Help! I am going on a 2 week cruise

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Help! I am going on a 2 week cruise

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  • Hey fellow fasters I need some help please!?
    I am going on a 2 week cruise, I don’t plan to do any fast days but I wondered if anyone has some tips and advice to help the weight stay off? I plan to hit the gym and portion control but any other ideas would be most welcome. I heard that the average weight gain on a cruise is 1lb a day!!!!! Eek!

    I recently returned from a 17 holiday in California and I didn’t fast or watch what I ate at all.

    What worked wonderfully well for me was that on my return I didn’t weigh myself, I just went straight into a fast day and then fasted on alternate days for three days. I then weighed myself and was delighted to find that I was only a pound heavier than when I went away.

    One week and two fast days later and I was half a pound lighter than I was before my holiday. This really is a breakthrough for me as it usually takes me weeks if not months to get back to square one!

    So I would say enjoy your cruise and don’t worry about what you eat. Exercise if you want to but the main thing is to have a great time. But DON’T weigh yourself as soon as you get home – it can be so disheartening. Just get back into the swing of fasting as soon as you get back and all will be well. Don’t forget this is a way of life now so ups and downs can be taken in your stride.

    Just relax, it is a holiday, after all. But I imagine there are lots of things to do on a cruise, it cannot all be about the food (if it is, don’t take a cruise again). I would say, keep on eating lots of salads and vegetables. Have a great vacation!

    lol @tjppie ‘it cannot all be about the food’ – if you are in the right frame of mind a cruise can be just a 5* floating buffet! Or should that be in the wrong frame of mind?
    I did a 12 day cruise in July and put on 6lbs which disappeared very quickly once I was back in the zone of IF.
    I am lucky enough to be going on an 8 day cruise in a weeks time so may put some weight back on but as said it is a holiday.
    One good tip is to make sure your cabin is at the front of the ship as the dining rooms seem to be situated at the back of the ship – so a good walk is required.
    Jem -how did you get on?

    My daughters just come back off a 11 day cruise, she put 6 lb on and teenage son 5 lb, they both lost it within two weeks by cutting back and eating healthy, plenty of salads! ( it wasn’t the 5.2 diet)

    So go and enjoy your holiday as the person above says don’t weigh yourself just get back on track on returning.

    Hello all thanks for the responses. I gained 2lb, but I hit the gym most days as I wanted to eat and drink what I wanted. We also took the stairs not the lift. Anyway weights all back off within a couple of days so all happy and back losing my regular 1lb a week 🙂

    Just shows there’s nothing to worry about. For anyone else planning holidays, there’s only so much weight you can put on over two weeks, especially if your appetite is smaller after 5:2ing. Enjoy a guilt free holiday knowing you’ve earned it. Just get back into the 5:2 routine as soon as possible (even by doing 6:1 to start with, if it helps).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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