Is 5:2 diet ok for peptic ulcers?

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  • I have symptoms of peptic ulcers. I am also overweight because I have been overeating to relieve the symptoms of excess acid. Is 5:2 diet ok for people with peptic ulcers?

    we are not doctors so couldn’t advise, but I have a vague memory of folk on here ages ago who had an improvement in reflux etc by doing the 5:2. Sorry not be of more help.

    I have had problems with reflux for many years and have been on and off different medications. I’m not overweight but thought I’d try the 5.2 for other health benefits other than just weight loss, also to support my husband and daughter who are giving it a try. I’ve been on it for 3 weeks and am finding my reflux has improved a great deal. Not sure if it’s just due to having to digest less though!

    I also had some problems with reflux in the past and tried the usual stuff – dairy and all that. However when I’m fasting more I rarely have it anymore, probably also because I’m eating healthier when doing IF in general!

    Now I don’t have any knowledge about peptic ulcers, but it helped with my reflux.

    Thanks for the replies. I’m guessing the answer is no for stomach ulcers? I am unsure because stomach ulcer is not listed as one of the ‘not suitable’ conditions for 5:2 diet in the FAQ of this site.

    Well no-one here has any knowledge about peptic ulcers, just reflux and we all said it’s improved! So no-one is saying either no or yes but we’re inclined towards yes – that the diet is ok for people with peptic ulcers

    Did you consult a doctor? It’s probably the best idea at this point if you want to be sure.

    I have been on the 5:2 diet since August 2012 and have just been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer after a very unpleasant endoscopy examination. I have been told that the causes of this are anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) e.g. ibuprofen or H. pylori infection. A biopsy was taken and so far I am negative to the infection – the test was done today and it can take on rare occasions a long time to turn positive- I will update this post if it goes +ve.

    The thing is I don’t take ibuprofen or only vey rarely, like one or 2 tablets a year – I use paracetemol for pain relief if I have to.
    I don’t drink fizzy drinks, tea, coffee – I don’t smoke, I don’t drink excessively, eat plenty of veg and drink plenty of water (all the things which are bad for ulcers). I eat curry (once or twice a week on average) and I fast twice a week – that is all I do which is bad!

    The consultant was adament I should STOP the 5:2 diet as an empty stomach for long periods is bad for ulcers.

    I do not really want ot stop as I strongly believe in the philosophy of the diet. As well as all of the +ve health promises, which I have faith in, it forces me to eat really healthily on the fast days – when I consume a lot of vegetables and no meat.

    Has anyone else had similar advice? i.e. to STOP the diet due to an ulcer?

    I strongly believe that no diet should be done without the consultation of a doctor if one suffers under medical conditions.

    If your doctor tells you to stop, I would follow his advice or get a second opinion.

    Just my two pennies worth or not…

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