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  • I’m a newbee and wondering if this fits the same plan. I have the following on fast days:

    Breakfast – Half a grapefruit 45 calories
    Lunch – A handful of salad leaves – 45 calories?

    Meal – I make up the remaining calories by having a normal but low calories meal. Trying to make up the remaining 510 calories.

    I drink black coffee, herbal tea (peppermint) and water.

    That sounds all good to me Hanleya!!

    Well done 🙂

    If it works go for it–for me i need a bit of protein to kick start my day and for lunch have an apple and some almonds (again for protein)
    the great thing about 5:2 is that you find a way that works for you.
    if it doesnt work for me on any particular fast day I just go back to the drawing board and tweek it abit–so there is no need to throw the baby out with the bath water by opening the pantry door and eating it bare.

    all the best

    Hi! Hope your first days on this way of eating have gone well! 🙂

    Re your fast day food, I would think that the salad leaves have virtually no calories. I don’t actually worry about counting calories from lettuces, celery, cucumber, cabbage and the like, and have as much of those as I like – in general, I have as many veggies as I can eat, apart from high cal ones like potatoes. You do need to be careful not to have too much fruit as much of this is quite high in sugar and hence cals.

    Also, as you will have picked up if you have read various threads, many of us try not to eat until as late as possible on our fast days – eating any sort of food can tend to trigger the need to eat more than if we just have liquids during the day. But there are some, including MM, who do need brekkie – tho, as mentioned above, I think they have a protein brekkie rather than fruit. But it is whatever works for you. And you can eat less than one quarter of your TDEE if you wish – some people only have liquids on their fast days. Miso soup or other clear broth can be good if you can’t quite make it to dinner time without something that feels more substantial.

    Anyway, do have a good read around as there are lots of tips, ideas and support to be had from the forums.

    All the very best on your journey.


    Sassy 🙂

    Thanks very much everyone. I didn’t realise salad was pretty much no calories!! I find it easier eating little during the day and a bigish meal later on but wasn’t sure if a big meal in the evening was allowed!

    Thanks for the help 🙂

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