January's Small Group Accountability Challenge!

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January's Small Group Accountability Challenge!

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  • J-ray, glad you’re feeling better and awesome results having a pace 1 minute better than expected! (Also glad you dig the training schedule)

    Great points on habits! One habit at a time is something that a friend shared with me years ago and I completely agree. Personal experience points to 3 weeks as an initial goal or benchmark while 6 weeks is the classic milestone where you can have a higher degree of certainty that your habit is real. In fact, used the “one habit at a time” concept as I started logging my food in My Fitness Pal in early December just to start the habit (wasn’t doing anything special in terms of weight loss) for several weeks. Even when tracking became less consistent between Christmas and New Years, it was easy to restart. Related,I have 4 boundaries in my life for eating (at least 2 years for each one) and used “one habit at a time” to introduce each.
    Also agree that creating habits work much better when they are micro/more specific vs macro. Especially important when folks try to do the glorious “start dieting and start exercising” plan.

    Hi Hippyhayles, had to google what a stone converts to in pounds – good news that the new scale appears to be settling/calibrated and Great Job on your walks!
    Had a great eating day yesterday, so it was a nice rebound after a tough eating day on Friday and got in a solid weight training session yesterday. My wonderful wife flies out after church this morning as she kicks off an unusually high volume of travel for the next few weeks. Better eating habits can be a challenge when she’s away so thanks again for letting me participate in this group!
    Goals for today are to keep tracking my food on MFP (4 out of 5 complete days so far), avoid afternoon fatigue cravings (much easier on weekends as I can just nap), and weight training today. Will be flying to Florida on Tuesday, looking forward to running outdoors (despise treadmills).
    Have an excellent Sunday everyone!!

    Hello All,

    I started this last week and so far have had two fast days with 500 calories each day, mostly soup with hard boiled egg (2).

    I’ve got a lot to lose, at 4:11 height weighing 11:5 stone I am very obese.

    I am however relatively fit being a cyclist.
    Last year I cycled 2,300 miles, previous year 2229 and target for 2017 is 2500. This means I do get out regularly.

    I’m 67 and would like to lose at least 14lbs before my god sons wedding in April.

    Hello new friends….
    I have not checked in since Friday – I have done OK on my NFD, on Friday I had a few chocolate cravings and I did have a couple, but they were very small swiss chocolates and not a huge snickers bar. Even though – I threw the rest away – they were left over from the holidays. Also – some chips were sitting out and I had like 5 – better than a huge handful that I would usually have or more…when I was younger I used to eat an entire bag…love potato chips..they are horrible, luckily they also give me heartburn now, so hopefully next time I will just not eat them at all.
    I was supposed to have my 2nd fast today, but my husband had made me a breakfast when I woke up – so I ate it and will adjust my fast until tomorrow.

    XAMOS – will you please correct the spreadsheet for a Monday and Wednesday FD for me.

    I am recording my food on “myfitness pal” app. It does not like the days I only put in 500 cals but what it does show me and make me do is to really see how many calories are in things – I never have paid attention really too much – more to carbs in the past. Calories add up fast and I have been very honest putting in more I think that I really eat – it also has exercise and calories burned so you can see where you are on a day. for now it is a good check system for me.
    Best wishes everyone for your FD this week.

    Hello lovely people 🙂 sounds like we’re all well. Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday – I made the rather long train journey from my family home in South East England to Glasgow where I’m living for the time being. Successful fast day which I’m happy about 🙂 I weighed myself last night and was 66.9kg and this morning I was 67.2kg, I think it must have been from drinking through the night. Very insignificant gain over the holidays though so I’m chuffed 🙂

    @karlanz sounds like an amazing experience! May I ask how tall you are? Also I’m assuming you’re female? I’d be interested to know your goal weight as we’re very similar at the moment. I’m 5″2′ and initially i’d like to be 60kg then see how I feel.

    @lessofme34 thank you 🙂 I’m attempting to continue my social life here in Glasgow! Congrats on resisting those cravings. I must say I have been chubby my whole life though thankfully never too far in the red, I learnt from a very young age to eat when stressed/down due to difficult family circumstances, so I supposed my biggest habit to in-learn is emotional eating 🙂
    Thank you for your habits advice and feel free to lean on us as much as you need while your lovely wife is travelling!

    @j-ray no problem, I’ve paraphrased in your little spreadsheet goal box. Hope that’s okay. Thank you for your kind comments regarding my old teacher! I really am lucky to know him and his brother 🙂

    @hippyhayles goodness I bet that felt like a little slap across the face, bless you! Congrats on your weight loss though and from here on out you’re going to be accurate 🙂 hope you enjoyed your walk.

    Welcome @66 🙂 I’ll pop you on the spreadsheet, which days were your fast days so I can update you? Also what’s your goal for this month? Well done on completing your first week!

    @grins absolutely I’ll update that for you, you did exactly the right thing, this way of life is designed to be flexible with your schedule 🙂 congrats for not going overboard on indulgences. I moved away from MFP as I got told off after I totalled each fast day! 😛

    Updating now: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CdCQODvRCLBPJEuMo_ZVoX81g0DrpRY9TVQmmzkGdlQ/edit?usp=sharing

    Bit more of an update from me: I did all of my food shopping and some cleaning around my place today, caught up with my flat mate and one neighbour and had a good chat with my favourite cashier at the local supermarket! I’ve been busy enough today that I’ve actually barely eaten despite it not being a fast day! Back on ADF now so fasting again tomorrow, about to make my lentil soup for lunch.

    Last night while searching for a TV program to watch in bed, I came across this program “How to lose weight well” on 4OD, series 2 episode 1 features a gentleman on 5:2 and series 1 episode 1 features a lady on 5:2, if anyone’s interested in seeing it here’s the link 🙂 http://www.channel4.com/programmes/how-to-lose-weight-well/episode-guide/series-2

    @grins is it Jan 4 and 9 as fast days?

    Day 8 – NFD

    @xamos – I’m 5’6″ and female. Before you say it, I know, my weight puts me near the top of the healthy range according to BMI. Sorry if I sound defensive, I’ve started pre-emptying the ‘you’re not fat’ talk I get whenever someone discovers I’m watching what I eat.

    At any rate, my waist size definitely doesn’t have me as healthy, and that’s what I’m trying to decrease. It’s why I don’t tend to have weight goals – although I do use it as a proxy a little bit, and suspect I need to get back under 65kg to get the waist decrease I want – a waist of under 84cms is what is healthy for my height.

    Day 7&8nfd
    Day 9 FD
    I am now away on holiday and won’t be checking in so much for a couple of weeks. I’ve decided a bit of a technology detox is in order while we are relaxing and recharging our own batteries, so we will put phones and tablets away hence not checking in here so much.
    Have to admit I’m nervous about my two FDs while im in summer holiday mode, but I have to make it happen so today is my first fast this week. I’m considering btb to get it over with but will assess after today’s fast.
    Will probably have 480cals tonight instead of just water for the day but again not really decided and if I get through on water then great but if I need some cals then that’s fine too.

    Hello everybody, just catching up with all the posts.

    Well, today was my first weigh day and I have lost 3 lbs! I am super pleased with that and it means I am well on track for my January goal of a 6 lbs loss.

    Start Weight: 15st 11lbs
    Current Weight: 15st 8lbs
    Height (if anyone is interested): 5ft 6 inches

    Today is a NFD.


    hello everybody,

    Well it looks like we are all doing super at the moment so well done to us all!

    I must admit this group is fantastic, I look forward to ready your replies and adding my own, its great to have the support of others.

    So this weekend has been a test for me, weekends always are with my partner and daughter stuffing their faces. However I HAVE resisted all the temptation’s. We sat watching a film last night, like we do every Sunday and they were eating the leftover Christmas chocolates and I had a 2 cracker breads instead. I had a lovely roast chicken dinner that I piled my veg up high on and even treated myself to a Yorkshire pudding and some gravy! It was lovely. Total calories for yesterday was 1150kcal.

    @xamos, thanks for the link I shall watch it when I get a little time to myself.

    @lany36 enjoy your holiday! I hope your somewhere nice, I wish I was!

    @l.e.n.8 well done on the loss!! half way to your January goal!

    @grins I also use MFP and same here, it doesn’t like the low calories day. have stopped putting my exercise in as it gives you the calories back which I don’t want at the moment, I want to shift as much as I can until my wedding!

    Today is my FD so I’m already looking forward to my tea tomorrow night!

    Happy Monday and good luck with this week!! x

    FD on the 9th, the rest have been NFD.

    I was just wondering, are we all on facebook? maybe we could create a private group on there for just us, a way to share our meals, pictures of weight loss etc?

    Would be nice to put faces to the names too. x

    I think thats quite a nice idea HippyHales!

    right, ive created a private group called “small group accountability” if any of you would like to join then please do so!

    just thinking it may be another boost for us all to see pictures of how we are all doing, food we are eating on fast days.

    @karlanz not at all, it’s perfectly understandable that you want to make changes to improve your health 🙂 Where did you get your healthy waist size from? I’d be interested to see mine.

    @lany36 have a lovely holiday! Thoroughly jealous that you’re in summer holiday mode and it’s sporadically pouring buckets here.

    @l.e.n.8 Amazing well done! Half way to goal 10 days into the month 🙂

    @hippyhayles congrats on resisting those treats 🙂 I love the idea of the Facebook group, thanks for making it! Could you possibly post a link to it here? I’ve searched “small group accountability” on Facebook and quite a few groups come up..

    Updated for those who have given FD’s & NFD’s

    here we go people…. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1772391599746482/

    hopefu8lly see you all there!


    Hi All – happy Monday. Tough eating day yesterday but looking to bounce back today! No exercise today but will enjoy watching American College Football championship game tonight without food (Developed a handy habit of not eating after dinner), just need to make it through the afternoon! 🙂
    Karlanz, like the body measurement comment – as a male, its mostly about my waist and my pants are always the telltale. In fact, lol, I used to not due crunches during my weight training sessions because it makes my gut even bigger for 24 hours due to muscle contractions but now enjoy adding crunches for abs and obliques.
    Thanks HH for starting the FB group – not a huge FB person (I know weird right?) but looking forward to the group.
    len8 – congrats on your results!
    Xamos, big thanks again for hosting this group!
    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 9 FD

    Starting off with 45 minute hill run.

    Great job on the loss everyone! @hippy great job making good choices this weekend!

    I’m also not overweight, but 5:2 has benefits outside of weight loss which is why I came here in the first place! Losing some weight was a nice side perk! I am 5’2″ and it’s amazing how much different 5 pounds of change looks on my frame vs. my husband.

    This month I’m abstaining from all alcohol, candy, and Facebook. A bit of a January fast for better mindfulness and kick start healthier habits. Enjoy your holiday @lany!

    Happy Monday everyone, it’s a new week, the sun is shining (here), and it’s full of opportunity. Live well!

    @Hippy – great idea!! Thanks.
    Today- starting the week with my fast day!!! On my way to Yoga soon, then walk, then meet with a friend and tonight I am busy with an Omega 3 presentation. Full day which is great!
    Good luck to all today – this is all worth it and I enjoy this group very much!

    Hello lovely group
    I am the same as I weighed on Friday, yippee! Had a quiet but pleasant relaxing weekend.
    Today is supposed to be normal eating. I will have a nice supper of baked cheesy mushrooms, and some salad.
    Y’all sound like you are v exercise-y. I started yoga again today, feels nice to limber up a little. Also to calm down it’s quite useful. I intend to do more yoga tomorrow a now that I’ve said it I’m more likely to do it!
    I am not really overweight BMI-wise, but when I look in the mirror I have more belly fat than is nice. I don’t like the look of it at all. I did some sit-ups today too.
    According to my scales, my visceral fat level is fine. However my waist is still too big. One of the group members posted some info on waist measurements, so can someone give me a formula for how big this ought to be?
    I feel too embarrassed to be on FB.

    So glad to be able to talk about this with my friendly group.

    Xamos your physics teachers’ dinner party sounded delicious.

    Another of my goals is to lose a kilo before a holiday I’ve booked in May. we are going to Greece, and hope for sunshine!

    Happy Monday all.

    @j-ray good for you having a break, I struggle.. another addiction I think! But hopefully we will see you on there at some point.

    @smeagle that supper sounds lovely, an so does the holiday! We are going to Morocco for our honeymoon in May, another reason for this journey. Don’t want to be that fatty hanging over the side of my sun lounger ha.

    Day 9 – FD
    Day 10 – NFD

    @xamos, @smeagle – some time back ago I’d discovered that your waist was supposed to be less than half your height in cms for males and females for health – it’s a really bad place to store fat in regards to diabetes and heart disease. Your waist is defined as around your belly button (which for me sucks, as my visual waist is higher up). It’s also in the Fast Diet book – in my one it’s page 76, which is in the Science of Fasting chapter.

    @hippyhayles – great idea re the FB group, I’ve requested to join 🙂

    10th a FD

    I’m 42 hours fasted and going to just go until hunger returns. :). Love the Facebook idea. I spend more time there than here.

    Morning everybody!

    The group seems to be very active this month, nice to read all the comments.

    Days 7-10: NFDs.

    Was lighter when weighed myself on Saturday than the week before which was a relief. Simply because the week before weighing had three days of festivity still in it :-).

    Planning on doing two FDs this week and light NFDs for the other five days.

    About to look for FB group, initial quick search brought lots of groups with similar name, I will use the link this time, haha.

    @mystic well done on the 42 hours! that’s some good going! My tummy was rumbling when I got into bed last night but im feeling good this morning!

    @tanchora good luck for this week and nothing wrong with a little gain from Christmas. You have to have a treat somewhere!

    Anybody that wants to joing the group on fb is more than welcome, I too spend more time on FB than here, only because its easier to use on my phone during the day. I find regular posts keep my motivation going!

    Well, my fast day went great yesterday. Was very busy – that helped, but didn’t really feel to hungry.
    I had to take a drive yesterday and was listening to a book on tape about being fully present in the moment type of stuff.
    Anyway = this morning my husband made cinnamon rolls – which he was going to make yesterday but I said to wait until after my fast. So – I ate one this morning – intentional. I was not in the present moment while eating it – just ate it quickly…scarfed it down so to speak. About an hour later – I brought myself to think about it – now to be in the present moment is to think about things without judgement, so I thought about it and thought how quickly I ate it and yes it was good, but it wasn’t that good…and it was over so fast, although the calories 280 as the package says, will be with me for awhile. I am by no means beating myself up, just realizing how I have been eating…definitely not paying attention and just going for gratification.
    So, here is to learning to pay more attention, to be “more present”- that is my new lifetime lesson for the day.

    Hello all! It’s my second day back at work after a much needed and particularly long holiday and all I can say is I’m feeling it! Is 7pm too early to go to bed? 😛

    @lessofme34 congrats on your continued management of those pesky cravings, you’re doing a great job 🙂

    @j-ray I’m not sure I could do a 5 minute hill run let alone a 45 min one 😉 sounds like a month of detox for you, let us know how you feel afterwards 🙂

    @smeagle congrats on your maintenance through silly season 🙂 I think a kilo before may should definitely be doable!

    @karlanz thanks for the measurement info! I’m going to take measurements at the weekend.

    @mystic hope your fast day went well 🙂

    @tanchora I’m really happy we’ve got a lovely friendly and chatty group! Congrats on your weight loss.

    @grins glad your fast day went well. Sounds as if your mindfulness audio book has made an impression already 🙂 fantastic, was it Eckhart Tolle by any chance?

    Updated 🙂

    Hi all
    Just a quick check in to say I’m still here.
    I’ve been 16:8 all this week but intend to add a proper 36hours fast today.
    Each day I’ve thought about a fast this week the kids have asked to go to yet another of their favourite holiday places and inevitably it’s been something that involves food.
    No idea what my weight or measures are doing but my clothes feel ok still.
    I won’t be joining the Facebook group, I suspect I could be the last person on the planet who doesn’t have a account? profile? page? or whatever it is that you need to be ‘on Facebook’ and as much as everyone here seems keen to connect that way it’s not for me. Posting to the forums is the first and only online account or sharing type thing I’ve ever done and it’s enough for me…even if that does make me sound waaaay older than my 36 years!
    I’ll hang around here for a while and see if the thread stays active or if people drift away towards preferring to share on Facebook instead.

    Hi All,

    Tuesday morning weigh-in was 198.3 lbs, down 1.3 lbs for the week (I’ll take it). On a plane about to take off for Florida for 2 weeks. I’ll be working remotely but excited to get my run on like @j-ray! (Awesome hills run btw)
    @karlanz, @smeagle, @Hippyhale, @mystic, @tanchora, @lany36 – hope everyone has a great week!
    @grins – really enjoyed the reflection. Just a reminder that, while behaviors will hopefully improve for all of us, thoughtful eating, planning, etc. will likely be a lifelong commitment for people like me who struggle with eating.
    @xamos – lol, glad coming back to reality has not robbed u of ur joy – have an excellent week ahead!

    11th is a FD

    I’m going to try for another one tomorrow but expect hunger should kick in soon. Will see what happens. 🙂

    Jan 10th and 14th are my FDs this week 🙂

    Hi everyone. Jan 11 FD for me please @xamos. I can only manage the one FD this week but aim to try harder next week! Hope you are fine in Glasgow and it’s not too cold. They say a cold spell is on the way with a lot of snow. It’s been a while since we had snow here in Essex.

    @karlanz my waist is too big as I have got a natural waist that is higher up too. Is this a diet or exercise issue?

    I have a basic question, can someone please help? When you fast, do you have your last meal the day before (NFD) then the next day is a FD, until your evening meal? This is a 24 hour fast, isn’t it? But if you prefer you are allowed your 500 calories at any time on the FD.

    The FAQ give different answers. E.g. You can have a 24 hour fast as described above, or not eat all day on your FD, then have a breakfast on the next day, giving a 36 hour fast. I have not been able to do 36 hours.

    I was .3 kilos lighter this morning. Only .8 kilo to my goal. But the weekend is coming!

    Thanks everyone, you are all v inspiring.


    @smeagle well tomorrow is my FD so I shall have my evening meal tonight, then 600 calories tomorrow, then Friday I have a shake for breakfast, shake for lunch and then my evening meal around 700kcal. so for me its more like a 48hrs fast I suppose! Only just realised this so lets hope it does me good!

    Or maybe im doing it different? I still eat a regular intervals on my FD I just make sure my overall calorie intake is 600kcal (this is what I was recommended to have due to my size and height.)

    It seems like everyone is doing pretty well – I think that this group REALLY helps!! Today is 1 week from my start and I was down 2.2 lbs. and happy with that. Maybe one week I will stick in an extra FD to get another boost. Or, perhaps I will do better on my off days?

    @xamos today will be my 2nd FD this week.
    I got a lot of steps in yesterday – my legs and feet actually hurt..think I need better shoes!
    For those not on FB – no worries – this is the main place and I think and hope we are all committed to be here together to support one another.
    FB is fun though just for other things…I posted yesterday a picture of my “50 lb.Dog food bag” I am keeping it on my desk and look at it all the time that I am working – to remind me of the extra crap I am carrying and making my body put up with…incentive…I know it is totally heavy to carry when full so YES!!

    @lessofme34 – you are right, I too need to make a lifetime habit of mindful eating. I am feeling and hoping that this just maybe the time…I am committed and making it the time!

    I wish you all the best today – you know they say “Think before you drink” well – lets all “Think before we eat!”

    Hi @lany36 thanks for the update 🙂 I agree with @grins that this is the main place and Facebook is more for posting photos/anecdotal things, which I am yet to do any of, sorry! I’m not huge for taking photos of my meals, I tend to eat them before I get a chance 😉 Can I just check – your fast day was Jan 10 not Jan 9?

    @lessofme34 fantastic news on the weight loss 🙂 enjoy your trip.

    @mystic great! Let us know how you get on fasting back-to-back.

    @l.e.n.8 lovely thank you 🙂

    @smeagle thank you! Fingers crossed it doesn’t hit too hard, we’ve been lucky the past couple of years. R.E. your question – you are allowed to eat your calories at any time of day, even in 5 100 calorie snacks throughout the day if you like! A technically perfect fast day is to eat 500 calories within a 36 hour window, i.e. Dinner on a non-fast day, sleep, 500 calories however you like on fast day, sleep, Breakfast on non-fast day. Hope that makes sense.
    Amazing news on your weight loss, stay strong this weekend!

    @hippyhayles how are you doing on your regime? Any hunger/tiredness/mood changes? 🙂

    @grins great progress congrats 🙂 we are all doing very well!


    @pickles_thee_cat @jjohnstonkay @66 are you with us?

    hey again @xamos Im still going strong on day 11, no hunger, my mood has only improved each day im doing this. I must admin my hunger is getting less and less each day which im happy about. Im not craving anything I shouldn’t so really embracing this now.

    Im feeling great, my poor dog is shattered at the moment, he only has little legs and he did 5 miles yesterday! 2.5 miles at 5am and another 2.5 miles at 5.30pm!

    @grins yes totally agree this is the main place for support. Just nice to see what people are eating on FD and NFD, tomorrow is my fast day so im having a yummy spag bol for tea tonight.

    Ive booked myself on my first spinning class for next week, ive not been spinning for a few years so I know I will be crawling out of bed the day after! No pain no gain!

    Sound like we are all doing amazing! loving the group!


    Day 11 – NFD

    @smeagle – I don’t know what the problem is! I do know that my waist is where I store my fat, so it tends to be the last place I lose it. I didn’t used to have a visual waist (just went straight down, then out), but I’ve taken up pole dancing, and I now go in before going out! That’s quite exciting for me 🙂 I think it shows that exercise can have an impact, but I’m not managing to get it off the belly button area much, so I definitely don’t have the answer.

    Regardless, tracking on my NFDs is paying dividends – in the past week I’ve lost 1kg, and 0.5cms of my waist. So I’m getting closer to that elusive 84cms. At the rate I’m going on waist size lose, I suspect I might need to get back down to around 62kgs – which should also mean I will be able to fit shirts that I bought last time I was slim!


    This thread tells how to do 5:2 and has answers to many of your questions: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Day 10, 11 nfd

    Took yesterday off of exercise, my run on Monday was in new minimalist shoes. I had a previous run in them on trails and it turns out that I run correctly in them there, but not on the road. Holy hurt! Got 6 miles in today, good progress towards weekly goal of 15/week. I still hurt though. 😯 @less enjoy your lovely Florida running!
    I love the mindfulness @grins!
    Have fun at spin class @hippy, I’ve only done a few but it was FUN!
    @katlanz, pole dancing, cool! It’s supposed to be amazing for core strength!
    Personally I’ve noticed the location of my natural waist move with both weight loss and exercise. After my son was born my waist was basically the bottom of my ribcage. It’s crept down a bit over the past couple years with weight loss (through exercise ). I did a lot of fitnessblender strength training videos last year, which may have been what helped.
    Thanks for running this group @xamos! 😊

    Day 11 FD
    Yes xamos my FD was 11 not 10 as I had initially intended
    I’m continuing today for another 36hours to get two FD fitted in this week

    12th is a fast day. A little harder than my others this week, but happy I am finally making progress this week.

    Good morning my lovely’s,

    So today is FD but I just couldn’t resit hopping on those scales this morning, my weigh day is actually tomorrow. *drum roll* 3lbs LOSS THIS WEEK!!!!!

    So so pleased, so that 11 lbs in 2 weeks. This diet is definitely suiting me and that’s given me a even bigger push!

    @karlanz I carry all my weight on my on my tummy! I hate it! Although, this week it has gone down dramatically which i’m happy about.

    Happy Thursday peeps x

    Hi All,
    Happy Thursday! I travel a good bit for my job but Tuesday night’s travel to Florida was rough with flight delays/airport changes. However, had a nice victory in that I did not stress eat! Was a bit weary at the end of the work day but rested for about 30 minutes after work – did not want to waste a 70 degrees (F) day – channeled my inner @j-ray and cranked out 4 miles at nice pace for me (9.5 minute miles – gotta love flat terrain!). Busy day today but planning to do weight training this evening (running consecutive days too tough on my knees).
    Successfully ate only half of my pie wei takeout order, saving the remainder for leftovers yesterday. Logged MFP yesterday (did not do so on Tuesday).
    @mystic – Awesome regarding progress despite challenges! WTG!
    @hippyhayles – congrats on continued weight loss and have a good FD!
    @karlanz – great point about tracking on NFDs. Only major downside of 5:2 is overeating on NFDs, since none of us would be obese if we could successfully “wing it” with food. This also helps with mindfulness/behavior change, especially for those who do not make a commitment for 6:1 for lifelong eating.
    @j-ray – ouch, hope your rest day gives you the recovery you need!
    @xamos, everyone – have a great Thursday!

    @lessofme34 I totally agree with the over indulging on the NFD. Hence why I have chose to calorie count on my NFD. Dieting is about what works to each individual and about a commitment to a lifestyles change. I wish it was that hot here, I’m currently looking at a huge snow cloud above my place of work!

    Hey @hippyhayles great i’m really glad you’re doing so well 🙂 and nearly a stone down already! Way to go. Have people been complementing you get? If not it wont be long i’m sure! That poor puppy will be a body builder by the time you’re done 😛 I hope your spin class goes well.

    @karlanz interesting to see the effect exercise can have. I used to be an amateur boxer but that was a couple of years ago and I haven’t really trained at all with any consistency since. I’m really looking forward to measuring on Saturday morning after my fast day on Friday, i’ll let you all know where i’m at!

    @j-ray you’re more than welcome 🙂 I love it here! Great work on your running, I need to find the motivation to start!

    Okay @lany36 thanks for clarifying 🙂 I’ve noted down both of your fast days.

    @mystic nice job for pushing through, fast days have a funny habit of being stubborn every so often.

    @lessofme34 I totally totally hear you r.e. over indulging on NFD’s – I experimented a little with 5:2 over November and December and I found the freedom on 5 days of the week was too much for me – i’d be eating chocolate and sweeties for breakfast. Now i’m doing Alternate Day and it definitely reels in my cravings and also doesn’t matter as much if I do treat myself on a NFD as I have a significant calorie deficit over the week (5:2 gives me a pretty measly calorie deficit) but that’s what’s great about this, there’s a way that works for all of us 🙂

    Really really glad we’re all in this group! I often think of you all during my tummy rumbles on a fast day and reignite my resolve knowing that I can’t let you down! Thanks for all being here 🙂


    Good morning everyone…yesterday FD went pretty well, except I guess I did not calculate my supper last night well enough and ended up going over on my 500. I did burn quite a bit yesterday, but need to be more careful. I am going to add tomorrow as a FD as well to get a better boost and also as
    @karlanz says – to track NFD a bit better (at least pay attention! Mindful!)and good job @ Karlanz that is awesome progress!
    @hippyhayles – great job 3lbs this week, that’s great!

    @lessofme – traveling can be hard, so good job, enjoy the Florida sunshine!
    @J-Ray-I too need to adjust my shoes – I don’t run (give you credit there) but just walking I know my shoes are not supporting my foot-arch pain.

    @xamos – thanks for keeping up with everyone!
    Good job to all – thanks for the support – it really is easier than it sounds like it is going to be – but I love being able to check in!

    Day 12 – FD
    Day 13 – NFD

    It was a hard FD yesterday, I was (unusually) hungry for most of the day, and was also up until past midnight doing assignments. Going late like that I’d normally have dug into some chocolate, but the thought of reporting in here kept me strong 🙂 Thanks @xamos for running the group, it’s much appreciated!

    @j-ray – pole dancing is definitely a good workout, I’m amazed how much stronger my core is! And the best thing is that it’s a really fun and supportive environment – I never feel like I’m being judged for how I look. It’s also good motivation to lose some weight, a lot of moves would be easier if I weighed less!

    Happy Friday!!
    Worked later than planned yesterday and ended up bailing on the gym. Did complete MFP for food tracking. Been staying with my parents for a couple days but heading to stay out at the beach for about a week. If I can get a brief nap, going to run after work.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    hello my lovely groupies!

    So yesterdays FD went out the window due to me making yummy homemade burgers and slimming world chips for tea! So I’m doing it today instead if you can mark me down please @xamos

    Anyway, I woke up this morning to a blanket of snow! I was happy for the first half an hour, I did my weekly weigh in and I cant believe I’m another 2lb lighter than yesterday! This extra dog walking has got to be doing the trick! That’s 5lbs this week! 13LBS overall so I’ve smashed my target. I’m now going for a new target of 18lbs by the end of Jan! I’m hoping that after 3 hours of digging my wagons out at work (I work in logistics) that the last 1LB has been burnt off!!!

    Does every body have that Friday feeling and are we all on plan this week then? I feel my other half will be buying my wellies sooner than he thought if I carry on at this rate!

    I saw my mum last night and I’ve not seen her since NYE and she could actually tell in my face I’ve lost weight!!! Yay!

    Long post as I’m bored at work due to the snow 🙂

    @hippy – wow! That’s amazing loss! I can hear your giddyness – you certainly have smashed your target. Congrats!

    Day 12-15 NFD
    Yesterday I got a 2 mile slow recovery jog, and I spent about an hour last night stretching and rolling my legs. Finally woke up without soreness today. Made it to the climbing gym and joined again for the first time in over 10 years – made it about an hour before my arms turned to jelly! 🙂

    I like that Friday feeling! Working from home some today, as much as I can while hosting children’s playdates lol.
    @karlanz, I love your post about your pole dancing class, it sounds like a wonderful place! I know when I get around people accepting of me, then I’m more accepting of me too. What a nice find!
    @less – enjoy your beach holiday!
    @grins – I hate giving unsolicited advice, but having recovered from plantar fasciitis I know how painful arch soreness is! I found these amazing, hard molded inserts I’ve been using in all my shoes for years now, called powerstep. Way cheaper than the ones the running stores sell, and available on amazon (not sure where you are located!). I hope you can find something that works, foot pain can be so crippling!
    Happy Friday to you all too! I suppose I have that friday feeling too 🙂

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