Holidays and fasting

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  • Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone has had the experience of fasting while on holidays? We are going OS for 6 weeks to visit our son. I want to maintain my fasting regime but am anxious about how I do that. Fasting is really easy when you’re at home because I choose fasting days to suit whatever is happening in my schedule for the week ie if I’ve been invited out for lunch on a usual fast day I change the fast day. Holidays are extra food and wine and I don’t want to see all my good work go to waste. Any tips anyone?

    I think planning is the key and whilst normally I would say go and enjoy your holiday I can see why for 6 weeks you would want to maintain your ‘regime’.

    I would suggest that you sort of carry on like I normally do and look at each week ahead and decide what are the best days to fast. Speak to your son if necessary about what your and his plans for the week are to find the least disruptive / easiest days to fast.

    Otherwise try if possible and be more active than you usually are – go for long walks etc. Maybe try to have a couple of alcohol free days per week. Try to be really attentive to your appetite and body and don’t eat if not hungry and stop when satisfied. Maybe try to just have 2 meals on non fast days e.g. skip breakfast or lunch.

    And since you are on holiday substitute the usual food and drink treats with some non calorific treats like a trip to a spa for a facial or massage……

    Thanks detox manic, good advice.

    Hi Carolannfud, I’ve just had a week’s holiday myself and have found it impossible to fast because I was on other people’s schedules the entire time. I think if I had a 6 weeker coming up I’d have to speak to my host and let them know that 2 days of every week I will be fasting and just not to be offended or upset if I opt out of ‘family meals’ and do my own thing.

    I’d then check with them to see what the plans were for this week and pick days where we’re going to be busy but not somewhere likely to be tempting (like Cadury world or an ice cream parlour or the seaside with fish & chip shops everywhere or something daft like that). Then I’d just not eat all day until the evening meal with the family and I’d restrict myself to a small portion of whatever everyone else is having, with no desert.

    As long as you drink enough water you should be fine to go all day without eating anything, even on an active day and it’ll be nice for you to be able to join the rest of the family for the evening meal and catch up around the dinner table.

    Thanks TracyJ, missed this one til just now because I forgot to click the ‘keep me advised’ link. Good advice and that’s pretty much how it’s panned out. I have actually enrolled my D-I-L in 5:2 now! We are on week 4 of the holiday and I have stuck to my 2 fast days but know I’ve been eating over my TDEE on some other days. Clothes still feel ok but have noticed a ‘filling out’ of midriff area. I’m just keeping an eye on it. I don’t know about others but for me being on holidays is like getting permission to pig out! I really have to watch this. Mind over matter all the time! 🙂

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