Insomnia – has anyone worked out how to reduce it on a fasting night…

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Insomnia – has anyone worked out how to reduce it on a fasting night…

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  • Hello,

    Just as my title states, I am suffering terrible with insomnia when fasting. I think this would be manageable but I have a young child that likes to wake me up for a cuddle at night too and my husband leaves for work at 6, and I’m one of these “once I’ve been woken up, I can’t get back to sleep” types. The real problem I am having is being really tired makes me eat more! or certainly lowers my resolve.

    So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I wondered if anyone has overcome this insomnia. If so, how…

    I als notice I feel very tired during the days after a meal, so I’m thinking big meals make me feel tired so it’s common sense to realise not eating much, for me stops me eating. Last fasting day (on 600 kcal) I was up until 04.30am buzzing! then my son woke me at 6.30… it was painful for the next few days!

    Many thanks for reading and thank you in advance if you are able to offer advice.

    My heart goes out to you, so much to contend with. I often feel tired but as soon as I go to bed raging insomnia and the need to nip to the loo every 15 mins. So I have changed my routine, I try to relax and go to bed really early and read a book. that keeps me busy whilst loo nipping, then I turn off the light and sleep.

    If insomnia persists I take a herbal sleeping tablet.

    Hi, I have the same problem, but have had it for years, fast days though I’m worse, feel I’m on something, it’s like my brain is on fast forward for hours. My normal is about 4-5 hours but since starting 5:2 it’s been 3, and sometimes no sleep at all after a fast day.

    I found Melissa Dream at Holand and Barrett, definitely helps. Herbal supplement, mainly lemon balm.

    Seems to be working, slept nearly six hours a couple of nights this week, and full of energy.

    Only downside seems to be I dreaming of chocolate cake – which I’m not really fond of. But hey at least I’m dreaming!

    Wow I thought it was just me. I had my first fast day yesterday and couldn’t sleep last night. It was after midnight when I finally went to sleep but it was a very light sleep, I kept waking up to every little sound, that is until 4 am. I couldn’t get back to sleep so watched a movie. I’ve always been like this just not as bad as last night. Now at least I can be prepared for fasting nights. Thanks

    Hi Lozza:

    My 13 Dec 14 post in this thread gives an outline of why some people have insomnia:

    Good Luck!

    I had this for a while, early on in my fasting journey. It didn’t last too long and hasn’t recurred since, so hopefully it’s a fleeting ‘stage’ for most people? I hope so for all of you anyway.

    Same for me Tracy, happened early on but now I sleep even better than pre 5 2

    Same. God it’s lovely. But annoying during THAT stage I guess. At least we can give the current batch of sufferers some hope for the future though eh!

    I find that I do not go to sleep if I go to bed hungry. On fast days a make a cup of chocolate with low calorie chocolate powder and skim milk. This works out to be under a 100 calories, which I substract from the evening meal. The drink fills me enough to go off to sleep.

    mbmjb that’s a brilliant tip, thank you. I had thought about that, having a warm milky drink as one fasting night, I couldn’t sleep at all and ended up coming downstarirs and having a huge glass of milk anyway. I was at my wits end at the time…

    Tracy and apple pie- really interesting to hear this got better for you! My mum said as I child I would wake in the night if I was hungry… grr.

    Another poster has suggested having oatmeal before bed which is another brilliant idea!

    The really interesting thing for me, is, I also find I have extreme tiredness, on a normal, day after eating.

    Lozz how are things going for you. Milena I will have to look for the supplement however, I fear, it’s low blood glucose keeping me awake.. anything’s worth a try though as insomnia was the cause for me abandoning the diet a while ago …

    Thank you for your replies

    I find that if I have a decaf. latte (low fat or skim milk) in the evening, it helps a lot. If it means I go over the 500 cal. for the day, I don’t worry, because I think that the sleep is more important and I have still been losing weight. If it’s a bit slower it won’t matter. I’d rather sleep 🙂

    Winglet, forget the latte. Try camomile tea. No calories, no fat, no carbs and it’s great at both settling the stomach and helping you sleep. The only thing that works as well as that is sex. But you could have camomile and sex, though not at the same time, camomile tea is hot!
    Camomile is a bit of an acquired taste. But beer and wine are also acquired tastes and most people manage to get hooked on them.

    Hi Bingeingqueen, By this time probably you already have solved your insomnia problem. Just in case it may help to you or somebody else.I can go to sleep after I use this ice pad on my neck.

    It is about a spot, located between the two tendons on the back of your neck. More precisely, in the hole-like place where your neck and head merge. This is the spot, which in Chinese acupuncture is called Feng Fu, or “wind shelter”.

    If you regularly put an ice cube on this place, your body will rejuvenate, many diseases will disappear, and you will be healthier, more enthusiastic and full of energy.


    First of all, lie on your stomach and place an ice cube (2 x 2 cm) at the Feng Fu point. Hold the ice cube act for about half an hour. You can use a bandage or a scarf in order to fix the ice cube.

    Repeat this procedure regularly, with making a 2 to 3 day break. Make sure you do it in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before you go to bed.

    It works good for insomnia!

    I’m the the sex camp. Best sleeping pill ever.

    There are some rather nasty side effects to long term use of Ambien and Lunesta. I got off years of Lunesta with the Fisher Wallace stimulator, a device that stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine. It works for depression, anxiety and insomnia. (My insurance covered it at 70%)

    I have no financial or any other kind of interest in this company. This device has simply saved my life. I still take melatonin and magnesium at bedtime, but I’m off the hardcore stuff.

    Hubby uses it too for mood elevation.

    It Hello K-Lo

    As for insomnia, I also had this problem for years, as you use Magnesio and Melatonin, have achieved good nights sleep, but made some changes, retired TV and other room devices, keep a schedule routine to go to sleep.

    Brazil embraces, good dreams and good sleeps

    Anaide, I support whatever works!!!

    Just to add to this in case it helps – I was having trouble falling asleep or waking up on fast days – spray magnesium before bed seems to have solved it as I’ve slept all night now since using it (6 fast days). Thanks for the tips!

    I have only been doing this since the first of Nov, but I make sure and eat my final meal within a couple of hours before bedtime and have a piece of bread within my calorie plan for it. I don’t like to drink coffee on fast days, just green tea, and this helps me out to make the evening buzz at night more manageable for me. Also, a valerian hops tincture if necessary…

    Hi everyone, I have just completed my first fast day and got around 3 hours sleep.I’m a 7-8 hour sleeper. Went to bed at normal time, same routine and read for an hour. Only last night reading turned into 3 hours.

    Eventually put on some Yoga nidra on headphones and feel asleep. I am having no other side effects and feel great. Does the insomnia persist or will it go away eventually.

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