Is low-cal meal replacement shakes okay on fast day?

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Is low-cal meal replacement shakes okay on fast day?

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  • I just started IF (16 hr, fast from 8pm-12noon) and am wondering if I can supplement it with a low GI meal replacement shake. It’s this one:

    It is a little high in sugar and that’s what worries me. But it is specifically designed to be low GI (main philosophy around nutrisystem), contans only complex carbs, and it is somewhat low-cal so I was hoping I could sneak one through in the morning. Does anyone feel that one of these in the morning would be unwise?

    In terms of the “rules”, as long as you count the calories, it is fine.

    Why are you thinking of doing this? Is it just for convenience? I would worry that it wouldn’t be satiating. I made a decision long before starting 4:3 only to eat real food, so I guess I am biased. I would think that even a good quality frozen dinner would be as convenient and more satiating than a shake. Just my opinion, though, obviously.

    Good luck, whatever way you chose to go!

    Thank you for your response! The reason for these specifically is that the protein and slow burning carbohydrates are there to, in fact, keep you feeling full. I actually was on the nutrisystem diet several years ago, and I lost 30 lbs. However, I stopped the program and slowly gained it all back and then some. At any rate, I believe in the program and am confident that these shakes will keep me feeling full, I just want to be sure of the rules for this change I’m preppinpreparing to embark on.

    Thanks again

    If you know it works, go for it.


    Ive never had one of these drinks in my life, so cant comment on them, though my son uses protein shakes.

    I found your comment about using the shakes to feel full interesting.

    I find the fast diet works for me well because it makes me feel hungry!

    Odd thing to say, but getting used to hunger, and recognising the difference between being really hungry and feeling ‘famished’ cos its a mealtime is the key that has stopped me overeating, hopefully for life. Its a way of eating thats creates a deficit but also changes how I think about food. It changes how food tastes – sweet foods taste too sweet nowadays, and Im much less likely to eat them. I can now go 24, 36 or 48 hours without eating, and it doesnt even feel odd, the fasting element gives me energy and I dont need go feel full, rather I enjoy the breaks.

    As Ive said, I dont know the effects of these drinks, but for me, the fast diet is about resligning my relationship eith eating food.

    I agree with milena,
    I think learning about fasting is really important, its not about making sure you don’t go hungry. My problem with my weight is that I keep my mouth engaged, and my mind engaged with food. I think about food the minute I’m bored, it is something to do. So learning how to be hungry is really interesting and I find my mind wants to play tricks with me all the time.
    I get to intimately know what being hungry is like. I’ve adapted the diet for me to fast Mon, Wed, Fri. and its a full fast. I have tried less than that and I don’t seem to loose the weight I want. and alcohol seems to be the biggest impediment to my weight loss, on only two glasses of wine on my eating days. 22 pounds to go.

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