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  • I have a theory!

    I have noticed that if I have eaten a lot of carbs the evening before a fast, I find it much, much harder to fast. In fact I have taken to loading up with protein (and loads of green veggies and no starch or sugary fruits, of course) the evening before my fast days and found it really, really easy. I would typically eat nothing until the evening, and feel absolutely fine, albeit a bit peckish every so often.

    Yesterday we ended up eating an Indian which was hot enough that I had to have some rice. Today, which was to be a fast day is a total write-off! The ‘hunger’ was simply unbearable. So I have given up on my fast, and am concentrating on avoiding the carbs and sugar that I am craving rather a lot.

    I suspect this will only affect some people, maybe especially those who have a problem with sugar (I’m an addict!). But it may be worth a thinking about if you are struggling regularly.

    I’d like to hear your experiences!

    Ruthi, I agree with you about feeling more hungry after an evening of carbs. People ask me if i wake up starving after my fast day and I really don’t. If anything I feel more hungry when I wake up after a non-fast day.

    What i have noticed is i feel incredibly thirsty the day after a fast day. I drink masses on my fast days, 2 lts of water, 2 or 3 large green/herbal teas, 2 or 3 coffees, etc. so maybe my body is just crying out for the same again…

    ♥ruthi♥ tomtommum

    yes so so true & now dr fung really explained that carb craving i 4got which video or lecture

    carbs = BINGE HUNGER

    fat protein low carb veggies = FULL 😀

    i’m now having on nonfastday 1 large breakfast

    heavy cream

    flax seeds

    3 eggs

    uncured bacon


    roast pork/chicken/salmon


    it is a great omelette

    feel full all day have 1/2 an apple 4 my meds @ night

    so far no need 2 eat lunch @ dinner might have

    slice of cheddar cheese w/ walnuts

    because we have 2 have nuts

    i think the bacon fat & heavy cream is what does it

    dr fung mentioned a canadian dr jay
    he does a frittata everyday does not want 2 change it keeps him satisfied

    Never Boring Breakfast Fritata

    6 eggs
    cheese (Swiss, Gruyere or cheddar)
    ½ cup cream
    chopped chives (or small amount of finely sliced onion)

    Mix eggs, cream, chives, salt and pepper in bowl
    (if using onions, saute them in butter in large frying pan)
    Apply medium heat to large frying pan, melt some butter and pour in egg mixture
    Place cheese slices on top
    Cook over low heat for a couple of minutes
    Place under broiler until golden brown
    Slide from pan to cutting board and cut into wedges for serving
    Leftovers can be kept in fridge and reheated in microwave

    Serve with bacon, sliced tomato
    Goes well with Franks Hot Sauce for added flavour

    he reversed his type 2 does not feel hungry anymore
    hates 2 cook simple recipes

    i want 2 try his

    2-Minute Breakfast Souffle

    2 eggs
    2 oz cheese
    2 Tbsp Cream
    salt and pepper

    chop cheese finely
    whisk ingredients in small microwaveable bowl
    microwave on high for 1-1/2 minute, stir and microwave for another 30 sec.

    my sis has a microwave sounds delish

    Dr. Jay’s Blog
    A forum to discuss the documentary film, “My Big Fat Diet” , and the science of low carbohydrate diets.


    take care

    I,too, find that carbs set me up for the munchies.:) I’m doing much better avoiding for the most part some days it hard, I do so love bread, but it gives me heartburn, most every time I indulge. take care all, Phyllis

    oh, and USA, that frittata sounds wonderful!! thanks for sharing. Phyllis


    mayb i’ll make a thanskgiving frittata 😀


    never thought of heartburn 4 bread wow

    i’m still fiddling with seeds & egg white 2 make

    some sort of crisp

    it is great 4 a cheeezy pizza w/ bacon mushrooms

    Aye, carbs give you munchies! All carbs, even those from bread and whatever are basically all sugars, because they all break down into the same – monosaccharides. Which is sugar. And then they give you cravings!
    I too have noticed that when I eat low carb it’s easier to stick to the fasting. On Sunday I allow myself some indulgence carb-wise, so Monday tends to be a bit tedious and I usually feel groggy. However cutting carbs completely hasn’t really worked for me yet, I’m trying again this week in combination with HIIT exercise to see if that works… but last time I cut carbs I lasted for 1,5 weeks and then I felt so weak and tired I added some carbs back.

    We’ll see what happens, it’s all one big weight loss experiment after all! ^^

    “We’ll see what happens, it’s all one big weight loss experiment after all! ”

    I do find it depressing when I realise that I am part of a great experiment. And I find it particularly depressing when I notice that so many doctors, intelligent and well meaning people, are so unquestioningly locked into the received wisdom. I recently read a review of one book that described the author as a heretic!!!

    Surely intelligent people would know by now that with so many scientists (notably Gallileo) accused of heresy by their peers, but eventually proved right, it is likely that the latest wisdom is but a fleeting phase?

    I am another that gets heartburn from grains, even gluten free flour does it to me. So that’s me grain free.

    This makes for a very interesting thread. I’ve been grain and sugar free for about 3 weeks now and suddenly I feel like I’m in complete control of cravings. It’s a blessing to lose the desire to stuff down the chocolate and crisps that I was beforehand. Literally no desire for them whatsoever.

    “Literally no desire for them whatsoever.”

    What do you do to achieve this?

    Hi Rocky

    Eating mainly veggies and protein (eggs for breakfast, cheese, meats etc). No sugar and nothing high carb. I think this has stabilised my blood sugar levels. I don’t seem to get that awful afternoon dip in energy levels either. I love bread but I know if I start the day with toast I’ll be hungry all day. My chocolate habit was disgraceful. It’s a wonder I didn’t develop type 2 diabetes – that’s no exaggeration). I still need to cut down on the wine a bit though. 🙂

    Oh Ali, that is very encouraging. I am (not for the first time) on day 4 of cutting out carbs and sugar and wondering if I will ever lose the craving.

    I did it for many months some years ago, but then I didn’t realise that fructose was a problem, and allowed myself ryvita at lunchtime. so I never lost the cravings, and the slightest slip and I really struggled to get back on the wagon. No wonder I eventually gave up!

    Don’t forget your nuts. So very nutritious!

    Hi Ruthi,

    Stick with it, the cravings will eventually pass and then you’ll be free of the highs and lows created by a high carb diet. It’s good to know now that when I do get hungry now, it’s not accompanied by the temptation to eat something sweet or wheaty. With a bit of planning and adaptation of family meals, it’s not overly difficult to adopt this method. Nuts are a big part of my diet. I love Brazil nuts now and they feel like a special treat.

    Good luck Ruthi. Keep us posted.

    Ali x

    “I do find it depressing when I realise that I am part of a great experiment.”

    Well I see it as MY experiment. No-one is telling me what to do, I’m experimenting with various ways to see what works best for me. I take tips, sure, then try them out and keep or discard them. So I’m not a part of a great experiment on the scale you mean, just my own great experiment ^^

    Hearing you talk about nuts… hmmmmm. Can’t wait to get out of here and bring some more variety back into my diet.

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