Help me/Let us help each other in breaking the Mindless eating habits

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Help me/Let us help each other in breaking the Mindless eating habits

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  • Hi 5:2 ers:

    I have ‘tried’ to do 5:2 for a couple of months now. My issue is really not hunger because I have realized that I do not really feel physical hunger as much as I feel the emotional/psychological hunger. I usually just have black tea for breakfast and drink loads of lemon water until lunch time. Lunch will be boiled egg and greens. I also have a decent dinner but then—–afterwards—–that is when my emotional need to eat kicks in. I have therefore not had atoo many real 500Cal fast days 🙁

    Anybody feels the same way? What can we do to help each other stick to the 500cal? And beat the monster inside me that just wants to stuff itself with a bit of this and that in the evening?

    Looking forward to your replies 🙂
    Zoey from Canada

    Welcome Zoey! I’d be willing to guess that about 99% of us, give or take a percent, have felt the same way MANY a fast day. I suppose some people get used to it, but several months in now and I’m still having to simply distract myself when fasting and remember how doggone virtuous I feel the morning after a successful fast day. But sometimes it just isn’t enough, and if there is something else going on that day, then I relax and exceed the 500 and try not to beat myself up about it. Some fast days are not that hard, some are just endless, right? It would be nice if we could just harness the right mindset on the right day.

    I find these forums a tremendous support, just knowing so many are feeling the same way. But we all keep trying and more often than not we chalk up another day in the win column. If not, well then it’s just one day – it’s what I really like about this plan. It’s truly just one day. You aren’t always “on a diet” either.

    Cheers and remember you are not alone in any of your struggles!


    Hi Zoey from Canada!

    No one was worse than me for stuffing in the evening. Crisps, nuts, gin and tonic, been there, done that. But it is just a habit, like smoking. You can stop,and when you really want to you will.

    Get yourself a big glass of sparkling water after your low calorie evening meal, then have an early night. No snacks, nothing. You will feel so proud of yourself when you wake up next morning.

    Let us know how you go on.

    Applepie from Spain

    Thank you JadeLark and Applepie for your insights. I recently started brushing, flossing and using my mouthwash right after dinner (on fasting and NFDs) and it helps tremendously with that mindless eating. If you haven’t tried, I suggest you give it a go.

    I will be fasting tomorrow and I hope, pray and cross my fingers that I will stay within 500 cals.


    you are so great! i should try my beat too ….

    My suggestion would be to think up, in advance, something you could do in the evening after dinner- perhaps a walk for an hour or so. Or a pampering bath and spend some time exfoliating your skin or something. I agree that it’s just habit eating so change what you do and create a new habit. Me, I have a nice bath and then treat myself to a program I’ve recorded and do some crochet (which I started in January). Everyone will be getting crochet surprises for Christmas this year!!!

    “Crochet surprises” 🙂 I like that.

    You know what, I might just try doing that today, i.e. taking a bath.

    Is anyone on the fast train today? I am and I am always so surprised with my high energy levels and positive mood all day long. Let me tell you that it’s just 9.25 AM now though.

    Oh man, I had such a successful day until the evening came. And I was so tired and out of it, I could it even find enough energy to run a bath. I did brush my teeth but there was that nagging emotional hunger unfortunately 🙁

    Zoey – next time you get that “nagging emotional hunger” ignore it! I went through it when I started this new WOL, and when I stopped smoking many years ago. It’s nothing but a bad habit.

    “Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels” I think it was the Duchess of Windsor said that, or it could have been Kate Moss, or both. Whatever, it’s true! 🙂

    Good luck!

    I am going to have a successful fast day tomorrow 🙂 I love it how I always start my fasts on a positive notes. And tomorrow I will try to do all of the above suggestions from taking a bath to simply ‘ignoring’ it. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts.

    It’s just 8.42 AM and I “feel” like having breakfast. Ugh, anybody feel the same?

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