Is a negligible calorie really insignificant?

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  • I have just begun the FastDiet.  I am going with the 12 hour fasting on two days a week.  During the time that I am in my 12 hours of fasting, is it okay to have a negligible calorie at some point.  Specifically, a splash of Diet Cranberry Juice in a Fresca (diet sode).  Diet Cranberry juice has 5 calories in an 8 oz glass.  A small splash would only be a fraction of a calorie.  I occasionally enjoy the extra flavor but I didn’t know if even a calorie that insignificant might countermand the diet.  I appreciate your reply.

    I doubt that 5 Calories will make much of a difference , as long as you dont have too many of them.  2 0r 3 glasses wont hurt.

    XXLnomore- I appreciate your reply and I hope you’re right.  My only real concern is that it might have an adverse effect on the science of the diet.  That even the slightest calorie might take our body out of its’ fasting mind-set.  I just started the diet and I have only experienced one day of fasting so far but I didn’t find it as difficult as I had thought it would be.  I’m starting to think that I might be able to have a good breakfast and dinner and omit lunch all together from my lifestyle.

    I am confused. Maybe you all can help me. I am sorta doing this 5.2  (IF) but I aint sure I am doing it right. On my fast days, I am eating 500 cals. I make the cals last me all day long. At least by 4 or 5 p.m its gone. How long til I can eat again? Is it the next day at breakfast? Or do we start the ‘fast time’ after we eat our 500 cals? I been eating just the 500 cals and the next day just carry on as normal. Am I doing it right? Please help me.

    I just read the 500 is just a rough estamate. It should be 1/4 of your normal cals. Thats only 300 cals for me! I can do this! I think I got it figured out now. I normally do breakfast at 9 in the morning and end the day about 430 or 5. So I would be going at least from 5 til 9 the next day. which is 15 hrs. I think I understand now. YAY! thanks all.

    @NLR cat – I’ve just read the section of the book where they discuss both approaches.  Michael Fasts for the full 12 hour – nothing consumed at all, and Mimi breaks up her 500 calories throughout the day to stave of hunger.  They feel that both approaches work but that the full 12 hour fast may work faster.  They also enforce that each individual should use the approach that works best for them and is the most sustainable.

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