hi. looking for a buddy or buddies to do this with. females only please.

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hi. looking for a buddy or buddies to do this with. females only please.

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  • hi

    i am looking to do this sort of diet, the 5:2. i gained a lot of weight thru meds for migraines.

    i thought i had tried every diet known to mankind, and none of them worked. then i saw this. in the past i did a 450 cal a day shakes diet for 5 months and lost 4 stone and kept all of it off for… oh… ten years now… so now i want to finish the job off. it proves i can so two or three days a week on very low cal without too many issues i think. every day for 5 months is no mean feat but i wanted it a lot. and i got it, too.

    anyone want to do it with me, as it were? we could talk on this thread. be open and honest together. things we like. things we don’t like. how we feel. funnies. everything…


    Hi – I’ll do this with you !! I’m in New Jersey. Stephanie

    Hi-I’ll join you too. I aim to lose 11 kg and will start my first ever fast on Sunday. Yaz

    great. this couldn’t make me happier. thanks ladies . xx
    i live in italy , but i am british xx

    i wanna lost 45 pounds. wahhhhhhh! i am 46 and 5 foot 6.5

    hey, how is the new jersey train disaster @stephanie1 ? i am so sorry. hoboken? where the cake boss is? (i love that pogramme)

    @yazcat i just did my first. i did it by default. i realized right now i have eaten nothing at all for 24 hours. so there you go! i had a glass of milky coffee at 3pm. other than that water.
    so here i am , all fasted. x

    Whyamisoshy well done on you first fast.

    I am British too but live in Dubai. I’m 5’2″,35 and so so ready to feel better about my body again.

    Hi ladies, I’ve just read the book and this way of getting healthy and (hopefully) losing weight sounds brilliant. I’m 5″7″ and weigh 13st 8lb. Have gained weight over last couple of years so am going to start my first fast day this Monday and I would love to exchange thoughts and maybe some tips as we progress.

    hurrah and welcome! @elliecee x πŸ™‚

    so we have @whyamisoshy (call me why to save your fingers!)

    fabby! and others welcome… but great size posse.

    oh, i just found out i didn’t do my first fast, cos a 24 hour fast isn’t 24 hours at all, its about 36 hours. lol. excue me for being confused! it is supper, the evening meal, thru to breakfast after two nights with no eating in between (apart from 400-500 cals if you really want to or need to) so i actually went 24 hours water only but evidently it was not a fast. ah well. still, felt like one πŸ™‚
    you live and you learn, right? x
    i was actually planning to start on monday anyhow. i just found myself in that position. not being a regular eater anyhow.

    First fast day almost over!
    I have to say I have been quite pleased as I thought it would be harder especially as it’s a public holiday here and we were all home. I find I eat a lot more when I’m home than when I’m not.
    I also have a tendency to over eat when I’m bored or emotional.
    Overall today has been a good day I resisted the roasted chicken and roast potatoes I made for the family πŸ™‚

    well done you! totally awesome yayyyyyy! x

    i think i will do the regular 5,2 every week, prob not with low carb at the start anyhow… is that your plan, yaz?

    Hello. I would love to be with this group. I was on this diet about 3 years ago and had great results. I am ready to try again!!

    Hi I am about to start this 5:2 on Wednesday.
    Any tips on what to eat to stay within the 500 calories
    I am in New Zealand.

    hi welcome @annetteboe and @janlyn

    @janlyn i am hardly the expert! i water fast cos i cant be bothered to find out so far! lol

    @annetteboe do share your results with us! x it will inspire us!

    do you guys find the rumbling is fine but the body aches are very unpleasant> cos i sure do! X

    Why I didn’t really get any body aches yesterday.
    Non fast day for me today.
    Yesterday on my fast day I ate a bowl of porridge at lunch time then a clear soup cooked with fresh vegetables around 6.30 and for desert some raspberries.
    Didn’t drink nearly enough water, I think only about 1 litre.
    I weighed this morning after weighing on Saturday for my starting weight and I’ve lost 1.4 kg (about 3 pounds) I think it’s just initial fluid loss but fingers crossed it doesn’t all go back on today.

    I’d like to join to if I’m welcome. I live in Chester, UK and have 30kg to lose…a big task. Last week I just fasted one day as I was still reading the book at the beginning of the week and I lost 1 kg.
    Today is my second fast day so let’s see how it goes.
    Someone asked for ideas…I had porridge and blueberries for breakfast, an apple mid way and the. In the evening plain cooked chicken (no skin), steamed veg and later on a low fat Yoghourt
    Have also started exercising but my job is sedentary and busy so this is an area I really have to work at…

    @yaz well done. DO DRINK cos it aids in your weight loss and your kidneys will love ya forever!

    @katab you would be super welcome here! i am from sussex.

    well done! is all that under 500? wow. you know, i wish i liked porridge. i just cant get it down me. its a real annoyance to me! grrrrr

    another fast for me today… gurgle gurgle… fingers crossed xx

    Hello Ladies, please I’d love to join too. I did the fast diet about 2 years ago and felt brilliant so I am now ready to get back into it. I’m feeling okay so far. Had porridge for breakfast and a cup of Bovril about an hour ago.

    Sussex? I went to school in Sussex (Brighton) and as a family we lived in Burgess Hill, Hassocks and Seaford. My parents live in Upper Beeding, my sis in Steyning and my bro in Crowborough so I still visit regularly.
    Yes, the Yoghourt takes it over 500 but as 500 is less than 25% of my daily calories (I’m massively overweight) so I’m not stressing yet about it….
    Today not been too bad so far and as book says I keep thinking “only until tomorrow”

    @mdf welcome to the group!

    @katab it will be all the more rewarding when you get there, hon, then, wont it x

    Yes, I hope so. I only started last Thursday and lost 1 kg (I weigh myself Mondays).
    I’ve just forgotten how much you pee when you’re losing weight…

    I would love to join the group! I did 5-2 two and a half years ago, lost 15 pounds and gained it back when I started a new job. I woke up today and decided this was the day to start back up. So far so good but keep thinking of snacks. I’m in Texas and love the international connections!

    Welcome AnnaBar…
    We are from different places and we’ll done for what you did before. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it a lifestyle habit as mentioned in book rather than thinking “diet” but I am still thinking diet as I’ve tried so many over the years. But I haven’t even completed a week of this so I’m still taking baby steps and trying not to stress or get rigid about it…that approach doesn’t work for me, it makes me want to eat more

    @katab i know, it’s a queue for the loo isnt it! i guss the gotta go some time and i am always in there. haha

    @annabar i welcome you to this group i started for us. we are all supporting each other.

    i fasted yesterday and it was not bad for a bit then the headache kicked in then the shivers and today i feel ghastly. better luck next time. plus, i don’t wanna eat anything today. yesterday i wanted to eat all day and was fantasizing about nutella all day! d’oh!

    Question- How are y’all choosing your fast days? –Certain days for the week? –So many days apart?

    Hi there, I’m in Scotland and I would really like to join this diet. Issues are weight and motivation…if you guys could help. I’m 16st 3 lbs. Need to loose this fast!

    Hi everyone. Welcome!
    Sorry to hear you felt awful on your fast day @why I’m sure your next one will be better. You are water fasting right? Maybe try with some calories it might make all the difference.I think I would struggle with a water fast.

    Today I was on a non fast day and will be a NFD tomorrow too. Normally I am aiming to fast on Sundays and Wednesdays but tomorrow my SIL is coming over for lunch and will have a lot of opinions to give on my diet so have decided to swap it for Thursday instead.

    @annabar I have chosen on Sundays and Wednesdays as they are both working days (Our weekend are Friday and Saturday in Dubai) so I am less likely to pick at food. They are also my busiest days so it will hopefully keep my mind off food.

    @annabar…I currently do Monday and Thursday as suggested by book but plan to be flexible when needed. It gives me a nice bit of time between fast days

    @clara23.. Whereabouts in Scotland do you live? I used to live in Kingussie…about 43 miles from Inverness..

    @whyamisoshy: yuk! Do you fast completely or are you doing a 25% calorie input diet?

    welcome @clara23. welcome indeed! we are all just here doing our best!

    @yazcat yeah cos i am worried if i eat anything i will eat too much and will feel hungrier, if that makes sense at all!

    sticking to my TDEE on my UDs is hard enough! hahahahahaa

    i am a sort of all or nothing person x

    You’re braver than me…I couldn’t hack a total,fast especially as I do a lot of driving for my job so would worry about my concentration

    @katab same here I don’t think I would function with no food at all.
    @why what if you prepped a few low cal options the day before to eat on you FD then if you stick to those you would know it’s well within your 500cals.

    Helllooo πŸ™‚ yes I have no idea where that is lol. I am Ayrshire.

    It’s hard to miss..Whizz up A9, Stirling, Perth, Dalwhinnie, Newtonmore (just won the shinty this year), Kingussie,Aviemore,Inverness…

    Hi there I would like to join the gang please πŸ™‚
    I’m in Bucks, have been FD off and on the last couple years

    Hi from US Not sure how much weight I need to lose will go by how my clothes fit that I bought last year during successful weight/exercise program and now are starting to choke me. A half-daily-calorie allowance for the fast days is difficult as my age/present activity level requires very low calories already. I’ll probably check this forum regularly for the members’ comments,maybe add my own. Last year when I noticed the weight creeping up again, I joined 5:2 and did not interact at all after the initial posting, due to all the usual reasons as well as holidays, family, spring gardening, and that great sense I didn’t have to, nobody was yelling at me about putting on weight. In our family, we tend to talk about weight we just finished losing rather than the putting-back-on stage of weight control. Best of everything to everyone who wants to do as much as reasonably possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle, emphasis on health, of course. That means enjoying life and that does come first, I think.

    Welcome to MissJ2002 and veggie gardener
    I am really new to this, two days so far but the girls on this thread are pretty friendly and we’re learning about ourselves together…

    @katab and @yazcat yes, i am just scared, ya know? also i am rubbish at prepping!

    hi and welcome @missj2002 and @veggiegardener
    lets go for it!

    forward ho!

    for peeps who have done this diet before… may i ask roughly how much you were losing per week or month and how easy it was to fit into your lives?

    many thanks x

    Since doing the fast diet can loose approx 2 – 3lbs per week but some weeks nothing which can happen from time to time and is fairly normal. As the books state it’s more do with how you feel health wise and how your clothes feel. Admittedly I don’t measure my waist (cos I’m lazy too look for my tape measure!)

    I find this diet fairly easy to fit into my life, preparing has helped loads. I stick the same easy to prepare meals and rotate them. Fasting days are Mondays & Thursdays, I work part time and have 1 daughter. I have breakfast, skip lunch, drink loads, and have dinner.
    I use my fitness pal app to measure my calories
    If there is a special occasion on one of my fast days I won’t stress about cos life is far too short, I’d either swap fast days or make it a NFD.

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys x

    Why- re amount per week loss – 1lb per week is a common rate of loss for females over a longer period of time, after the initial larger weight loss of the first 2-3 weeks.

    If you are mostly new to 5/2 on this thread I strongly suggest you do straight 5:2 for the first 2-3 months to get yourself oriented to 5:2 and how it individually affects you. The opening post by simcoeluv on the thread Info for newbies, is an excellent description of the practicalities of doing 5:2. People on the forum do all sorts of things as those on straight 5:2, so you may read various things that may be confusing in the beginning.

    Why- there are a group of people who seem to do better eating 1 meal in the evening, some who eat breakfast and dinner, some do 3very tiny meals. Later on in their progress a few people move to a total fast on their fast days, but it is much harder to do for most people, which is whi Dr M proposed the small amount of calories for FD(fast days). One thing we have discovered is there are some people who are fine with no food till they first eat , then that seems to “wake The Hunger Dragon”. It seems to switch on our appetite. I’m one of those, so I eat most of my calories in 1 meal at 6pm and the rest, about 80cals about 2 later. I also drink lots of weak tea, peppermint tea, and go to bed earlier. Best to stay away from the kitchen after I’ve finished eating for the day on FDs. You will need to experiment a bit to work out what will work for you long term. Be patient with yourself, keep a record of your experiments of what works best for you. I know you’re worried about the effect of eating on a FD. Try starting later in the day. Try a no grains or starchy carbs day and see what that does to your appetite. Just experiment and observe, record. Take 1 day at a time. Don’t think about the tomorrow or yesterday, only think and observe what happens today. Do the same the next day. You can do this😊

    Happy on, 5:2 and almost at final goal weight

    Correction : that should be – 1 meal at 6pm and about 80cals of my FD calories about 2hrs later.

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