HELP!!! I didn't lose weight at all

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HELP!!! I didn't lose weight at all

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  • Hi, I started fasting diet last week, on Monday. During my fasting days I did’n eat anything at all, for 24 hours. I stopped eating on Sunday evening at 9 pm o’clock and I started eating again at nine pm o’clcock on Monday. The same for my second day of fasting, Thursady.
    In the first days it seemed I was losing some weight, some hectograms (- 0,5 kilo after my first dietfast week) but today… after 10 days it seems I lost 0,1 HECTOGRAM.
    I would like to lose 5 kilos… from 61 to 56, and then maybe more…

    What do I do? I go on? What is your experienca?

    I am sure not to overcompensating during the non-fasting days, so I don’t understan why I didn’t lose weight… I’m so frustrated

    Hi. What plan are you following? If you are doing 5:2 you should be eating 500 calories in 36 hours. If you had your last meal at 9pm on Sunday, you should eat 500 cals on Monday, then resume eating at 9am on Tuesday. I know some people eat nothing at all and some people do the 16:8 where they fast for 16 hours then eat 800 calories in the next 8 hours.
    Have you used the online calculator to see what your calorie intake should be? You have not mentioned any figures as to your starting weight and how many calories you are eating, or your bmi. Check it out above I think it’s in the How it works section above.

    Hi Ludolina, how frustrating!
    But there are lots of reasons weight fluctuates. If you have some inflammation, time of the month, food moving through the system, if you had a salty meal yesterday, etc you can weigh up to a couple of kilos extra.

    Remember 5:2 is for the long term.

    Because of the way weight fluctuates, health professionals generally recommend weighing once a week, on the same day at the same time, and chart the weight over a few months. If you can’t help jumping on in between, just remember not to take the inbetween weights too seriously.

    Hopefully your next weighing day will show a nice big loss.

    Also remember there are other measures of how you are going: Your waist measurement, how your clothes are fitting, how you feel in yourself, how you look in the mirror.

    If eating nothing on fast days works for you, keep at it. If you don’t think it is sustainable add in some food keeping under the 500, 600, or 800 maximum you set yourself. You will get there!

    Have a read of the first post here, it may bring you some comfort:

    Best wishes and all good things

    Causes of Your Weight Gain:

    You’re Sleeping Wrong
    You’re not consuming enough water
    You put off eating too long
    You eat out too frequently
    You remain seated all-day
    You Use Food To Reward Exercise
    You Drink Too Much Alcohol
    You Have Snack Attacks Under Stress

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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