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  • Hi,
    My name is Amy and I am 30 y/o. I have only started on my journey officially today, but I have been preparing myself in small ways for it for the last fortnight.
    Unfortunately, the two most important people in my life – my mum and partner (I live with my partner and talk to my mum almost on a daily basis) are dead against it and won’t drop it.
    My mum argues against it on the basis of health reasons – and don’t suggest talking to her about any evidence to suggest otherwise because she has almost become dogmatic about it and *will not* listen to anything I have to say. My partner is exactly the same. I have got to the point now where I have had to say to the both of them that the topic is now closed for discussion and that it is the choice I have made and that if they don’t agree with it then the least they can do is just to let me get on with this. It has got to the point where I literally have to walk out of the room rather than listen to another lecture. I know they care about me and are just trying to look after me, but I am committed to doing this and at the end of the day it is my decision.
    I was just wondering if anyone is in a similar position and has some advice for me on how to stay strong in this situation.
    Thanks in advance anyone,
    Amy 🙂

    They care about you? Sounds like they are just trying to control you.

    I like your approach…when they start nagging or lecturing, leave or hang up.

    Ultimately, the proof will be in the result. Feeling good, looking good and being much healthier. I hope you had a doc take your bloods before you start and this will be the ultimate proof that it works. Your blood results should improve markedly as you live this new way of life.

    Come here for support and refuse to be lectured.

    Kind hugs XXX

    Thank you so much for your reply.
    I did get my blood tested before I started and was given the go-ahead by my Doctor. It’s great knowing I have support from other people doing the same thing. Am on day 2 now and still going strong (I know it’s not long, but every journey starts with a single step!).
    I am really looking forward to sharing my journey with you guys 🙂


    I didn’t have any support when I started 5:2, mainly because I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it! I didn’t really believe it would work so I didn’t tell anyone until I’d lost a few lbs…

    Luckily I found this forum and here I am, over a year later, still posting, getting support and hopefully supporting and encouraging others.

    I dropped from 11st5 in Jan 2014 to 9st4 ish by June that year and I’ve not put any weight back on since. I had suffered terrible period pains and heavy periods before 5:2. Not any more! And my asthma (relatively mild anyway) and allergic rhinitis are much improved. Intermittent fasting not only results in sustainable weight loss, but is also powerful medicine 🙂

    It’s a shame that your nearest and dearest don’t support you, particularly frustrating as it sounds as though they are arguing against fasting from an uninformed position of ignorance? But, assuming you aren’t already worryingly thin or have an eating disorder (or other reason why you should not fast), then intermittent fasting is a positive health intervention.

    As Expat says, stay strong at home, stick to your guns, and come here for support. There’s plenty of very active threads with lots of great supportive people from all round the world, and newbies are always always welcomed. Have a read around, introduce yourself, and hey presto! New friends who want only the best for you!

    Good luck!

    Amazing everyone still to this day still believes in the three square meals a day routine but they do we were brought up to believe it.

    I don’t get support as well but they understand. My wife knows and some family but I don’t dare tell my Mom as she would give me a that’s not good for you bit.

    Your doing great and we are here for you

    Hi. I keep it quiet from family as they would give their negative comments – so you are not alone!

    My husband is supportive (not this week though he’s on holiday!). He will ask what days I am doing a fast and on non-fast days will suggest food that fits in with my plans.

    I am sure things will improve. 🙂

    That must be so hard for you Amy, but don’t give up!

    When I first told by OH about it he was really against it, but I got him to do a few internet searches and read a few articles about it and he came around pretty quickly. I don’t know what I would do if he hadn’t listened to me and was still against it. It is really hard to win an argument with people who are uninformed on the topic – they just won’t listen to reason.

    I really hope that your doctor’s blessing and the results that you get will be enough to sway them both in the future.

    Until then, keep us posted! Let us know your results or if you’re having a bad day. This forum is the best support group for any diet that I’ve ever come across.

    I didn’t tell anyone (even my husband) when I started 5:2 because I knew it would not be met at all favorably. On my fast days, I would simply say I wasn’t very hungry and no questions. Now that I’m down 20 pounds in 3 months, folks are beginning to notice and asking what I’m doing. So, I’ve been telling “my secret”. Only a few (like my in-laws) have said how unhealthy that is and I’ll regret it. And you know what? This weight loss has helped my self-confidence. I guess cause I’m feeling so much better about how I look and feel! So, when someone (my MIL) starts lecturing me how I’m ruining my health, I just smile and say to myself, “Screw you.”

    Thank you for sharing your story Tap! I like the last bit. Some people will never understand.

    Good for you TapGypsy. Keep smug! Your own health will be the best indicator that you are making good decisions!

    I guess I am lucky to be on my own, and although my teenage daughter has voiced some concern over me ‘not eating, or not eating enough’ on my fast days, she isn’t too vocal as long as she is still being fed a decent meal!
    After entertaining on Friday night and eating pastries, cheese, brownies and drinking too much wine, I am actually looking forward to my fast day tomorrow to get rid of this bloated feeling I now have.
    Most of my work colleagues are all on some sort of diet and have shown some keen interest in me following the 5:2 diet which also is encouraging.
    Keep going Amy, it’ll be your health and confidence that is benefiting, so, as you say..screw em!

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