High Body Fat % but low BMI?

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High Body Fat % but low BMI?

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  • Hey!

    I’ve just started The Fast Diet- mainly for longevity and increased functioning generally! I bought special scales, tape measure etc so I can track my progress. Thing is, my BMI appears to be okay- 22.5 but my body fat is 33%. Technically, then, it appears that I am overweight. However, my waist is less than half my height!

    Can anyone more experienced help explain these results?! I am 20, and fairly active, so these results are a little confusing. Any recommendations as to how I should do the fast diet to sort out these stat’s?

    (P.S The diet is fantastic! I went on a VERY foodie week to the seaside with my greedy family, and still lost 1lb!)

    A couple of points
    1. I recall that Michael says that body fat % as measured on bathroom scales is not necessarily accurate. Changes are good for tracking progress, but the readings are not good for absolute values.
    2. The old fashioned pinch test or skinfold measurements is another way of measuring body fat. It requires skinfold calipers, and an experienced operator (personal trainer, gym instructor or the like) and again measures change rather than absolute values.

    Your build may be another factor. I’m short but with chunky short limbs, and currently have a BMI of about 21. Yet the last time I weighed in at this weight I was
    – 14 years younger (but still closer to 50 than 40)
    – really lean and strong from plenty of cardio and weight training.
    My current body doesn’t really resemble that one

    Oh and are you measuring at your natural waistline or around the navel? I recall that the navel measurement is the one recommended. I am 152 cm, and my waist is 68 yet I am 74 around the navel and really only just under 50%. I do not have the flat tummy of my lean and strong past.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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