hi. looking for a buddy or buddies to do this with. females only please.

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hi. looking for a buddy or buddies to do this with. females only please.

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  • Of course Rowrow, you’re very welcome and we all have things we do from scratch and others we don’t.
    Are you still working?

    Missj: dont be disheartened , take each FD as it comes and actually I remember they tell you to measure your waist as on days when the scales don’t move you may still find your waistline does.

    I found the fasting helped me yesterday (not a FD) as I drove to Sheffield to collect my niece, left at 4, stuck in traffic, got there at 7, hadn’t eaten since lunch but had a snack and drove back home so didn’t eat until 9pm. I was amazed that I resisted going into Macdonald’s and then didn’t pig out when I got home…I’m sure the few FD I’ve had so far have helped with that…

    welcome @rowrow , it’s great to have you here!

    i bet you’re bang on @katab x

    can i just say- i am so so so addicted to carbs and sugar i don’t think i can ever get out of this. plus i don’t even want to give up so i love them so much. if i could eat less of them it would be good. i love everything that is high in refined sugar. everything. its all i love. i wouldn’t eat anything else if i didn’t have to .
    it means i can be thin. oh yeah – but i eat little. i increase vegetable and fruit and add meat and lessen chocolate (i am the worst chocoholic on God’s earth) and cake etc… and my eating habits are actually healthier than they were… but i cant follow a LCHF or ketogenic diet due to some migraine medication i am on. it is literally contraindicated, a kidney related thing.
    so- we go on. i chose to fast today.
    fasting is better than eating anything at all anyhow so off i go. i had a milky coffee and thats going to be it till i have a milky cocoa later. if i am desperate of course i will have a couple eggs or something.
    i did follow atkins at one point, for months, (hated it and it failed me) i did eat only raw vegan for a year (hated it and it made me anorexic) and i have lost on only one fast. so i am just doing my best. i am far from perfect, BUT i AM doing my best.
    group hug?

    Hey why, I think the fact you’re doing the fasting is great and I too love my chocolate and sweet stuff but I’m not sweating about what I have on non FD days, I’m just concentrating on getting through each FD and that’s an achievement in itself for me.
    Group hug given x

    Hi everyone, had a terrible day non fasting both yesterday and today, eating everything in sight!
    I’ve come down with a virus and keep coughing and my chest feels tight 😣.
    I have to be back at work tomorrow too so this is very bad in terms of timing.
    No sure if I will fast tomorrow either will wait and see how I feel.

    @katab and @whyamisoshy funnily enough I took my measurements yesterday morning so I will keep a check.
    I too am a sweet freak and have no boundaries at times apart from on my fast days, it’s as if my brain say ‘yea baby it’s the weekend!’ And cos I don’t work on a Friday, every weekend is a long weekend. I won’t restrict myself as that would be setting myself up to auto failure but I definitely need to rein it in.

    @yazcat get well soon, your health is most important.
    Just start over when you’re up to it. As the saying goes ‘starve a fever, feed a cold’

    Nuff love guys x

    oh i am fond of you guys, i really am! what a cracking bunch o gals we are!

    @missj2002” I won’t restrict myself as that would be setting myself up to auto failure ”
    OMG totally understood that one!

    @yazcat you poor dear. ill health. its a nightmare. tell me. do look after yourself. on the fasting front, from experience, and we are all different, but for me, it actually actively aids recovery i used to fast a bit when younger and enjoyed it then. dunno why i gave up. but that is just me. i feel like the body maybe has enough to cope with without digestion too! just my thoughts anyhow. get well hon x v bad timing, agreed!

    @katab thank you for hug. i needed it.

    so this is the last bit of my fast day. when i got to sleep thats it. tomorrow i eat. i am just not that hungry. my tummy is growling GRRRRRRRRRR but i just… am not that bothered.i am in a home full of biccies and chocolate and bread and nutella and piadini and pasta… ok. they will be there tomorrow, unless some rampant raccoon comes in and nicks em ! or my bloke for that matter!

    i apologise for any errors i make. i am a rubbish typer. i wish i had done that course at college now!

    Thanks for the get well vibes @missj2002 and @why.

    @missj not sure if I should be feeding or starving this one as mostly the thing that bothering me is the cough.
    I totally get the auto failure too. I don’t count calories during NFDs either.

    @why you are totally right about not looking after myself enough with 2 kids and a tiny kitten I’ve just rescued it’s all go all the time and guess who gets left being bottom of the priority list…
    Anyway I’ve decided to fast tomorrow and have prepared to take a cup of instant porridge to eat at work along with a soup to keep me going. I leave for work before 7 so no way can I eat before going anyway.

    Thanks for all the support Xx

    Oh yazcat I hope you get better.
    Try some warm water with lemon and honey, or black currant to help your cough, a little whisky helps but that’s a taste thing.
    Do you all take vitamin C? I take one everyone morning just to boost my immunity through winter. I suppose important for while we’re fasting….

    Oh why, I am so proud of you being able to fast in a home with all that food…well,done…

    For us all…tomorrow is another day, we can just start again. Remember how babies learn to walk and how many times they fall over? But what do they do…they pick themselves up and start again, so we can copy them…πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

    @yazcat. Sorry you had a rough day. Just get back on the horse. No worries!! I think that is what appeals to me about this diet. I can have a bad non-fast day and still shake it off and get back at it. After all, we are supposed to eat on a non-fast day. Right? A little overindulgence isn’t the end of the world.
    As to being sick…sigh…I hope you feel better soon. Peace!

    As for me, I had a good fast day, stayed around 500 calories. Today is a feast day. I love love love not having to count calories every day. This is the first diet I have ever done that is so user friendly. So far, so good.

    I had a wierd day yesterday. I went for a walk and got attacked by a Great Dane!! Yes! You read it right. I Huge dog ran up to me with his little brown canine friend, and took a bite. I guess he didn’t like the way I tasted so I only got one bite mark. Ouch!! Scariest thing ever! I’m ok and the police have been notified. The next time I go walking I’m taking a friend. I’ll live but I was pretty shaky for awhile.

    To all of you fasting today….. Good luck!

    Oh minnycat, that’s awful

    Are you up to date with your tetanus?

    Today was a lazy fast day for me, meaning I stayed in bed. But it worked I’m happy and hope scales agree tomorrow.

    @minnygirl I don’t know how I would have reacted as since I was little and got chased by a dog I have never been keen.
    Hope you are OK though.

    Tomorrow indeed is another day = big family (caribbean) dinner and I can’t wait!

    Nuff love guys x

    caribbean dinner= yum yum yum in my tum πŸ™‚

    @minnygirl that is ghastly! did you go to hospital and get it checked out and get a shot and the wound seen to etc? that is a horrid thing to happen and very frightening. i am so sorry.
    this is nothing like the horribleness of your story but i will share that once i was in a severe depression and the doctor had advised me as i was very anxious too to go for a long country walks and look at nature (he knows me and knows how i love the sea and countryside etc) and so i did. and it really did help in general. and my racing heart would slow and i breathed in good air. but i was still obviously very tearful and shaky. well, on this one day, out of nowhere this dog ran up to me and barking like mad he jumped up and hung off my barbour jacket… i screamed and the owner ran toward me and called the dog, who was called ‘bouncer’ (grrrr, rolls eyes) and he went to her. she was sooo casual, like ‘oh you silly thing, mummy’s here now, ‘ and she said to me ‘oh he wouldnt have bitten you, he is sweet, you ve no need to look so startled, you need to keep calm around animals’ i think i am a warm, friendly person but i saw RED, i tell you. i said, ‘ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR B****Y DOG AND HE COULD HAVE HURT ME COS HE IS AN ANIMAL AND YOU DON’T DESERVE A DOG IF YOU NEGLECT IT AND I AM IN A CLINICAL DEPRESSION AND CAME HERE TO HELP MY NERVES AND HOW DARE YOU MAKE OUT LIKE I HAVE A PROBLEM YOU IGNORANT IDIOTIC CARELESS…’ and she said ‘there is no need for that and i absolutely screamed in her face ‘YYYEESSS TTHHHEERRREEE IIISSSSSS’ hahhaahhaa. i was so incensed. i wrote to the local paper and got a really positive response. i feel sorry for animals who are kept so badly. i could have punched that woman. and i vomited with anxiety for a few days after,it shook me so bad.
    there you go, a story. i will never forget it. i went there to be calm. quite funny when you think about it now!

    I’m fine. (Per the local police) The dog is up to date with vaccines and is on house quarantine for a week. I had 3 layers on so while I have a big bruise and teath marks, the dog didn’t actually break skin. But it did bleed a bit. Stuff of nightmares. My family is now calling that dog “Kujo”. Lol they are also waiting to see what happens at the next full moon. (They think they are hilarious!).

    @why. Yes!! I was shaky, crying, upset….but now I’m pissed off! I laugh about it but it’s really not funny at all. If I had my little Maltese dog with me, he would have been killed!! No doubt about it. Those dogs were frightening!

    @why. What a stressful story. I’m glad you were ok. It’s not your, or my, responsibility to act in a certain way so as to not get attacked by someone’s pet in public. (It’s a different story if you willingly go into their home.). But I was on a public street, minding my own business. It’s all on the owners! Gah!!! I love dogs and have two of my own. I keep them on a leash in public.

    @minnygirl ree ” But I was on a public street, minding my own business. It’s all on the owners! ”
    yes, and there was i wandering along deep breathing and saying ”i am fine, all is well in my world, i am safe, nothing bad is going to happen to me, i can always find this place of calm in my head, i can always access it, as i breathe only more calmness comes to me, all i can hear is the gentle sound of the sea rolling in and out over the hills…” etc etc and then this awful loud barking and growling and my barbour attack. lol. it wasn’t funny at the time.i thought i was having a heart attack, i really did. i mean, i seriously did. but i wasn’t well at the time. thats the last time you want that to happen, when you are a bit fragile!

    i love dogs too. i only cant have one cos we live in an apartment πŸ™ i just love them. but the one we had, when we lived in a detached house, we kept on a leash in public at all times.

    just finishing my fasting day and i can say, i am pretty hungry. its my 2nd (i messed up the first) os it my 2nd or my 1st? cant remember. anyhow its done. other half is munching his spaghetti with meat ragu and glass of red wine and will not have pudding to be kind bless him.
    i wish there was a low calorie hot chocolate out there. x

    Hi ladies – may I also join you? Just signed up today and starting after dinner tonight. I’m in Sydney but originally from Edinburgh. Lots of weight to lose…..
    thanks everyone

    hey all!
    could i join along to? a Little bit about myself im 25 from London.
    just came back from working abroad for the summer. i have always struggled with my weight but from loosing 5 Stone back in 2012 going from a uk size 18 to a tiny 6-8 in just four months i managed to keep it off until now.
    i started the summer season weighing 8 Stone now i no its just a Stone ive gained but im finding it incredibly difficult to shift it even though i eat really health.
    it doesnt help that i have no support at home so im feeling even more down about trying to shift it. Any mind tips im a excellent cook so can share low calorie meal plans too πŸ˜€ (i like to season my food myself also so can give lil secrets away)
    my names Millie by the way x

    welcome @gkmsydney!

    welcome @thinkingskinnyy!

    how did you lose 5 stone in four months! wowzers! i am really interested in this.
    how tall are you? sorry for all the questions. i like to understand people’s situations on my thread.
    so, what do you weigh now, 8 or 9 stone? and your reason for wanting to fast is primarily weightloss, not health benefits (though of course you’d like those also!) i found your post a teeny bit confusing. or maybe i am a teeny bit confused hahaha
    i am really sorry about having no support at home- that is a big barrier. but we are very supportive to positive members and this is a calm, trouble free, happy zone so you will enjoy it πŸ™‚

    you’ll be fine now. you’ll be cared for here x


    hey @whyamisoshy
    i used to eat quite alot so i was all about portion controll and calorie counted mainly under 1200 cals a day.
    i also took suppliments from holland and barret (only for the duration of actually loosing it ) fat metaboliser , green tea extract and adios max
    im now 9 stone and want to get back to being 8 stone.
    im only small and im petie in build im 5 foot 1.
    so unfortunetly if i go over 8.stone and half i start to look bigger than i am.
    and its got to the stage my clothes are no longer fitting and its making me feel down , and everything i seem to be doing atm is not working, i actually came home and weighed 8.10 but since being home ive gained more pounds even though ive been eatting more healthy, which is a real pain in the backside!
    when i was bigger i never ate cakes and stuff like that.. but i now have a sweet tooth for a bikkie or a spoonful of peanut butter.. always late at night i need to kick that habbit!

    one of the problems is i used to live alone so i did my food shopping and there was no temptation in the kitchen.. having came back i have moved in with my grandmother for the time being as i gave up my apartment when i went to spend the seven months in spain,
    she buys the food, and and my healthy stuff but when theres temptation of chocolate or a cake or even bread! gosh do i love bread it can become tricky because ive fallen in to the habbit of one wont hurt and that one leads to another and then it laps.

    i tend to eat little but oftern which i also feels is not helping the situation as i feel im now eatting more out of boredom.

    thank you … it means alot ive been searching for a group for a while to share tips and support and help not just myself achive my goal but others too because it can feel like a lonely place sometimes


    i used to eat alot before i lost it i ment **
    so i changed portion sizes

    we will support you, worry not! i am sorry you feel a bit lonely… we are here to support each other, we might be able to comfort you, have a laugh etc…

    you’re saying you were 13 stone and went down to 8 stone IN FOUR MONTHS …JUST by eating 1200 calories a day? it’s not possible! 18 months maybe but not 4 months!!!!!!!! did i read you right, hon?


    oh! and do you think, i mean really have evidence to believe ‘fat metabolizer’ and ‘green tree extract’ and ‘adios max’ actually helped you lose the weight? cos if so, we’ll all get some on this site. its just i heard they didnt work. but if you say you lost 5 stone in 4 months solely by eating 1200- or was it under 1200 a day- then they must have been what did it. you cant continually lose 5 pounds a week. doctors say more than a pound is truly dangerous. you would be so ill, hon x
    i am worrying about you like a mother hen now

    well i glad i stummbled across this site indeed!! πŸ™‚

    yeah i lost it very rapdly it probaly wasnt the best health wise, but i was extremely active, and the supplements helped in regards to fastening up my metabolism.
    i did/do alot of walking as i dont drive so constantly was walking to places.
    i also wasnt drinking some days i would eat less than 1200 , but it wasnt consistant like the 5.2 diet as such.
    and i wasnt consuming sugar or coffeeΒ΄s or anything weΒ΄d class as bad food.

    a few of my friends actually tried the suppliments and seemed to loose a few pounds, but long term i wouldnt use them everyday for the rest of my life.


    in honesty i did look very ill and boney from the pictures when i first lost it all!!

    at first i was just taking the fat metabolisers
    didnt seem anything in the first months so went to holland and barrett and the ladie said they take time in your body to get used to them.. at the time i never really liked drinking tea or any hot drink for that matter, so instead of the green tea tea bags thats why i went for the tablets … although i actually love a green tea cuppa now a days!

    the adios maxx i didnt get recommed it i kind of just threw that in the mix and i found it worked better than the adios normal one. (well i think it did)
    the before and after pictures where quite shocking..
    another question friends would ask was if i went to the loo alot this is a myth when taking suppliments like that i went just as normal.

    ive tried boo tea also … but didnt see that as a weight loss i suffer from bloated tummy alot and felt like the tea got rid of the bloat more than a weight loss .. love tea is also good if anybody eles suffers from bloating .. and its extremely tasty


    This was my fast day menu.
    De-caf coffee with a dash of skim (I don’t really eat breakfast, so easy bit)
    One corn on the cob for lunch
    2 sticks of celery with home made hommus for snack
    Chopped vegies microwaved and mixed with a little hommus for extra flavour
    1/3 capsicum
    1/2 small onion
    1/3 small eggplant
    1 zucchini
    1 tomato

    It makes a huge plate full, but my stomach was growling an hour later! I survived though… πŸ˜‰

    didnt see anything in the first month **

    this keyboard has a mind of its own some times

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… i see… now that puts things into perspective.
    i now realize how you did it.
    well, honey bunch, as you are so young i think you’ll be fine. but i truly wouldn’t repeat the exercise. slow and steady wins the race!
    i am now worried for you in the past but not in the present or future.
    what IS good is you clearly have drive and that helps. a lot.

    we are here for you x

    ps. is this your first day

    no i dont want to repeat the tablet way i want to do it healthy so that i dont put my body under any potential damage … it is πŸ™‚

    Has anyone tried the range Gosh.. the naturally free from products very tasty filling and low calories for fast days xx

    Easy peasey chocolate fix that won’t break the calorie bank.

    Chocolate Balls

    Into a food processor put;

    1 1/2 cups pecans
    1 1/2 cups dates (chop in half to ensure there are no seeds)
    1/2 cup cocoa
    1/2 cup of desiccated coconut
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    1/2 teaspoon salt

    A little hot water

    Process until ingredients are smooth but still have some texture. Add a little water to bring the mixture together. Roll into balls. Refrigerate.

    These keep very well in the fridge. They taste like a rich chocolate cake ball. They are still a treat, but they have far less fat, sugar and carbs than chocolate. And they are quick and easy to make!

    @rowrow you are saint like! mine was this:

    1 coffee made entirely with semi milk
    5 biscuits (small)
    2 pieces NOVI chocolate
    3 cups tea with semi milk
    1 hot chocolate made entirely with semi milk and teaspoon sugar
    2 square lindt 80% dark

    it is about 5oo cals but i feel like a bad girl compared to you πŸ™ x

    @rowrow those balls sound yummie ! utterly delish.
    i realize (and it makes me want to cry) that i am going to have to make fast days vegetable only days. i dont know how i will do it. i can do 500 cals. but no carbs, no choc, no biccies, no milky drinks… i am not sure i can . boo hoo x

    I know what you mean, wyamisoshy, I substituted the hommus for a slice of bacon, so my fast day ended up vegetarian. It was tough for a carnivore like me.

    I had to give up commercially made foods a few years back when I finally worked out the additives were making me very ill. Migraines from sugar substitutes, bloating and stomach pain from bread and commercial biscuits etc. I figured out if I can’t produce the exact thing in my kitchen, I can’t eat it. It makes me sound like a health nut, but I like wine, meat and cakes, and I am a fairly good cook, dammit! My sister-in-law barely cooks at all and is very slender. (Mind you, she eats like a horse when she comes here for dinner…)

    Hello ladies, would like to join your thread since I could use some encouragement! Had lost about 20lbs (sorry I’m American and can’t figure out the stones!) but have since regained about 7lbs in the last 8 weeks, but I haven’t fasted regularly, or at all in the last few weeks really. I’ve found the hardest part of fasting to be picking what days to do it. I really agonize over it!! I’m an emotional eater (give me an emotion and I’ll eat it!!) and I’ve found the fasting helps with that. (Have to find something else to do!!)think maybe I’ll fast tomorrow…sleep late in the morning and go to bed early (and skip watching 2nd us prez debate)

    Hello Ladies, This is a first time ever for joining a chat group. I started September 11,2016 on intermittent fasting, (alternating one fast one day normal eating ) because I have a very slow metabolism, ( for which I take meds). I was also interested in the side benefits of fasting for aging gracefully since I am 62. Since the start I have lost 5 lbs. It is hard to grade my activity level since I have been babysitting and lifting 24 lb and 32 lb children for at least 10 days of this time. But I am not playing a fast sport three times a week so my activity level is somewhere in between the descriptors of this diet. However, I do find it much easier to just count the time to get through a hung pang than counting calories or fibre or some such thing. Knowing that I can eat normally the next day helps a lot to get through the fast day. I have been finding fairly easy to stick to. Since it is a month this weekend I thought I would need a boost from others going through it at the same time to stick with it. I have a goal of losing forty pounds!! Lets hope. The last time I tried to diet I could only lose 15 with an active exercise regime! So a long term time target for my goal is needed.

    Hi Lorky and Qtown,

    I’m a newbie here too. Everyone has been very welcoming.

    Losing weight is easy – we’ve all done it lots of times! It’s the losing it over and over, day after day after day that is the hard part. πŸ˜‰

    Qtown, we are a similar age and need to lose a similar amount. The way I look at it is that this really is my last chance before my weight starts to cause me major health harm. Over the past five years I have lost about 30 kilos (double that is approximate amount in pounds). I tried every kind of diet and lost weight on each one, but couldn’t keep them up long term. I decided to pay attention to my own body instead of paying attention to what everyone else (who isn’t me!) were saying.

    When I did that I started to find I was craving fresh crunchy vegetable stuff, so I started searching online for salad recipes and started making and eating them. I also weaned myself off sugar, which was the best thing I could have done, as it makes the 5:2 fairly easy. The hardest part is not drinking wine and easing up on the cheese… One day at a time, and if you do stray, forgive yourself.

    Hi. Please may I join the group? I live in Brisbane Australia. I’m a huge MM fan and just watched the documentary last night. I’m trying a fast today (Sunday here) going well so far but would love to know what people eat to get through the fast days. Many thanks, Louise

    Hi everyone,

    I would love to join this group. I am new to 5:2 and live in Melbourne, Australia. I attempted my first fast day today, it was all going well until about 2pm when the woman I work for offered me a biscuit and wouldn’t take no for an answer. She is an italian grandmother who doesn’t speak much english and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t eat so it was easier to just give in. In hindsight, days when I work with her are probably not the best days for me to fast so I will go with tomorrow instead. This is my first time joining a group like this but I thought it might help keep my accountable since my partner isn’t interested so I will be going it alone.

    Oh you can’t beat those Italian mommas, they love to share their food as its their way of sharing love.

    Lots of you seem to fast differently to me as the book tells us not to cut back on protein so although I have a plateful,of veg I also make sure I have my protein. With my evening meal I alway have something last week cottage cheese, week before was plain grilled chicken..

    And there’s nowt wrong with coffee…it’s what you make it from on a FD that’s the issue…on a FD my coffee is black all day until the last decaff before bed…but in the morning it’s defo caffeinated. But I don’t drink a lot of milky coffee anyway but overall those of us not the youngest chooks in the yard, we need to watch our calcium levels post menopause as our bones will want to get more brittle…

    I’ve always been told , because I have liver impairment, that it’s dangerous for me to lose weight too quickly so I am going more softly softly…after all, none of us gained the weight overnight so we won’t lose it overnight either…

    welcome to @lorky35 @qtown @marlee @eldeebe what a wonderful full group we have.

    i feel so angry and sad today. i actually punched my wall.
    i am really battling with not being able to lose weight. i put 45 pounds on due to meds for migraines. many people gain far more. you dont eat more they slow down your metabolism.
    well it must still be slow cos i fasted well yesterday. about 500 cals. went to bed starving but ok. and have lost not an ounce. nothing. NOTHING.

    now, i do suffer from chronic constipation for which i must not take any more laxatives as i took them on my GPs recommendation when on opiates i no longer take for years. now i take metamucil which is a fibre supplment but i a lucky if i go once every five days so i will up it to 2 doses a day (you can take up to three) and i take magnesium.
    honestly i think that must be whats doing it.
    the first fast i totally messed up, by thinking it was for less time that it was and i lost 8 pounds in 5 days after. then i put three back on and have stayed at a 5 loss ever since. i know 5 pounds in a week isnt bad but losing nothing after a fast is really annoying when you need to lose so much (3 stone- 42 pounds for my USA friends here!)

    i wanna cry.

    any help? hugs? stories?

    welcome to all new members. i am so glad i started this. though its the blind leading the blind sometimes! we are all winners.

    ps. i am coming off slowly the weight gaining drugs. migraine drugs are often the same as mood stabilizers and anti psychotics but also excellent for migraines (i was losing 2/3 of my life to them and hospitalized, going blind and vomiting etc very very often each year, this was for 11 years- nobody could explain it)

    anyhow, here i am and today i am really low. i want a puppy to cuddle. my other half is being wonderful. as ever x

    ps. you’re all fabulous and i am so lucky to be getting to know you , as the song goes.

    Welcome all newbies 😊

    Awww @why you are so strong to have gone through so much (((hugs))) you are coming of Medstead and looking after your health that’d the most important thing. Remember that even 0.1 kg is still a loss and even if there is no loss on week even no gain is a positive.

    I am still feeling a bit rough and the cough is getting to me but I did fast today.

    I had a cup of tea to start the day at about 6.30 (about 27 cals with milk)

    Had a cup of Quaker Oats at 10.30 (the instant cup type180 cals)

    Had a cup a soup 50 cals at 12.30

    And made myself a big Green salad with cucumbers, carrots and 100 grams ofcottage cheese with 0 cal Raspberry dressing.
    Which brings me around 500 cals I think. Nearly 9pm here so I think that’s me done for the day.

    well done you. πŸ™‚

    is it, then, that if you make your FD 500 calories of chocolate and hot chocolate and bread you might as well not have bothered… but surely 500 cals is 500 cals…insulin spikes or not…veggies or bread??? he dosent mention what you have to eat in the book. its why i did it. fung tells you but mosley does not. he is the percentage guy. RTDEE then 25% of it twice a week. THAT i can do no problem.giving up everything i love i dont want to. and it is not how the diet is advertised either. i need @simcoeluv !!!

    i am confused… everyone sounds so salad and veggies compared to me, but i know i would be more hungry if i ate those. remember i ate raw vegan for a year. and raw veggies just make me starving. carbs fill me up which is probably why it was relatively easy for me and in fact i see its twenty past seven here and without even realizing i haven’t eaten a thing yet today! more like a 36 hour fast!

    tonight he is cooking us pancetta/prosciutto and zucchini farfalle with parmesan and grilled aubergine and cherry tomatoes and that is about 800 leaving room for 150 cals choc after and a hot chocolate of 200 cals before i sleep but its still drastically under the 1847 that this machine says i am supposed to eat a day. i would be HUGE. if i ate more than 1500 a day i would be the size of a house and to see any weight loss at all i really have to eat less than 1100. but i am doing this cos i love my food, though i generally only eat one meal a day and a snack, and i can fit this into my life.

    @why from what I understand of the diet (which isn’t much to be fair) it’s the calorie intake not the composition of the food that’s important. Obviously it’s healthier if the food is wholesome but in theory you should still lose weight if you are eating 25% of you TDEE whatever you are eating.
    I eat salads on fast days simply because I can eat it in a decent quantity without going over 500 cals and actually I quite like crunchy fresh salads.

    @yazcat ” from what I understand of the diet (which isn’t much to be fair)” haha

    you’ve really cheered me up. lol
    so, i love salad n veg too but they so dont fill me up. but next fasts we are going for it.
    splash of milk in coffee and veg all day, soup etc, instant low cal hot choc etc.

    i am gonna do everything i can to ‘go’ every day, too. after all, that cant be helping! x

    Welcome to all the newbies….

    From my reading of the book then the point is 500 cals on a FD ( he does emphasise a good amount of protein in that) but that we’re not calorie counting on the other days but just learning to,listen to our bodies, to hunger but not restricting ourselves on non FD.

    Next FD is tomorrow…lets see how it goes…

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