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  • Hello all. I’ve just joined and I’m reading the book. Almost done, as I’m planning to start this week. Just a quick question: does anyone know if stevia is allowed as a sweetener for coffee on fast days? Thanks so much and I hope it is going well for all of you!

    Hi Agueybana,
    Welcome here.
    Yes stevia is allowed! In fact sugar is allowed too, but you would need to add in the calories and maybe put up with it setting the sugar munchies off.

    Thanks, Cinque! I appreciate your quick response! Take care!

    Hi Everyone,
    I am 73 and just starting my 5.2 diet. I am so encouraged by people’s success stories. Just one question, when weight of say fish or rice is in calorie count, is that before cooking or after?

    Hi Everyone. I signed up last week and began my 5:2 diet this week. Today is my first FD and right now, I have eaten 294 calories and my stomach is growling for more food. To help in my food crave until dinner (right now it’s 12:37PM EST – United States), I’m drinking water with Grapefruit essential oils (I use doTerra oils). It’s helping some. I feel like this is more of a mind game.

    About me, I’m a 52yo male with Stage 2 Heart Failure with 20% Ejection Fraction. (Ejection Fraction is the amount of blood your heart pumps out to your organs/body. Normal is 55-70%) My exercise is limited but I do a lot of walking. My cardiac doctor told me walking keeps me off the transplant list. My current weight is 202 pounds, which is good for me since back in February 2019, the last time I saw my cardiac doctor, I was 210 pounds. I like to get back down to 190-195.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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