How to stay fit with Fasting…

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How to stay fit with Fasting…

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  • Hi! how do you stay fit? I mean, I’m 23 and for my height 1.70 cm, I should weight 70 to 72 kilos. I weight 75 to 76 kilos and I started fasting when I was in 81 kilos. I feel bad and I feel like I’m stuck. Because I can’t get down to my regular weight, I only fast 1 day a week, no dinner too. I workout 3 days a week for 2 hours. What should I do to reach my goal and to stay there? Anyway, thanks for Reading.

    Hi MrWilder:

    This post might help:

    Good Luck!

    Exercise can get you fit but exercise alone won’t make you thin, or I think so. Calorie reduction/restriction are the options to weight loss.

    5:2 with 2 fasts per weeks and eating within your TDEE 5 days a week. (recalculate your TDEE every time you lose weight)You must consume less energy than you expend to lose weight. If the two are balanced you won’t gain or lose but stay the same.

    If you consume more energy (calories) than you burn you will gain weight.

    If you expend more energy than you consume you will lose weight. It is pretty simple. By consuming less on the 5:2 eating pattern you will lose on average a pound a week.

    See which gives the most concise explaination of 5:2 I’ve seen yet.

    Simcoluv has a lot of information on plateaus in that link . I’m on one now sort of pretty much in that while I’m consuming way less than my TDEE for the last couple months. 35000 plus calories under my requirements for January which means I should have lost around 9 pounds when in actuality I lost 1.5 pounds. I’ve been ins this kind of “stuck” mode for over 6 weeks now. But my body shape is changing dramatically and I know as long as I keep doing 5:2 eventually the drop will occur.

    5:2 isn’t fancy, doesn’t cost a pile of money, it’s not difficult to do, it’s not fast but it is steady and the eating pattern is doable and sustainable.

    Those who fast,Experts say one must follow a proper diet plan, avoid fried food and red meat and exercise regularly.We normally overdo coffee and tea intake during a fast which dehydrates your body and must be consumed in limit.Eating food that hydrates the body is of utmost importance, fruits and vegetables like cucumber or watermelon that are high in water content are a good way to break the fast.

    Getting fit and losing fat are two different subjects. Adding a second fast day would be the best bet for increasing fat loss. There are many conflicting studies on exercise accelerating fat loss. My personal experience over the last 20 years is that low and moderate level exercise has only a little effect on fat loss. Intense anaerobic exercise like HIIT sprints can increase HGH and have worked very well for me in losing 60lbs and keeping it off for 20 years. Heavy weight training is also very effective in retaining and growing muscle that increases resting & active metabolism.

    While any movement is positive for better health, most people will not work hard enough exercising to optimize hormones and increase fat burning.

    BTW not eating red meat is BS. As long as it’s grass fed and not loaded with pesticides and antibiotics, red meat is an awesome food.

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