Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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  • Hi, does anyone have experience of how 5:2 fasting affected their IBS, if at all.

    Many thanks.

    My ODH was diagnosed with IBS and we did the IBS Diet for several weeks while continuing to Fast. Turns out he didn’t have IBS, rather it was Pelvic Floor Disfunction which was ‘cured’ by a course of very specific Physical Therapy. Bottom line: it is possible to do an IBS Diet and Fast at the same time.

    Good luck, ChrisPudd.


    I used to suffer from IBS and I discovered that it is affected by what you eat rather than when.
    I cut out all wheat and wheat products, citrus, alcohol, added sugar and numerous other foods then gradually re-introduced them one at a time.
    Wheat was the culprit as often appears to be the case, but with research and self experimentation I discovered that it wasn’t a gluten issue as organic wheat wasn’t a problem and my IBS eventually disappeared.

    You should be OK with fasting and you could try taking kefir regularly as it is excellent for improving the health and diversity of gut bacteria which should aid your recovery.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    I’ve had some classic IBS symptoms which all but disappeared when I stopped dairy and gluten. I’m pretty much vegan-ish now, with no problems.

    Dr. Mosley’s Clever Guts books are very helpful.

    Hi Chrispudd,

    I was diagnosed with IBS almost 10 years ago, have been eating a low FODMAP diet since 2011, and have been doing 5:2 since November 2017 (in conjunction with a low FODMAP diet).

    I’ve definitely found it has helped the symptoms overall. I now rarely take medication for it, and have even been able to eat a few more medium FODMAP foods with little to no consequence.

    Not sure if it’s just because I have virtually zero FODMAPS on my fast days, or because the fasting helps heal the tummy, but I’ve noticed an improvement.

    Would be interested to hear what others think!

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