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  • UK day 21 good fast day yesterday, as usual no problem on just liquids til 3/4 in the afternoon, had a small bowl of mushroom soup and a couple of ryvitas to stop the rumblings and then a nice Thai beef salad for dinner, might try and go for the same today, but who knows ? Always got Thursday as a back up

    UK day 21 – FD. I’ve got a plan that will hopefully help a fluid fast today linger in to tomorrow and hopefully finishing with a flourish of macaroni cheese shared with my boy (Thursday night is early tea, so the OH can cook himself steak when he gets in!)

    London | Day 21 | NFD | 67.7 kg (!)

    Managed yesterday’s FD well – had some beef bullion (~7 cals) for lunch, snacked on some coconut flesh (~200 cals) in the evening and lots of water throughout the day. I also went for a 3 km brisk walk in the evening. Felt better for having got through the FD successfully.
    Lo and behold my weight was down by a whole kilo this morning!
    THAT just made my day 🙂
    So, today I’ve had a small apple and some cherry tomatoes for breakfast.
    I will some how stay below my TDEE today. Also has a TRX workout in the evening.

    I’ve been struggling; had a stressful couple of weeks. having not managed a 36h water fast beyond the 4th attempt and weight stuck on a plateau, I was feeling even more disheartened. So I’m glad I took a step back and re-evaluated my strategy – if I am to sustain this way of life in the long term I need to be practical and set achievable goals. Well, it has paid off 🙂

    Coda – thank you for your wise words.
    August – love the ‘Game of Scones’ and the 3 dragons ‘sub’-thread 🙂 I’m a sucker for scones (living in England doesn’t help!) – cheesy scones with cream and raspberry jam YUMM!

    Thank you all for the inspiration and encouragement. All the best for FD/NFDs lovely people 🙂

    Day 20/uk/nfd

    mashed potato lemon pepper fish vegetables

    Been a few busy days running around like a headless chicken.

    Got a new spin bike, i set the thing up. But sadly even when the resistance knob is fully loosened the left hand break pad rubs like hell. So emailed them should be sorted soon. Fingers crossed looking forward to taking those kms head on.

    Day #21/USA/NFD

    Sigh….I am having difficulty doing a solid FD. I do very well all day, but in the evening, I am just SO hungry. I know I’m still eating well below my TDEE on FD’s, but much more than the plan calls for. The scale is creeping down by tenths, but not much more. Oh well, nothing to do but keep on trying. Off work to play golf today! YAY! Looking forward to a beautiful day with lots of good exercise.

    Day 21, Australia. NFD

    Had a good NFD day, I stayed focused and mindful, walked puppy dog, ate 3 planned meals and stayed within my TDEE. This is how I want my non fast days to be.

    Well done Lael, you have done great.

    Make the rest of Septembers days count….good luck everyone. VP

    London Day 21 – NFD

    Back at work but still feel a but ropy! Not sure what it is but it is like a virus. On the upside I think I will have lost weight this week as I am not eating much 🙂

    Here’s to the last 10 days of the September Challenge!

    Day 21. Sussex U.K.
    Lori – don’t worry if you are only going down slowly. I think lots of us went up slowly so the trick is to keep on keeping on. Today is the new day and your next fast day may be full of resolve and you will do it.
    Look at coda and fuvvies posts as well as some of the others on here and you will feel re inspired.

    Sunshine Coast Aus Day 21: FD : Cooked a lovely stock and had it for lunch. My daughter came back today to leave her dog with us while she and her family go on a two week holiday. I showed her how to spiralise zucchini and beetroot which we then added to the broth. Later had a handful of macadamias. Had more broth and slice of roast lamb at dinner. Will be interesting to see how the scales react as they bounded up after my disastrous day yesterday.
    I was going to comment on a heap of posts but it’s too long since I read them and can’t recall who wrote what. When I head up October, I’m going to go online with my phone on and my computer so I can respond as I see things. This ageing memory is a worry😉😂😳Love reading all the posts.

    Day 21 – Switzerland – NFD
    All good, sticking with it… many wise words on this forum. FD tomorrow

    Day 21|NFD|Toronto
    Thank you for all the shout outs, they made my day!
    I had an “OK” NFD yesterday, stayed at or under TDEE, but about 600 calories were nothing I would want to brag about; the “Comfort Food Dragon” showed up around sundown. Best regards

    DAY. 21 NJ USA NFD. snacking got me again – did well with meals but the crunchy tortilla chips get me every time – love the hard crunch and a serving size of 13 chips – 140 calories does not work. Have to keep them out of the house. Love the posts – always thought it was me but reading these posts every day has made me realize it is a human condition we all have to deal with. Thank you all. Have a good day

    Day 21 USA (Illinois)

    NFD today. Yesterday’s FD was okay. Usually I go 2 NFD’s between FD’s but did Sunday and Tuesday this week. Not really sure why, but I think it made the 2nd FD harder. I had an apple (mostly for regularity) about noon then ate up all the crab salad for supper instead of leaving a 1/2 cup of it for leftovers. I was really hungry. But the scale is good this morning, back to 162.8 which makes me happy. 160 is my goal so might make that by the end of September.

    I find if I do have my 450 calories on a FD in the late afternoon or early evening, then I do sleep better than after liquid only FD’s. Rain and thunder woke me about 5 a.m. but was able to go back to sleep.

    Itsmyturn – I do agree that not buying my “weakness” foods is the only answer. Every time I pass by the caramel popcorn in my grocery I pat myself on the back. Caramel and butterscotch are my downfall. I am trying to just have that in flavored coffee (no calories) and no where else!

    Day 21: Gloucestershire UK: Non-fast day; I’ve changed my fast-day from today to tomorrow because I was asked to change my day-off at work at short notice, to today.
    I find it so much easier to do my fasting on work days.
    Pissupoosa…great that you saw that nice weight-loss today, such a morale-booster, isn’t it?
    Keep at it everyone….think of that new wardrobe of clothes for the slimmer you!

    Day 21, NYC, NFD.

    A little too much fried stuff at an business event last evening. I had strange dreams.

    I finally used my new spiralizer, combined courgetti with spaghetti squash under meatballs and mushrooms. Very nice!

    Day 21
    Plan good day today after yesterday’s big misses – went to pick up salad at cafe for lunch but was swayed by the cherry pie samples, and then put salad back and purchased a pizza roll all fresh dough! being as I blew it, I then had hamburger and french fries for supper. An out of control day.
    I have a few things coming up, but have to get back on track so will do low carb high fat for a few days and then get back into fasting again. I will do it!

    Day 20/21 USA. Yesterday was a FD. I was up late studying for a class/exam I have today. I remember studying for finals in college — 35+ yrs ago, I would buy the large Hershey chocolate bar (4×8 in+/-) and eat it with potato chips during my long study sessions. I was 50 lbs lighter then. Well last night I settled for a few Hershey’s kisses. I probably went over my FD calories. At least I had no chips in the house because I am sure I would have devoured them. Today will be a NFD. The scales were nice to me today. It is trending downward, but still haven’t lost all the vacation weight I gained. Making slow progress. Stay strong everyone. This WOE does work.

    Day 21,USA, NFD, BMI 23.6. TRYING for BMI of 20. I love this group!

    Day 21 USA NFD
    174.2 lbs this morning – up from 173.4 . Really feels terrible even though I know this is the negative of weighing in daily – must handle the ups because it’s going to jump back and forth. I will not let this make me quit as I would in the past. Slow progress so I would quit weighing and just wing it – try to eat healthy foods LCHF but not monitor portions. That does not equal weight loss. Must be more on top of the portion and calorie control. Thankful this site is here. Determination and strength for all of us today! I read each post and appreciate all of you so much.


    I’m sorry, but I’m not able to finish the September challenge. The next 2 days I will not have internet access, and a few days next week also, due to travelling.

    Thank you for the challenge-opportunity and wish you all good luck until the final target!

    Maui: Don’t be disheartened. It’s a blip of less than a pound. Another time you’ll get an unexpectedly bigger loss…stand back….it’s the big picture that counts. Just weigh after fast days, and no other. Sometimes I’ve fasted on water-only for 36 hours and registered a gain….so it really doesn’t always make sense, does it?

    Day 22 FD NZ
    Yesterday went almost to plan.
    It was a NFD and OH birthday so I knew dinner out was coming.
    I had intended to fast until we went out but mid arvo felt like it was my FD coming up tomorrow (now today) and in order to make that psychologically manageable I needed to feel the freedom to eat on NFDs so I had a Quest protein bar then lost it a little with some poor choices but stopped myself before it got too far.
    I think even allowing for the slip with poor options I was still under TDEE.
    Dinner out was great and I really enjoyed my meal and had given myself permission for dessert at the start of the week when I realised his birthday was coming up, so I wasn’t passing on the option, funnily enough when I got my delicious chocyfudge pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and Jack Daniels chocolate sauce I could only manage to eat about 1/3 of it. (And it was small to start with due to being so rich) I felt totally satisfied and completely full with not an ounce of guilt about having enjoyed such a decadent thing.
    Even when I have terrible NFDs and make multiple poor choices I think last night showed me that small changes are happening without me noticing. Previously I would have fallen on that devoured the whole lot even if I felt full and sick.
    Super duper encouraged by that😊
    Having a work based FD today, good luck to everyone out there fasting or not. If it’s working for me it will be working for you too just stay positive😊😊😊

    US Day 21 NFD

    Jfitzy.. Glad you’re feeling a bit better.
    Quebecoise and Anaide… Everything okay with you guys???
    Adaline… I’m sorry you can’t continue. I wish you well for the rest of the month and onwards!

    Australia Day 22 NFD
    Yesterday’s fast day went just fine. Think it helps having a good plan for each meal and having a ready made up portion cooked already in the freezer for dinner after work. Think my body is adapting to this as I’m finding the fast days easier. Really good to break the habit of coming home from work and having a beer or glass of wine. Just on the weekends in moderation is fine. And having no chocolate in the house is definitely a good thing. Whilst it seems fine to know there is wine in the house and not drink it this and haven’t managed that with chocolate yet! Easy now with my other half away all September but when comes home and restocks the chocolate so he can have some everyday I will need to work out how not to join him! 67.7kg today. Very happy. That is 1.7kg gone this Sept challange thank you people!

    Day 21 / FD / Derby, UK

    Good FD today. Haven’t counted calories but I’ve had two coffees, a small piece of cheese and a tomato, so I think I’m okay.
    Really hoping for a good result on the scales tomorrow morning after my 3rd FD this week…
    Fingers crossed. Loving the general trend of positivity on here. Let’s keep it up everyone!

    “Battle of the Scones” – maybe there is hope for us? For anyone who is willing to get all the ingredients, here are some lovely looking low-carb scones:

    Day 21 USA NFD
    A low calorie NFD of around 700 cals today. I’m planning a FD tomorrow; don’t know if I’ll try for liquids only or allow for a 360 cal. supper. Weight is up 2 lbs from my lowest weight, but down 1 and 1/2 lbs from Sep. 1, so not too unhappy with results so far.
    Good luck to everyone!

    Australia Day 22 FD – DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! I had my NFD all planned yesterday and then my evil twin took over! I call her Queen Cersei. She plays a long game and is evil to the core! I had a low cal frittata for breakfast, fresh vietnamese rolls and sweet potato noodle salad for lunch, Japanese tapas and then sashimi rice salad for dinner. Sounds great doesn’t it but I also had 5 glasses of wine which led to 5 pieces of chocolate which spoiled everything!!!!!! And to top it all off I am really hungry on this FD which is really unusual for me. I’m really tempted to organise a staff lunch but am trying to hold out … Weigh in day tomorrow … mustn’t ruin it …

    Actually, just worked out my calories for yesterday and only went over my TDEE by around 20% so perhaps not a total write off.

    Aussie day 22 doing 16:8 till Monday then a FD.

    Day 22 / Australian in Asia / FD

    Well I’ve struggled all month, but my best friend is visiting from Australia on 1 October for ten days, and I know I won’t be fasting, and there will be lots of wine so I’m going to go HARD for the rest of this challenge.

    I am down just over a kilo from 1 September so even though I have struggled I’ve made progress and it’s in the right directly. I completely credit this challenge for that.

    Lets smash the rest of the month together!

    Sunshine Coast Aus Day 22: NFD: At the movies with grandson’s while Grandma is at day respite. We’re seeing The Secret Life of Pets. So nice to have a reason to be young at heart. We were going to go to the beach but that can happen next week. Life is good. Had scrambled for breakfast, a warm Thai beef salad for lunch and will have broth for dinner. Should come in under TDEE.

    Croatia, Day 22, NFD
    Weight: 77.2 Kg

    Day 22 Italy – FD
    Not eating until dinner tonight, when we shall be going out.

    Day 21: Pacific NW USA, last half of a 45 hour fast

    I woke up this morning after 36 hours and just did not feel like eating. Second fast days b2b in the past have been easier for me than the first, so I just sort of rolled on to 45 hours before we had dinner out tonight with a roast veg salad with shrimp appetizer size entrée. Then . . . home to dessert of blueberries and walnuts with cream.

    Tomorrow is a NFD with big challenge to stay under TDEE. I plan to stay busy! Also, we will try chia seeds tomorrow, maybe that will help. Just read about their wonderful fiber content. I know someone in our group has mentioned making a mixture with chia seeds – can you remind me?

    Day 22 – Switzerland – NFD
    Turns out that today won’t be a FD after all due to various social commitments. So have made a slow-cooker chicken stew for this evening and will eat carefully today. Good luck everyone!

    FD and soooooooo hungry! Liquids only so far but it is sooooooo hard!

    FD NZ day 22.
    Second post today but needed to check in again. I was right about finding FD much harder when I’m at work.
    Seems to be the opposite of what I lot of people say but I have struggled all day.
    I’m at 440cals and compared to Monday when I liquid fasted until 7pm ish I’ve been consumed with thoughts of consuming all day and had finished my allowance by 6pm in two small meals.
    I’m suspicious I talk myself into finding it hard, I was expecting it and so that’s what happened.
    Mindset is so important!

    UK day 22 – having the end of a long FD today – that is, I haven’t eaten since Tuesday evening, and I’m going to hold out a bit today, on the basis that I often haven’t felt too hungry by the time I’ve got to this point, so I thought I’d experiment with extending the fast.

    Gozo, Malta

    Dear HannaWatto don’t be so hard on yourself because you feasted for a day, it happened to me over last weekend, remember tomorrow is another day and keep on going fasting. That’s the beauty of if. Take care.

    Today I weighed at 66.9 kilos. Last week I was 66.5 kilos so I’m up by 0.4 kilos due to feasting over the weekend I guess. I’m down by 1.9 kilos or 4 pounds since 1 st September. So I’m happy with the progress. I hope to go down in weight by Friday 30 September.

    Yesterday was a successful fast day and today is a nfd for me. Tomorrow I’ll fast until lunch time by 200 or 300 calories then I’m going out with two of my sister in laws as one of them had her birthday. I would still have completed three fast days this week as on Tuesday I fasted for half a day.

    Good luck everyone with your NFD or FD today. Keep strong, this way of life is the best.

    Hi everyone uk fd day 22 and sorry didn’t post day 21 oops.

    I feel the need to reset myself as I feel a bit out of kilter. So am starting a liquid fast day today but made some mushroom soup for tonight so that should be filling and satisfying. Plan is to repeat again tomorrow. I have been looking through some recipe books 5:2 and other healthy books including juice and smoothie ones and am going to plan a bit to nourish my body especially coming into colder weather. Trying to make a conscious decision on whether my choice in foods will nourish or destroy. If it won’t nourish then why would I eat them? Another programme showing food manufacturers showing complete disregard for our health and putting dyes into food that literally has the potential to kill! Corrupt, money grabbing with governments in their pockets they will stop at nothing. They blind us with their adverts encouraging us to eat their addictive products. Do we really need a Mars a day to be healthy and happy the whole day through? What about those breakfast juices that could change the colour of your skin and why would they have some of those ingredients in a breakfast juice? I think we need to look carefully at what we are being subtly encouraged to buy. Who remembers the advert for milky way, the sweet you can eat between meals? Let’s not fall into their trap everytime you say no you have the power! That is me off my soap box now ha ha gave a good day or night x

    Ps Lany believe you can and you can do anything!

    Day 22 London – Thanks DebbieQ feeling like I am getting to the end of it now thankfully! Didn’t eat much yesterday as I wasn’t very hungry. Today is an NFD for me so not sure what I will eat as my niece is taking us out for dinner as a thank you as she has been living with us rent free for 3 months!! 🙂

    Hope everyone is doing OK. Good luck Adaline 🙂

    London | Day 22 | NFD

    Managed to stay within my TDEE yesterday despite indulging on a piece of carrot cake – I believe the ‘comfort food dragon’ got me there :-p
    Scales hadn’t budged this morning, so disaster averted, but need to watch it.

    Today was meant to be an FD but decided to postpone because of a last minute dinner plan with a friend I haven’t seen for couple of years.
    Skipped breakfast this morning. Probably a light chicken salad for lunch. Dinner shouldn’t be a big issue – my friend is a vegetarian and a healthy eater, so I’ll probably keep my self in the straight narrow tonight 🙂

    Good luck everyone, with your FDs/NFDs

    UK day 22,well I’ve learnt an important lesson I can’t do b2bs! Fasted Tuesday, yesterday thought I’d try a b2b OK til mid afternoon, and I thought no biggie I’ll just have a good NFD, ended up around 750 cals, was hoping to have a FD today but just got back from yoga and I’m starving ! So much for me going back to basics ! I should just stick to what I know works for me grrrrr. Will just have to make wise choices will try and stay low today but won’t manage 500, and I don’t want to slip into calorie counting every day ,as that’s just a diet and we all know diets don’t work! Next week straight up 5:2 .

    Thanks Anna! You always say the right thing 🙂 I have completed my FD successfully and even went to the gym for an hour so feeling really good. Night all

    Day 22 Australia FD
    36 hour water fast in progress. Nearly done now thankfully. Had a shocking headache today despite drinking heaps of water. Will head to bed soon and look forward to breakfast tomorrow.
    Keep it up everyone. You’re all doing great despite and hiccups, they are part of the journey.

    Day 22 / Tweed Coast Australia / NFD

    Reached another new weight low this morning; on a NFD. Granted only 100 grams down from last new low, though I didn’t fast yesterday, so feels meaningful.

    The reason I’m on a weight loss roll is not for best of reasons. My partial denture is old and abrasive in spots. A week ago I munched a piece of very acidic, sour, unripe pineapple which irritated all spots compromised by the denture and ever since it hurts to eat, anything! Because eating is so painful, food has lost its interest. Less food in = fewer calories in. Though I’m not calorie counting, I expect I’m eating way below TDEE for time being.

    Day 22|FD|Toronto|
    Happy scale reading this morning; up only.2 kgs after two NFDs. Currently within .4 kgs of month end goal.

    DAY 22 NJ USA FD. Busy day yesterday took in all summer planters got rid of all the debris yard is looking good. Getting ready to start my winter in Florida. Had had an omelet for breakfast about 10:30 and then went to the movies about 4:30 in the movie my stomach hurts so badly was not hunger pains was pain pain. After that we went out I had a small salad and two glasses of water for dinner – pain continued off and on and I have it again this morning not as bad as yesterday but today being a fast day I’m going to really keep an eye on things. Not sure if I pulled something while picking up those heavy planters or what – I can see pulling a muscle in my back but not in my stomach so little concern here!
    have a great day everybody – stay strong!

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