the juice of 3 apples will not do this – but the calorie value is much the same.

    I always prefer to have the whole fruit or veg, raw or made into soup or a smoothie, as it fills me up better.

    Has anyone got a nutribullet and used it on their fast days, I have just bought one and liked the idea better than a juicer because it uses the whole veg and fruit and you add water to thin it and you get all the goodness and fibre, I was just wondering if anyone has used it and what success they have had?

    Hello, no, I haven’t, but I’d be interested to hear what you think of yours? I have a really nice quality slow juicer and the pulp comes out almost dry, but I’d like to try this blender which gives you all the fibre too.

    Apparently crunchy foods will make you feel fuller a lot longer than soft foods. So if you could keep your veggies and fruit crunchy (whole or in big chunks) you will feel satiated a lot longer. That’s why crispy bread (like a baguette) will make you feel a lot fuller than brioche-type bread.

    One of my favourite meals is home-made soup I make in 2 stages. For instance, I’ll first boil some vegetables like leek and broccoli and then blitz those. Then add some more veggies (like carrots, peppers and tomatoes) but leave them in chunks. I get the full feeling of the creamy thickness but also a good amount of bite so I can actually chew something.

    Works a charm for me. Do it every Monday. My whole family like it. Even the non-dieters.

    I guess the best way would be to try out and see, but I suspect protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and a high veggie dinner would be better. Which is what I found works best for me.

    You have to be careful when selecting a protein shake because they can go anywhere from 90 calories to 1000 calories! But there is a good selection of tasty shakes for around 100 calories.

    Hi @fattofit & @fastfairy1 – I used to have a nutribullet & liked it very much. I got given the gift of a vitamix which I love but does the same jobs. I’ve used it to make plentiful soups (I just don’t blitz stuff to a pulp as I like it chunky) which I will do a lot more of in the winter.

    Otherwise I’m less keen on the idea of drinking smoothies/juices on a fast day (on a non-fast day I am definitely a fan!) as I personally need solid food. But if it works for you then definitely go for it, I’m sure your body will feel great from all the fresh veg/fruit! Would definitely recommend more ‘green’ smoothies as with a lot of fruit the calories will add up quickly.

    I have a nutribullet and have just bought kale spinach and broccoli. I am on my first fast day. Would this be ok today and how do you work outvtge calories??

    Isn’t juice only the sugar and the liquid, with not much nutrition left? Fiber is useful. Protein is excellent. I guess I’m a proponent of whole food.

    Personally not a big fan of juicing. It destroys your sense of portion size as well as unlocking the sugars from the fibre.

    Jace, you work out the calories by going to a reliable calorie-counting source [ex: CalorieKing on line], weighing out all the ingredients and determining the value of each. Check out the protein and fat too. Then if the whole batch = 600 calories and you drink half, you know the food value. Tedious but doable. i do this for each meal we eat on Fast Days and put it on a note card in a file box.
    I try for 12-15 g protein for breakfasts and 20+ g protein for dinners.

    the Juice Fast was pretty incredible. I don’t know why they call it “fasting” – because it is truly a JUICE FEAST! We are drinking so much juice – it’s surprising we haven’t turned into vegetables and starting growing kale out of our ears.

    This fast has been much easier than I ever imagined with little to no major issues physically or mentally. I can see myself doing one day juice fasts all the time. You feel so light and energetic – this could be really addictive.

    I’ve just joined, having googled to see if there was any info on juicing on a fast day. having felt well on fruit and veg juice fasts in the past for a while before having blood sugar issues after a few days, and found your post Saskia. I had come to the conclusion that veg only juices might be an answer. I treated myself to some pre-made veg only juices recently, and realised that the calorie count for a whole day was only about 240cals, it’s low carb, and does retain much of the nutrition of the solid veg – vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the raw produce, so that I could also have 2 protein shakes in the day and do a 5:2 diet (I’ve never been able to make it work for me using solid food – I just want to eat too much!) But the juice makes me feel clear headed and alert. I use psyllium husks (Lepicol) anyway for diverticular disease, so they go in my protein shake. My gut doesn’t cope with too much raw veg and salad, but the soluble fibre in veg juice is gentle.

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