January's Small Group Accountability Challenge!

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January's Small Group Accountability Challenge!

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  • Welcome to the first Small Group Accountability Challenge of 2017! Apologies for starting a day late. This is originally @willworkforhealth‘s group and if she wants to take over at any stage I will happily step down.

    How it works:

    First of all a quick post to introduce yourself and let me know your goal for January, your goal can be in terms of weight, exercise commitment, diet commitment or anything else.
    Then post as often as you like to let me know about your fast days (FD) and non-fast days (NFD), the easiest way to do this is to post “Day# or Jan# = FD or NFD”

    I will then update the spreadsheet for everyone, you can keep track of it here:

    We already have 3 of the 12 spaces available filled so I hope we have a busy, motivated and focused spreadsheet and thread to start 2017 with a bang!

    Day 1 NFD
    Day 2 & 3 FD
    Thanks xamos for organising us😊
    Yesterday was my first full water fast day and today is number 2 of the planned 5 days.
    All my reading says not to exercise much in a 5 day water fast so I spent yesterday doing the garden with no other activity which felt odd, but it was also a public holiday as New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday in New Zealand so we observe Monday as a public holiday…long story short, the gym was closed so I wasn’t able to go there anyway!
    I’m going to have a walk today just because I will go stir crazy trying to last a whole week with no exercise but I figure a walk is gentle and without major sweating I shouldn’t upset my electrolyte balance.
    So far feelling good, kind of a big leap from never completing a 36 hour water fast to 5 days but in a lot of ways it feels easier mentally and fine so far physically

    Hi @lany36 good to see you here, thanks for your support 🙂

    I agree it’s best to keep exercise light, some schools of thought even recommend complete bed rest during an extended water fast! However I think it’s best to just listen to your body.

    Glad you’re going strong 🙂

    Hello Everyone 🙂 I just recently joined but I would love to be a part of the January Challenge. I decided to join the 5:2 because I am not really a good dieter alone without support and I never knew there were these opportunities online 🙂 My goal for January will be to stick to it and lose weight any weight lost is positive so I wont guess and to build up my confidence 🙂

    Since I am starting today I guess yesterday and today were my NFD and tomorrow will be my FD, I hope I got that right 🙂

    Anyways thank you for having me and I will be glad to be a part of the group 🙂

    Hello everyone and thank you @xamos for organising the January group.

    I failed miserably in December, last two weeks were particularly shocking.

    I would like to blame various things on that but I won’t. Because I know that I could’ve been better.

    Never mind, I will start again. My goal for January is very ambitious, 10 pounds. This includes the amount I put on during those two weeks!

    Fasting today (first fast of Jan), I feel like I need 1:6 this week.

    Good luck everyone.


    I am a brand new faster whom read ‘The Fast Diet: revised edition’ over Christmas with the intention of embarking on this journey in the New Year. So here I am!

    I am a 26 year old nursing student and grossly overweight at my heaviest of 15st 11lbs (221lbs).
    It really hits home when I write my weight down 🙁

    I want to feel healthier, happier and fitter, I have a 6 month goal of a 3 stone loss so am aiming to be 12st 11lbs by July 3rd 2017.

    Weigh days are going to be Monday mornings!
    1st mini goal = 6lbs by Monday 30th Jan.

    Len8 x

    Hello @pickles_thee_cat, lovely to have you! Glad you found us, I’ve put you on the spreadsheet and updated your days so far 🙂 let us know how you got on with your first fast day!

    Hello @tanchora nice to see you here 🙂 I also let the team down considerably in December, however for the fast days I did manage this group definitely made all the difference when I was craving sweets! Hahah 1:6 is exactly what @lany36 is doing! I’m excited to hear the results of her 5 day water fast. I’ve added you to the spreadsheet and updated 🙂

    @lany36 have you thought about how you are going to break your fast? It sounds as if you’ve done a lot of research already but if you’d like to talk about that at all I have done a lot of reading in the past 🙂 also what’s your goal for this month?

    I’m personally aiming for 5:2 this week rather than ADF, I’m still at home in South East England until the 7th January when I take a train up to Glasgow where I live most of the time so I’m going to take that opportunity to fast on the train 🙂


    Forgot to add FD & NFD
    Started yesterday
    JAN 2nd NFD
    JAN 3rd FD & JAN 8TH FD

    Oops hello @l.e.n.8 I was writing the post above when you posted! Great to have you, thank you for joining and making this commitment to yourself!

    Don’t be hard on yourself 🙂 you are where you are, now we’re all here to support you while you work on yourself and become the healthier, happier and fitter person you deserve to be. I’m 22 and currently study part time while working a full time job so I totally understand the stresses of studying, and nursing is a particularly demanding one.

    Your goals sound more than achievable, do let us know how you get on and how your first fast day(s) go. I’ve added you to the spreadsheet, was your first Fast Day today?

    EDIT: Haha it happened again! Just seen your FD & NFD update. Thanks 🙂


    I would like to join this group – it is Jan 3 and i will do my first FD tomorrow. Today i am planning.
    My goal for this month is to lose 10 lbs. I am sure some water weight will come off as well – I am really looking forward to being healthier in many ways!
    My body aches from not exercising – my feet ache for hauling me around i think. I am about 60 lbs overweight at this time – 220 LBS i think. I got married 1.5 years ago and have gained 40 lbs!!! UGH.
    So – happy to be here and have support!

    Hello @grins, welcome 🙂

    Well done for making this commitment to yourself for 2017, we are all here rooting for you and will support you all the way.

    We’re all in similar positions to varying degrees and also have a variety of experience with fasting, let us know if we can help with planning and do let us know how your first fast goes 🙂

    I have added you to the spreadsheet and updated it for you, good luck!


    Good morning All! Would like to join, my goal is to lose 1-1.5 pounds per week with a focus on logging my food in MY Fitness Pal for all days. I’ve made great strides to improve eating behavior over the last couple years but need to get past the mid-afternoon fatigue/carb cravings.

    OK – my first FD day – so far so good. My plan is to eat lunch and dinner today and spread my 500 cals between them – mostly at dinner.
    I have set my calendar for January – my next fD will be Sunday the 8th, then Tuedsay the 10th and Thursday the 12th, Mon 1/16, Wed. 1/18. Mon. 1/23, Wed. 1/25, Mon. 1/30. Excited to start feeling less bloaded. Also walking and Yoga today. THanks everyone for your support – Good luck to all.

    Hello @lessofme34 thanks for joining 🙂 I’ve amended your goal slightly to fit better on the spreadsheet – hope that’s okay. When was/is your first fast day? Great work on the changes you’ve made already, check this article out r.e. mid-afternoon issues, hopefully it gives you some ideas 🙂

    @grins glad to hear you’re doing well! Hope the rest of the fast was as successful and your walking and yoga were relaxing. We tend to update the spreadsheet as we do the fasts (or 2/3 days in advance) as life can sometimes get in the way despite our best intentions so I wont list all of your fast days right now but do keep us updated on how they go as you do them 🙂 I’ve updated for your first two.

    @mystic – are you with us?


    Thanks for having me this month. My goals are 2 fast days per week.

    JAN 1-4 NFD
    JAN 5th FD

    Day 4&5 NFD
    Day 6 FD

    So…strange & unexpected development on day 3 of my fast. I woke up feeling fantastic, not even mildly hungry and somehow forgot that I was water fasting. I’d gone to our holiday house and my habit there has always been to get up every morning and head straight out for a mountain run or walk depending on the mood that strikes me….so, I woke up, felt normal and headed out the door.
    The first 2km is flat and easy then 3km straight up the mountain road then 3km down and the obvious 2km flat home.
    Nothing too odd about any of this and I’ve repeated the loop hundreds of times over the years…except not when I’ve gone about 68 hours with nothing but water for fuel.
    Turns out that may not have been my best idea ever.
    At about 1/2 way up the mountain I started to feel weird, my chest felt fluttery (if that’s a word) and I had a strange thump in my chest/throat that banged then stopped for a second then banged really fast…about this stage I remembered I was heavily into a fasting state and not meant to be running mountains, oops!
    I struggled to the top and knew I’d made a silly mistake, the walk/bent over hobble/stop and lean casually like nothing’s wrong trip home took a considerable time and I kept feeling worse all the way.
    So very long story short I ate for safety reasons as soon as I limped inside.
    I took a NFD today and plan to water fast again for just the normal 36hours tomorrow….lesson learned.
    It was comforting to note that I felt so good I forgot I was fasting…as for the rest of it, enough said really!!!

    Oh dear that sounds scary. I do take it easy on the second day of fasting, as I know stamina is reduced. 68 hours on water is amazing!

    Hey @mystic thanks for joining us 🙂 I’ve updated for you.

    Oh dear @lany36 that must have been worrying, hope you’re feeling better now. As you say it’s a good sign you were feeling so positive, if you ever try again I’m sure you’ll do brilliantly after this learning curve. Spreadsheet updated for you.

    I’m off to dinner at my former Physics teacher’s house this evening, he lives with his identical twin and they are both adorable! I haven’t seen them in at least 2 years now so I’m excited to catch up with them, plus they always cook lovely food 🙂


    hello people!

    @xamos I would very much like to join this!!

    A little about me people, 31, mother of 1, getting married in April, fat at 18st 6lbs. Not my heaviest but got this way because I have no self control and suffered with some medical issues. These are now sorted and im trying to get healthy after many failed attempts.

    After seeing my fit and healthy dad suffer 2 strokes and a heart attack the other year it made me realise how close I am to one myself, an if that did happen I only have myself to blame!

    Im hoping to loose 2lb each week, more would be fantastic but im not setting my goals too high.

    Ill be posting here a lot for support so I will apologise now for boring you all xx

    Hello HippyHales!
    Welcome to the group!

    Good morning all – at least here in the US! Welcome HippyHales and Lany36, glad all turned out ok – scary!
    My first FD was great, easy! It was my 2nd yoga class ever and I enjoyed it. 12,000 steps in yesterday. Today – I am going to hold off eating until lunch, I think – that will give me 17-18 hours since I Had dinner on my FD. Seem to be doing fine, even after making my kids breakfast this morning and not eating!
    Have a great day everyone!

    Hello back at you and thank you!

    Im looking forward to this for once in my life.


    Hello again @hippyhayles 🙂 thanks for joining! I’ve popped you and your goal on the spreadsheet, did you say you’ve done a fast day already? Or when is your first one planned? Sorry to hear about your dad. We’re all here to support and provide advise so please post away 🙂

    Hey @l.e.n.8 how are your non-fast days going?

    @grins fantastic! Really glad you’re getting on so well, congratulations. 12,000 steps is loads!

    I’m really happy about how this group is shaping up for this month 🙂 Thank you everyone!


    Well today I went out for lunch, and chose red lentil soup to atart and caeser salad with chicken, anchivies and a baked potato. Could have so easily been lasagne and chips!!
    But that was a mini victory for me!

    My 12,000 steps…were indoors…It was -20F this morning which is -28.88889C I am in Minnesota!
    Hope the rest of you are much warmer!

    @xamos my FD were Monday and today! Im going to stick to these days as they are my quietest days at work.

    @len8 well done you, its always the little things that mean the most, ive refused my fave boiled sweets every day since last week!! no that is killing me, cant beat a rhubarb and custard sweet.

    @grins wow, that cold, I thought it was bad this morning when I got at and it was -4 in the Uk!

    @l.e.n.8 congratulations 🙂 my dad made lasagne the other day, as I’m only here for a couple more days I’m afraid I couldn’t resist! Nothing much nicer than a home cooked lasagne 🙂

    @grins now I’m intrigued even more! How did you manage that? Walking round the house?

    @hippyhayles great thank you 🙂 I’ll update you on the spreadsheet now.


    @xamos – no, we have a community center – with track and machines…on my way again soon. Needing to make a lifetime commitment here on exercise – have gotten in good strong shape too many times and completely let it go – to have to start all over again…but, luckily EVERY DAY IS A BRAND NEW DAY, to do just that!!!

    @xamos home made lasagne is THE best!!! I’ve resigned from cooking on my FD to stop me picking at food (another thing that got me so fat!) so I will be going home and taking our dog out on a nice long walk. By the time I get back they will have eaten and I can relax.

    @grins that sounds like fighting talk! good luck!


    Is there room for one more in this small group? I hope so but no problem if you are full up.

    I want need to lose 2 kilos this month.
    I am a domestic goddess and enjoy making home made food. E.g. Lasagna. Cheese and potato pie, quiche, veggie curries, home made bread.
    Also I am a writer. I must work hard this year as I’m aiming to complete and publish a novel.
    As I’m at home a lot I tend to have access to lots of food.
    Oh, and I’m currently vegan-ish with the occasional omelette thrown in, so vegetarian really. Finding high protein low carb choices is difficult. I am trying to combine 5:2 with low carb Veganism

    Ahh @grins that makes more sense. Loving your motivation – I’ve signed myself up for a Half Marathon in August next year so I need to get training!

    @hippyhayles that sounds like a good plan. What type of dog do you have? I have a little Jack Russel at home here in England and I miss him terribly when I go back to my place in Glasgow.

    @smeagle of course there’s room, lovely to have you 🙂 I’m glad someone else is using Metric units like me 😉 domestic goddess indeed – that all sounds lovely, I haven’t had cheese potato pie in ages.

    I also have access to a lot of food at work – loads of sweets labelled “help yourself” which can be a huge test of willpower!

    Out of interest, why the choice to go low carb vegan? I know that can be tricky, I love lentils and while they’re not strictly low carb they’re good enough for you to be forgiven in my mind!

    I’ve added you to the spreadsheet, which was/is your first fast day?


    Hi there Xamos!
    I have been vegetarian for ages. Then I had a family bereavement and I observed some religious customs, even though I am not religious, and this involved being vegan. Afterwards it seemed natural to stay vegan.

    Yes, lentils are tricky because they are a carb and a bit of protein. I like to eat them on non-fasting days. Sometimes I am a terrible cook so my lentil curries can be either dreadful or gourmet, and there is no knowing until it is done.
    My first fast day was Monday. So today is my second fasting day and probably why I am v tired and not concentrating.

    Thanks for the group!

    Oops, actually my first fast was Tuesday, and then again today.

    Hi all 🙂 I’m now back from Antarctica (where fasting wouldn’t have been sensible), and would love to rejoin the small group if I can? Is there space?

    If so, Days 1-5 have been NFD. And my goal is to track my eating for the rest of the month, on NFDs as well as FDs.

    Also, @lany36 – I see you’re a fellow kiwi! Where do you live?

    good morning people!! Hope you are all well.

    Well Friday morning is my weigh in day… and I’ve lost 5lbs this week!! I’m so so happy!

    Really feeling good today!

    @xamos we have a Yorkshire terrier cross. He’s a bigish dog and loves going on his walks. He’s loving me being on the health kick as he’s getting even longer walks now.

    Happy Friday people, next test for me…making sure I stay on plan over the weekend and resit those glasses of wine, left over chocolates and anything else I would devour lol

    Afternoon to me new and old friends.

    It is Fridayyyyyyyyyy!

    Fasting today, it is going ok at the moment. Looking forward to weighing in tomorrow morning. Hopefully I lost something vs. last Saturday. Fingers crossed. @Hippihayles well done! That’s an amazing result.
    @lany36 that was scary. I am glad it ended ok.

    Good morning All – Xamos, thanks for allowing me to join the group! Appreciate the article – I’m familiar with many of the ideas regarding afternoon cravings but do not recall seeing it in such a nice, concise manner relating to that specific subject – thanks! Also, log entry looks good. My first fast day was Tuesday and targeting today for the second.
    Have logged on MFP every day since Tuesday, avoided mid afternoon cravings by preemptively getting some rest right after lunch (I work from home) – sometimes get a power nap (20 minutes), other times just recharge. While I have 24-32 oz. of caffeinated coffee in the morning, I avoid it later in the day unless I’m on business travel, before an afternoon/evening weight training session, or maybe an evening outing (movie) with my wife.
    Have had cravings consistently every afternoon but have been successful dealing with temptation. The rest at lunch has been very helpful. Weighing in daily, down quite a bit so far but most of it must be water weight. Have had two weight training sessions this week (in the morning before work) – too cold to run (live in Maryland near Washington DC – and I do not like treadmills. While the weight loss is nice, just trying to stay off the emotional roller coaster that can happen with daily weigh ins.

    Hi Hippyhales, keep up the great work and hope you have a great weekend! Awesome that walking the dog is allowing you to have more exercise!
    Tanchora, have a great FD!!
    Smeagle – welcome and that you writing a novel is awesome! While I chuckled at Xamos’ metric comment, always thought it was nice that the “numbers” change more quickly with pounds for weight loss 🙂
    Wow Grins, Minnesota- that’s cold – Great job getting steps indoors!
    Xamos, I actually completed my first half marathon last fall in Washington DC. After researching, liked the Nike training plan:


    I would do 3 runs per week training – one endurance run on Saturday, a shorter run during the week (4 miles), and either a speed run or hills one day depending on the training schedule. Oddly enough, enjoyed the speed days (ran at a local high school track) – as it was something different. Hoping to do another one this year (lol – i will be 49 this year and have no desire to run a marathon!). Good luck!!

    @lessofme34 That’s some good going there with the running. Im not a runner, used to be very active when I was in my teens, I played lots of sport but now lead a very slow life, something that is on the change!

    @tanchora good luck today with you FD and for you weigh in tomorrow!

    So then, does anybody have a little goal apart from the weight loss? Mine is being able to buy a NORMAL width in wellies! May sound daft but the last time I bought some I had to buy them from a special website and they cost me a fortune because I have massive calves! We love walking with the dog and I have seen a lovely patterned pair in one of our local shops but, they are only in normal width.. THAT is my goal. Plus the other half said he will happily pay for them when I can get into them! Bonus 🙂

    Hello and happy Friday,

    May I join? Had a rough week with the nastiest cold, but see myself starting back to fasting 6:1 next Monday.

    I finished out December maintaining weight, and would like to continue to lose slowly (less weight means less pounding on joints, and less weight to pull up!)

    I’m half marathon training (when I get back to running) and strength training for a tough mudder. My long runs are currently 10k but I want to be at 8 miles by the end of the month. The half marathon is March 26.

    Seems like there is an awesome group here! I came to stalk and decided it would be nice to join if there’s still room. 🙂

    Good morning all – another -14F here today – so I will get steps indoors again. 15K+ yesterday. I did not fast yesterday – but did pretty well, although when I finally ate a salad for lunch – I realized that I ate it really quite fast, I think I was hungry and so sliced a few pieces of steak (no vegetarian) here.
    Hippyhayles…other goals..absolutely – to get back into most of the clothes in my closet and some that have never been worn! I am tired of buying XL and XXL – so I wear the same 2 jeans and my yoga pants a lot!!
    I am feeling good – wishes that I could take it off as fast as I put it on – but I am in reality and am in this for the long haul and hopefully life!
    I am tired of my feet and back hurting from carrying the extra load. I buy my dogs(4) food in a 50lb bag, I can hardly carry it and realize that I am carrying that and more around every day!!! Poor body…what I have put it though! So, time to appreciate that it has put up with my behavior and treat it better!
    Have a great day everyone!

    Hi all, Nice to meet you.
    The metric is because my scales only do metric and I got used to it. My bloke uses the scales too and he is thinking in metric too.

    I wasn’t sure whether to fast or not today. At 2pm I had a cheese binge, yum, so really I am not fasting, also I am not at all properly vegan. later as it’s Friday I am going to have a glass of wine .. Possibly more than one glass.

    I woke up this morning 1.4 kilos lighter than the start of the week. I think two days of fasting this week helped, even though I cheated yesterday having espresso con panna and chocolate prior to the evening drive, and a TINY glass of Bourbon when I got home. I bought a bottle of Bullitt Bourbon over Xmas just to try. It’s a little sweet and not as nice as proper whisky. But on a cold evening like yesterday it was just fine.

    Hi Lessofme, thanks for your comments about my novel.

    As for goals, writing more would be useful!
    Also resuming weekly yoga, at least twice a week, would be nice.
    I’m not a runner either hippyHayles. However I admire people who can do this. I am more of a slow exercise person, possibly due to knee pain.
    I think I am too shy to run. I tried once and felt v self conscious.

    What a lovely group this is.
    Good luck and Happy Friday.

    Is it too late to join this group? I just now discovered the 5:2 diet when I was doing research for my doctorate. I am doing my first fast day and so far it is all good.


    Eek there’s been a lot of replies, I’ll try to not let this turn into an essay!

    @smeagle I hope the rest of your second fast day went well, I’ve updated for you 🙂 Congratulations on your weight loss! Fantastic.

    Hello @karlanz nice to see you 🙂 of course there’s room for you! What on earth were you up to in Antarctica?

    Morning @hippyhayles massive congratulations on the weight loss 🙂 Yorkshire Terrier’s are absolutely beautiful. Also loving that mini goal! I would say I want to feel good in my clothes again, I used to wear certain dresses and walk about as if I owned the place, now I stick out a bit too much/they make it difficult to breathe so I can’t adopt the same demeanour!

    Hello @tanchora! Good luck for weigh in 🙂

    Hey @lessofme34 nice work on the logging and resisting cravings, keep going! Thank you for all of your advice r.e. Half Marathon, I’ll check out that Nike program 🙂 funnily enough I also don’t particularly have any desire to run a marathon but it’s for charity haha!

    Hey @j-ray yep there’s still room, nice to see a familiar face! We were about 3 strong on the 3rd January and I was very nervous it was going to be a lonely month but we’ve got a great group going now. What’s your goal this month? And when will your first fast day be? I hope you’re feeling better!

    Hello @jjohnstonkay you’ve got the last place! Though if someone else wants to join I’ll probably bend the rules 🙂 what are you studying for your doctorate? What’s your goal for this month?

    I’ve added/updated everyone 🙂 thanks all for your support and friendship!


    Quick update about me: I went to my old Physics teachers house last night for a meal with him and his twin brother (they literally make me melt they’re so adorable – proper old fashioned English gentlemen) we had a gorgeous meal, cream of mushroom soup to start, salmon with fish sauce and all the trimmings for main, chocolate cake pudding with chocolate custard for dessert and fruit salad with cream and coffee to finish off, it was amazing food and the company was just as good! I really had a lovely evening 🙂 another dinner party this evening to round off the holidays and then a fast day tomorrow!

    @xamos – thank you, great to be back as part of the small group 🙂 I forgot to say, start weight is 66.9kg.

    I’m doing a Postgraduate Certificate in Antarctic Studies over summer – its full time for 3.5 months, and as part of it we spent two weeks in Antarctica! Now I just have a whole lot of reports and assignments to do….

    Day 6 – FD
    Day 7 – NFD

    Hi All,

    Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is doing well. Interesting field Karlanz. Nice evening out Xamos – sounds like you have a great social life!

    Long week and tough eating day yesterday (although did not give into afternoon cravings/fatigue). Having a solid eating day today and working out this afternoon. First reasonable snow of the winter in the Washington D.C. Area today.

    FDs this week Monday and Thursday. Also Starting weight on Jan 3rd was 199.6 lbs (only gained a pound over the holidays!)

    Something to ponder …..

    While we all might prefer rapid weight loss, does slow weight loss mean that we’re dieting less and actually changing behaviours?

    While weight loss is always about calories consumed vs calories burned. However, as we get older, it becomes increasingly hard to exercise our way out of obesity (although exercise is important for overall health, stress relief, etc) as our metabolisms slow down.

    I lost 20 lbs about 2 years ago and have stayed (barely lately) between 190 – 200 lbs since. While I have made tremendous strides modifying my eating behavior, the desire to overeat/emotionally eat will be a lifelong battle, even when I reach my goal weigh of 182 lbs.

    Do many of us spend most of our adult lives “unlearning” how we were able to eat as teens or in our early 20s when it was easy to eat poorly but remain thin? (Certainly realize that some have been overweight all their lives).

    Just throwing a few thoughts out there, welcome feedback … As someone that has lost weight only to put it back on a few times, my focus has to be on behaviour …

    Day 1-8 NFD

    @xamos, my goals are a little amorphous, maybe it’s to maintain a combination of 6:1 with 16:8, with simultaneously increased demands for training, work and kids sports. This cold I had ensured I couldn’t jump into 2017 full speed ahead, but maybe as a future reminder that the world doesn’t end if I take a week off to rest and take care of myself.
    Today I made it out for a hearty 5k run, about a minute per mile faster than I expected. Yay, especiallh since I’m a week down for half training.
    Lessofme, thank you SO much for that training schedule, I spent a couple hours the other night looking into them and this is by far my favorite! I especially love the pacing chart and recommendation for speeds of every run!
    I definitely agree that it is much, much better to lose weight slowly. I’m sure this is trite, but the diet industry survives on people rebounding. “Last time I did xyz I lost 20, 30, 50 pounds, so now since I stopped (being a unsustainable way of life) I’ll do it AGAIN, because I know it worked.” Except that it didn’t, and since losing weight fast screws with your metabolism most put more weight back on. You are lucky you managed to stay in a good range! I’ve been trying to work on changing one habit at a time, but it’s hard. What habit to choose? When can I start a new one? I am in the same boat as you there! Actually on top of fast, the newest habit (from my healthy habits group) I have that I love the most is putting out veggie trays a few times a week. Good for the whole family too!

    @xamos, as a physics geek myself, I adore your story of the divine meal you shared with your old teacher.
    Happy Saturday!

    Morning people!

    A dull foggy morning here in the UK. So, I had a bit of a melt down on Friday night. I have been using scales that we have had for years. My other half said he didn’t think they were working right as he didn’t weigh what he did at work as he had his annual medical that day. So, we bought some new ones, an guess what… they are a whole STONE out. I was absolutely devastated! So no only am I fat, I’m a whole stone fatter than I thought I was!

    So my start weight was 19st 6lbs! Good news tho. I’ve jumped on the scales this morning and I’m now 18st 12lbs!! Thank God I’m on plan!

    It’s been busy for me yesterday, 3 mile walk n the morning with Max our dog, lots of housework but had a yummy homemade slimming world lasagna and slimming world chips all for 750 calories. I only had 2 shakes in the day due to being so busy so saved my extra calories for tea. I did hate to resist my daughters left over chippy chips after she came back form her football match.

    I hope everyone else is having a nice weekend and managing to resist those temptation’s.

    I’m off for a 5 mile wall this morning, maybe more if the dog can be bothered lol.


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