Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 13 UK FD

    Just catching up with you all after a few days absence, life moves quickly here with loads of lively chat and funny posts which I cannot do justice to. Going for B2B2B from today so need to get my name down on that pocket list!

    Sending my congratulations to @anna6 on the arrival of your darling granddaughter.

    @kaywesterman – sorry to hear about your mum, best wishes to you and her.

    @flourbaby – LOL, chortle and ongoing chuckles and the same disbelief in the portion size of Baileys!!

    @michelinme – if my memory serves me right it is @flourbaby who needs to take the credit for the niacin chat, she reminded me of the benefits, it was one of those ‘good things’ I’d stopped doing, pleased to hear you’re feeling better for it.

    @snowflake56 – the power of the pocket list I love it, thanks for your support, we seem pretty strong on our combined days!
    Re: Judith Kerr, I had difficulty choosing between Mog and the Tiger Who Came to Tea but decided on Mog in the end just out of being a bit less captured in a time that doesn’t exist anymore (the mum being just a housewife, delivery boys on bikes etc, especially as little nieces daddy is a thoroughly modern stay at home dad).

    Gathering up all the fasting buddies on to the pocket list

    Day 13 Pocket Fasting List

    Good luck everyone.

    Day 13 Wales FD

    Feeling grotty with a cold today but determined to keep to FD plan, hanging on tight to the wagon

    Day 13 Pocket Fasting List

    Day 13 Minnesota, USA NFD
    Day 12 FD 2nd of B2B

    Two good FDs back to back and then out the door in an hour or so with DD for Christmas shopping and some time together, without the lovely little grandchildren, which doesn’t happen very often. I’ve been awake since 5 a.m. in anticipation.

    It seems my pattern goes something like this: Sunday over 2000 calories, Monday starving and trying to control intake and stop carb cravings, Tuesday a fair FD around 500-600, and then Wednesday a very good FD of 300 to 400 cals. If I wasn’t going out with DD today I would try for another FD or MFD.

    Salad and roasted cauliflower soup for OMAD at 5-6 pm and some sugarless gum, and that was enough. If only every fast day could be so easy.

    @anna6 Congratulations on your granddaughter and what a lovely name! I hope all is well with her and your DD.
    @snowflake56 Thank you for the link to Mog’s Christmas Calamity….my 6 year old granddaughter was delighted! We have never heard of Mog here.
    @missybear I hope you feel better soon…warm liquids and give yourself an excuse to rest.
    @basyjames I’m glad to hear your OH is on the mend. Hopefully, by Christmas he’ll be feeling even better.
    @borealis Enjoy that new dress and the way you feel when wearing it!
    @kaywesterman I have you and your family in my prayers. I’ve been where you are with your mum and it is so difficult with all the decisions and emotions that circle around the situation. Thinking of you and sending hugs.
    @daffodil2010 Good luck to you and your OH with his surgery next week.
    @judyjudes Prayers for good news today after an easy and uneventful procedure. Hugs. Will be waiting to hear from you regarding the outcomes. Hoping you can get your health issues sorted out.
    @jaifaim Congrats on the new low! Enjoy that feeling of accomplishment!
    @flourbaby It sounds like you have planned as well as possible for a good FD, so wishing you luck sending you supportive vibes and hugs! Stay determined and remember it’s just for today.
    @betsylee I have never heard of a McSpider; it sounds yummy but the name alone would stop me from ever ordering it! LOL
    @songbirdme I’m somewhat envious of you on two fronts: your Chicago Bears are doing great and seem like the “real deal” this year, as opposed to the Vikings, and you just stuffed yourself with hot buttered popcorn which is also a downfall of mine! You deserve it as a treat after your blood donation! That’s how I would look at it. 😉
    @emma-taylor I hope you’re safe and enjoying your Holiday!
    @michelinme I hope you feel stronger soon and can kick the virus out of your system. Nothing else is really as important as doing those things you know will be healing and nurturing to your “future you”.
    @debster251 Enjoyed your snowman and santa jokes…will share them with my 12 year old grandson, who thinks of himself as something of a comic. I hope you’re sore throat and congested chest are resolving. Better to get it now and be done with it before Christmas, I guess.
    @annemarilyn Congrats on your 48 hour fast!
    @dykask Your physical activity awes me, truly. I don’t know where you find the motivation! Reading your posts does inspire me to move more and I’ve been doing wall push ups to start.Thanks for sharing your motivation!
    @matpi you seem to be dealing with such high stress relatively well. I hope you can get a break from it soon!
    @fatfingers I’m sure you’ll be back on track in no time. You’ll stay mindful and limit yourself to the better choices, enjoy your friends, and then there is plenty of time to remedy any weight gain.
    @shinything It is amazing how hard it is and how long it takes to build muscle and tone, and then how quickly it can atrophy. But, it does come back easier for someone who’s been in good shape than if you never have. I’m sure it won’t take you long.
    @alvin121 Welcome! What a good decision you have made for your well being, to start 5:2 and to come on this forum! Glad you are here with us!
    @cornish-jane Good luck on being mindful during this “indulgent weekend” time. It sounds like you are doing all right, even if not exactly where you’d like to be. This is a month with so many obstacles! Best of luck!

    Best of luck to those fasting, and for all of the rest of us, let’s stay mindful and measured today….and not undo our progress. Enjoy the day with mindful moderation, everyone!

    Day 13 NFD, but almost bedtime so getting ready for day 14, FD – Melb Aust.

    Reasonable day today. Thank you for explaining TDEE @michelinme, it makes sense. Because I have a Fitbit, it tells me how much energy I’ve expended daily, and on a not very active day, my TDEE is around 1950; for a really full-on day, it’s more like 2250. Actually, since I started the WOL on 28/11 I don’t think I’ve gone over my TDEE limit with food any day except the wedding buffet day – came close a couple of other times, but I don’t think over. I’m trying to keep below around 1400 cals every day, then much less on a FD, and mainly eating between midday and around 7 p.m. – not quite 18:6, more like 17:7, but I hope with most of the benefits.

    That’s why I’m feeling a bit frustrated with being down to 83.4 kg Saturday a.m., then one Chinese buffet meal and I’m 84.2 the next day, and despite 2 FDs (not good “food” on one of them) and not excess over TDEE on NFDs, I’m still 83.6 kg. I was aiming for 82.5 kg by Saturday, and I can’t see it happening. Ugh!!!

    So, @fatfingers, I can really sympathise with your concern re two B2B Asian meals. They can be devastating to one’s morale. I’ve another coming up next Tuesday, but that one will be more controllable as I can fast until dinnertime and order only one dish and no rice. With the wedding buffet there was too much range of food and it was lunchtime, so I still wanted food later in the day.

    One small positive – I can finally see a little shape change, so that’s a good note to end on!!! 🙂

    Day 13-14 NFD – FD Melb Aust second post

    Northern Dawn, a McSpider is a large serve of frozen coke with soft serve ice cream on top – as a kid, didn’t you ever have some soda and add a scoop of ice-cream to it? It goes frothy and tastes all too delicious. I think I’m going to have to either ban or severely limit my indulgence in McSpiders!!!

    Day 13 USA (Illinois) FD

    Joining the pocket list today. It’s my 1 of my 6:1 maintenance that so far has been working for a couple years. It is still a regimen keeping right at or under TDEE on NFD’s however!

    @northerndawn – I will take your envy, but really, your day shopping with DD is something I envy. Our 3 DD’s are all some distance away, busy as can be with their own lives,etc. Tonight my nerves will be with my Fighting ILLINI volleyball women as they take on the Cornhuskers for the NCAA volleyball semi-finals. Since Illinois FB and BB are nothing to write about, we have to be happy for our women! It’s on ESPN – final four action tonight.

    Day 13 Pocket Fasting List

    Onward and downward.

    Day 13 Canada NFD

    Just managing to hold it together! Hope everyone is doing great 😊

    USA Day 13 Water FD

    Adding myself to the pocket list!@gretta

    Have a great day everyone!

    Diet Day One:

    I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was delicious. 🙂

    Day 13 UK FD

    I’ve just done that annoying thing of copying and deleting my own post, and realising I’d not copied it. Goodbye big post 🙁

    But on the bright side, today is my 4th day of B2B2B2B! It’s quite astonishing how much easier FDs are when prepared & in the swing; back to back and being busy makes them fly by.. which of course I already knew and had compleely forgotten in my weekend sugar & carb meltdown. I’m enjoying eating lots of veg and protein, drinking more water and beginning to look after myself more carefully.

    Today my Carbtastic tum is down to a mere peach and weight hovering just under 144lbs. After 5 months on this 144/5lb plateau I’m excited to think tomorrow’s official weigh day may bring a new low at last… and if it doesn’t, I’m happy simply to feel different. What a difference a few FDs make!

    Thank you for lovely well wishes 🙂 I’m plenty breathless and not helped by inhalers, but GP phoning this afternoon with chest x-ray results and treatment plan. Looking after myself, and sleeping better after a lovely epsom salt bath & niacinamin – thank you @flourbaby! I’m also feeling less rabbit in the headlights about so backlogged that I didn’t even want to write the list. I put my head down and caught up with emails yesterday, will now map out tasks and priorities then finish early to have a relaxing evening and another early night. Balance is becoming restored!

    @alvin121 welcome to the December challenge – make yourself at home
    @sunn_beam some people make more progress by working to the TDEE for goal weight rather than current weight. There’s a page on this site where you can calculate that. But even when progress is slow, as long as you stick to the basics you will be making progress 🙂
    @gretta hope you feel better
    @cornish-jane well done on two good FDs this week, and hope you have a lovely time away. Weight loss slows right down as we get to closer to our goals, but the body keeps changing. I lost 35lbs in 7 months & been stuck on the same weight plateau since July. But over the last 2 months clothes have suddenly begun to fit differently, I’ve changed shape completely & gone down 2 sizes – while exactly the same weight!. You’ve lost an amazing 35kg (!) and your body is entering a new phase – hold fast 🙂
    @snowflake56 thank you for your encouragement – i’m fasting!
    @flourbaby love your box of serving sizes – for a mouse! I read a serving size for a luxury mince pie being 0.5 pie!!!
    @dingping Good luck with your B2B2B – it’s so worth it!
    @missybear get well soon
    @northerndawn yay for B2B! Have a lovely time Christmas shopping with DD & little ones
    @basyjames hope all is well with you & your DH back home & recovering from his surgery
    @judyjudes hope today’s investigations have gone well, and results lead to helpful treatment
    @bellyblast @ccco good to see you
    @borealis how was your B2B2B? Thank you for encouraging me to join you 🙂

    Day 13 Fasting Pocket List

    Finishing with two more for the cracker collection :

    What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney? Claustrophobia!
    What do they sing at a snowman’s birthday party? Freeze a jolly good fellow

    Day 13: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Another hard day on the postal deliveries today…my round took me from 9.30am till 2pm, on top of two and a half hours prepping it before going out. Long day. I’ve volunteered to work my day off tomorrow too. We’re a man down and he should have been on my round tomorrow, but he’s been suspended, pending dismissal, for being a naughty boy. We are a small office with just 14 rounds so the rest of us must cover.
    @sunn_beam: sorry to hear your DH is struggling after his back operation. Did he have spinal fusion?
    @kaywesterman: My sister-in-law ended up in a hospice….she was beautifully cared for, a lovely place, can’t praise them enough. I’m sure your mum would be as comfortable as she can be in such a place. Good luck.
    @debster251: It must have been such a relief when both your sons came back and settled here rather than far away. It’s also what I wish for….DD is just the age for settling down and she’ll be in distant Melbourne for the next three years working. Hmmm, what will be will be…
    @michelinme: unplanned FDs? Is there such a thing? How fantastic that you’re in the flow…
    @alvin121: welcome to the forum, may success be yours.

    Day 12 – Ireland NFD/EFS
    Day 13 – Ireland NFD

    As predicted yesterday was an EFS day as had to go to two🎄 dinners – bad planning!!! Weighed myself this morning and was shocked as seemed to gone back up about 3lbs but scales might be broken 😂😂… Will check again tomorrow!
    Have not had time to read posts for the past few days but hope everyone is doing well…
    Travelling to Paris at the crack of dawn for 🎄 catch up with friends this weekend so I can’t see it being controlled at all… Will see..
    Next week will be a new week and I’ll have two FDs and then let myself enjoy all of the Christmas catch ups. I love this time of year! 🎅🎄🌲⛄

    Onward and sideward ➡for the moment.
    Good luck to all the Friday and weekend fasters!

    Day 13 North Canton OH FD

    This will be my first opportunity to check in this week. I have not had a chance to catch up on posts either.

    It’s been a rough go with hubby’s post op experience. I am really hoping he has turned the corner, it’s been rough.

    I will try to get caught up soon.

    Blessings to you all.

    USA Day 13 water FD
    Second Post

    Just checking in! So far, my water fast is holding! 🙂

    Day 13 Newcastle Australia NFD
    Yay, my fast day worked yesterday! I find 500cal such a struggle but now I’m a couple in i’m remembering that hunger doesn’t kill me and celery is a good way to stave off eating something in desperation.
    My base level calories for a NFD feel so low, 1200 I think. Exercise is the missing component so I’m off to walk the dogs before a long day in the car. Hubby had a CT scan of spine yesterday to see why after two surgeries he is still in so much pain. Worried there will have to be a third. But on the bright side I am on leave now, no more juggling and lovely time with my kids to come.
    Weight is moving ever so slowly, but it is moving. Got to not go crazy on my days off.
    @ciren2 must be so hard delivering things when your wrist is sore. Hoping you are feeling better soon. Yes my hubby had a spinal fusion, years as a paramedic and lifting people have led to ongoing back & shoulder injuries.
    @redrockgirl302 what is pumpkin Kringle! Sounds intriguing
    @basyjames and @daffodil2010 hoping your husbands are on the mend.

    “I’m mad I spent my skinny years thinking I was FAT!”

    Day 13, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    A big thank you to all who congratulated me on my new granddaughter Eve. I got to see her and enjoy holding her for one day. I helped my daughter wash her as we didn’t use the baby bath yet but only for one day. I unfortunately started to sneeze and have a tickling throat and that was enough for my daughter to ban me from her home. I even cooked for her that day and she told me she didn’t want the food for fear of carrying germs and get little Eve sick. Her son had to stay with my son in law s parents as he was sick and on antibiotics but today he got to see his brand new sister and you know what, he gave her his favorite soft toy the one which he sleeps with, a dog.

    I’m missing not seeing little Eve. When I held her and she cried I spoke to her and sung to her and she instantly calmed down. My daughter Eve s mother told me she recognized my voice as she was constantly with me when she wasn’t working when she was pregnant. What a marvelous being is a human created by God!

    I’m trying to be good and eat sensibly but I’m so happy right now and must watch myself not to nibble sometimes. My husband has already been given food gifts for Christmas.
    Almost all of our presents for Christmas have been bought.

    Keep on going on everyone.

    Youngest DD does these – all her own harmonies in her voice, app that overlays –
    “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”


    @anna6 – oh so happy for you, your daughter and little Eve! I am not the least bit surprised she knew your singing voice. 🙂

    Day 13 – Iceland – FD

    @michelinme – well done on your B2B2B2B! Fantastic! 🎉 I got seduced by some chocolates yesterday so unfortunately no FD… made up for it today though, closing the kitchen at 400cals 😇

    Time to go to bed, hope to catch up on posts on Saturday! Stay strong everyone!

    Day 14 – Japan – WFD

    Water Fast #90, my 2018 goal if I make it!

    Day 13, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Going to Luminaria to check out extreme Christmas light displays. DH has bought us the VIP package. Lots of perks beginning with designated parking to free never ending hot chocolate with a mug to take home, hand warmers, glow in the dark necklace and more. Will be fun.

    Hope everyone had a good Thursday! 🌲🎄🌲

    Day 13, UK, NFD

    Today I got my new laptop and I love it ❤ , but I also got a flu, which I don’t love 😷 . Yesterday was a successful FD and today I ate sensibly. Still haven’t weighed myself, I don’t think I want to because I feel heavier.
    Posting for accountability before I go to sleep, and hoping I wake up feeling a bit better in the morning, because I really feel rough right now.

    Have a good day/evening everyone 🌼

    Second post….. just quickly wanted to say ….

    @kaywesterman sorry to hear about your mum, thats hard 🙁 . Sending you a virtual hug x

    @northerndawn thank you for your encouraging words regarding exercise, it helps to be reminded of that 🙂 . I will have to continue exercising and building up to my previous fitness level.

    Day 13 Ohio, US — FD (#37)
    Day 12 — NFD

    Today the FD went well. Although I had to slacken off a lot, I was able to get everything done in time to take the dog out for a walk before dark. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to go for a good walk and he really enjoyed it. Yesterday’s schedule was so irregular that meals were a catch-as-catch-can affair.
    Fortunately for the next little while I’ll be working primarily from home, so a lot more flex hours. That should give a chance for recovery.

    @shinything Did the computer and the flu come as a package deal? If so, I hope you got a good discount!! On the serious side, I hope you’re able to shake that flu off very fast!

    @songbirdme That was spectacular!

    @anna6 Congratulations on your new DGD! Is she your DD’s first?

    @dykask Hang in there with WFD#90! Hope you make it standing on your head!

    Day 14 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Despite the mild food poisoning yesterday, stayed under 500cal, and feeling a bit better today. Weight is up again (had some alcohol this week, extra carbs, food in transit…) and sitting at 69.9kg, so a little disappointed by I’ve only got myself to blame, doing a couple of FDs does not automatically wash the sins of EFS days. Does not work that way!!

    So far have made healthy choices which has left me feeling good, though flying up to Sydney tonight for the weekend for a couple of birthday celebrations and catch ups, so it will be fraught with restaurant visits, party food, and wine…eeek!

    Not quite caught up on posts as have been smashed at work today, but i’ll save it for the flight 🙂

    @cornish-jane I’m with you on the fasting + weight gain frustration. Agree I’d also be having a weight explosion if it wasn’t for the two fast days. We’ll get through it!!

    @flourbaby LOL I’ll chose to stay blissfully unaware of exactly how much 50ml of bailies is for now.

    Happy Friday everyone! x

    Day 14 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    A special day, including a lovely facial, catching with a friend who recently lost her husband, and then “spaliday” a fun event.

    @cornish-jane – so glad your eye is responding to treatment. That sounded a little scary. Wow, you have lost a lot. You’re right it’s important to keep perspective.

    @anna6 – how lovely that your granddaughter responds to you! I hope you get feeling better soon.

    @songbirdme – I resonated with your comment about not appreciating your skinny self when you were young or something like that. As I’ve seen pictures from the past, I thought I didn’t look too bad & wondered why I hardly remember a time of being content with my body.

    Enjoy the journey forum friends! We’re in it together!

    Day 14, Emden Germany, FD

    after reading all your lovely posts, I’m so frustrated not being able to express whatever I want to say. So I’m just starting the pocket list and finish my FD soup.

    Pocket list day 14

    @dykask WFD # 90

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 14, London, UK, NFD

    A spritz of MO on my feet, a niacin tablet (@michelinme, strangely enough, I seem to like the flush of niacin) and a (very small) handful of cashew nuts before bed last night, meant I slept so well that I leapt out of bed this morning, the FD contributed too! Yesterdays’ FD (800 with the cashews, but I’ll take it!) was a breeze!! I’m not sure why some are so easy and on others I could happily eat cardboard!!!

    So it’s the 1st of four NFDs and this time I’m determined to make them all controlled, meaning refined carbs are out, but I won’t deprive myself!! So healthy snacks & meals are planned & ready for the weekend – I feel like last weekends’ EFS is a distant memory & now I’ve prepared for battle!!! …………………………….. Actually, I have!!!! I would be happy to join you @jaifaim, in “Onward & sideways”

    @basyjames, I hope your DH has turned that corner with his recovery, thinking of you both, stay strong!

    Monique is as beautiful as ever!! Thanks for sharing @songbirdme ………………………. I absolutely loved it!! I never had those skinny days (I had never owned any size 10 clothes as an adult) so I’m looking forward to achieving & maintaining everlasting skinny days with the help of 5:2 ………………………. I am THAT fine wine, I’m only getting better with age!!!!

    Onward & Downwards people ………………….. or sideways!!!

    Day 14, Melb. Aust, FD

    Just finishing the day; FD went well, for which I’m thankful. Not looking forward to the weigh-in tomorrow morning, as the scales have been so discouraging the past few days.

    @anna6, how sweet that baby Eve recognised your voice! I hope you recover quickly so you can see her again soon.

    @gretta, good for you for the healthy food choices so far – keep it up!!

    @michelinme – congrats on the B2B2B2B. I’m thinking of trying something like that either before or after Christmas. Haven’t decided when yet. I’m presuming they were FDs, not WFDs? By the way, do the challenges continue, month by month? I’m really enjoying being part of this support group.

    Day 14, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Matti Eve is my DD s second child. She has a son who’s 2 years 10 months old.

    AnneMarilyn and Batsee I hope I’ll be well enough to visit my DD and baby Eve. But it won’t be today.

    This evening my OH and I are attending a reception.

    Take care everyone, have a great day the weekend is with us again.

    Day 14 North Canton FD, Final day of the week, Yay!!!!

    @songbirdme I could not help laughing out loud at your statement 

    @anna6 congrats on your new addition, grandbabies are so special, how heart melting that she recognizes your voice. My sister did the exact same thing when she had her first kid-we were all banished from the house, if we coughed or sniffled and of course – 5 minute hand sanitizers before we touched the baby. Eve is a beautiful name, one of my favorites

    @dykask jolly well done on meeting your goal – you are an inspiration

    @redrockgirl302 that sounds like so much fun, I have always wanted to take a trip to see Christmas lights. Every year I tell my family we are going to do it and we have never actually done it. I think this might be the year I cross that off my bucket list.

    @michelinme congrats on the B2B2B2B FD.

    Adding myself to the pocket list
    @dykask WFD # 90

    Day 14 USA (Illinois) NFD (DAFD)

    Good 450 calorie FD yesterday – this 6:1 is working in maintenance! Yes, I still have to be careful on those 6, but indulgences do happen this way.

    Off to Silver Sneakers today.

    @redrockgirl302 – did you get to the Thanksgiving Point Luminarias? I get emails about their activities, and that sounded marvelous. But likely there are other festivals in town.

    Hope you’re all managing well. Onward and downward.

    Day 14 CD

    Ridiciously late night but wonderful quality of sleep courtesy of niacinamide & MO…(must try adding cashews @flourbaby – I can’t imagine leaping out of bed!) My weekly weigh day brought a new low of 143lbs, which is 2lbs down from last week’s gain (!) and a net loss 1lb this month – my first weight loss since July! Shape-shifting continues, with an inch off my carbtastic tum 🙂

    I’m going to claim the week as good progress but not hold too fast to the numbers – weight fluctuates, and I touch some numbers a few times before they stick. But delighted to undo last weekend’s EFS and be reminded that carb / sugar dragons can be put back to sleep! The challenge is now to make good plans going forwards, and aim to move onwards and sideways 🙂

    Deligthed to have done some work on planning & priorities for home, health and project work, and feeling a lot less overwhelmed by it all. Amazing how things can shrink to size once we take the time to name them!

    @ciren2 amazing how easy it seems to be to slip into unexpected FDs from my usual no-breakfast/late lunch when busy or distracted! Your work situation sounds tough, esp with the suspended colleague
    @kaywiseman thinking of you and your mum. My sister also ended her days in a hospice and it was a very caring, gentle, peaceful place. i hope your mother is peaceful too
    @jaifaim safe and happy travels – sideways!
    @basyjames so sorry your DH has had such a rough time post-op, wishing you both easier days ahead
    @ccco well done with your water fast!
    @sunn_beam yay for a good FD and learning what works for you. Drinking plenty of water helps with hunger – we often confuse thirst and hunger, and our bodies need a lot more water to make up for what we’re not getting from food
    @anna6 lovely that your new granddaughter recognises your voice. HOpe you are better soon and reunited – what a wonderful and happy time for you all 🙂
    @dykask many congratulations on your 90th water fast in 2018 – that’s an Epice Achievement!
    @shinything hope you feel better v soon – and yay for new laptop!
    @matpi glad you will be working from home for a few days and can catch up with yourself and your dog!
    @gretta the healthy choices add up eventually, even when we don’t see the results straightaway. Hope you have a lovely weekend in Sydney
    @flourbaby yay for leaping out of bed… sideways?!
    @betsylee my B2Bs weren’t WFDs! Mostly they were OMAD but the 4th day I had late lunch as well as supper. It’s good to get into a solid 5:2 routine before mixing it up, but it can certainly help to keep progress going. Yes, these challenges continue each month 🙂 The exceptional @at will be hosting us in January – with all the New Year resolutions!

    Amazingly we’re almost halfway through the December challenge already! Good time to take stock, or pick up and learn from the last couple of weeks. What’s worked well? What would be helpful going forwards? Whether fasting or feasting, at home or away, wishing you all a good weekend xx

    Day 14 Wales NFD

    Easy FD yesterday, when I get a cold I lose interest in food so it was tomato soup for lunch and chicken soup for dinner and oranges. Feeling a bit better today so planning a super food dinner with lots of veggies and blueberries…..desperate to get rid of this bug for Christmas and hoping DH doesn’t catch it or I will be in deep trouble….I gave him a cold for Christmas last year!

    @songbirdme your daughter’s voice is beautiful, thanks for sharing, it made me feel festive.

    @flourbaby I will be very happy to keep ‘sideways’ this month!

    Still in Paris, which seems to be battening down the hatches for the weekend. And a friend has just phoned to say my other ( closer) friend has been taken very ill and is now in a hospice, and fading fast. I’m so sad. I’ll go and see her the minute I get home, but I think it may be too late. It’s such a shock. Is this what happens at this time of life? People suddenly disappear ? H

    Day 14, Rocky Mountains, US, FD 800 cals

    The light displays at Luminaria were absolutely fabulous. DH and I enjoyed it immensely. This was a Christmas present for both of us. The next Christmas present for us will be a concert Tuesday, The Celtic Women are playing a at symphony hall.

    Would like to do a 500 cals FD today. Because of my permanent lack of sleep I cannot do it right now. But I need to push the rest button. A couple of pounds creeped up on me and I need to counteract this right away. I don’t want to gain, I want to maintain through deadly December. I am skipping a Christmas party tomorrow evening because my DH does not want to attend and I don’t want to eat party (junk) food at 7pm. Also I fell the day before yesterday crossing the street and my body is aching, especially both arms. I will invite my friend, the host, to a good lunch later this month or January. I like this better anyway because then you can really talk. At a big party the talking is nothing but superficial.

    @sunn_beam: pumpkin kringle is a Danish dessert made in Racine, Wisconsin.

    @anna6: congrats on Baby Eve and how lovely that she recognizes your singing voice!

    @songbirdme: Yes, Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point in the Ashton Gardens. It was spectacular! Thanks for the link: your daughter has a beautiful voice.

    Have a good Friday everyone!🎄☃️🎅

    USA Day 14 NFD

    Happily, my water fast went well yesterday without even any hunger!! I am eating healthily today but tomorrow I plan another water fast. Hope everyone is doing well today. I know how busy everyone must be with Christmas preparations! Enjoy!

    Day 14, UK, FD

    I had a rough night last night, kept waking up and getting shivers 😷 . Throat very sore too, sneezing etc. all day, but in spite of all that I do feel just a tiny bit better 🙂 . Managed an FD too, which is a morale lifter 😀

    @matpi yes, flu and laptop were a bundle *nods* . On a serious side, thank you for well wishes 😊

    @gretta glad to hear you are feeling better, food poisoning is very unpleasant 🙁

    @michelinme thank you, its my new baby haha 😀 , and I hope you feel better too 🤗 . Congrats on your loss 😉

    @anna6 I hope you feel better soon too so you can spend more time with your new granddaughter 😍 , sending you some healing vibes 🤗

    Have a great weekend everyone 🎅

    Day 14: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD (aren’t they all….)
    Worked my day off today….all overtime, yay!! As Christmas approaches the mail increases, and every day we finish later than the day before. At least the weather was kind again. Cold and sunny…I think the rain is supposed to be back tomorrow, worse luck. Got my first Christmas tip…a large box of Quality Street!!! I left it open at the office to share.
    @anna6: Don’t fret, they’ll be many, many more days when you can sit and cuddle little Eve. You are so blessed. xx
    @dykask: Today’s the day you reach your goal. Well done to you.
    @emma Taylor: So sorry to hear about your friend. Hospices are wonderful places, she’ll be well looked after.
    @missybear: Get well soon and certainly don’t give it to DH! if he’s anything like mine…!?

    Day 14 UK second post

    @emma_taylor i’m so sorry to hear about your friend, and what a huge shock for you. Wishing you peace in the sadness xx

    Get well soon @shinything @missybear and anyone else who is sick
    @judyjudes hope yesterday went well and you are recovering gently

    here’s to light to shine in the darkness as we approach the turning of the year

    Day 14 2nd post

    @ciren2 and @michelinme thank you for your get well wishes, I am starting to feel better and after a healthy vitamin rich dinner I’m planning an early night and hoping to wake feeling fit tomorrow. DH fine so far🤞

    Good night all 😴

    Day 14 Newcastle Australia NFD
    sigh, scales after a NFD back to almost where I started. Didn’t even think it was that bad. The spectre of calorie counting is looming. But I guess I should be glad I haven’t gained over deadly December. Reading all your posts for tips. Those on maintenance how did you get to you weight loss in the first place? Calorie counting on NFD? Lots of exercise?
    @betsylee @gretta hope you got through the big storms in Melbourne this week. And any other east coast Aussies!

    Day 14 Minnesota, USA NFD

    Yesterday was a wonderful day with my daughter, and I stayed under my TDEE of 1460. Hoping to do a MFD today, or a CD of around 1200. Healing vibes and hugs (from a safe distance ) to all those battling with flu and colds and stomach illnesses; to those with OH’s who are requiring tender loving care, and a big virtual hug to @emma-taylor…..How sad for you and your dear friend for this illness to come out of the blue and be so severe. You and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Stay strong and enjoy the weekend mindfully, my friends.

    USA Day 14 NFD
    Second Post

    Finished eating for the day and closed up the kitchen. My new water FD has begun and will continue through tomorrow, ending at 4:30 p.m. I carefully monitored how much I eat today, so I actually stayed below my TDEE of 1372 calories. I have recently have been reading about how exercise has very little effect on weight loss, which is why exercise alone won’t get you where you want to be. I have always been an avid exerciser and I always believed that strong muscles improved metabolism speed because muscle burns more energy. In any case, you look and feel better with exercise, so I will stay the course. I hope everyone is having a great time over the holidays! 🙂

    Day 15 – Japan – NFD

    I achieved my water fast goal of 90 water fasts during the year.

    Now I’m worried about my planche goal for next year. Right now I can do around 10 second frog stands. I’m also working on more back and shoulder strength. Once I can do a frog stand for a minute, I start working on the tuck stand which many say is the hardest step in a progression to a planche. I will have to start pushing myself harder than I’m used too.

    Day 14 – France – NFD
    Day 15 – NFD

    Long day yesterday and generally when I travel I eat my way to wherever I’m going… but although I had some treats I didn’t go mad..
    But staying with friends here in Paris and we have had lots of my favourite things so good cheese, bread, rillettes and great fruit.. but the difference is that I fought really snack through the day…and as I’m not in my own house it means I eat less…so sideways will do for the moment….. 👍👍
    Quick post as I can hear the breakfast chatter so better get up but wishing you all a good day particularly to those fasting..
    Onwards and sideways ▶️

    Day 15, Emden Germany, FD

    @emma-taylor I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Losing friends and family is one of the sad things we have to go through when getting older. Hugs.

    @daffodil2010 thinking about you, I hope everything is fine.

    @jaifaim enjoy Paris, nothing better than being there in the company of good friends!

    @dingping I don’t know the tiger book either. Stay at home dads are still a rarity here, never met one. Will you be with me today, doing your 3rd FD of this week?

    Pocket list day 15


    Have a nice day everyone!

    @jaifaim – nice to have someone else from here in Paris. Take care. It’s hard to know what to expect and where. We were in Passy yesterday and hundreds of shop windows were smashed.
    Thanks for the kind remarks about my friend. She came from a small family ( two sisters – I went to school with her sister, who was a very close friend, and who died from cancer a few years ago). Neither parent had siblings, and so no cousins or aunts or uncles, and when her father died last year, my friend realised she was alone. She’d had a busy job and hadn’t made time to make many friends. It’s so sad, and really makes you grateful for your own family and friends.
    Hope everybody out there has a good day. H

    Day 16, London, UK, NFD

    Yesterdays’ CD went well simply because I didn’t have time to stuff my face!!! Pilates, followed by a visit to my mum, persuasive debating with my mum to get her to come shopping in the madhouse that is Tesco’s pre-Xmas, then finally home to a prepared meal, so my day was a 20:4 and controlled!!!!

    @emma-taylor, so sorry to hear about your friend, I’m going through the phase where elderly relatives and my parents friends are moving on, I suppose we should try to live in the moment as we get older, as our lives are touch by illness or death more frequently.

    @dykask, I completely missed you crossing that line!!! Well done!!! I can only imagine your sense of achievement!!! Is your wife on board yet? Perhaps your 2019 planche challenge should be 18months, 6months each for frog, tuck then planche?

    @daffodil2010, I hope you’re lurking somewhere!! Are you sleeping off the effects of Fridays’ party, how did the dress go? Details please!!!

    Still holding fast to going sideways or downwards, I’m going to need some extra control since I stocked the wine rack yesterday ………………….. & @missybear, BEFORE the tree!!!

    I’m off the get ready for cake baking with my mum today, even though she’s the only person I know who likes a rich fruitcake at Xmas!! (Let’s just say she’s nearly 80 and set-in-her-ways!!!)

    Onward & sideways people!!!

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