It's a real struggle 2nd time around!

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It's a real struggle 2nd time around!

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  • Hi everyone,

    I fasted from Nov. 1st – Dec. 8th 2014. In these 5 weeks I lost around 5 kilos and I wasn’t hungry at all on fast days. My mind kind of accepted that I would ‘eat again tomorrow’ instead and that was ok.
    On non-fast days I ate A LOT, too much. And not always healthy food. Still dropped in weight.

    I gained what I had lost over Christmas but is now back on the 5:2 diet. I consider this diet to be superb to other diets since I would feel very restricted if I would have to diet every day.

    Now, I have been 5:2’ing for three weeks, and absolutely nothing has happened. My body is stalling and I feel super super hungry on fast days.
    On non-fast days I enjoy good food, but I don’t feel any need to overeat like last time around and I even eat more healthy. Not losing ANY weight.

    I don’t get it, I really don’t.
    I started tracking my calories very carefully on fast days this week, to make sure I get exactly 500. But I’m so hungry all day long and I’m having a tough time due to hunger and not seeing any results.

    Any advices? Should I just stick it out? Why is nothing happening when I’m doing a better job now?


    Hi Liv

    I have just started on Monday 9th so a newbie to this but want to try an be successful. I saw your post and felt to reply. I know this may sound like a stupid question but have you been drinking plenty fluids because if we dont I believe our bodies in dehydration decide to hold onto the fluid we have. Also once your body gets into a regular routine of certain foods or calories an it knows its repairing rather than starving after your “start,stop,start” you will prob start losing again. Def dont give up. You have done well before and can do it again 🙂 Merry

    Plus any tips from you with what you did first time round are welcome :-). .

    Hi Merry,

    Thank you for your reply. I didn’t care to much about the drinking fluids part the first time around. I would actually say that i was quite reckless and allowed myself to have absolutely no rules on non-fast days. On fast days though I would stick to my 500-(600) cals.
    I feel like I did everything I shouldn’t do and still benefitted from it, and on fast days I was never really hungry, so it was all quite easy!
    It’s the complete opposite this time, I’m hungry and get zero results atm. That’s why I’ve been confused this time around.
    I thought about the ‘start-stop-start’ thing, and I believe you are very right. Also, for all the benefits I will try to pay more attention to drinking water.

    Two pieces of advice I will pass on to you for now is 1) stick to your fast days. If I start a fast day I won’t compromise. I see my parents come home and say “I haven’t been too good today”. I don’t want to compromise because it would ruin motivation because you have to work double as hard and not enjoy the contrast between fast and non-fast days.
    2) I woke up one morning on a fast day and knew i couldn’t manage it that day. Then accept that fact, fast another day. Maybe accept you will only have one fast day that day. Otherwise it will probably affect your motivation.

    And lastly: Despite my struggle this time, I know that this is the best and one way to diet for me. I loved, absolutely LOVED my first time around. You feel energized from eating less and more clear in your head. So be happy that you’re trying it out yourself, it really is amazing!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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