Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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Holding Fast – the December 2018 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 15 Wales NFD

    Had a good nights sleep and feeling like I’m winning the fight against the cold.

    @sunn_beam I reached my goal slowly losing 30 lbs over 11 months, no calorie counting (except for FDs) but I followed Michael Mosley’s Blood Sugar Diet on 5:2 and still do in maintenance. The major change for me has been giving up refined carbs and sugar and reducing red wine drinking from everyday to 3 days a week. My exercise routine is a modest daily plan of a 40 minute brisk walk and 15 minutes of Pilates stretches. I know I need to stick with this to maintain but don’t mind as I enjoy the type of food I can now eat and I feel liberated being free of the daily calorie counting I did on previous low fat diets. My advice is persistence and enjoy being a member of the tortoise club here…..slow and steady is the best way to reach your goal.

    @emma-taylor Hugs 🤗

    Wishing a good day to the Saturday fasters.

    Well I’m off to clean the house for tomorrow the tree will be put up 🎄merry sideways 😉

    Day 15 UK FD

    Life busy with important stuff plus Christmas. Not been able to keep up with posting and have suffered because of it. No FD Thursday and Friday as planned, instead carbtastic EFS! Have to stop that right now so joining my Saturday fasting buddy @snowflake56 in an FD today.

    @emma-taylor – feel the sadness for your friend but how beautiful to have such good friends it’s not how many friends we have but the quality. Love and best wishes to you and your friend and stay safe in Paris.

    @missybear – thanks for the faith and support, glad you’re feeling brighter.

    Pocket List Day 15

    Best of luck @snowflake56 and thanks for the nudge, good luck also to all fasting this Saturday.
    Ta x

    Day 15, Guildford UK, CFD

    Apologies for being MIA. My goal for December is to finish at my start weight, everything else is bunce.

    I am struggling with my kitchen which has proved to be a very big job indeed. It was flooded when a header tank went. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. As I have a busy Xmas was hoping to be finished by last Friday.

    The contents of my kitchen are in my conservatory.

    I haven’t cooked at home since August and breaking my foot didn’t help.

    I am so so tired and my eating is erratic because no kitchen. I have held my weight steady, big surprise! But haven’t tracked anything.

    Had no sky tv for a month, they are due today to fix it, just hoping they will.

    I have no kitchen sink, they delivered the wrong one and the plumber isn’t coming until Monday.

    Hey, that’s life……

    Have read the threads and have a lot to say to everyone but overwhelmed.

    Forgive me for this, Normal service will be resumed asap.


    Day 15, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Yesterday’s MFD morphed into a CD. I cannot fast at the moment. Not on 4 hours of sleep every night. So I will continue with CDs and doing 18:6 or even a smaller eating window. Also counting calories. Unfortunately, the sugar dragon 🐉🐲 is awake. We are already halfway through deadly December but there are still dangerous weeks ahead.

    Now off soon to the vet for chewys for my dog, then Trader Joe’s. At 9am a winter solstice party starts at the botanical garden. The actual winter solstice is next Friday, here at 15:23 Mountain Time.
    Later there is a get together: My artist friend 🎼 🎵🎶 invited me and DH to his annual Christmas Party tonight.
    A busy day and lots of fun.

    Have a good Saturday everyone! 🎄🎅☃️

    Day 15 – UK – NFD

    Sorry for my lack of contribution over the past week. Now back from my week visiting friends in Suffolk, decided to travel back yesterday, in view of the predicted weather forecast for today💨🌨❄️

    Had a brilliant week catching up with many friends, lots of laughter, good food and wine but managed a FD on Tuesday and again yesterday when driving home (both were 800cals days)

    Happy to report weight this morning is 53.5kg (100gms less that when I left home last Saturday morning!!) so maintaining happily at the bottom end of my acceptable weight range 💃 I suspect reducing alcohol intake during the past 12 weeks has played a part in keeping me at the lower end of my maintenance range and I have to admit to feeling better for it – some weeks have been as much as 5 days alcohol free and on one occasion it was only 2 days but on average I have been 4 days alcohol free each week – still a work in progress though and each week I make a pact with myself about it……..

    Out food shopping with OH this morning before the worse of the weather arrived – stopped at our favourite little cafe for a flat white and a cheese scone with damson chutney 😋 before heading home! That was breakfast and lunch and no more food until dinner tonight. OH has requested my fish and prawn curry for tonight, he says he has had withdrawal symptoms of my cooking during this past week 😉 flattery will get him anywhere…….

    Rainy afternoon started about 1hr ago so a good time to log on here and catch up ………

    I gather a few people have been feeling under par – hope you are all feeling better now 🤗 I can’t catch up with all the posts so only starting from Day 14

    @songbirdme – your DD has an amazing voice and talent – obviously runs in the family 👩‍❤️‍👩 thank you for sharing that youtube link
    @michelinme – well done on that B2B2B2B! lots of willpower 👍
    @shinything – the fun of a new laptop – enjoy
    @kaywesterman – 🤗 hope your mum is comfortable and you get to visit soon
    @gretta and @cornish-jane – speaking for myself, 3 years down the fasting WOL I have had to accept that fasting will be a permanent part of my life if I want to keep the weight off and still be able to enjoy my food and 🥂🍷 I have found that by fasting I can enjoy anything I want so long I keep an eye on portion control……….Good thing that I enjoy how I feel after a FD if not the FD itself particularly…….
    @flourbaby and all the Baileys lovers – what is it about this time of the year and Baileys – 50mls is never going to be enough 😉 and all 💪 for your 4 x B2B which started yesterday
    @emma-taylor – thinking of you and your friend 🤗
    @basyjames – hopefully your OH is finally turning the corner in his recovery x
    @redrockgirl302 – I love your idea of Christmas presents between your OH and yourself – something shared is so enjoyed – sorry to hear about your fall – hope you are not too bruised and sore x
    @sunn_beam – It took me a year to lose the 3.5st – eating to target weight TDEE and learning the hard way what my new food portion size was really like 😮 Initially sticking to 5:2 and with time adding some 4:3 weeks with B2B days when I was stuck on a plateau and drinking lots and lots of water (2-3L/day), I found hot water during winter with a slice of lime/lemon very helpful. I do exercise but only increased that as I lost weight and found I could do a lot more but I firmly believe what you eat is what will help you lose weight – I found that exercise made me feel good, increased my energy levels and allowed me to sleep better too. This month is my 2nd maintenance anniversary – Hope this is helpful to you x
    @ccco – I agree – exercise is a permanent part of my life now too. I love how it makes me feel both physically and mentally and I believe that if I feel good I’m more likely to look after my body too and remain in maintenance!!
    @rainbowsmile – how lovely to hear from you 🤗 thought you had left us for good – so sorry to hear the dramas with your home, kitchen continues – being without a kitchen for so long would be painful…….. Hope your foot is starting to recover and what a great job 👍 keeping your weight stable during these traumatic past months!

    I’m going to a full day Yoga Workshop tomorrow with 2 friends 🧘‍♀️🙏 During this busy period of the year, it is important to stay centred and grounded. A day to nourish my mind and body is just what I need during the festive season lead up. My wonderful yoga teacher will take us through the day deepening our practice, starting with Intense vinyasa flows and long asana holds, incorporating pranayama and mindfulness. Having a late light lunch eating yummy home made vegetarian food, then a walk through the nearby forest followed by plenty of relaxation and ending the day with a Yoga Nidra session…..Bliss!!

    As I finish off my post I suddenly realised that we still have 10 days before it will be Christmas Day – plenty of time to make some changes…….Go for it……..“If life was easy where would all the adventures be”

    Wherever you are in the world hope you are all having a fab weekend – “LIFE is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to DANCE in the RAIN”

    Day 15 UK CD

    Awake most of last night for no good reason so today will be short, focused and gentle. I also ate silly things til late – oats with cacao & coconut milk, christmas dark chocolate – but somehow still weigh 143lbs today.

    I’ve got a mozzarella salad beetroot wrap lined up for late lunch and I’ll reheat sweet potato with vegan mince & mushrooms for supper – planning food is key for me. And so is giving time & energy to yoga & meditation then settling down to make festive lids & labels for a moutain of christmas chutneys ahead of charity fair tomorrow.

    @at welcome back – and well done on maintaining during your festive week 🙂
    @rainbowsmile lovely to hear from you – and what a nightmare! Kitchen, broken foot – and not forgetting the time without hot water…. you’ve done brilliantly to maintain in the middle of it all! xx

    This weekend will be lightly hosted as I need to read & run.

    So important to carve out time for ourselves this weekend – good self-care is the best foundation for Life. Wishing you all a good weekend whether fasting or feasting, sick or struggling, or simply trying to keep mindful in the maelstrom of this month xx

    USA Day 15 FD

    Halfway through another water FD and going strong. Adding myself to today’s pocket list.


    Here’s to hoping an ADF week will expedite me to a successful weight loss December, my Christmas present to myself! Have a great weekend, everyone!

    My friend Elaine died this morning. I got a message just after 9. I think she was only in the hospice one night. I saw her very recently but for whatever reason she didn’t say she was ill. She looked pale and thinner but I didn’t guess she was unwell. Very sad.

    Day 15 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Going to do a 16:8 today, at least I hope. It’s those evening snacking hours that hurt the “8” part.

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments on Monique and her song. Our family and our friends are thrilled she takes the time to put those together. She says she will put together a Christmas CD next year!

    Speaking of skipping meals, this is an interesting MFP article that talks quite a bit about IF:


    @jaifaim – enjoy your Paris trip! Hope the City of Lights is gorgeous for you this season, and no problems with the bad situations.

    @daffodil2010 – hugs to you

    @emma-taylor – so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. May all of your families bond together.

    @missybear – colds are no fun at all! Like they say, pump fluids.

    @rainbowsmile – still having kitchen issues? I feel for you! It’s the “heart of the house” in so many books! Hope the problems get resolved soon!

    @redrockgirl302 – hope your Christmas party is wonderful tonight!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 15, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Basyjames and RedRockGirl302 thanks for your lovely wishes.

    ShinyThing thank you for your healing vibes. We’ve decided to wait until next Monday to see how I am. I’m better but we don’t want to take any chances. My daughter s son is being very helpful and good to his new born sister I heard.

    Today I had a mince pie which I bought from a pharmacy who is with a lady’s circle to help the disadvantaged.

    I cooked fresh grouper with white wine, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and crashed pepper for my DH and I and served it with grilled vegetables from a packet. My DH particularly liked it. I drove my son to the main town in Gozo about 5 kilometers away to meet his girlfriend for lunch at the McDonald’s.

    This evening it’s takeaway food from a restaurant. Tomorrow we’re going to Malta and meet my daughter, her son and her boyfriend for lunch at an Asian Fusion restaurant which we particularly like.

    Keep on keeping on.

    @emma-taylor so sorry for your loss x

    Day 15: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    A truly miserable day on the postal deliveries….freezing cold RAIN all DAY! My gloves were so wet my fingers wouldn’t work properly on the PDA (which, itself, doesn’t work well in wet weather)…horrible. My shoes are now in the airing cupboard drying out ready for Monday. I left my non-waterproof Royal Mail raincoat draped on the radiator at work, rather than have it dripping in my house! I suppose I should be grateful we don’t use bikes any more, or it would be worse.
    @emma-taylor: So sorry about Elaine, it was very quick then, wasn’t it?((Hugs)) to you xx
    @sunn_beam: When I got to maintenance in 2016, it took me four months to lose 28 pounds. I didn’t count calories, just fasted 2 or 3 days per week. I kept it off for a further four months or so. I wish I could be there again, as mind-set is SO important. The danger is that once the motivation of losing weight is no longer there when you reach goal, so something else has to kick in.
    @rainbowsmile: You’re still struggling with your kitchen? How frustrating. I do hope it all gets done very soon…..stick with it xx

    2nd post

    @emma-taylor I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. xxx

    @dingping just stopped eating, I think (hope) it was more a MFD, maintenance is going well so it’s fine. Hope you and @ccco do better and manage to do a real FD.

    @missybear thanks for the support!

    @rainbowsmile how glad I am to hear from you, I missed your posts. What a stressful time, being without a kitchen and having contractors in for such a long time. Well done on not gaining weight!

    @at welcome back and well done on maintaining!

    2nd post

    Busy shopping for last bits for Christmas pressies, feeling finally in control with this, phew!
    Thanks @snowflake56 for the motivation, FD went well, another phew!
    @ccco hope your fast is going well and anybody else fasting today – stay strong.

    @emma-taylor – so sorry to hear about your friend, all so sudden it must be so difficult to comprehend, sending hugs and best wishes x

    @rainbowsmile – lovely to hear from you, so glad you are still hanging in there despite ongoing kitchen woes. Fresh start coming up, hopefully you can shake off these challenging past months and get to where you want to be.

    Goodnight and wishing everyone a relaxed and happy Sunday.
    Ta x

    Day 15 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Wow! it’s the middle of the month! It is an unusual month with so many special events, many of them involving eating. I fasted well earlier in the week but did feast considerably Thursday and Friday with events both days. My most indulgent part was the waffle I fixed at the motel yesterday morning, putting on nutella & peanutbutter, fruit, maple syrup and whipped cream. I’ve been mostly low carb, so that was definitely a treat. One thing I reflected on was I didn’t eat as many carbs as often in the past. For example, there were several types of brownies at last night’s department party, and I chose one little square. I stopped while comfortable. Planning only one healthy meal today – a big salad, of an Anna6 styling with a piece of salmon as the star.

    @flourbaby – I’m with you on downward this month but at least sideways!

    @rainbowsmile – good to have you pop in. Amazing that you’re holding your weight steady in the midst of all the turmoil in your home! Hope it will get concluded soon!

    @redrockgirl302 – why no sleep? Maybe an Epsom salt soak in the tub before bed?

    @EmmaTaylor – sorry for the unexpected loss of your friend. Maybe you can learn more from her family that will help you with closure.

    A presentation of Handel’s Messiah is on the agenda with a friend later today!

    May all have joy in the season as we continue the journey together!

    USA Day 15 Water FD
    Second Post

    Coming up on the last few minutes of my water fast! Looking forward to eating! Needless to say, I am starving but happy that I was able to accomplish two water FDs this week! I’ve never done that before. I found that fasting not eating in the evening and through the night really helps me. I congratulate every with their successes today and this week!

    Emma Taylor: so sorry for your loss of your friend!

    @annemarilyn – were you singing The Messiah or in the audience? I love singing it myself whenever I get the chance. We’ve done choir presentations of the various portions of it as well as “impomptu” or the “Do It Yourself” Messiah. Terrific music especially this time of year.

    Day 16, Emden Germany, NFD

    It’s snowing, everything is dressed in white, the garden looks beautiful!

    Have a nice Sunday everyone!

    Day 16 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Sorry guys, I have been MIA for a few days and only catching up now as its a lazy Sunday morning.

    We had a plumbing emergency at 6am on Thursday morning, thank goodness I get up at 6am for my early morning walk, and thank GOD we were both at home as otherwise the emergency would have turned into catastrophe….maybe rivalling yours @rainbowsmile…..so very sorry to hear things are still not well with you. Healing vibes for a better time ahead.

    Anyway, DH sorted out the plumbing on Thursday, problem sorted. So Friday was the work Christmas party, off to a hotel an hour from our work place, overnight stay, courtesy bus to and from, wine on the bus , champagne reception 🍾, cocktails and wine over dinner courtesy of management, plus a free tab at the bar……whew…..but I danced ALL NIGHT LONG to 3am, my Ralph Lauren dress fitted beautifully and is the most comfortable fancy dress I have ever worn. @flourbaby I felt amazing in it. It’s a lovely shade of navy blue with sparkly bits around the waist, sleeveless and cut so beautifully that arms and waist looked so well. Delighted! I need more opportunities to wear it again ha ha

    Got home yesterday afternoon and caught up on chores. Today we plan to do get all the heavy Christmas shopping in (dry goods, wine, beer etc) as DH will be immobile from Thursday. It’s only a day operation and I will bring him home that evening but it’s going to be a busy Christmas for me.

    Re the work situation….well I sent reiki towards the problem with hope that the conclusion would be well for me and the client…and it has!!! So yes, it was an error, but one I will be super careful of not making again, and then they extend my contract until mid June 2019 so vibes have worked.

    @emmataylor so very sorry to hear of your friend. Condolences and hugs
    @ciren2 thinking of how hard you are working these days.

    Thanks everyone who recently commented. You guys are great.

    Day 16, Melb Aust, NFD

    Just completed my second NFD for the weekend – thankfully fairly well controlled eating each day, though. As anticipated, my weigh-in on Saturday a.m. was disappointing; despite two FDs in the week, I was the exact same weight as the previous Saturday. However, I know I plateau regularly when losing weight, about every 3 kgs, so – keeping on keeping on!!!! Though I did expect to plateau at around 82 kgs, not 83.4 . Still, have scheduled extra FDs for this week to try to shift off the plateau.

    @sunn_beam, thanks for your good wishes re the storms. Really heavy rain, but no major damage in my suburban area or at home, for which I’m very thankful.

    @missybear, good to read of your experiences losing weight. I’ll have to take up your “mantra” – “slow and steady”!!! 🙂 I’ve been trying hard to lose some weight quickly as my cholesterol had kicked up in recent months. My dr wants me on statins, which I’m resisting as I’ve heard they can cause a lot of joint pain, which I already have enough of. So, trying to lose weight in hopes my cholesterol will drop also. Repeat blood test at end of February.

    @songbirdme – interesting article, thanks for sharing it

    @emma_taylor – condolences on the loss of your friend

    Day 16 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Pretty good day yesterday, just under TDEE.

    @daffodil2010 – sorry about your plumbing emergency, but indeed marvelous you were at home for it. Your Ralph Lauren dress sounds oh so lovely! I bet you dazzled!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 16, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    A long post just dissapeared. I don’t have the energy to rewrite.
    Hope everyone is doing ok.

    Have a good Sunday everyone!

    Day 16, London, UK, NFD

    Late check-in on this NFD, I’m napping on the sofa, having done nothing today!! I think it must be the small glass of red I had with my salad (OMAD) earlier!!

    @rainbowsmile, I hope that smile is holding steady in the face of an avalanche of issues, congrats on NOT resorting to the biscuits or the vino!!!

    @daffodil2010, the dress sounds fantastic, I have ‘arm issues’ so sleeveless isn’t for me, I’m glad you had a fab time and avoided the plumbing disaster a la @rainbowsmile.

    @emma-taylor, I’m so sorry your friend has moved on, I can only imagine the speed & secrecy was what she prefered.

    I have some lovely fiery beetroot, cheese and cucumber at the ready just in case the snack dragon attacks, but at least it isn’t chocolate!!!

    Keeping sideways thankfully, so stay strong and onward & sideways Folks!!!

    Day 16 Wales NFD

    Tree up🎄Christmas music playing, tinsel and glitter everywhere…..‘‘tis the season to be jolly and dig the Baileys out of hiding!! Or maybe not…..I’ve promised myself 2 more FDs before indulging too much. I plan to do my usual Monday and Thursday FDs next week so perhaps I will resist temptation until Friday 🤔

    @rainbowsmile good to hear from you. Well done on holding your weight steady with all the kitchen drama. Hope it is finished soon.

    @emma-taylor so sorry for your sad loss xx

    Onwards and sideways!

    Day 16: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Managed to get the dog walked twice before the rain started….again.
    DH got the tree down from the loft and we decorated it yesterday afternoon, also various bits of tinsel draped around the house.
    This afternoon took four boxes of unwanted stuff to the PDSA charity shop. As DD will be staying over on Christmas Day with all her suitcases etc ready for departing Heathrow early Boxing Day for Australia, we need the space clear.
    One more week slaving at Royal Mail…I wish it wouldn’t rain so much, then rest (well, a little). I will need to drive over three counties on Christmas Eve to pick up DD as she closes her flat and has sold her car, stuffing her remaining belongings and Christmas tree into my little Nissan Micra (hopefully). She is renting out her flat and, no doubt, our loft will come in handy for storage space!

    USA Day 16 NFD

    Checking in for accountability! Yesterday was a success water FD, so I’ve now had two water FDs. Tomorrow I will have a water FD, too. Today I am having difficulty reaching my TDEE because I find that after a water FD, I don’t really have an appetite but I believe that to continue to water fast, I have to reach my TDEE on NFDs. Maybe this will be the month I reach maintenance! That would be a wonderful Christmas gift to myself! 🙂

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

    Day 16, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Ciren2 I hope it won’t rain so much for your sake in your area. I also hope your journey to your DD will be a pleasant one. You’ll be having your DD for Christmas!

    I’m having all my children and grandchildren for Christmas lunch plus one brother and I also invited my widowed sister but she hasn’t said she’ll come yet. My Christmas lunch menu is made up. I have ordered the stuffed turkey breasts but need to shop for the vegetables and the soup. I only serve three courses for Christmas lunch as I have found out to my expense that when I included a pasta course the main course is not eaten or only partially eaten. For dessert my sister in law always makes me a tiramisu and though I have one son in law who doesn’t like tiramisu, I always have a ready made Christmas pudding to serve to him.

    Today it was Asian fusion food in a favourite restaurant plus one glass of white wine and this evening I’ll just have a yogurt or just hot water with lemon juice and honey. I did have some bitter lemon when we arrived from Malta this afternoon.

    Tomorrow I’ll do a cfd and hope to do a couple more before Christmas. Tomorrow I’m visiting my new granddaughter Eve again.

    Good evening/night everyone. Keep on keeping on.

    2nd post

    Daffodil2010 how lovely to dance up till 3.00 am, wow that’s what I call good exercise! I do hope all goes well for your DH next Thursday in his operation. I’m sure you’ll take good care of him.

    Day 16 – NFD; Dublin, Ireland

    Hi everyone,

    late to the game again this month, but still continuing the 5:2 journey. Planning 3 more FDs before Christmas, mostly to counter-act the past two weeks of various Christmas Parties. Fiance has been up and down with his weight since October, still trying to get rid of the extra kgs he gained while we were on our summer holidays.

    I may have mentioned last month, but in case I didn’t – my mom has also started the 5:2 way of eating and has successfully finished her first month. It seems to be going well for her, which makes me happy because I was worried she would give up if she didn’t see immediate results.

    @emmataylor – so sorry for your loss!

    I hope everyone is keeping well, I will try to catch up on everyone’s news tomorrow.

    Day 17 – Japan – WFD

    #91 … busy day.

    @emma Taylor – Sorry about you suddenly losing your friend.

    Day 16 Ohio, US — FD(#38)
    Days 14,15 NFD’s

    Decided to fast today since I’ll be travelling tomorrow. Friday probably saw a little too much free snacking, but yesterday I was able to keep the added sugars to less than 20 gm. I had to finish some work at home today and just finished about half an hour ago. At least I’ll be able to take the day trip tomorrow with an easy mind.

    @anna6 You’re Christmas lunch sounds tops! Too bad your new granddaughter wasn’t born a couple of weeks later so that she could be Christmas Eve! (As if you haven’t heard that one bundles of times already!)

    Here’s a matter I’ve been wondering about. Later this week I’m going to have to have an old crown removed and work done on the tooth underneath. I was thinking of making that my second FD for the week, since I probably won’t feel like cooking much afterwards. Has anyone had experience fasting in a situation like this? Will the dental procedure and the FD be too much for the body to handle?

    Day 16 Canada NFD
    I’m still here but the eating is seriously off the plan. Luckily lots of Mediterranean food and exercise so the damage is not too bad.
    Will do the best I can and reset after the holidays!!!!

    Day 17 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Absolutely struggling on todays FD, had too many carbs yesterday, and flight was cancelled/delayed, so the trip back from Sydney took forever which i’m sure didn’t help.

    Aiming for 650cal on todays FD. Did a great powerplate class at lunchtime which no doubt sparked a bit of hunger.

    Will do one more FD on wednesday (have a christmas party in the afternoon, but i’ll just go along to catch up with everyone, and stick to the soda waters). That will be it pre-christmas, will try to do a couple of 16:8 days, but only if it fits, family food time is just as important, especially since we dont see them very often!

    @emma-taylor i’m so sorry to hear of your loss, thoughts are with you x

    Day 17 Pocket List

    Day 17, Emden Germany, NFD

    @daffodil2010 I’m glad you’re fine, despite the plumbing emergency. Nothing better than a well fitting dress when dancing. I have a dress by Ralph Lauren, haven’t tried it on lately, could wear it at Christmas, if it still fits…

    @moukinator welcome back! How great your mother is doing so well on 5:2.

    @matpi I always do a FD when having an appointment at the dentist’s, may it be repairing a crown or just cleaning. I see it as an extra oppertunity to fast. Never had any problems, when too hungry I eat a bit of yogurt in the evening.

    @ccco Why do you need to eat until you reach your TDEE, just eat until you think you’ve had enough. If you feel well, it will be fine. I don’t eat until I’ve reached my TDEE every day, sometimes it’s much less, sometimes it’s much more.

    Good luck to all Monday fasters, had breakfast already but will skip lunch today.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 17 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    I do look forward to an FD on a Monday but I am getting fed up seeing the scales tipple higher every Monday after the weekend. I know I have to cut out the snacks and carbs at the weekend, but this particular season it’s harder. Oh well. Only another few weeks and in January everyone will be resetting…not just us!!

    Did all the heavy Christmas shopping yesterday, got lots of chores done. Then settled in beside the tree with red wine. And cheese. And crackers.

    Today’s FD will be chicken bone broth and oat bran sandwich for lunch, and DH cooking hake for dinner so I will have a small piece of that. Tomorrow there is another Christmas party to go to, this time it’s the department one so it won’t be a late one nor wine fuelled …we are all in work on Wednesday.

    Oh my gosh guys, I cannot get Baileys in the local shop! They were out of stock!! DH is now on a mission to find one or two!! To think I used to work there and daily sample Baileys….and now I can’t find a bottle!!

    @anna6 It was such fun to spend the night dancing, and such great exercise and meant I stayed away from the gun and tonic and party food on the table. I hope you have a lovely visit with baby Eve today ☺️

    @songbirdme Yes we were super lucky to be here and up early when the radiator burst. It had started spewing out boiling hot water once the heating kicked in, but thankfully the heating had started only 10 minutes earlier. The floor was starting to flood when I came down. The poor cat was cowering in a corner as she was in the kitchen and could not get out. I dread to think what might have been if we had not been there. I am thankful for that mercy.

    @moukinator Great that your mother has had a successful first month. Great encouragement for you too, all three of you doing 5:2 together.

    Day 17 pocket list

    Day 17, London, UK, NFD (CD)

    Another ‘sideways sticking’ CD today I hope! Yesterday, despite planning & preparing, ended with wine gums, I don’t know how many, I didn’t weight them, I just opened the box & tucked in!!! So at 20cals each, I suppose I could have had a full meal instead!! So I ended the day somewhere between TDEE & EFS!!!

    @daffodil2010, I’m expecting a news report any minute now……………….. “Ireland facing Baileys shortage – Rioting expected”

    As we enter the final week before the madness, I’m getting less anxious as I’ve come to terms with the fact that IT’S ONLY ONE DAY!!!!!

    Happy fasting everyone!!

    Day 17 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    @daffodil2010 what??? Christmas without Baileys 😱. Tell your DH there’s plenty in Tesco at Pembroke Dock…..he just needs to pop over on the ferry………😉

    Day 17 pocket list

    Day 17 – FD; Dublin, Ireland

    Adding myself to the Pocket List.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today!

    Day 17 Pocket List:

    Day 17 FD Melb Aust

    End of the day – managed my FD at around 650 cals, which I’m happy with. Chinese meal tomorrow evening; will expect a weight surge from the salt the next day; must remember to try not to eat a lot, nor weigh again until the 20th.

    @matpi, re having a FD on a dental appointment day, as snowflake65 has said, it can work. On the converse side, it doesn’t work for me to not eat on a dentist day. I find the anaesthetic makes me feel a bit woozy if I don’t eat. Why don’t you just play it by ear, see how you feel on the day. You might find just eating a little is enough for you, and that’s essentially a FD. I’d avoid a WFD though.

    @michelinme, or anyone else – what is a pocket list, how does it work, and how is it used? I am usually on the computer at the end of the day, it’s after midnight here now, so would it be something I could be part of on the days I fast?

    Day 17, Surrey (UK), FD

    Just adding myself to the pocket list today. It will be an 800 calorie day. Still maintaining despite serious de-railing hazards last week (aka 2 Thai meals B2B – who does that?!). The 2nd meal was fine, with sympathetic friends who didn’t try to persuade me to have pudding, alcohol or anything like that. I had tom yum soup and vegetarian pad ped with just a spoonful of rice – satisfying yet not too heavy.

    The 1st meal was not so great. There was a passive-aggressive moment from me, which I feel kind of guilty about… but only a little bit. I had prawn green curry for my main, which I enjoyed, again with just a spoonful of rice. This meal was with OH’s friend and his wife. The friend, fuelled by alcohol, got carried away with ordering too much food. Matters were not helped by an alcohol-fuelled hen party on the adjoining table, shrieking away so much that the waiter couldn’t hear us – and we could barely hear each other. Somehow we managed to avoid doubling-up on starters and wine, but couldn’t avoid a dessert disaster, which resulted in delivery of an unwanted sticky rice pudding. “But you LOVE it!” he boomed. No, I don’t. Never did. Never will. So it sat there, unloved. I just hope that the alcohol will have dulled his memory sufficiently that he won’t remember this, and won’t take it personally that I snubbed his dessert!

    Day 17 Pocket List:

    Day 17 USA (Illinois) – CD (maybe FD?)

    Had a wonderful open house supper with our church peeps at our pastor’s home last evening, and wow… lots of wonderful finger foods where I grazed. Will likely do a FD or such today, but won’t add myself to the pocket list.

    @betsylee – the “pocket list” goes way back about 2 years when peeps on this board made a list of fellow fasters and either figuratively or literally put those names on a list and carried it in their pockets. Just knowing there are other simultaneous fasters out there does add to our support. Being so far ahead in time of most of us, you could begin one if you wish!

    @daffodil2010 – whew, broken radiator flood is no laughing matter! Indeed, so glad for you (and kitty cat) that you were home!

    @fatfingers – I don’t care for rice pudding either. What a tale of a not-so-perfect night out!

    @moukinator – yeah for both you and your mom! How fun to do our WOL together.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 17 UK FD
    Day 16 UK NFD

    Yesterday was so nearly a CD but instead late night EFS with the last of the bagels & whole box of cantuccini that had been happily sitting in Christmas cupboard for 3 months!!! Somehow the carb dragon awoke & I was too tired to resist – ate while completely mesmerised. Note to self – don’t buy any more things for Christmas Cupboard!

    Today will be a careful tho prob tough FD bc much harder after EFS & carbs. I’ll also think about adding another tomorrow – the second is always so much easier, and tomorrow will be pretty busy.

    Saturday was hard bc v low energy & breathlessness, yesterday was lovely tho v long & exhausting. Today I’ve been resting, now just time for some gentle yoga, meditation and a a couple of hours project work before skype meeting & early night. This week has a few deadlines and a pile of project odds and ends & I’ll be done until 7 January 🙂 Plus all my Christmas prep – I’ve not written a card yet or bought a thing, tho I’ve made some presents that need a little finishing, wrapping & sending off. Hoping to post parcels & at least some cards by Thursday!

    Great to catch up with posts and find so much strength in our midst – solid FDs, fun feasts and above all flexibility. 5:2 works as a way of life because there’s space to feast, fast and find our own balance. Thankful as always for this space & support – stronger together 🙂

    Day 17 Pocket List

    Day 17, Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    @ccco: hey you’re on a roll…..goal in sight!

    Day 17 – UK – FD (800cals)
    Day 16 – FD (800cals)

    My yoga day yesterday was fab – I had the company of two wonderful yoga buddies and we focussed on setting new intentions for the #Winter #Solstice. Welcoming a new light and Letting go of the old. Moving forward with love and light in our hearts. Felt inspired, exhausted (in a good way) and positive at the end of the day – slept well last night!!! And it also ended up as an unplanned 800cal FD…………..

    Up early for 7am Broga class with OH – dark and very chilly on the drive to the class but came out energised. Lunch out today with some of the volunteers from my Wednesday group – I had a green salad with avocado and poached eggs with garlic croutons so looks like another 800cal FD today as I have a relaxing, stretching yoga class this evening.

    @michelinme @snowflake56 – thank you for the welcome back and yes this WOL works – I enjoyed good food and wine during the week but in a controlled way and the outcome was no weight gain!!!!!
    @emma Taylor – so sorry to hear the sad news of your friends death – “The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one.”
    @anna6 – Hope you recover soon to have another long cuddle with 👶Eve
    @daffodil2010 – good thing you were at home when that plumbing emergency arose and you could minimise the damage. I bet you looked as fab as you felt in your Ralph Lauren dress and it sounds like a most joyous evening……dancing into the early hours…….😱no Bailey’s ……that reminds me I need to get a bottle in….hope DH finds you one
    @redrockgirl302 – don’t you just hate when that happens – I try to remember to copy before I post these days…….
    @ciren2 – thinking of you – it will be bittersweet having DD with you for a bit over Christmas – enjoy the time you have with her xx
    @moukinator – you are lucky to have the support of the Fiancé and now your mother with this WOL and good to hear that she has had a good start – very encouraging for her I’m sure
    @ccco – I second the advice given by @snowflake56
    @matpi – I find fasting when feeling under the weather or having any form of dental work done easy as I don’t tend to feel hungry and certainly a numb mouth is a great incentive 😉

    I’m adding myself to the pocket list to keep me focused on not eating 🤞when I get back from yoga tonight. I usually don’t get home until near 8pm so the plan is to go have a hot shower, brush my teeth and stick to drinking water until bed time.
    Day 17 Pocket List
    @dykask WFD

    This month especially I am focusing on my personal mantra “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 17, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Going to the movies, seeing Pixar’s ‘The Grinch’ this afternoon with DH. Will avoid movie theater popcorn. Nice to have him home during the holiday season.
    @emma-taylor: I am very sorry for your loss. 😢
    @at: yes, it was annoying losing my post yesterday. Not too many bruises from my fall last week luckily.
    @annemarilynn: the sleep problems are ongoing. Tried everything. Will not take sleeping pills. They give me nightmares. Very unpleasant.

    Have a good Monday everyone! 🎄🎄🎄

    Day 17, UK, FD (or maybe CD?)

    Sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve come down with the worst flu 🙁 . Lost my voice completely too, which is so annoying 😡 .
    I’m trying to fast today, but I feel very low on energy and have a feeling eating (healthy) food would make me feel a bit more energetic.

    @emma-taylor I’m so sorry for your loss 🙁 . Sending you a virtual hug x

    @dykask well done on your amazing achievement! 🎉 We will cheer you on for your next one 😀

    Have a great evening everyone ❤

    Day 17 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    Enjoyed preparing some of our homemade gifts – the Chex mix & Muddy Buddies, with my adult son yesterday. As he commented, it was great to do the prep together and to think of the people for whom we were making things. Also, enjoyed sharing a new recipe with him; a low carb cabbage lasagna. It turned out quite well; just made a few notes on how to improve for next time.
    Yes, after some feasting on the weekend, time for a good fast. Going for a 72 hour fast that began at 6:40 PM Sunday evening. Will be a water fast unless I feel the need for some chicken bone broth I have on hand.
    Thinking of chicken bone broth, @shinything – maybe some of that would go down well and help you recover from your flu. Hope you get over it quickly.

    @songbirdme – Seeing this was my 1st time in this particular setting, I was just in the audience at Handel’s Messiah. They have a choir, the soloists and then also an invitation to others to be part of the chorus sections; only requirement was to attend at least 3 rehearsals. One can bring a score or they have them available. I think I’ll be a participant next year. I may even find my score in my boxes by then 🙂

    @ciren2 – I’m glad you’re getting to be with your DD this Christmas season! Enjoy!

    Day 17 Pocket List
    @dykask WFD

    Yes, I agree @at your mantra is good to remember: “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”.

    Day 17
    FD today. Thanks for all the comments regarding my mom. I’ve been running around trying to get last minute things done. We have started Hospice. My mom is refusing her meds and not eating. She says she is ready to go and I’m okay with that. She is miserable and is not able to do anything. Not sure where I will be for Christmas so trying to get everything done in case we have to leave.
    I have stayed to same with my weight and that is good.
    Hope everyone has a great week.

    Day 17 Pocket List
    @dykask WFD

    Day 18 – Japan – NFD

    Yesterday I fell on my head again will trying to do frog stands. I’m often doing over 10 seconds now, but I haven’t seen a 20 second one yet. This week I did 122 push-ups vs the 87 last Tuesday, but a lot of that is just the muscles learning how to move a new way. I wish I could build strength that fast! Muscles grow slowly, typically just a few percent a month. For most people bulking just produces mostly fat. Muscle growth does require energy and proteins, just not very much more than normal, at least in humans. It is only the order of 100 to 200 calories more a day and less than 50g of extra protein. There are supplements that help, but use isn’t risk free. Improved hormone balance from fasting though is much safer. For example many people experience side effects from supplementing HGH like joint pain, edema or even worse but the extra HGH produced by the body while fasting is pretty much risk free. Maybe creatine is a good external supplement with the main risk being to the wallet.

    Wow another big pocket list … good luck to all the remaining people fasting!

    Day 17 Pocket List
    @dykask WFD

    Day 18 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Managed to keep to just under 650cal, so given how I was feeling i’m happy with the effort.

    Feel pretty lethargic today, but still plodding along. It’s beautifully sunny today in Melbourne so caught up with a friend over a yummy asian chicken salad in Bourke St mall with all the Christmas bustle around us. Was lovely. She gifted me some home made dark chocolate bark with pistachios and goji berries, so need to resist scoffing it all before I get home from work!

    Hope everyone is having a great day, whether fasting or otherwise!

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