Holidays- To fast or not. To fast?

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  • I’m about to go away with other people for a 2 week holiday. For the first week it will be very hard to fast, although on the second week my husband and I have an apartment with a kitchenette so we could do it. From experience what would other people recommend? I notice here some don’t and come back with renewed vigor ?
    I’ve been on 5:2 for 25 weeks and lost 24 lbs(haven’t weighed this week yet) and I’m 60 . My husband has been 5:2 ing too but is now on 6:1 as he has reached normal BMI. My goal is to lose 3 more kilos or 6 lbs to reach my goal.

    I too am about to go away for two weeks. The first four days I shall be in a hotel and will probably not manage a fast day during this time. After that I’ll be staying with friends and do plan to watch what I eat.

    Even if a full 500/600kcal fast can’t be managed I still think a couple of days a week of calorie restriction below what’s needed to maintain weight will be beneficial.

    Good luck!


    I’ve not been doing this diet long but friends/family who have been at it longer tend to leave the diet at home when they go on their holidays.

    If it suits you to fast on holiday and are happy to do it then go for it. It really just boils down to personal preference.

    Yes I am also going on holiday for two weeks, I am away the weekend ( which could be a bit boozy) then away for 12 days. We are traveling Monday so no lunch and keeping with in the fast day. We have found a swimming pool in the area hoping for for our hours swim. Hoping to keep up with twice a week we normally do. I really think it helps the weight loss.

    I am doing something I have never done………the bathroom scales are coming with us, two weigh ins on Fridays!!!!

    I am hoping not to put anything on ….hoping to stay the same. Also to enjoy the holiday.

    Fingers crossed.

    I will be off for a 2 week vacation one month from today. I have decided fasting is not possible, so I will plan to get right back into 5:2 when I return. I’ve lost 10 lbs and by the time we depart I will have been on the Fast Diet for 2 months. I think because I have become a more mindful eater, I will be just fine. Finger crossed.

    ive taken a total of 7 weeks off the plan over the past year due to hoildays, on those times i took a break from fasting and ate what i wanted, but i will say there were times i just skipped meals because i just felt to full from the night before and over doing it. when i went back to my normal fasting days it was a very good feeling to be back to “normal” id say enjoy your break and relax im sure if you over do it your body will let you know. i soon lost any weight gain once back to my routine. what ever you decide enjoy yourself! xx

    Sound advice, fast for life!

    Thanks for all those who answered, I appreciated in hearing your responses.

    LOL at Symba7 taking your scales on holiday 🙂
    Just take a tape measure, remember it is a holiday and you are allowed to relax a little.
    We are off on a Norwegian cruise from Sunday. Weather is set for rain 🙁
    I am fasting today (I expect you can hear my tummy rumbling) and will again on Saturday. I shall eat sensibly, I prefer fish to meat and always have sauce on the side on the ship.
    First day back I shall be fasting again and may do 4:3 that week.
    I hope everyone enjoys their holidays 🙂

    Enjoy all the fantastic seafood in Norway, Lindyw!

    Enjoy all the fantastic seafood in Norway, Lindyw!
    Years ago I stayed at a hotel in Germany and I was not happy at all to find a scale in the bathroom.

    This is a personal decision…but when I holiday I don’t fast. That is the beauty of this plan. You can pick up exactly where you left off. No feelings of failure. No guilt. Just start back.

    Besides…being a “foodie” I don’t want to miss out on a thing 🙂

    We did our first cruise last year and neither my wife or myself put weight on.Eat sensibly ,but dont miss out . There were 3 pools on the ship which we used every day and three times round the promenade deck was 1.5 miles.So at 6 every morming we did 12 laps in the sea breeze.
    So eat sensibly and do plenty of exercise and return to the routine when you return.
    Regards to all , Phil.

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