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  • Hi guys I need help and fast!
    Firstly I’m 5ft (very short)  I weight 10stone 5lbs.
    For the last 3 weeks I have been on a VLCD Exante diet and have lost 10lbs – I have been doing the diet mon-Friday and maintaining Sat & Sun.
    Im becoming really hungry so I want to start 5:2 but I don’t want my weight loss to slow down too much, 3lbs a week would be happy I want to get down to 8 stone 12lbs for my holiday (or abit lesss but unlikely) in 5 week.s
    My TDEE is 1608 with little to no exercise. I plan on having 1500 on non fast days and exercising around 300 calories off. I also walk to work 20 min there 20 min back 🙂
    On non fast days im going to use my VLCD products so it wasn’t a whole waste of money and have 500 calories.
    Does anybody know if this method will work? I have a low metabolism and im worried if I stick to the 1608 I will only lose a 1lb a week I know that’s the safe way but it really is too low for me.
    Advice, and experience would be much appreciated 
    Thanks in advance x

    Hi. I’ve been doing 5:2 for just over 2 weeks. Just into my 5th fast day and have lost 7lb already. Really enjoying the mornings after the fast days when I reward myself with something I really like (eg bacon butty with a bit of choc and couple of glasses of wine in the evening) then back to watching the cals I’m using myfitnesspal (very good cal counting app) all the time to watch I don’t go over my 2200kcals daily allowance on normal days. I find this really helpful and very informative on the normal days as to what I’m actually puting in my body.
    If I’ve lost 7lb with no exercise and mostly staying within 2000kcals on normal days I would def think you will loose much more than 1lb a week. I think the secret is not to stress and worry as this can hinder your weight loss, Google it. Be happy with yourself and enjoy your holiday no matter what. Carry on when you come back and enjoy the benefits


    Wow that’s amazing well done, could I ask what your starting weight category is please? Im sure I will as before on a 1,200 cal diet I used to lose 3lbs per week and ive calculated I walk 3miles a day which is 200 calories gone already plus I have 30min on exercise bike when I get home. Good luck with your journey and thanks for the advice  x

    Hi, I started at 14 stone 11 so not that bad to begin with. I’m 42 and 5 foot 11. You sound like you’re doing plenty well and I do recommend the 5:2 diet. Get the book off amazon for less than £4, and have a read. It sounds like your excersise would be even more beneficial on fast days as your body will go into FAT burn. It isn’t easy fasting but I find that you really need to plan your two meals, go hi protein and stay off the carbs as best you can those days. So eggs, chicken, fish and I try to delay my breakfast as long as possible on my fast days and eat my evening meal an hour before I would normally and really go for eating nothing in between only water. If you must, have an apple, I find that takes cravings away for me. There is a section in his book coving excersise on fast days and I would think there might be something on the website. FAST excersise (HIT) excersise might be something for you too, doing high intensity stuff. Sprints then jog, sprint then jog etc xxx
    Glad to be of some help to you

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