Help no loss for first week.

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  • I have stuck to 500 calories for two days and had no average 1500 on the other days and have not lost anything. As this ever happened to anyone ? 🙁

    Hi Janey,

    The average weight loss for women on 5:2 is around 1lb perweek. If you are sure you aren’t over eating on the other 5 days I suggest you give it another couple of weeks. I have a friend who never sees a result on the scales until she’s been dieting for at least 3 weeks.
    I read your profile and see that you’ve been ill recently and if your body is trying to heal you are probably retaining fluid. As you might know, early losses on a diet are usually water which might be contributing to your weight not moving yet.

    Try to be patient and eat wisely as 5:2 does work. It is slow and weight loss isn’t regular ie the same amount every week, sometimes a couple of pounds disppear and sometimes none.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Hi Janey, it happens all the time. Amazon has given excellent advice.
    My tip is that it is worth thinking of 5:2 as a lifelong sustainable way of eating for good health. Work on fitting it easily into your life and before long you’ll notice your clothes getting looser.
    Sending best wishes.

    What you eat is probably more important than how much you eat. So along with 5:2 look closely at what you are eating. Choose healthy foods. I have foods that I will not eat. I used to espouse what these foods were but Im loath to do it anymore as it wasn’t appreciated. Do your research read widely ask lots of questions and find out what is healthy and what is not. Then adopt that diet along with 5:2. My simple rule. When you shop for food in the supermarket stick to the outer perimeter of the supermarket. If you find yourself down the middle isles question the healthiness of the foods.

    Hi Janey, I think you have gotten some excellent advice here. I feel you have to experiment to figure out what works best for you. I’m personally not able to eat very much refined sugar. That is something I learned before I even saw anything about how bad sugar is for people. For me that pretty much means avoiding most processed foods because many are loaded with sugar. Other people seem to have a much higher tolerance to sugar than I do. For me it seems to go straight to fat around my gut.

    Anyway I used to only use calorie restriction and I reached a point where I couldn’t lose weight and I felt horrible. Worse I was doing a lot of cardio, losing muscle and getting fatter, although slowly. I always felt hunger soon after eating and it was almost drying me crazy. When I cut out the added refined sugars, my hunger went away, I started losing fat and I was even able to eat more food. As bigbooty stated somethings the what is more important and the amount.

    Now if you have been sick and are one medications, that opens up more problems. I still think though the best thing to do is get as much good nutrition as possible. Again that will lead one away from processed foods.

    Finally our weight is really a range. For example I vary as much as 3kg a day, that is extreme because I tend to workout hard. You may be seeing a high reading of your weight but your body is really losing some fat, it is possible. Over time you can use other measurements like are your old clothes getting too big.

    They key point to pick out and focus on is the one Cinque made – this is lifelong commitment – it’s a fact – it works – do you want all those general health and weight loss benefits? Only looking at your weight loss after a very short time is unhelpful (I think) – just focus on “doing 5:2” and have complete confidence that it will work and that the results will come – if you do it right – keep digging around the forums and you, like me, will pick up great practical advice about what to eat and about how to think about what you are doing with 5:2 – it’s a challenge for everyone – for some it is a bigger challenge than other and I now appreciate that people at one ends of that spectrum can find it hard to understand why people at the other end find it – hard (or easy) – but I don’t think it’s a massive challenge TBH – the most important thing is to be patient about the process and not to focus or obsess too much about weight and time – if you work hard on the fast days to either eat the right things (i.e. keep to the calorie limit or 500 or 600 or even to get as far under the limit as you can) – the results will appear. Obviously you have to apply yourself on your non-fasting days too but honestly, what I read here and what I found out myself – is that your eating habits change – your sense of taste actually changes, your taste in what you want to eat changes, the way you deal with hunger changes, your relationship to food and eating changes – a lot of that comes very naturally as a consequence of just doing 5:2. Good luck – tough it out – it’s probably the most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done healthwise.

    Along with weight loss diet plan, you can also start yoga. Yoga is by far the best way to reduce the fat deposits in your body. No, matter which body part you are targeting at, yoga has something for everyone. Be it your face, shoulders, thighs, arms or hips, you won’t be disappointed. The most amazing thing about yoga is that unlike gym, it doesn’t make you feel exhausted.

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