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  • I’m not hungry at all, but faint late afternoon and my mood drops a bit ( a lot according to others) The second day is not pleasant.
    I will have 25 pistasio nuts or a hard boiled egg around 4 pm. Dinner at 9 is a home made broth. Berries in the evening. I also have 2 scoops of protein powder. Likely a bit more than the allowd 600 cal.

    started March 15. Now it is June 9 and I lost 20 lbs. (in May I didn’t lose a pound, due to a chocolate addiction relaps)

    So with slightly more than 1 lbs per week, I am content. Two more month to go and I’m at my goal.
    Most important for me is to keep myself busy during the day. The moment I start idling I start thinking about snacks. Keep them out of the house!!!

    I plan to have 1 fast day per week for the rest of my life. I like the fasting very much and absolutely do not want to return to be overweight.

    Well done for shedding 20 lbs!! Well, by now you’ve probably shed more! I’m quite new and so your story is inspiring.

    The first 3 weeks are hard. Then it becomes a reasonably pleasant habit. Also, be prepared to a slower weight loss after a month or so. Your biggest opponent is your body. The body will resist a serious weight reduction with all its might.
    On eating days you should be careful what to eat. Try to get rid of any sugar cravings. Sugar is a terrible addiction, for me, at least. Do not fast consecutive days and stick to 1 lbs per week. Not more!
    This is a diet that really works for me. I only go on the scale once a fortnight and I set the table for two as usual, just for my partner and my 1 cup of broth. All being small psychological tricks.

    This text is the first thing I read when I open my eyes on a fasting day:

    “To lose half a pound takes about 1750 calories in deficit, which is likely fasting for a day. (a fasting day being a night, a day and a night 36-38 hours) Do it twice a week and you lose a pound.”

    Good luck!

    I like your motivational text Robertus 🙂

    This is my 8th week on the fast diet. I found the first few weeks easier compared to the last couple to be honest. Today, on my first FD of the week, I’m struggling. Hunger, temptation etc.

    How did you curb your sugar cravings? It’s a bit struggle for me specially on non-FDs. Apart from going completely sugar-free (fast- and non-fast days), I don’t know how else to overcome it…

    I see sugar as a huge problem. A hard addiction to tackle. The best thing is not to buy it, including all hidden sugars. If temptation is the issue: then take away the temptation. Sugar cravings also might be the problem behind your hunger struggle. Google erythritol. A big help at the beginning.
    This natural sweetener is the best substitute. My GP was stunned by how much my sugar levels had dropped. After 1 year I stopped using it, as my sugar cravings are mostly gone and it is rather expensive.

    I am absolutely livid at the food industry. The insidious ways they use to make us consume sugar (and salt) is criminal. Drug dealers with a friendly smile.

    I rarely have hunger pains, and they only last a few minutes. Key is to keep yourself busy. Go for a short walk when you feel hungry. I don’t recommend a short walk to the supermarket though. I drink tea….lots!
    With 8 weeks you have come a long way already. Think of the parts you like about it. i.e. feeling lighter, more energy……

    I’m with you on the ‘hidden’ sugar and salt. The amount of sugar in supermarket cereals is unbelievable and the difference in the sugar content in fat-free yogurt compared to full fat?! Since starting 5:2 I’ve started looking closely at food labels and now only buy plain rolled oats as breakfast cereal and plain full-fat yogurt. I add fresh fruit to taste.
    My trick for warding off temptation in the supermarket is NEVER to got there on an empty stomach – so yes, never on a fast day 🙂

    About erythritol as a sweetener – my concern is that it could trick the brain into craving even more sweet stuff. This is my reason for giving up diet-fizzy drinks (specially) on a fast day. I don’t know if the same principle can be applied to erythritol?

    I read somewhere that the trick to overcoming hunger is to ‘feel comfortable’ with hunger pains – not there yet but may be in time if I persevere…

    There is definite motivation in feeling and being (on the scales) lighter. Also people have started to notice my weight loss and I can see it with my clothes (nearly a whole size down on jeans, from 14 to 12!).
    And thanks – these forums also help tremendously with inspiration to maintain a healthy diet 🙂

    Re erythritol….according to Jason Fung (Obesity Code), the insulin response is triggered in the mouth by anything tasting sweet, regardless of whether it is calorie free. Artificial sweeteners or sugar…same reaction.

    And yes, I agree that feeling comfortable with hunger is incredibly liberating.

    The story about sugar stirs up a lot of scientists’ opinions. Processed sugar is clearly poison, stevia and others don’t enjoy a good rep either. I used erythritol in baking. My sugar levels dropped under the pre diabetic levels and somehow I came off the worst sugar craving. I avoid certain supermarket aisles like the plague. Too dangerous. Ice cream and chocolate always seem to be on sale. One has to set up a sugar ‘cordon sanitaire’ around oneself.

    I had a colonoscopy in March last. I dreaded the mandatory fasting day more than anything. I was very much surprised how easy it was and how I liked the not eating.Looking for an answer I discovered the 5:2 diet and started immediately. Food is totally blocked from my mind for 36 hrs. No trips to the fridge and no guilt feelings. Mondays and Wednesdays are my fasting days. Sometimes I have to change a day due to social matters and I don’t react well to that. Regularity seems to play a big role too.

    Robertus (and everyone else), are you still here? Would be interesting to hear whether you lost the weight and reached your goal.
    Happy to have stumbled on to this thread. Am very aware of my hunger right now, as it is very aggressive and uncomfortable…
    It’s 6 am here and I had my second FD of the week yesterday, but waiting until 8 am to eat breakfast.

    I continued to lose 1 pound a week and just had a 2 week vacation in which I did not fast.(new York having such good restaurants!)
    I am actually looking forward to pick up the 5:2 again next week, even if I didn’t gain weight during the vacation.

    Alexa5, about being hungry: It will dissipate ( give it a month)and you will learn how to manage hunger to the point that you don’t feel it or don’t mind feeling it.
    If you feel peckish you MUST move. Walk, clean or even cook or bake. Don’t sit and feel the hunger. If you experience hunger as aggression, react aggressive by action.

    After 6 months I am not obsessed with eating anymore. I feel so much lighter and move around easier. The joint pains are gone. My blood tests were excellent and I have set a new goal, which I hopefully will reach in January.

    I also realize that for the rest of my life I will have to fast 1 day per week, just to not gain weight again.

    I forgot to mention that I started wearing my old clothes again. Luckily I kept them. I feel 10 yrs younger and my GP believes I will live longer.

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    That’s wonderful to hear Robertvan! And very inspiring.
    Thanks both of you guys for responding.
    I powered through and stuck to my resolve of not eating before 8 (stuck it out till 9 and only had a coffee at 8) and feel good now. Accomplished. 🙂
    Can’t quite fathom that I have to do it again next week, but I am sure it will feel a bit easier (read: manageable) once I get to Monday and I haven’t just finished a fast. I have actually done 5:2 successfully before; lost 20 lbs on it in 2014. I just strayed from it after and regained it all and then some. But happy to be back as well as you, R – and I get the part about no fasting while on holiday 🙂
    And Paul, I can relate! Used to run while fasting back in 2014. Loved it, and kept improving – whenever I’d run after eating I felt so sluggish and barely matched my fasting run times. 🙂 strange. But cool!
    Thanks again both of you. X

    Alexa5 and everyone, sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve joined the September challenge ( to push my self a little more and it’s great motivation to see people going through the same trials and tribulations as me.

    So, in terms of weight I’ve lost just over 6 kg. It’s been a slow process for me, but steady. But actual numbers on the scales don’t quite reflect the change in my body shape – I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes to a 10! So quite a few inches off my bust, waist and hips.
    I’m still about 10 kg off my healthy weight (on scales that is).

    As for fasting – I also struggled at the start. Craved food, mainly sweet stuff. But cutting down processed carbs and ditching diet fizz has helped a lot.
    I said in my earlier post, the secret to coping with hunger is to be comfortable with it – that was ~3 months ago and I don’t believe I’m fully there yet. But it has got easier. And very rewarding to know that you’ve defeated hunger. I guess it’s like enjoying that muscle ache after exercise – well, I do anyway 🙂

    All the best!

    @alexa5: The 2014 20 lbs loss means that you are a 5:2 pro. It also proves that a diet is a life long commitment. I think 1 day a week (6:1) is the way to stay on a good weight. If one stops, the body and mind will do anything to get the fat back with a vengeance. Been there! I am 67, but I feel 50 again. My waist dropped from 115 cm to 95 cm. My goal is 90. Still a bit too much for 5’9″ but not bad for a 67 year old dude. I do a twice a month “book keeping” so I have a good oversight how 5:2 works for me.

    I am skeptical about too much exercise and pushing it too far. Just lose 1 lbs per week and stay on the desired weight.

    People ask me all the time what happened when they see me. I tell about the 5:2 and jaws drop. Makes me feel proud.

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    @pissupoosa wow, well done! And happy to hear it gets a bit easier. I’m sure you’ll make it to your most comfortable weight! And good idea re. the September challenge. I might do that once I’m properly into 5:2 again X

    And @robertvan – thanks for calling me a 5:2 pro 😉 haha. I completely agree, though, on a diet being a commitment for life; and this is not a diet, but a lifestyle, as it goes – or, a “way of eating”. I will indeed be considering this a permanent thing – all the other times that I’ve tried to lose weight as a quick-fix, it’s always “come back with a vengeance” as you say, even though I’ve always known that there are no quick fixes. It’s frustrating. So. No turning back this time.
    Fasting again today; Mondays and Wednesdays for me, I think. Or Thursdays. It’s yet to be decided.
    I’ve lent my scales to a friend who’s desperately trying to gain weight (ironic, huh?) so can’t track my weight and have yet to measure myself since taking the initial measurements (think I’ll do them tomorrow morning before breakfast).

    My bike was stolen a few weeks ago, but bought one at the weekend, so I can finally get some exercise in again! It’s around 8km each way to and from my university, so that’s a good 16km 4 days every week – not counting all my extra trips and rides. I love bike riding. And I live in Copenhagen, so it’s an ideal match. @paulmarsh I feel the same way about bike riding, actually; riding it this morning seemed light and easy even on an empty stomach, and it calmed down my growling stomach. Good on you for your healthy eating. I really try, too, and find it to be much easier to do it when also doing intermittent fasting (and exercising) – it kind of spurs you on to healthy behaviour, right? At least most of the time 😉 Weekends were made for a bit of indulgence, I think…

    Hope you’re all doing well – and happy fasting! And thanks for your replies x

    Hey guys!

    I’m new here. I have played with fasting before and know I’m capable of a 24 hour fast, but I do struggle with hunger.

    I have read some of your tips though and plan to utilise them on my first fast day- which is Thursday!

    Hi fit and welcome:

    Here are some more tips that will help you get the most out of 5:2:

    Good Luck!

    Hi @fitandhealthyfortheselfie (love your username) – welcome!
    Hunger is a strange thing, but usually I hose it down with tea and a bit of exercise. If it gets too bad, I have a coffee with a bit of almond milk… 24 hour fasts are cool! Have you ever tried being so hungry it physically hurts? (Can’t describe how ridiculously privileged I feel just writing that, as opposed to people who are actually starving.) These last two weeks have been annoyingly difficult in that department – I have felt insanely hungry at times, worse than I’ve ever tried before while on the 5:2. Like a knot of angry, stabby hunger deep in my stomach, almost towards the upper back. So weird. It’s been less intense today, and hopefully it’ll not get as freaky again.
    Anyway, hope you’ll fare well on this diet. The benefits are well worth the annoying hunger 🙂 are you in it for weight loss or the other health benefits?

    @robertus i think your post about sugar is awesome. i agree with all points made
    i am new so
    thank you x

    Of course, everybody will eventually find their own way dealing with hunger.For me the trick is keeping myself busy and block all thoughts about food. I typically don’t feel hungry till about 4 pm. Yes, tea and more tea is very helpful. A nap works wonders. Hunger pains usually won’t last for more than 5 minutes. I also drink a protein concoction. Dinner is chicken broth. Maybe miso soup. I try not to make a big deal out of the whole thing. No, feeling hungry is not a pleasure, but looking at my new waist certainly is. So is being much more agile, feeling and looking younger, or having no pain in my joints, or grasping for air after climbing a flight of stairs. Not sure yet, but sex seems to get better also. Amazing what you can gain from a bit of discomfort for a few months.

    My g p tells me that fasting adds years to ones life. That’s an encouraging thought!

    Agree with your observations, robertvan. I can usually go a good while before hunger sets in, as well – but some days (typically when I’ve only slept 5-6 hours) I am just hungry from the second I wake. Gob help me if that happens on a FD.
    I haven’t seemed to have lost anything at all measurement-wise. If anything, I’ve gained a cm around my waist and hips??. A bit discouraging. Will have to take a closer look at my non-FDs, yet I’m already eating less on those as well (as I feel satisfied with less food) plus exercising a bit more, so I’ll probably just have to stick it out and arm myself with patience…

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