Hunger in the first 24 hours, scientific evidence

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Hunger in the first 24 hours, scientific evidence

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  • Hi, I fast for 48 hours and then have a meal at the evening and then start again. The weird thing is that I am terribly hungry in the first 16-24 hours, instead the second day I am fine. Is there any scientific evidence that hunger increases in the 24 hours and then stop? And do you have any advices for me to endure the hunger? Thanks for your help.

    My only question is, why are you fasting so much? This is about 5:2 … 2 days (separated) of fasting and 5 days of eating normally each week.
    I agree, the longer you fast, the easier it is, but long fasts are not a long term, sustainable option. The 5:2 eating regime is! PVE

    Hey, we ADFers are allowed here too! It is the original intermittent fasting diet from which 5:2 pilfered the science, after all 😉

    I’ve managed ADF doing back to back 48 fasts at least 60% of the time since the beginning of October. Easy peezy. The other 40% of the time I’ll treat myself to breakfast and/or lunch on my feed days instead of just dinner.

    Hi GiuliaRhapsody.

    I have a small notebook that I carry with me everywhere. It helps me to have some encouragement every hour if it is tough. For example, I write: ” 7-30 am – already 12 hours”, “9:30 14 hours feeling comfortably empty”, “1:30 18 hours – half way thru!”; and so on. Those notes help me at work. At home I try to avoid kitchen, and also put rope on refrigerator and cabinet with food. Sometimes at evening I try to open refrigerator, but the rope reminded me not to. Also I inform my husband when I am fasting, so he could eat out, and not home. Additionally, nice hot bath and going earlier to bed help a lot. I also noticed that after bath I lose more weight. 🙂
    Good luck!

    Sure Pot Bell, but I understood Coldpizza was doing much more than ADF. Stay healthy, both of you 😊


    I thought ADF was fast one day, eat normally the next, repeat?
    What Giulia appears to be doing is eating once every 48 hours, which sounds extreme and unsustainable.

    Is that how you do ADF too? And if so, what does your one meal consist of? Sorry to be nosy, but I’m intrigued to know how you pack all of your nutritional requirements into such a small and infrequent amount of food? Or do you take a lot of supplements?

    That is indeed how I do ADF most of the time. I haven’t dropped down dead yet and I just about have the strength to get out of bed in the mornings

    I don’t take supplements but I do have a tofu or egg salad in the evenings of my fast days, much like 5:2ers eat their 500 cals on their fast days.

    It doesn’t feel particularly extreme and I suffer no ill effects but I wouldn’t win any weight lifting contests.

    Do what you do. It’s the doing that counts. Thinking doesn’t count as much but when fasting for extended periods thinking heavy thoughts can be very tiring or so I’m told. I’ve not gotten into that realm of fasting yet. 6 days and some is as far as I’ve gone.

    If you can fast 48 hours or 46 hours, eat and then fast 48-46 hours you’re definitely not doing 5:2.

    I don’t know that you’re doing yourself any harm but I’d suspect that without vitamin and mineral replacement that doing this over the course of say 6 months you might well be deficient and your body might show the effects of that. I’d get a check up on that and see where your nutritional levels are at. Especially calcium and magnesium.

    If you can do it and it is sustainable for you without harming your health I can’t see an issue. However I’m not a Dr., nutritionist, or dietitian nor do I play one on TV your mileage may vary.

    It is the doing of caloric restriction that matters. As to the original question I don’t know of any “scientific” evidence that hunger increases in the first 24 hours. Personally for me day one and two can be pretty brutal day 3 things get easier by the minute.

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