Hunger on the day after

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  • Yesterday was my second fasting day and i found it really hard (i was shaky and couldn’t sleep at night), but i guess that’s normal. The problem is, the next morning i wake up really hungry and even after i eat, i struggle with uncontrollable hunger the whole day trough… is this normal, and does it get any better as you keep doing it? I got up thinking i’m going to have a light breakfast and ended up eating the entire thing out of yogurt. It’s weird cause i feel full in my stomach, but the hunger stays there for the whole day, and i feel really weak all the time.
    i love the idea of this diet, but i don’t think it’s worth it if feel like bingeing every other day (i need to loose quite a bit of weight) Am i the only one that this is happening to?

    I find I have to avoid carbs on a fasting day, focus on lean protein, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy, low-calorie veg like spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, asparagus, lettuce, bok choy, etc. I won’t eat commercially sweetened yogurt because it’s just too sweet, instead I’ll mix 100 grams of low-fat greek yogurt with 100 grams of fresh or defrosted frozen fruit, or mix greek yogurt with cocoa powder, instant coffee powder, no-alcohol vanilla extract, and just a teaspoon of agave nectar (a relatively low-glycemic sweetener). Same thing for breakfast after a fast day if very hungry. It could be that the carbs make my insulin shoot up which just makes me hungrier. Of course the same thing might not be true for you, but it might be worth a try. No bread, cereal, rice, potatoes, pasta, etc. on fasting days, focus on getting enough protein and vitamins into 500-600 calories.

    Wow, thank you for such a quick and detailed reply. Will definitely try out what you suggested next time. Cheers!

    Not sure whether this helps, but on my fasting days I eat nothing the whole day and eat all of my 500 calories in the evening. I usually have a huge plate of veggies (it is surprising how many veggies you can eat for very little calories and how satisfying they can be), some salad and a chicken breast. This means lot’s of protein and vitamins.

    This way I go to bed with a full stomach and no hunger pangs during the night.

    Best of luck

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