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  • My job is very sedentary; I’m at the computer all day most every day. I brought a stool to work and every half hour, I get up from my desk and climb onto the stool twenty times. Sounds kind of dumb, but it doesn’t take me away from my work very long! Now if I can just get the safety manager to stop telling me that he’s concerned that the stool might scoot from under me, all will be well! 🙂

    Hi @hoppermum – your post made me smile 😀 I now have an image in my head of someone jumping up from their desk every so often and climbing on and off a stool with a health and safety guy standing watching and all the while tutting and shaking his head.

    Wonderful!! 😀 😀

    You go girl!!


    Thanks, Sylvestra! Yes, that’s an accurate image! (Yesterday he told me he’s going to get a bunch of pillows for the floor! I’ll need a bunch when I trip on them!)

    @Hoppermum I also have a desk job and could stare at my computer all day however I never sit for more than an hour at a time.

    One of the reasons is that I drink copious amounts of coffee and herbal tea all day, so that I have to constantly go to the toilet, which involves going down one flight of stairs.
    When in the wash room I often do a few press ups against the wall and other vaguely muscle toning exercises for a minute or so.
    I once read that a famous 50s film star used every opportunity to exercise her legs by raising one leg just an inch and hold it as long as possible. Quite intriguing and worth trying out.
    I write internal e-mails just for the record and get up and discuss the matter with the recipients.
    Sometimes I pretend our printer does not work and print my stuff on a printer down the corridor so I have to get up and pick it up.
    Our office is a magnet for everybody to dump things so if I want to get away from the desk I start tidying up.
    The most exercise I get is during my luncah hour when I go for a brisk 3+ mile walk up and downhill. I am very fortunate that I can walk in a nice and safe residential area. .

    I read somewhere that rather than sitting at your desk working on your computer, you’re better to stand up. It means you can also bounce up and down on your feet, and it’s meant to help with your circulation.

    Hi Hoppermum.

    Good on you! I LOVE it! I only work 10 hours a week and my job has me moving but I’m definitely gong to incorporate doing jumping jacks every half hour at home. 30 seconds of full out jumping jacks 😉

    I’ll keep you posted on how I go.

    Just had to respond to this 🙂 My job is a desk job and I sit for most of the day, when I can I try and get up and move about, and also when I go to the toilet, I use the opportunity to do some squats or arm exercise, waist crunches, to stretch and tone really. Its too cold at the moment to walk at lunch, so thats what I’m doing, and I feel better for it haha!

    I got a standing desk installed at my office cube, if you can get this I would highly recommend it. Not only is standing itself better for you, but I find I’m also more inclined to do other little bits of activity (like walk down to the printer and collect something as soon as I send it to print, rather than just making a trip down several hours later after I’ve printed off several things, so I’ll have 2-3 trips when I might previously have had just one). Aside from that, I try to take a quick walk at midday and also ALWAYS use the stairs for going between floors. Sometimes if I am feeling sleepy I will also just go and walk up a few flights of stairs quickly, it really gets your blood flowing.

    I drink a lot of liquids at work and that causes me to half to get up and walk to the ladies room a lot too. Plus, I started walking faster and running up stairs.

    I do a lot of studying at home and it’s so easy to get absorbed in whatever I am looking at, so every 45 minutes I get up and do some exercises just to raise my heartbeat and move my arms and legs around! Definitely feel more alert when I sit back down again and I can see a difference in my legs and upper arms. Goes to show you don’t need any fancy equipment or have to go to the gym!

    I’m worried about this too as I’m going back to uni tomorrow, so I’m going to have to get used to sitting down for lectures and then sitting down whilst I’m studying too…however I’m hoping my FitBit will encourage me to get up and out, even if it’s only to walk around the block!

    Not sure if this is an option for you, but perhaps try standing while you work?

    I think standing while working is vastly overrated. People that have jobs that require them to stand all the time have health issues related to that. Problems with the feet and back are common. Maybe going back and forth between standing and sitting is better.

    Personally, I wouldn’t climb up on a stool because one is transferring dirt and grime from the floor to your seat. Then you transfer it to your car and home. (I’m in Japan and people think like that.)

    A yoga mat on the floor and do a plank or some pushups every 30 minutes. Mix it up with things like superman reverse sit-ups or dozens of other exercises. The idea is to use a many muscles working together as possible. People that do a lot of body weight exercises tend to have slender trim builds unless they really focus on strength. Anyway there are literally 100’s of different exercises that can be done.

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