hi. looking for a buddy or buddies to do this with. females only please.

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hi. looking for a buddy or buddies to do this with. females only please.

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  • ah @merryme how sweet x

    Thanks for all the helpful advice…I’ve certainly noticed that I worry less about food on normal days and don’t feel the need now to have a mid morning snack…must be good…

    Ladies, can I join you? I think I need some accountability buddies 🙂

    I’m 41, Scottish and living in the UAE. I’m now (gulp) 106kg which is 16 and a half stone at 5’7″. That’s 10 kilos heavier than I was at 38 weeks pregnant last summer – and I was no Tinkerbell in late pregnancy!

    I did a fast day yesterday, nothing but water until dinner time and then a small portion of sesame chicken with brown rice. Feeling OK.

    Onwards and downwards!

    Hi everyone. No a great day for me today….it’s a non fast day but I’m just craving junk 🙁

    Keep telling myself it’s not worth it but it’s not working very well. I was so good this morning did 3p minutes on the elliptical and had a banana and really for breakfast but then went out and ate a burger for lunch. Got home and ate a Rachel’s rice pudding and a chocolate. Urggghhh. Someone give me a good shake and tell me to pull it together.

    @whyamisoshy – from when I did it before, it gets so much easier after a few weeks when you realize its OK to be a little hungry. You really do get to where you don’t need to/want to eat as much. If you need motivation and see what this plan can do in addition to help you drop weight, look up the BBC show Eat, Fast, and Live Longer online. Its only 58 minutes and worth the watch. This and the book were life changing for me.

    hey, all !

    aren’t we a lovely thread! and there are 11 of us! we rock! we are gonna do this!

    love, your team leader, well, thread starter, lol, ‘why’ xx

    welcome @kzmo !

    Yes, welcome kzmo and don’t beat yourself up..I’m nearly 130kg…

    Welcome @kzmo
    How are you feeling today @why? No more bodyaches I hope.
    I am currently trying to convince myself to go on the treadmill for a while but between the kids and the kitten it might not happen*excuses excuses*

    @yazcat i am ok thanks. i have found out a major thing. i eat when i am bored. for sure. good thing to find out i think.
    someone said something about it being meant to be when you are hungry, is that right? lol

    Yes, I think this diet is supposed to be re-training ourselves to get used to being hungry and listening to our bodies and eating when we need rather than, like I do, sometimes out of habit…

    i tell you what, this eating less lark is really constipating me. a lot. i haven’t gone in 4 days and i am taking metamucil now on advice of my doctor and nutritionalist. it feels like it could go on forever.

    Ooh, not good.
    I had some chocolate yesterday and it had a laxative effect but generally my FD is porridge, blueberries, Apple and 300g veg so constipation not my issue…

    well as i say, i am taking metamucil (psyllium ) three times a day currently and i dont have anything like enough fibre in my diet right now, due to things too boring to go into…but i am long term blocked up anyhow due to all the meds i take which are all constipating. i just got off pain killers (a 6 year opiate battle- yay! i won!!!) and i am trying to get back to going every day… it very tricky.your body gets used to everything- all kinds of things- so fast!

    just like it gets used to fasting fast!
    this is my second one and i have had no side effects at all. none. a bit hungry… i had a few chips. a bit hungry…some broth… a bit hungry…a milky coffee…a bit hungry…2 kiwis…a bit hungry…a kinder strip.about 480 cals. so there ya go. tomorrow- well, i never get up till twelve and often not till three! – my work!- i will have a milky coffee and if i am hungry a chocolate brioche and if not, nothing, then some fruit and then pasta with fresh tomato and fresh basil. maybe fresh spinach. for dessert… if i want it… a cornetto. if not. i wont.
    what i am truly finding is the ability not to NEED things but to be able to choose not to have them.

    you know, i am sure 90% dieting, fasting etc is all in the mind. truly i am. x

    Hi! I’d like to join this group. I’m in Chicago-I’ve been on this plan since June- I’ve lost 6 lbs. Doesn’t seem like much-my goal is to lose 10 more lbs. Slow but sure. I have actually started to like this way of dieting. I do this with my husband which makes it easier I think. We fast Monday & Thursday. My husband has lost about 20 lbs.
    It was kind hard at first but now just part of our routine. Hopefully this will be do-able during the upcoming holidays!

    Hi everyone,
    Fast day for me today. It’s still early so far just had a cup of tea and hoping not to need anything until late noon at least. Have wojen up with a bit of a tickly cough which is rather annoying but hopefully it won’t develop into anything more.

    @kmjohns welcome.

    Morning all…well, it’s morning I the UK and a beautiful sunny one.My FD is just starting but as I like black coffee and porridge it’s easy for me. My GP suggested scrambled eggs and ham for breakfast but I’m not a cooked breakfast sort of person. I’m feeling rather chipper as I have the next five days off…today I’m off to get my hair done and my nails( as a nurse I can’t have nail polish) then some window shopping and a coffee date with my husband.
    Welcome kmjohns..
    Whyamisoshy…psyllium? You poor thing, I used it at one time but had to stop due to excess bloating but you have my sympathy. Have you ever tried movicol/laxido, it’s very gentle, doesn’t dehydrate and promotes peristalsis…?

    Kmjohns…your upcoming holidays must be Thanksgiving? One of the freedoms about this is that we can be flexible about our fast days and when we have them to work around holidays, occasions so hopefully you will find this can work for you.
    Have a good day all…:-)

    Hi everyone, hope you are all having a good day. I am on a fast day today and quite proud that I managed to take the kids out for lunch and resist the burgers getting myself a low cal wrap so I have consumed 375 cals so far today.
    Will weigh tomorrow to see how I’m doing.

    I only weigh myself once a week. Do you find it helps weighing yourself after a FD?

    @katab I’m really new to this. Normally I don’t really weigh regularly at all but since starting this diet I have decided to weigh myself twice a week so after each fast day to see how I’m doing. Not sure how well this will work but if I am losing my theory is that it will provide extra motivation.

    Hi guys, I weigh myself 2x per week after my FDs too, it’s quite interesting to see my progress and not so great days.
    Today is a fast day for me and is going pretty well, I’ve resisted the offer of McDs for lunch from my work colleagues…
    Next week I might make a sign that says ‘Today is a fast day, no one mention food to me!’
    Have a good day/evening peeps far and wide xoxo

    Maybe I’ll try weighing myself tomorrow and see how I feel…
    Done well until this evening,now I’m feeling tempted…

    welcome @kmjohns !

    @katab hi, yeah. metamucil is psyllium, and brilliant because it doesn’t give you horrendous cramps or diarrhea. it’s not actually a laxative. it doesn’t make you go- i took movicol and laxido for the 6 years i took opiates for severe pain- and they just gave me constant diarrhea so i was drained… i lived off actimel! then i found metamucil which is orange flavoured psyllium- which on its own makes you vomit so they flavour it for your own protection or nobody would buy it- it is not so much a laxative, it’s from another family. it is fibre. thats all. simple as that. about 5g fibre in each tea spoon, i think, and you can take up to 3 a day. i take one a day to add to my veggies and then i see what happens and play it by ear. it is not a laxative that you take and go. its like eating extra fibre! extra fruit and veg and wholemeal carbs.

    than you for your caring. what a great bunch we are!
    after my first fast i am fine. i didn’t think i would have troubles with this and i am not. not so far.

    it’s funny. i thought i would be starving today. i am peckish but i just wanted a bowl of tuscan bean and pancetta soup all day. thats it. weird, isnt it…

    Be pleased you haven’t been hungry….

    i am! x

    I’m really hungry all of a sudden..it’s nearly 11pm here and all I can think of is food.

    i temporarily seem to have lost that ravenous hunger thing. i certainly had it for sure. for years. and of course on my fast days i am empty and rumbling but i don’t think about it. i just think ‘oh that feels unpleasant, so i wont think about how i feel, i will think about what i am doing’ and carry on doing it. but i can’t say i am being ‘good’ cos i am not starving hungry.having said that, i have felt faint.but it’s been easier than i thought. much easier.

    today i had a hot chocolate, home made with good milk and good chocolate. a tuscan bean soup with crusty bread. two rows of gianduja chocolate by NOVI and two kiwis and a cornetto. yum yum. about 1250 cals. maybe 1300.
    i could eat more but i wont think about it. tomorrow we are having meat for the first time in a week. yum!

    i am learning to unlearn all the rubbish i have learned hitherto diet wise, and am relearning to enjoy my food but am going thru a non ‘veggie based’ diet phase. so much one reads about diet is utter crap. read dr fung on the starvation mode issue. honestly! he is the first doctor/ person i have ever heard talk sense about it. so much rubbish out there. and people talking online with authority about things they have read by someone who similarly knows nothing. and they believe it because its written. i myself have fallen foul of this a million times… but now have spent so many years reading dozens of books, i feel i have the gist of things. though i know i love sugar. i need to enjoy my food though. i have done diets so often that i hated. one should enjoy food! hence liking 5 plus fruit and veg and other stuff, and then fasting. so i don’t want things more cos i cant have them.

    this diet isn’t effortless but its the best of a lot of effortful options IMO and i can see myself working it into my life actually. i really can.

    in support xx
    just my take on things today x

    Can I join? I’m in Minneapolis. I need abountabilibuddies. In the past, the only way I could ever lose weight was when I was in a group. So here I am on my 2nd fast day and loving it. Not very hard at all. At least, not at the moment. (Tonight in front of the TV might be a real test. Lol.). Good luck to you all!!

    @minnygirl welcome to the group! i think in the right mindset this can be really rather enjoyable, too xx

    Thanx Why! I don’t enjoy being hungry, but a really enjoy baggy clothes. Ha I figure, I can stand anything for a short time. A few days a week of discomfort….shrug…I can do that. (At least, that is what I am telling myself….mind over matter. Or I should say, mind over stomach.)

    well it only 2 days a week to start and you can even eat!
    i want to water fast on those days but i have been advised to eat 500 calories for the first few tries. but i mean 500 cals is a lot for a fast day!
    i am dying to get to the 4:3 days cos then you stand to lose more weight !
    i just want this weight OFF!
    back form wherever it came from! lol x

    Well, I survived yesterday and lost 0.7 kg so quite pleased. I had some moments of temptation thinking I’ll just have this or that one thing but on this side of things I’m glad I didn’t succumb.
    My GP recommended this to me and I’m glad he did. I know the book talks about re-training your mind and stomach etc but tbh I’m not in that place and not trying to get to that place. All I’m doing is thinking it’s only one day, you can eat normally tomorrow. Like some of you I’ve done a heap of different diets with all the do’s and don’ts and after a while I tend not to react well and then go overboard.
    And I think the fact that I’m seeing results I will encourage myself come Monday. But now I can forget about fasting and just eat as per normal for this weekend.
    Having lunch with a friend today, then off to Sheffield to pick up my niece for the weekend. She is 18 and just started uni, finding it all a bit strange so I plan to treat her if I can. It’s her first time properly away from home and I remember how that feels…
    Thank you all for your ongoing encouragement and those of you in America doing Monday/Thursday…you may still be fasting due to time difference so stay strong. I feel good this morning knowing I stuck it out ( quite a feat for me)

    Congrats on you weight loss @katab.

    I weighed this morning and am down 0.3kg this morning making a total of 1.7kg in my first week so really pleased with that even though I think the first fast loss was mainly water.

    Non fast day today next fast day will be Sunday.

    Well done yay at… My first week also 1.7 based on three fast days as I started on a Thursday.
    Are you doing 4:3? I’m too chicken for that…..or too lazy!!

    Hi there,
    wondering if I could join? I have never been involved in a forum of any sort before, don’t even do facebook!
    I am in need of support, feel like I have hit a wall and desperately want to find the “door”!
    Plan to start my first fast day tomorrow!
    I am in regional south australia.

    Well done with your loss @katab.

    I’m doing 5:2 might progress to 4:3 in a couple or weeks once I’m sure I can cope. I’m back to work next week so will see how it goes then.

    Welcome @jkengland we’re all here supporting each other and muddling through. I’ve just completed my first week so am a newbie too.

    @katab and @yazcat well done on your weight losses. PLEASE don’t do yourselves down, as i was encouraged to on the atkins, with ‘it’s bound to be only water loss’. better loss than no loss, right? 🙂

    in the last 8 days i have lost 8 pounds (well, 5 pounds because today i suddenly shot up 3 pounds, dont ask… i have no idea… so i guess i lost 5 pounds 🙂 ) which is definitely not all water loss because i have done but one fast though i have only eaten about 12-1500 cals on a foodie day. i thought i had done two fasts , then i realized i had not done the first one properly. is a fast actually 36 hours? cos it seems to me, you eat. e.g. 8pm. you go to bed. you sleep. you eat 500 all day. you sleep. you wake up. you eat normally ? cos that’s not a day. that is a lot more than a day. eating 24 hours after you finished your last meal would be a 24 hour fast, wouldn’t it? i really wanna go for the water fast. i think i am going to. i don’t mind feeling ill for a day or two a week. i hear it gets easier too.

    whenever i go on a diet i always pee loads. i have barely peed at all, thru my fast day, though i am drinking my normal 3-4 litres. i don’t know whats going on. maybe its the salty broth?

    anyhow, i dont know whats going on and am terrified i will stop losing as i did on atkins after about 9 pounds and stay there for months and months… and eventually realize it wasnt working for me. this one, has to work, its calories in calories out here. its maths. its science. indisputable.

    love, why x

    welcome @jkengland! x

    @yazcat, yeah, me too ! re the 4,3

    Hi Girls

    Can I join you? I live in Sweden (although I am originally from France and part of me still is in the UK where I lived a few years)

    Started about 5 weeks ago and have lost about 2kg (my goal is anything between 7 and 10). Not quite sure how much I have lost as I didn’t weigh myself until 2 weeks into it but I know I was over my “normal” 67kg. I was at 68kg 2 weeks on Monday. Hopefully I will have lost one or 2 more when I weigh myself again next week..

    I have started by doing 24 hours fasting twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) and will carry on as long as it works. When it stops working, I will start the 36 hours.

    looking forward to finding and sharing some support and tips with you.

    Hi Why,

    Intermittent fasting isn’t just about calories in/out. You might be interested to read what Dr Jason Fung says on the subject:


    Initial goal to feel happier!
    Very much a love/hate relationship with scales so probably only go near them weekly but I plan to report back to you all so it’s inspiring to know you are all out there somewhere! I sometimes the people closest to you aren’t always the most helpful!!!

    Welcome jkengland and natty fatty …

    Your link was interesting Happy Now but admittedly some of it went over my head and I tuned out…I think for me I’m trying not to worry too much about the science although I did read the science in the 5:2 book, for me I’m just concentrating on re-training my attitude and finding a an eating habit that will work for me as a lifestyle so that I don’t drop it when it’s worked but keep at it as a long term solution.
    But we’re all in different places and all react differently to food…
    And I’m over 50 so this weight gain didn’t happen suddenly andI know it won’t disappear suddenly and I need to train myself into good habits…
    And yes, water loss is still,loss as when fat breaks down we excrete it as urine so I’m not unhappy with what has happened so far…

    @nattyfatty welcome and enjoy!

    @katab hon, please dont worry about the science. just lets enjoy what we do. this thread is for US and we are doing fine xx

    Well said @why. As long as we are here to support each other I think we’ll be just fine.

    we sure will, @yazcat. united we stand! and note to self, i must eat more eggs and greens and less chocolate. *must repeat regularly* haha

    Happy weekend guys 😊
    I think next week will be a 4:3 week for me as I was a little disheartened that I didn’t loose much after yesterday’s FD.
    Much love to everyone… we can do it damn it! Xx

    Hi, I would like to join too, if that’s OK? I’m 58 and 90kg, working to get down to 62kg.

    This is my first FD and it is OK so far. I weaned myself off processed foods (I have a problem with food additives in commercial foods), so mostly make everything myself from scratch. Let me say right here, that I am a looney for doing all that food work, but I got into the habit and I’m old and don’t have a life ;-)) so on it goes…

    One thing I did that has vastly improved my health, was to go sugar/white carb free. I didn’t think I was addicted to sugar until I stopped eating every type of ‘ose’ (sucrose, fructose, lactose etc) and went through withdrawal like a junkie. It was horrible, but after 3 months I was cured. I eat a bit now, but I am very picky, and I find chocolate unpleasantly sweet. (Oh no, I am not THAT choco-pious – I have a recipe for ‘chocolate’ that is made of a date/nut/cocoa mix that appeases the choc-cravings.)

    Anyway, I am kind of rambling here. Please may I be included?


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