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  • I have always had a glass of red wine just before bed to help me sleep. And a coffee or tea with milk in the morning. Really can’t do without the milk! So it’s hard for me to do a fast for more than 10 hours. For example, a glass of wine at 11 p.m. and coffee around 9 a.m. Any ideas about how to combine this with an effective weight loss plan?

    Just count them as part of your fast day calories!

    Figure out how much milk you use in your morning cuppas, if you use a cup of whole milk in them it is 159 calories. If you only have a bit of milk in one cup of tea or coffee it will be a lot less.

    I go through a coup of milk in my cuppas, so I only have 340 calories left for the day, to keep under 500cal. It is worth it though, because I can’t do without the cuppas.

    Google says 125 calories in a 5 fl oz glass of red wine. Just watch out if you react differently to the wine as you will be having it on a pretty empty stomach.

    5:2 is great in how it can fit into all sorts of different lifestyles, you will make it work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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