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  • Does anyone have any good recipes for infused waters that are allowed on fast days? I like cucumber and lemon but am tired of it. I want to do watermelon and mint but don’t really know if watermelon is a good choice because it has a high GI. Any thoughts?

    Not sure about watermelon but strawberries are nice! I use only infused water, plain water or tea and cut out all other drinks including alcohol.
    Best of luck with your journey.

    Hi Miss Marjorie, I found this site but I’ve yet to try any, They do claim that these are zero Calorie good luck 🙂

    It is my first day and I have my dandelion tea out. I’m having it weak so it doesn’t stimulate my digestion too much. Try the Bonvit brand that comes in tea bag options that doesn’t have any sugar in it.


    sorry what do you mean by Infused waters? Is it part of the meal plan?


    I really love making infused water and my favorite is cucumber with mint leaves and strawberry and kiwi. It has an amazing taste and it is so refreshing. Water has a boring taste so infused water is very big help to add some taste to it.

    just be careful not to overdo this. Lemon is of course very acidic and thus lemon water is very bad for your teeth. Why not just get used to drinking regular water without having to make a show out of it each time.

    I read recently that although lemons are acid, lemon water is alkaline & excellent for your health whether dieting or not. I have been drinking it (with ginger added) for a couple of years & my teeth are fine.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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