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January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

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  • Day 9 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Yesterday’s FD came in at around 800 but I seemed to be eating a lot when I got home from work, thankfully all low cal protein stuff. There is a box of biscuits and box of choc so in the house but right now, not bothered at all by them. I have asked DH to take them into work, the lads fuelling aircraft will appreciate them more than me!!!

    Today is a B2B FD. Turkey and Oatbran bread sandwhich for lunch, and thinking of mackerel or tuna with konjac rice for dinner. Early to bed with my book because it’s staying up that gets the snack monster going. No problems not eating in the morning but evenings always my issue.

    I had two brisk walks yesterday and my usual 6am walk around the village this morning. Will get another at lunch time. @i-hate-lettuce and @songbirdme I have found a brisk 20 min walk can lose half a pound on the scale (yes I actually weigh straight after), however, I have been walking daily for over twenty years, even at my heaviest, so although it is great for my general fitness, I don’t consider it as a tool for my weight loss as I have been very overweight and walking briskly and not moving the scales. 😨

    It’s what goes in the gob at the end of the day ha ha!!!! For me anyway.

    As I get older it’s definitely harder to lose, BUT, I look back at a trip to Paris I took 15 years ago with my then 50 year old friend and she struggled with all the walking we did…so I am much more flexible now at 52 than she was then so it HAS to be all the daily exercise.

    So off to work I go.

    Pocket list day 9

    Day 9 – CD – Ireland
    Good morning, thanks @suki2 for popping me back on the pocket list yesterday… I managed a not too bad day,, more a FD800 but I’m going to count it as for me it’s about getting back into the habit and I needed food in my tummy for the antibiotic.., it’s affecting my taste buds so that’s a plus 👍
    I’m counting calories on MFP again now but Cronometer looks good too particularly if it takes fasting into account 👍
    @emmataylor enjoy your trip – very envious as it would be lovely to get away from the grey days here… I hope you have a really lovely time and you can make good choices 🤗
    @basyjames – I had no idea what a chaffle was so googled it.. looks yum 😋
    @brightonbelle I use my phone too…. but I type up my post in Notes and then copy it in so if the post is lost I can just go back and grab it… it means I can post on-the-go which suits me… like the idea of saving past posts though… 🤔
    Have a good day everyone.
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @songbirdme – I’m still getting a walk in every day, despite not getting back to the gym yet. I’m lucky enough to Iive right across from the ocean, and I love going down to walk on the rocks/beaches. We have a colony of rock dassies right opposite my flat, so I usually take them some food too. I haven’t reached 10,000 steps for a while, but it’s been around 8000 most days.

    Two words not far from everyone’s lips today – ‘Harry’ & ‘Megan’. Another royal scandal!

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍏

    Day 9 – Cumbria UK – FD

    Good morning everyone,

    FD again today for me, tomorrow, Friday being my weigh in day and start of my 5:2 week, so I can have a treat or two over the weekend!

    Interesting start to Michael Mosley’s program on BBC last night, it started with walking as exercise. The findings were encouraging, slower longer walks are good for your general well being, but short fast walks have better results for lowering blood pressure and weight loss! So, purely by accident I’m getting the best of both worlds as I’m out every day, doing one or the other, depending on weather, result.

    Cutting right back on booze recently has helped, last 11 days have had one glass of wine and two glasses of champagne. Have noticed a difference in sleep, yup not only does ‘fitbit’ check the calories both consumed and burned, it checks sleep as well, deep sleep is much better when I haven’t had a drink!

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 9

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍏

    Day 9, London, UK, FD,

    Another FD to wrap up this weeks’ fasting. Yesterday’s OMAD went really well, there’s nothing like being too busy to eat, and ………….. wait for it …………… I completed another 30Day shred level 2 in a fasted state!! I had emergency BabyBels at the ready, but I truly didn’t need them and broke my fast at 6:30pm with some lovely cauliflower soup. I’m aiming to do the same today except with much more water!

    Just a note to @songbirdme, that cauliflower soup, although fantastically filling, can only be described as a wind machine!!!!

    @basyjames, I had to Google ‘chaffle’ ………………………. Now it’s definitely on my list of recipes to try!!! As long as it is more cheesy than eggy!!

    @caroline-esty-akporokah, In my previous life that would have sounded like my kind of day!!! – ”……………..after yesterday’s wine and chocolate!” It’s hard not to live in denial and justify rewarding yourself for a successful FD or for completing an exercise session, I now realise I’m only cheating myself, I’m certainly not fooling myself but the mind of a food addict or binger or glutton can make anything sound reasonable!!! Don’t listen to that little devil sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear; he works for the ‘Fat Fairy’ and you DO NOT want a visit from her!!!!!

    Oh great!!! As if I wasn’t jealous enough of the weather, now @funshipfreddie drops the ultimate bombshell “I’m lucky enough to live right across from the ocean”

    @debster251 ran speedily through my thoughts this morning, I hope she’s doing well and maybe will pop in to say high!

    How are we faring Dry Januarians???? @i-hate-lettuce, you’ve got more self-control than I have with the vino!!!!
    @i-hate-lettuce (Honorary member)

    Today’s focus is on drowning dragons – Peppermint tea, Lemon & ginger tea, miso & water at the ready!!!

    Day 9 NFD. Hopefully 16:8…Rome

    Thanks for your kind wishes for my holiday. I’m sorry about this but Rome is absolutely beautiful this morning. Not a cloud in the sky, bright and sunny. Bit cold but otherwise gorgeous. Campari spritzes were drunk last night, but I won’t have any more. Just got excited. And I’m going to try 16:8 all holiday. Otherwise I’ll come back like a zeppelin. I’m reading all the posts and sending best wishes to this lovely group. Onwards and downwards. H

    Day 8 Oxfordshire, UK. NFD
    Wasn’t sure whether to have this as a nfd or a cd. Just back from yoga. Now out to a post Christmas lunch. Two courses, but I can’t remember what I ordered!!

    So I’ll just log what i eat and then see what I fancy later. I’ve not eaten yet today as I wait until after yoga so hopefully the damage won’t be too bad.
    @flaquita – I usually log out and back in as I switch between devices and the site doesn’t always realise. Also make sure you have touched the little box that says notify me of follow up replies too.
    @jaifaim you’re welcome
    Re cronometer – you have to pay to get the fasting element

    Day 9, VA, USA, CD or FD
    Day 8 FD

    Yesterday I had lunch and boy did I want to eat. I think I managed to keep it under 400 cal. 2 carrots, 1 sm avocado and 1 egg and a cup a miso. Later I just had broth for dinner.

    This round of ADF has been rewarding as numbers are ticking down and clothes are getting loose.

    @flaquita – had a good giggle of empathy over the drank too much water comment and thighs feeling it. I teach yoga and have done lots of upper body focus and my biceps and triceps are feeling it too. Totally will have to make a sticky note for the bathroom or some other reminder as I have forgotten to add in this dang squat routine. (But really want to do it)

    @ciren2 – My brain is having a total brain fart as I can not remember if I told you what kind of teacher I was when you asked a bit ago. I’m a yoga teacher, and teach around 10-12 classes a week. (My body is feeling it, even tho it seems it should just be routine)

    @songbirdme – thanks for the welcome back, I try not to leave for long, but I do take computer breaks.

    Still need to finishing catching up on post, but need to also go teach (yoga class)
    *-_-* I’m going to add myself to the list b/c if I do decided to go CD I still need mindfulness (I can over do a CD easily)

    Pocket list Day 9
    @i-hate-lettuce (Honorary member)

    Day 9 Canton OH FD

    Yesterday was nice but I am happy to be in fast mode today. It was too cold outside for a run today – so I slept in. I would also like to start planking for a minute a day for the next 30 days; whose in?

    @flourbaby I remember your obsession with the cashew nuts! Better than cookies though LOL

    @jaifam chaffles are my new obsession. This website has all sorts of chaffle recipes and I can usually find one for every occasion. They are very filling too https://lowcarbinspirations.com/

    @flourbaby if you find a recipe too eggy, sub egg whites instead. This chaffle biscuit recipe has cured me of my addiction to bread and buns:
    1egg, ¾ cup of almond flour (I sometimes sub flax meal), ½ TBS baking powder, 1/8 tsp salt, 2TBS melted butter, ¼ cup mozzarella or cheddar,cheese, ¼ cup sour cream – Life changer!!!

    I use it for my burgers now, pizza crust, breakfast sandwich etc etc etc

    Dry January is going great! I got a huge bottle of wine for my birthday, I can’t wait to crack it open and drink a toast – on the first Saturday in February!

    Thanks for adding me to the pocket list 
    Pocket list Day 9
    @i-hate-lettuce (Honorary member)

    Day 9 UK NFD

    All going well Not joining you in dry Jan @flourbaby but my consumption has been pretty good a couple of beers last Friday and Saturday Aiming for a max of 2 days a week drinking

    @rabette Had my first yoga class for a while this morning – Christmas and illness – really enjoyed it but phew was it tough I’m shocked how a few weeks out takes its toll Lookingv forward to getting back to normal

    2nd post,

    I think we’re mixing Dry Januarians and fasters today, so …………

    @flourbaby, @karen250463, @basyjames, @jaifaim, @bellyblast, @i-hate-lettuce (Honorary member)

    Pocket List – Day 9 🍏

    Day 9 UK NFD

    All going good , and although not joining you @flourbaby for dry January I’m happy with my reduced alcohol intake and plan to keep it up drinking on no more than 2 days a week

    Had my first yoga class in a while this morning – Xmas and illness and really enjoyed but wow was it tough ! shocked how much difference a few weeks absence has caused- feel for you @rabbette

    Day 9 Canada NFD

    Fasting tomorrow instead of today, it feels like forever since Monday’s fast day. We have cold weather heading our way getting as low as -10 in the valley and -20 in the mountains. Time for a big pot of soup to get me through

    @ccco planning is so important for me, things do go sideways though so good for you for re-adjusting
    @flaquita often progress is best assessed by how clothes fit, there have been others on this site who have dropped a dress size without any change in the scales. Sounds like you are making great and yummy food choices
    @songbirdme yoga does help me with weight loss in an indirect way. It is definitely great for toning but really helps as far as calming me down, then I sleep well and don’t emotional eat which are a big part of weight loss
    @caroline esty-akporokah wine and chocolate, we have all been undone from time to time. The resistance muscle gets stronger so hang in there
    @binklebonk sounds like a healthy and successful day to me
    @i-hate-lettuce I am sleeping like a log without the wine on board, got to love that
    @flourbaby the dry January is going great for me, I do have some friends staying later this month who are hard work as far as guests go. We will see how the wine free state gets me through!!

    @rabbette: Ha! Yes! you did already tell me you teach yoga!
    I’m more of a (in my much younger days) trampolining, running, cycling, tree-climbing kind of gal! These days….walking is my exercise of choice. I can’t do any of the other stuff any more….

    Second post…
    @flourbaby yes I’m still on the dry 🚫 and feeling good for it. Also back to eating no added sugar so also thought of @debster251 at the start of the month and our green ticks ✅ last year… (if you are reading but not posting.. 👋) I might bring it back into my posts so that I’m encouraged to stay off it… although on antibiotics I feel so much better already in terms of focus, brain fog and aches… it has to be good 👍
    Hope everyone is doing ok today 💪

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Doing well, enjoying my FitBit telling me my heart rate during an ILLINI basketball game soared at the end of a 71-70 win! Ha ha!

    @ciren2 – do we ever really have a “fail” day? I hope we can see that as a new opportunity to improve!

    @daffodil2010 – I also go to bed early to avoid snacking at night. Also, if I brush my teeth right after evening meal, that helps.

    @jaifaim – oh wow, those chaffles look terrific. @basyjames – thanks for you recipe and experiences.

    @funshipfreddie – not only does the thought of your ocean view make me jealous, but also those adorable rock dassies! I had to Google them… only found in Africa it said.

    @i-hate-lettuce – interesting report on walking (leisurely vs. fast). We also do interval HIT’s “fast feet” during our Silver Sneakers. Even good for us senior citizens.

    @emma-taylor – so excited for you to enjoy Rome! I’m sure 16:8 will make a big difference.

    @suki2 – good to see you here!

    @basyjames – planking doesn’t work for me beyond just a few seconds. Hurts my lower back (I have 3 degenerated disks) but glad you can do it.

    @brightonbelle – good for you reducing alcohol intake. We all need to remember just how many calories drinks even wine can have.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD

    Good evening everyone!

    I couldn’t resist jumping on the scales this morning after yesterday’s successful 465 cals liquid fast and was amazed at seeing 4 pounds loss since sat!

    Even if I did indulge in too much chocolate and wine on Tuesday night. I did this after a successful TREE day and fancied some.

    @flourbaby I totally get it about bingeing as a reward. I am familiar with that with slimming world. Not any more!

    With the 5:7 diet I have indulged in my non FD but no way near as much as I used to. I appreciate the taste and have more self control as the fullness doesn’t feel nice and too much of something bad has lost its appeal. This is the beauty of fasting. I am no longer demonising foods… appreciate flavours and have loads more energy which is helping me focus at the gym.

    I haven’t managed to get to the gym but will go out for a walk in abit to compensate.

    Hope all your newbies are reaping the benefits because I truly feel I am inside and out. I feel happier and healthier making better choices. Today for lunch I had a spinach omelet we with coleslaw, beetroot and tomato, I was full and satisfied and resisted eating loads of sweets at work. Bonus bonus!

    I will post on my usual weigh day on Sat and will be happy it’s the 4 pounds loss.

    8 pounds loss in 2 weeks is amazing for me!! So so please I am logging on MFP and it helps me regulate my portions. It truly helps me to stay on track instead of estimating…

    Ok a it may be water! But still I feel lighter and hope I can continue as I have started…. thank you for the inspiration everyone. Truly appreciate it x

    Day 9 Oregon NFD
    Day 8 also NFD
    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement! I’m pleased to be posting before 10pm and having skimmed through some posts I wanted to say a thank you:)
    Yesterday was a CD while I was in the office. I work for a health care provider who has a free employee benefit of one trip through the salad bar per month for free the first week of each month so I was lucky to be on campus to partake yesterday. I wasn’t even that hungry when I got home, and had a reasonable and light dinner. At one point I almost decided to just make it a fast day, and I kind of wish I had.

    After dinner a fierce and persistent sugar dragon popped up in my living room in the shape of some chocolates my DH brought out (amazingly he got them before the holidays and because they were out of sight I had forgotten about them). Although they were the mini size, I had four of them which I figured to be equal to one regular size serving. I’m not going to mention the names to avoid triggering dragons for anyone else on this site…
    Anyway, despite that end to the evening (no longer in the realm of CD) it could have been worse! I had enjoyed a veg filled salad earlier, did some walking and made it to a 30 minute weight class at my gym.

    Today is a NFD and I’ve enjoyed not logging in to MFP, although I am certain I will need to do this on most NFD’s going forward…because it is certainly an eye-opener as several of you mentioned. I’m off in a few minutes for a yoga class, followed by meeting up with the walker in my walk/run group for a walk at a track. It’s essentially a couch to 5K program that we do every year because it is free and they bring in guest speakers who are inspirational. Tonight it is supposed to be a psychologist who will discuss mantras, so that sounds interesting enough to get me out in the chilly rain.

    Tomorrow I’m at a work conference so I won’t post till late, but I’ll be thinking of all the fasters and wishing them the best! I’m planning a CD, next FD will be Saturday for me.

    Together we are stronger! I absolutely love that, and so appreciate whomever started adding that to their posts:)

    Day 9 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 8 — NFD

    Just a quick check in, since I’m still feeling poorly. The NFD’s have gone well and I’ve stayed on target with them. Even though I ascribed being wiped out to my class, I begin to wonder about that. Right after class I usually stop at a sandwich shop for lunch. I hadn’t been there during the holidays and felt fine. Tuesday I ate there as usual, and in the evening after I posted, there was a big immune system response and my whole GI tract was upset yesterday. So maybe the food at that restaurant was more of a factor than the class. Hard to run experiments on this!

    Have a good end of the week!

    Day 10 country west Australia NFD
    Day 9 NFD
    Day 8 NFD
    Hoping for A FD tomorrow .
    Earlier in the week, the FD morphed into a CD ( 800 calories) as the dreaded migraine started to make itself present.
    I have always had issues with migraines whenever I fast. I managed them during my earlier foray with 5:2 in 2016/2017 but simply couldn’t face having to lose a day lying supine with a cold compress, no noise, in a darkened room, so had something to eat and it remained a manageable headache.
    Hope everyone else going well.

    Day 10, Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @caroline-esty-akporokah: You’ve lost 8 pounds altogether? That is amazing….and four since Saturday, what motivation for you!
    @matpi: So sorry you’re still having all these health problems.
    @lilymartin: That’s annoying! That fasting provokes your migraines. I hope you do find a way to manage them while still doing a form of 5:2.

    Just heard from DD in Australia, that she’s had her permanent residency come through! This makes it so much easier for her to get her SO out there very soon. Actually, he’s almost got a job offer under his own qualifications anyway, so, no doubt they can be a proper couple soon anyway. She loves Australia.

    Day 10 – Japan – WFD #2

    Ugh — been over busy. So I haven’t read any posts here.

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @flourbaby – life’s a beach! 😜

    @songbirdme – yes, the rock dassies, (aka rock rabbits) are very cute. They’re sort of like a cross between a guinea pig and a rabbit. The babies arrived a couple of months ago; they really are adorable. I read somewhere that dassies are closely related to the African elephant, despite their size.

    @caroline-esty-akporokah – wow? 8lbs in two weeks?! Awesome result! 🥇

    No fasting for me today! 😀

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Looking forward to today’s NFD, but nothing as usual until lunch and my small Oatbran bread turkey sandwhich. I have planned out a delicious evening meal of chicken stuffed with blue cheese, sundried tomatoes and spinach in a creamy garlic and mushroom sauce with konjac rice.

    Both myself and DH are really feeling the benefits of being dry, but although not joining the Dry Januarians I will stick to my Dry till Fri regime. It’s so much better for overall well-being, sleep, etc. However I do look forward to some 🍷 with that chicken dish.

    @emmataylor enjoy Rome. It’s my favourite city (by a long shot) in Europe. It has everything. I love it.

    @i-hate-lettuce thanks for sharing Michael Moseleys thoughts on walking…..so we are both on the right track so! I had a fab WOAM walk at 6am this morning with the full moon shining down….fantastic way to start the day.

    @flourbaby How are Jillian and Anita and co these days? I haven’t dropped in to visit them since September, not sure how long it will be before or if I rejoin!!

    @songbirdme I could not believe how much food and how many actual meals were in that 1800 calorie a day meal plan! All those snacks!! Seems like a continuous day of eating. However that’s a good lot of food for only 1800 cals and some things look delicious. Not sure about the peanut butter smoothie for breakfast though 😁

    Looks like some wonderful results happening for our newer members, well done everybody. This WOL is great, and this online community is the kingpin to keeping us on the wagon….even if you throw yourselves off there are always hands pulling you back in

    Together we are stronger – have a great Friday.

    Good morning. I’m joining late, but better late than never.
    My aim is to be able consistently to do 2 fast days each week. If I manage to do that, the rest will follow.

    Day 10 (one for me): FD.

    Day 10 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone,

    After a good week and a very good FD yesterday, (not many calories in veg soup at lunch and veg curry for dinner) my weekly weigh in this morning …. minus 2 lbs, so a total of -19 lbs over all.
    Now only 2 lbs over my lightest, very pleased, especially as the Christmas Markets trip and Christmas itself I put weight on as my inner warthog escaped and had a very happy time!
    However he’s back in his cage and despite the weather, back on track. Going to continue with Friday or Saturday being treats day, then 3 FD’s and 3 CD’s wherever possible.

    @bellyblast – Must admit sleep pattern is much better having cut right back, I would often have an odd glass of something 2 or 3 times a week and share a bottle of wine Friday Saturday and Sunday nights, but not missing it at all. To be fair popping in here every day is a good reminder of what we’re all trying to do!

    @daffodil2010 – Brilliant you’re enjoying your WOAM walks, I must admit I feel good after a blast around, my wife came with me yesterday on walk 2 and we did ‘the hill’, my go to MOAM walk. A bit slower, she a bit shorter stride than me, but commented when we started, we had to stop 2 or 3 times going up the hill, now we talk and don’t stop walking!

    @songbirdme – ‘us senior citizens’ yup, that includes me!

    @caroline esty-akporokah – brilliant result.

    @wellrounded – welcome onboard, stick with it, it works!

    Take care all.

    Day 9 – CD – Ireland
    Good morning, well I’m on a good roll this week and yesterday was a very controlled day… there is no doubt that cutting some sugar helps very much with general cravings… and I find it really interesting that once we can just get our heads into the zone we can become pretty much invincible.. I’m feeling very strong both in mind and body today. When I think back to all the rubbish I was eating during November and December my mind boggles…for me: logging calories in MFP, staying away from treats as much as possible and reducing alcohol so that it really is only special occasions makes THE difference…
    I exercise a lot with a target of at least 150km challenging club cycling per week, circuits and walk every day but this does not help me so much with weigh loss…it’s fantastic for my mind and general well-being but the key is calories in…..
    I weigh in generally on a Friday and am thrilled to note 4.5 lbs lost somewhere 😂this week. Absolutely thrilled 😁 …. but know that I must absolutely not celebrate the success with treats and keep going with the same mindset to get to where I need to be 👍
    On my way back to my mid-2019 weight which is where the it all fell apart 😂 as I had a lot of change and upset in my world..
    @basyjames – I‘m going to try join you to do plank for 30 days!! I’m in the zone 😂
    Well done to all the newcomers who are doing so well already!
    Welcome @wellrounded. You’ve made a good choice… as a newbie you should scroll back to page 1 of this challenge to read the overview and tips 🧐
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Second post

    @michelinme I hope you are ok as we haven’t heard from you this year…. maybe you are just resting and reading…. but hope all is well 🤗

    Day 8, UK, NFD
    Day 9, UK, FD (unsuccessful)
    Day 10, UK, NFD (possibly FD)

    Rushing to go to work so not much time for writing, but lets just say that
    this week turned out to be not so successful when it comes to fasting.
    I was doing fine yesterday, but than a cake appeared in front of me 😶

    Anyway, we must carry on and never give up 💪

    Today was supposed to be a NFD but I’ll try and do a fast.

    Have a good productive day everyone 🌼

    Day 10, London, UK, NFD

    I’m out to lunch today, planning to shock the pants off of everyone there when I order a diet coke!!!! Dry January WILL be successful!!!

    It’s a quick check-in before my lunch date, just finished a rigorous Pilates class so I’m rushing to get ready. I’ll catch=up with you guys/gals later and respond accordingly!!

    Stay strong folks, we’ve got this!!!!

    Day 10- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD

    So let’s try this again! I went over my cals yesterday by about 300. I didn’t eat bad though. Had eggs and fruit for bkfast, a grilled chicken breast with broccoli for dinner. Skipped lunch. Was super busy. I don’t feel that bad about how the day turned out. Gonna go for gold today. I plan to have CFD’s for the rest of the weekend. Have great weekend everyone!

    @wellrounded: Welcome to the forum. Where are you from?

    Day 10 Canton OH CD

    I kept getting self-sabotaging cravings to eat stuff that is not so good for me. It all began when I went to the breakroom to get my morning cup of coffee and spied some muffins that had been set out. I restrained myself and did not take one but kept thinking about them all day. I finally decided to help myself to one but thankfully they were all gone. However it kinda messed with my self-control and I ate too many almonds to compensate for missing out on the muffins. Then I went home and tried to help myself to my daughter’s M & Ms, but she was fresh out! Long story short- even though I tried to sabotage myself, someone out there was looking out for me and I ended the day with 587 calories.

    So today is a CD so that I can satisfy some of my cravings in a controlled manner, I am aiming for 1000 calories today.

    Yay @jaifam thank you for joining me on the plank challenge 🙂 Abs-city here we come!!!

    @well-rounded welcome to the forum and day 1 of the rest of your life.

    Have a happy Friday everyone and keep on keeping on!!!

    USA Day 10 NFD

    Welcome, WellRounded!
    Ciren2, Glad to see your daughter is happy and doing so well in Australia! It is great that she found a permanent residence.

    It’s great to see how many people are losing and doing so well on this plan! Congratulations!

    Lilymartin, I am so sorry about your migraines. I know lots of people will get headaches when cutting calories but it’s really quite something else to ge a migraine! Feel well!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 10 Canada FD

    For some reason the site isn’t letting me post today, anyone else having issues. I keep getting the message that says my post is up…. but it isn’t. Here is a copy paste…
    Day 10 Canada FD

    Finally a FD! Going to be focussed on shrinking this belly and joining @songbirdme @rafiki44 @funshipfreddie @metatauta @emma-taylor @missybear and @at in maintenance!

    @daffodil2010 some days I need more food as well. The MFP 1800 cal for a day plan that @songbirdme shared was a real eye opener, so much food that was high in nutrition to fuel a day. I love eggs as well and will be relying on them to get me through today
    @caroline esty-akporokah 8lbs!!! That’s fantastic!!!
    @mapti hope you are feeling 100% soon, smart to look at food as the cause
    @lilymartin I am so sorry you suffer from migraines when fasting, hope you can come up with a plan to make it work
    @ciren2 that is exciting news, hope your daughter is no where near the fires and smoke
    @wellrounded welcome, this is a great group and I am sure you will quickly find that this is such a success
    @jaifaim that is a fantastic loss- big congrats to you
    @flourbaby cheers to your diet coke. I have had a few experiences of people being totally shocked when I have turned down a drink, it is interesting how much social pressure there is attached to alcohol hey

    Pocket List

    Day 10 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Had a busy day, sorry just getting to posts.

    @wellrounded- welcome indeed! Hope you find our forum helpful and friendly.

    @ciren2 – happy for your DD and her SO in Australia.

    @dykask – I also had a busy day. Must have been Friday? 🙂

    @caroline-esty-akporokah – very happy for your great loss! Hurrah!

    @therealwil78 -good going on your FD’s … no way to do it but do it!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 10 Ohio, US — MFD

    The fasting has gone well as has the day, although there is still a lot of fatigue from whatever was bothering my system earlier this week. As usual with FD’s, I feel better tonight.

    I see that the Forum has been invaded by a spammer. Is there a way of cleaning those posts out if the site?

    @ciren2 Congrats on your DD good news! Wow! That happened quickly. She must be in seventh heaven!

    @basyjames It’s nice when the universe gives us a helping hand!

    @flourbaby Hope everything went well (and dry!) at lunch!!

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Day 10 Canada FD

    Have had a terrible time posting today but managed a good fast day

    Day 11: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Between eating breakfast and getting ready for work I’ve been catching up with DD in Australia via Whatsapp….she’s very happy with getting her permanent residency visa this week and REALLY excited about progress on the job front for her SO. He’s been verbally offered the job in Melbourne and they are now investing in getting his visa approved, which should take three weeks. So he’s actually handed in his notice in the uk now and will fly out to join her within a month or so!! She says she’ll (well, they’ll) visit us again next Christmas…..so we WILL continue to see her from time to time.

    Better go now…..good luck, all of you for today….I’ll see you when I get back from my deliveries. xx

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @wellrounded – welcome to the January Challenge! Although I see you’re not a newbie, but a returning 5:2er.

    Hoping to get off the ADF next week; depending on what the scales tell me tomorrow.

    Have a good weekend everyone 🌈

    Pocket List – Day 11 🍏

    Day 11 – NFD – Ireland
    Oops… my post yesterday should have read Day 10 of course….. I am still in the zone even though I spent last night with my parents…. generally this is where I fall off the wagon food wise as like someone else mentioned recently, their generation just don’t understand IF and to be honest, I wouldn’t even try to explain…. also… they already think I look just perfect… there is nothing like a parent to make you feel ok BUT of course they are biased.. they created this Cookie Monster 😂😂🧐
    So yes… a CD recorded just over 1000 calls which is great.
    Today and tomorrow I will be back home and meeting friends and getting out and about for catchups 🚴‍♀️ 🚶‍♀️ so
    hopefully will stay on track.
    @ciren2 I am so glad to hear your DD can now settle in Oz …that makes things so much easier for them…
    @matpi and @bellyblast re : forum… I didn’t see any obvious spam but have seen notifications yesterday that work on the forum today will impact those of you who choose to receive email updates (I don’t…)
    @matpi hope you feel better soon..,
    @flourbaby… so… were they surprised with your choices?? ✅ I hope to do the same today but can’t promise… it’s the weekend 🎉
    Today I’m thinking of @coda who started the challenges…. and who dips in and out sometimes. If you are reading… you had a lot going on last year too so hope things are going ok 🤗
    Still dry 🚫 + sugar free-ish ✅
    Good luck to those fasting today 💪
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 11 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone,

    Certainly a NFD today, out this evening dining at friends and having a catch-up.
    So just passing through this morning, hope anyone on a FD today has an easy one.

    Take care all

    Day 9,10 & 11 – Cork, IE – FD x 3

    It’s been a busy week and I haven’t had much time to post but making sure to check in today. Stood on the scales this morning and delighted to see that I’m down 11 lbs so far! That’s an amazing result for me as I have an underactive thyroid and have really struggled to lose more than 4lbs in the past couple of years. Even more motivating is that some of my trousers are definitely feel a bit looser around the thighs and bum which I am attributing in part to my new squatting habit. And the best thing is that it hasn’t been a major challenge from a food perspective. The TRE is also very manageable once I have made plans for dinner so as to get it cooked and eaten early enough in the evening.

    I am continuing with the Very Fast 800 for the month of January with a couple of NFDs for special events and see where I am at that stage. Michael Mosely has suggested that it can be done for up to 12 weeks depending on the amount of weight the person has to lose. I am not sure I will go that long but I do have the Cuba trip as a motivator

    @wellrounded – welcome to the January challenge.
    @ciren2 -congrats to your DD on getting her permanency visa and for her exciting plans with her SO. A really exciting time for them.
    @basyjames & @jaifaim – I like the idea of the plank challenge as a new daily habit and I will join you on this from today 🙂

    My friend has signed us up for a morning of yoga and pilates followed by brunch in a week’s time. We’re friends since college and while we live in the same city, it can be challenging to meet regularly due to busy schedules so we’ve started to look at alternatives to the typical night out to enjoy our time together. She’s definitely a lot fitter than me but thanks to the progress over the past 2 weeks, I am now not filled with dread at being in yoga pants around a group of strangers!

    Off now to prepare for the week ahead as I will be travelling with work for 4 days with a black tie event thrown in the mix so need to figure out clothes and how I will manage my food choices. The black tie event will be my first NFD of the challenge!

    Pocket List – Day 11

    Yesterday’s attempt at NFD fell apart in the evening.
    NFD today and tomorrow.

    Day 11, London, UK, NFD

    Yesterday’s lunch was lovely, especially since I only had a fresh mint tea and a Vietnamese coffee to drink!! I’m winning this Dry January!!! @matpi & @jaifaim , the most difficult part of going ‘Dry’ is the first week, no automatic reaching for a glass of wine when I settle down for the evening seemed alien, now, thank goodness, it doesn’t even cross my tiny mind!!!

    @bellyblast, the whole idea of using booze to alleviate stress doesn’t make much sense but when I get stressed it’s the first thing I think of!!! Perhaps this year I need to focus on finding better ways to deal with stress!!

    Way to go @caroline-esty-akporokah & @flaquita, nothing like a win on the scales & the wardrobe to reinforce just how simple & effective this WOL is!!!

    @daffodil2010, Jillian & friends are doing their usual and putting my efforts to shame, todays muscles of choice that feel like they’re dying, are the hamstrings, sitting down is comical but painful!!!

    Welcome @wellrounded, you’re in the right place with the right outlook!!!

    I’m reorganizing the freezer today, I’m pretty sure there are some ‘unidentifiables’ in there that really need to go!!

    Keep the faith people!!!!

    Day 11 – Darlington – UK – NFD

    I haven’t been around for a few days, still getting my head around things tbh. As of end the week I’ve probably done ok and come in under cals but not lost anything which is very disheartening 🙁

    Doing a sensible eating day today and tomorrow and will fast again on Monday.

    I hope everyone else is doing ok. I’d just love some motivation from people who struggle to lose even a lb or 2 due to meds or autoimmune problems if anyone has any.


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