hi. looking for a buddy or buddies to do this with. females only please.

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hi. looking for a buddy or buddies to do this with. females only please.

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  • Good morning everyone! Great news, @ceebee59! You must feel great! It’s so rewarding to see progress. Enjoy the beach…so jealous! I am on the prairies, which have their own beauty, but who wouldn’t rather be on a beach?! Bracing for another Manitoba winter, but we have highs around 15C for the next few days, which is unheard of for MB in November, so yay! Firing up the BBQ this weekend for sure.

    I have lost a whopping 0.5 lb this week, but I will take it – it is something of a plateau, but I didn’t gain. And even a small loss is still a loss. Chalking it up in the win column! Today is a NFD for me, but I am behaving. I don’t want to hinder my progress this weekend.

    @whyamisoshy, I hope your migraine will subside soon! Especially if you have dinner guests tomorrow. I agree – we can definitely go too far into the reading and get lost in the information overload. I think we all have the basics, and can find a way to make it work to suit our own lifestyles. I would love to try ADF for a while, but I just can’t bring myself to give up my weekend freedom. My husband and I are total weekend people. I will be having a large glass of red this evening, and I will not feel guilty about it!

    I have been doing that math too…if I can lose 2 lbs per week until xmas, etc. I do like to look at it that way, and I try to account for plateaus, vacations, etc., but it’s not always a good way to look at it…setting myself up for disappointment sometimes. I have to lose anther 45 lbs to hit my goal, and I figure if I am there by this time next year, I am happy. that is definitely attainable. It seems the days of losing more than 2 lbs in any given week are over for me. Now that I have less to lose and my body is adjusting, it is slowing down, as expected, but I am fine with that. Did a decent workout after work yesterday, and planning on doing at least 1 good one this weekend. Determined to have a 2lb loss next week.

    Believe it or not, we are putting up our tree and decorating for xmas this weekend. Far too early, even for me, but looking at our calendars, the next weekend we have time to do it is December 10th, and by then we are just too busy. We go all out, so I need a full weekend to get it done without going mad. So, there will be egg nog this weekend too. I had better do that workout!

    What is everyone else up to this weekend?

    Keep on keeping on! We’re doing great! xoxo

    i so love that post, it’s great. you’re great @ebell13 !

    ok. that pound that i held onto for 4 weeks. then finally lost? gone on again. i was shocked.
    v v v annoyed. and this is with EODF ! god knows what would happen if i went back to 5,2. i a.m now scared to eat at all. i am up n down like a yoyo now suddenly.

    saying all the right things to myself. with my two week migraine. i just wanna cry is th truth. stupid idiot scales. going for a walk. feeling weak. i hope you , my friends, have a great day. you ALL deserve it.

    you’ll still find me in the crash diet position. x boo hoo

    it is pouring with rain here and i am so relieved. i LOVE the rain it always makes me feel so much better. like i am having a big sneeze or cry or orgasm or something. i walked up the street smiling and went to do some shopping. wonderful. it stopped enough for a lovely walk and home again then poured down again practically as i walked in the door. great timing thank you God. talk about the weather affecting our moods.
    staying in bd during (hopefully) the worst of my migraine made me so miserable and i was determined to fight it.

    tell us all how you are doing. lets all encourage each other. good times bad times. lets share x

    So how is everyone today?

    i am fasting and it’s fine. I had the most gorgeous eating day yesterday. i had latte in the morning made from freshly ground beans, then muesli, then a chocolate croissant with tea and biscuits, then spaghetti carbonara with EVOO and a whole fresh beaten egg and pancetta and grated parmesan. then two kiwis and three plums and a cornetto. TDEE eaten with 150 over spare yum yum yum. happy tummy.

    how are you all doing… its horrid weather here. migraine day 13.
    hoping to go for walk later. working from home with FINDING NEMO in background ‘just keep swimming’

    love, why x

    Hi all, hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Wow, @ebell13, can’t believe you’re putting your tree up already! Have you also done all your Christmas gift shopping? 7 weeks to go, time I got organised too.
    Why – sorry you’ve still got your migraine, and that you’re struggling so much at the moment. Your eating day menu sounds delicious, nothing beats coffee made from freshly ground beans.
    Great news from me, I’m going to be a nana again, number 6 grandchild! I’m so pleased, now just need to wait until June to meet the new addition to our family. My walk was great on Saturday, we did 17.6km along the beach in a howling wind, so the first half was easy as we were almost blown along, but the return trip was hard work. We celebrated at a local cafΓ© with a coffee and I shared a berry & frangipani tart with my friend.
    It’s FD for me, and I’m trying missing breakfast and not eating until lunch time, as this was one suggested method. I am very hungry, but telling myself only another 1.5 hours, and I’ll survive.
    This forum is great, I’m really enjoying it. Sometimes we’re struggling and others support us, and other times we’re doing well and we congratulate each other.

    I am Bulgarian, living in Beijing, 67yo, on some kind of diet since teenager (what an international community!) Greatest success with Ducan 7 years ago when I lost 17kg, weight came back with some more. Can’t walk much because of a hip problem, so not much movement at present. I was a gym goer/weight lifter a few years ago and miss exercise a lot. Got inspired by the documentary in October and decided to try the fast diet and keep the lifestyle for life. I am doing ADF with about 350 cal at supper on FD. During the first two weeks I lost two kg, but this morning was surprised to see 300g up from last week. Disappointing…My problem is my husband and I are wine lovers and I find it very hard to keep my hands off the glass. Loosing weight in general has been an extremely slow process (fat genes, I suppose, combined with a frozen metabolism) but I am determined to keep it up. Hope I can join you in the marathon, have to lose about 15-18kg, so I am looking at an year at least ahead of me, fighting for a healthier and greater looking me.

    @ceebee59 hiya hon! wonderful news about being a 6 times over grandma… loving THAT news. woo hoo for bubbas! i had my cousin and his wife with 8 month old yestrday… ahh lots of love and kisses and cuddles. ahhhhhhh. yummie. adorable child xxxxx

    @bjanna welcome and hi YOU ARE SO WELCOME. we love new members. yes, a totally cosmo interntl commune we got here.
    this is a happy positive encouraging thread and i am thrilled to welcome you πŸ™‚ i am also trying to do ADF and finding out i am having to keep a lcose eye on my eating days cos i love my sweets so much. after dinner when i have had my TDEE i can esily wrack up anoter 1500. THAT Is the issue. having said that in 5 weeks i have lost 9 pounds, so am thrilled.

    i know, @ebell13 and her tree- fabulous. love it! she cracks me up πŸ˜€

    i finished all my Christmas shopping about 10 days ago. its partly cos i LOVE Christmas so much and partly so i don’t get anxious nearer the time. also… not having a thousands of pounds credit card bill on my credit card spreads the cost you know, if i do it in august, sep oct, nov start. done.

    so its fast day and i shall et my fave 50 veg sup which is becoming about a 7 veg soup, cups of tea and broth and if i really cant stand it, 3 plain biscuits in bed.

    mwah x

    one thing i have really noticed recently:

    dieting and losing weight is completely NOT linear. in other words you just have to say ‘i am going to do this regardless, and the scales are neither here nor there’. they can fluctuate by 8 pounds from in water weight over night from salt or from tiredness or from a move of an inch on the wooden floor… i am not going to let a few ounces upset me and ruin my day and have me in tears and unable to function. no. no. no.

    i know if i continually eat less than i did i will lose weight whatever i am eating. though its better to eat healthily clearly. its really not a case of watching the scales. in fact after 30 years of dieting, i can honestly say, i would have been better off had i never owned any and maybe gone down to boots the chemist once every 3 months. yes. really.

    the biggest losses i have experienced have been after ages of really low cal eating and losing not a pound in weeks is after i have despaired and thought,’ i just need a flipping break’ and had pizza and glass of wine or two. bingo! 2 pounds off and they stay off. it not linear is my point. i am not advocating pizza- though living in italy where they re forno baked and thin as a cigarette with buffalo mozzarella and melting in your mouth… it’s hard not to!

    the nub of my waffle is… don’t look for linear, because it isn’t there . i always have. and one can get heart broken. tell mrs tears, here! i have finally learnt. finally. and this IS the best weight loss plan i have ever been on though it wasnt designed for weight loss. it is flexible.

    and when people ENDLESSLY ask why i am not eating i tell them its for spiritual reasons, and its easy because anyone who knows me well enough to ask me that knows that i am religious. perfect way to get out of dodgy situation.

    just a thought. losing weight is not linear. helps me a lot to think it. x

    Good afternoon all! Sorry, I am usually absent on the weekends – I tend to spend more time online during the week, and avoid my computer on the weekends. It’s my way of decompressing.

    @whyamisoshy – don’t despair! The scale will move again – you’re right – if you’re consistent, it has not choice but to come off. I agree entirely with your last post. It can be encouraging to weigh ourselves regularly, however, particularly for women, the tendency to fluctuate 5-8 lbs of water weight is completely normal. Especially for those like me, who retain water like crazy from even thinking a salty thought! The important thing is how we feel. Some people prefer taking measurements rather than following a scale. Way to go finishing your xmas shopping! Jealous!

    Welcome, @bjanna! My husband and I are wine lovers too. I have a hard time holding back, but I keep telling myself that if I behave on FDs, I can have wine on my NFDs. We can do it together!

    Congrats @ceebee59!! So exciting! Yes – got the decorating all done! The shopping is started, but will likely not be finished until the end of November. I am usually done by September or October, but a bit behind this year.

    FD for me today – hungry, but feeling good. Looking forward to some steamed broccoli and a veggie curry for supper. I hope everyone is having a great Monday! xo

    @ebell13 yeah it really makes sense doesnt it! i feel slightly set free. and hey girls… my OH and i live in italy, because he is italian, and we are- well- i have become- wine lovers!

    Still, lets be positive! x

    you and your tree… it’s just tickled me that anecdote, i am truly finding it hilarious. why didn’t you just leave it up! x lol only joking

    Thank you all for the welcome words. Even though the scale disappointed me yesterday, today I put on trousers that seemed a bit loose, which warmed my soul. Maybe the cause is not lost, just my plump body refusing to let go so easily. Well, I am a fighter and a tough one. Luckily, my better half is supporting me in everything I start, even joining me, though he is slim (yet the last few years sporting a not so elegant belly, which he wants gone). My spare tyre around the middle appeared two years ago, totally out of the blue, and no exercise would budge it. I am planning to kiss it “good bye” before Easter and get into some lovely clothes I ordered from the states, which, unfortunately, are a size or two smaller. A friend asked me to buy them (five pieces), but I loved them and prayed to God to give me a guidance how to fit in them and here it is – the fast diet. Unknown are God’s ways, lol…I am in it to win it!!!

    @bjanna throw ’em out the window (i did that once. i nearly hit a cat. it was not a good day) OMG
    do NOT be upset by those scales. i am now not going to weigh myself for a week. i am going to resist and do it by feel. after all it wont affect the way i eat!
    we are all delighted to have you hear and hope you will post lots and be a part of our little tight community .
    last time i weighed myself it said i had put on a pound after a 48 hour fast back to back and i thought ‘oh, that’s it. i wont cry. you can go in the closet for a weeks punishment’ hahaha x

    feed day for me today. milky coffee for breakfast, prosciutto piedina for lunch, and pork with ginger and noodles tonight with broccoli and 4 veg. mmmmmmmmm. no doubt then a cornetto by walls/ algida/whatever you call that make in your country! i love how cosmo we are on this thread yay!

    i watched the new bridget jones movie last night. i am such a fan. dont bother. it was a massive let down. it will really disappoint you. i am stilled bummed about it today! i loved the first two so much. renee is one of my fave actresses,so talented, but she hs had so much facial surgery that she cant be bridget anymore, because she cant make those bridget faces, she cant be pudgy and she cant move her face πŸ™ and she doesn’t laugh. mark darcy is phwoarrrrr and jack , the new guy, is phwoar according to everyone in the world apart from me, i think he is an idiot.

    i have been in bed poorly for a long time.a long long time. not just these last two weeks. and i tried my treadmill yesterday. i didnt think i could make 2 minutes but i did 10. and wasnt collapsing after and i know everyone here probably does 25 km runs and HIIT but for me its a BIG thing. i have been sick all my life and am now taking things slowly to get fit. i can walk for three or four miles round the city which is good . i used to be a dancer and a model then i got sick at 16. i have achieved quite a lot for someone battling with so many things actually, lol. now i am 46 and have spent a lot of my life in in bed or having operations. so i am very pleased with what i have achieved. and though i am not ‘100% fine’ i think this might help me get toward my wellness goal. also it helps with my bipolar (which is of the ‘severe ‘ categoy unfortunately’ and my migraines πŸ™‚
    i wanted to share that with you. because you have shared lots with me and i feel we are close enough.I hope that is ok. united we stand.

    love why x have a great day whether you are eating or not x

    @bjanna when i said throw ’em out the window i meant the scales not the lovely clothes! haha

    Me too! Id like to loose 40lbs!! Let’s do it! Any recipe ideas please share!!!

    hello everyone … i would love to join you all ..i too am an overweight wine lover,craver and feaster …and i have feeder “friends’ going to give this way of eating a go xx 40lb to loose

    welcome @livfloyd74 and @mwaah

    wonderful that you want to be with us. we are very frienfly. we give and receive encouragement and motivation. we care. if you read this thread from the start there are some recipes and my vegetable soup is a right cracker! also my 5 (or as many as you like) veg on a plate (with optional 2 eggs) is ace for a fast day. check them out.

    we respect each other, nobody scares anyone. we just talk about our fast diet experiences, we laugh, we cry, we tell the truth, we talk about life…

    welcome x thank you for joining my thread πŸ™‚

    thankyou i will read through the posts xxx

    Glad to have you here @mwaah and @livfloyd74! You will find this to be a great and supportive group. Thanks, as always, to @whyamisoshy for starting it!

    @whyamisoshy, to an extent, we do leave our tree up! I laughed so hard when I read that comment. We take everything off, and take the bare tree to the basement and leave it standing, covered in plastic to keep the dust off, ready for the next year. I still can’t believe it’s up already. Normally there is snow on the ground by the time it happens, and we are still basking in unseasonably warm double digit temps here, so it is strange!! On another note, thank you for sharing more about yourself – this is certainly proving to be a safe place to share πŸ™‚ So proud of you for getting through 10 minutes on the treadmill yesterday! It is all relative – what is easy for some is a challenge for others. Your best is the best for you! Cheering for you!

    FD for me again today. So far, so good. I will be doing a workout this evening (my current fave is the Turbo Jam series from Beach Body…Chalene Johnson is so fun, and it is low impact which I need). I do my best, but I have bad knees and issues with my feet and hips, so it’s hard for me sometimes too, even to just go on the treadmill. Good days and bad days. My Fitbit keeps me accountable, so that helps sometimes too.

    This is one of my fave recipes for a FD meal:

    Enjoy! Have a great day everyone! xoxo

    @ebell13 you n your tree just crack me up! πŸ˜€ i don’t know why it just makes me laugh. i think about it n giggle. it’s just… i don’t know why i find it hilarious, i just do. the tree that just keeps on giving!

    today, i did 15 minutes on the tread, but i wont go up to 20 tomorrow cos i don’t wanna do too much too soon. i overdo things , its a pattern, and i really am learning that to win the race, you gotta be the tortoise not the hare. but i am thrilled to be able to do it at all. actually, it was quite funny cos my bottle of water… i had forgotten to put the sucky thing on the top you can drink from, so i had to down it from the large top you screw on… and every time i needed to drink… i threw it all over me, my face, my hair , the treadmill, the furniture…hahahahahaahha. i thought if i stopped to drink, i might not ever start exercising again. hahahaha

    laughing is so the best medicine x with your fast, go for it!

    good morning everyone!
    such horrendous news for the world, i am still reeling in shock, i am here to council you thru the day πŸ™‚

    love, why x FD for me today. i ate 80 too much choc last night oops

    Good morning! It certainly is for me – after almost 2 weeks at a plateau, it has broken, and I am down 3 lbs from this time last week, thanks to 2 FDs and a good workout yesterday. New found motivation today πŸ™‚

    @whyamisoshy, I am glad you get so much enjoyment out of my xmas tree. It will still be a few more weeks before we start plugging it in every day, but I am getting used to it being there now, and it turned out really pretty this year, so I’m glad it will be up for a while. We take it down New Years Day. Good for you for sticking with the treadmill. I think you’re right – it is important to push ourselves a bit, but be careful not to do too much too fast – that usually ends up leading to a setback. I really enjoyed your water bottle story…sounds like something I would do…hahahaha

    Keep laughing and smiling everyone, and have a great day!! xoxo

    Hi, Why, I thought that was the meaning (no way am I throwing the gorgeous stuff, they are the reason I started the fast diet). I am sick and tired of these baggy clothes I’ve been wearing for like five years now. In Beijing the only place I can buy clothes is the men’s department, as the women’s sizes are too small for me (even XL). I hate it when I go shopping and the sales people are telling me “come in, we have big sizes”.
    My son is 45, also overweight, and I had a hard time trying to convince him to give the diet a try, but, thanks god, he’s finally jumped on the wagon and I hope he sticks with it (and keeps me company).
    Fast days are no problem for me, I have a cup of coffee in the morning, then on water until dinner. I lost my appetite after 50 and very rarely would feel hunger pangs. Last night it was a salad with feta (a Bulgarian staple) and two small meatballs (which I made for my grandson’s ketogenic diet). I did have a glass of white wine, though. Will weigh on Monday morning and will let you know of I am moving in the right direction.

    @ebell13, Thanks for the nice words of welcome. It’s nice to have buddies to share with and I especially appreciate it having lived in Beijing for 26 years!!! Hopefully, this is our final year here and I am planning to go back in the summer looking gorgeous (I am still vain). Our oldest grandson is living with us, going to an international school and keeping me busy. He’s graduating in June and we are leaving for good. I am so looking forward to it.

    Does any of you have a problem with hair loss? With me it started two years ago and lately seems to increase.

    yes! i have a lot of long blonde thick hair and when i lost a lot of weight before half of it fell out, but it grew back and really thick, so don’t worry xx

    ok so.. an amazing thing has happened to moi. well, i don’t know what i weigh cos i am having a hate/ hate relationship with my scales, but i looked in the mirror and you know those m shaped curves on the sides of our hips where it goes fat-thin-fat… like a letter ‘m’ on its side… well my right ‘m’ was always bigger then my left… for years…and amazingly enough… it’s the same size as the bit on the left. finally. now i am obsessed with my ‘m’s. if you don’t know what i am talking about i just don’t know how to explain it any other way so ignore me. hahahahhaahahahah. sorry i didn’t check in yesterday i was really ill over the trump thing. i was just out of it in despair all day.

    so, i dont know what i weigh but i feel thinner. i really definitely do. ADF is harder but it works too. but i condone the 5,2 100%. fully. i recommend it to anyone.

    how you ll doing today my lovelies xx

    Good Morning ladies. Hope everyone is happy and healthy and looking forward to their weekend. I’m hoping to get out for a bike ride tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain, and then dinner at an Italian restaurant on Saturday night for a friends birthday. Weighed in this morning after FD yesterday but don’t seem to have lost any weight this week. I’m not too stressed because I’m feeling better in myself and I know my weight fluctuates hugely from day to day. I’ll try again tomorrow but won’t stress too much as it doesn’t help at all.
    So, what’s everyone up to this weekend? Who has some good news to share about their weight loss journey?

    not me!

    i am doing ADF and totally overdid it yesterday with my sandwich my croissant my 100mg choc bar my biscotti my chinese take out my soup my everything! so FD today. water only or 500 max. then again tomorrow!

    wahhhhhhhhhhh! serves me right!

    i can really tell the different. with chinese all that salt really holds onto all that water and bam! on go those pounds thought i wouldnt know cos the scales have been hidden by my husband hahahhahah

    your, why x have a good one

    hehehehehehehehehe. i am naughty. x

    water fast today. totally not hard. i was scared. no need! x

    no need at all. night night xx

    I’ll weigh myself Monday morning, but no matter what the scales show, I do feel a lot lighter. Yesterday was a FD and couldn’t sleep during the night with a bad headache. My daughter says it’s because of the big moon (biggest in 68 years). Anyway, I got up this morning with huge bags under my eyes, looking ghostly. Going to a party tonight, hope not to frighten the crowd. @whyamisoshy I do not think my hair loss is due to losing weight, as I started this diet three weeks ago. Just hoping the fasting helps with this issue as well.

    oh i thought it started when you started this week- apologies x

    we will remember them x

    HI everyone,
    This morning the scales showed a weight loss of 0.3kg, which sends me back to the number of two weeks ago, but I am glad the movement is downward. We have to be positive, as button boots says, it’s a packet of butter out of my system, good riddance! This week I’ll start 4:3 instead of ADF, as it’s easier to keep with constant FDs. I have to be careful with the wine as well. Hope to get better results next week.
    Beautiful autumn in Beijing and surprisingly, not much pollution. Sunshine and blue skies, time to go for a walk.

    sounds great x

    i am eating too much chocolate cos i am havig such a horrid time with illness. so i am going to mkae sure i eat no more than 1500 n a food day.

    good luck everyone! always i support


    Hi everybody, I live in Washington DC and am one of the many people in the world who are coping with shock and dismay about what just happened and who is moving into the White House. That said, I did my first HIT work-out(s) yesterday and my first fast today. I am about to turn 53 and my Type 2 diabetes just keeps getting steadily worse….fasting makes sense to me, so I am going to try the 5:2 with the goal of getting back to the weight I was most of my life before having babies. I need to lose another 14 pounds, having lost 6 on another diet that is just too hard to do for me. My BMI is ok, but my waist is 35-36 inches! You wouldn’t know it looking at me, but my blood meter tells it like it is! I am a TOFI, which has been very confusing since I got Type 2 after having had gestational diabetes in the pregnancy for my second son at age 38. At first I ignored it, now I am on metformin.

    You are a lovely group and I am very happy to join. I have one question: Is anyone else on Metformin (I am actually on Glumetza, the only type of Metformin ER my stomach can handle), and do you keep taking it in the same strength on your fasting days? Thank you very much, and blessings from DC.

    PS, I want to put my Christmas tree up!

    I have been there so many times….I am doing well, and suddenly I am on a junk food search in my house and at the store until I have totally done myself in.

    I know it’s trite, but tomorrow is another day. I have lost weight by just keeping at it the next day. Not as much as I have wanted to, but still, it does keep coming off. I see from this group that the key is to focus on the days you were good, and leave the ones that are bad where they belong, in the past.

    Thank you for sharing–it makes me feel better about my own bad bad days. And somehow it is inspirational for today, my first fast day. I just have to make it through until tomorrow morning. Maybe I can do that. I certainly am going to give it a go!

    @mollymitochon welcome! your attitude is fantastic!
    we are a nice group. we all support each other.
    i hear very positive things about health benefits of metformin.
    i don’t have diabetes myself but frankly it just seems because of my history i am a good candidate and my shrink offered it me to combat the huge 40% weight gain from an anti psychotic i took off label for my horrendous migraines.
    what is your experience, if you would like to share…

    Christmas tress rock! x why

    I would like to join please if I may?
    I am 63 and drive coaches for a living so do a lot of sitting. Am struggling to lose weight and have put on over 10kgs in 2 years. Would like to lose it as it isn’t good for the health.
    Looking forward to following you all and getting motivated.
    I live in Perth but work in Onslow – Western Australia.
    Thank you


    Hello and welcome to all newbies. Actually I’m probably still a newbie as I’ve only been on this for 2 weeks πŸ™‚ I’m not doing as well as I would have liked, but I guess slow and steady is the right way. I’ve started missing breakfast and just have lunch and dinner on FDs and that seems to be working for me. Surprisingly I haven’t been starving next morning either. How does everyone else do it? One meal at night? Or 3 small meals? I found a cookbook that makes 500 calorie recipes and you just have half for lunch and half for dinner. There’s a few yummy & easy sounding recipes so I’ll let you know how I go when I try them. Do you eat the same things every FD to keep it simple, or do you vary it? Love to hear how everyone manages their FDs.
    Have a happy day!

    Hi beauties!
    Sooo nice to have newcomers, welcome to all of you!
    @mollymitochon I do not have diabetes 2 (yet), but have a bit higher than normal blood sugar. I took metformin for 3months a few years ago upon the recommendation of a friend to lose some weight, which didn’t happen. Last year a doctor advised me to take it 3 months on, 3 months off, but I forgot about it after the summer.
    @it I love Australia, was there five years 6 years ago, visited the Gold Coast and Hunter Valley ( the wineries were fantastic!). Isn’t it sad how after 60 the belly pot can appear almost overnight and stay on…I’ve been yo-yo dieting since I was 16, but always managed to stay within some limits, after 60 this proved impossible. I’m not giving up, though, and promised myself I will stay positive and will grab my last chance at regaining my youthful figure and stay healthy as long as possible. I am working at it.
    @ceebee59 I am still experimenting with my FDs. The past four weeks since I started I did ADF with 24 hour fasts (from dinner to dinner). Yet, I believe that drinking wine at dinner daily didn’t contribute to my weight loss, so this week I will try 4:3 with water fasts only. I do not count calories neither on my FDs not my NFDs – too bothersome. And I like variety, so I am on a constant hunt for 300 and 400cal recipes. No way am I eating the same thing over and over again. Another problem is I feel miserable without carbs, so I have them on NFDs. Do post interesting recipes, I’ll be looking forward to them.

    welcome @it and thank you for joining my thread. i am so glad i started it. it is a fantastic thing and everyone is lovely. we do the best we can and only encourage. good luck. it works. here’s to your disappearing act! x

    Hi, I would like a buddy(ies) to help me. I have just started the 5:2 and have about 4 stone to lose, thanks to a back injury. So any help advice etc would be greatly received.

    Good afternoon everyone! I am so sorry I’ve been out of the loop. I try to stay mostly tech-free on the weekends just to give myself a break from the week. Usually pop in and say hello during my work days, but we are in the seventh circle of inventory hell at the moment, so I will be in and out for a little while.

    So far down 1 lb this week! So pleased. I still have 45 lbs to go, but when I started my journey, it was 100, so 45 isn’t bad!

    I won’t comment much on everyone else’s posts from the past week, because there is just so much to say, but I did read them all πŸ™‚

    Welcome newcomers! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I fasted yesterday and today – feeling okay, but looking forward to some food and likely a large glass of red tomorrow.

    Keep up the great work, ladies! Have a fantastic day, and get those Christmas trees up!! πŸ˜‰

    Hi Im Starting today trying for 20kg, from Oz, love to join the group

    its 16th November here lol, so I will beat you all to the post.!!

    @pickels and @aniof welcome to my thread i am so so pleased to see you all and everyone is lovely here πŸ™‚ supportive and super.

    get your trees up! hahahaha. yeah aussies will beat euros to everything i guess. winners! πŸ™‚ nice

    so, i am not losing and i am bloated and i am having all sorts of dieting and personal issues which are sending me into a very bad space, so i am not moving AT ALL, and i seem to have ballooned. i have not digressed, as far as i know, and i am ADF so… i don’t really understand it, but certainly have not lost anything since week one and now i am at the end of week 7 … but you know… 8/9 pounds is still good. my tummy was 30 yesterday and today is 35 and no i am not joking. my breasts are huge and tender and i am not about to get my period so… retaining water i guess.

    i am in a bad place. i am not well. but i AM trying my best. my view of myself is distorted at this time i think. you know how you get so down on yourself? self hatred is always unhealthy.

    but i am a fighter and i am a winner, i am just trying to be open because this group deserves honesty. a lovely circle of trust on here.

    love, why x

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