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  • Hello nice people.

    I read and learned a lot about fasting, and came to the point when I realized I need a community and support from now on.

    English is not my first language so apologize in advance.

    My story is probably similar to most of yours. Chubby from childhood, put on a diet in early puberty, now, almost 30 years later, I’m still at the beginning.
    Tried every diet possible, I even did sports for years (still relatively active). Managed to lose some weight few times (all between 10 and 20 kgs), but put everything back as soon as life stresses occured. And now I`m at least 30-35kg overweight (I hate the scale because of trauma it created during my life). Also, I’m prone to binge eating as soon as I eliminate any food groups.

    Two years ago, I decided to combat snacking and binge eating (which I defined as the most problematic habits), and managed to create sustainable meal plan, 3 moderate meals a day, eat everything in moderation. I even managed to lose cca 5 kgs and one chlothes size during that time, but I feel like I could done much more. I feel like my body is more stubborn than it used to be and that I need to invest much more work to see results.

    Since I have history of diabetes in family, I researched my options a lot, and run onto Jason Fung fasting method.
    I had some experience with fasting before, and results was great , but I was hesitate to try again because metod I followed was very strict (I could not have a coffee, and I can’t live without it). But dr.Fungs method allows coffe and even coffeinated teas, so when I saw that I immediately thought this is something worth trying.

    I learned everything about benefits, and I feel somehow deep in my soul this could finally be the rigth way!

    What am I expecting from this community:

    1. Support, and place to share. My husband does not support fasting very much, and he’s not the right person to share things daily. Also it’s not easy to share that with people around me in general. I hope I will find understanding here.

    2. I planned to start with 24 hour fasting or alternate day fasting, since 16:8 does not do much for me. Of course my goal is to lose weight and look prettier, but I also want prevent diabetes and get healthier overall

    3. I hope I will be able to feel lighter and do my activities as best as I can. RN I feel tired sometimes , and sometimes it is not easy to do chores which scares me becaue I’m an active person and always had lot of energy

    4. I hope I will stop and reverse weight gain which slowly accumulate through years. I’m scared in 5 or 10 years I could easily put 20 more if I don’t do something right.

    5. I want to live my life normally, without thinking about diets, and food and meals more than necessary. It got so tiring and frustrating, after all these diet attempts I had.

    6. And finally I want to be as healthy as I can and not be scared of doctors any more (I have panick attacks every time I go because many of them are not very gently towards my weight, but at the same time they do not offer me any help).

    Thank you for reading, I hope it was not too long. 🙂

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