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  • Hello All,

    I am new to intermittent fasting and I am trying to figure out the best way to plan out out my eating and working out schedule.

    I work everyday from 7am-4pm
    I exercise at the gym from 430pm-6pm

    I know it is said that we benefit most from exercise and IT when we exercise on an empty stomach but that’s not possible at all for me, I cannot go to the gym when I wake on an empty stomach because I am up at 5am getting prepared for work and an hour long commute.

    I am stuck. I do not know at what time the first meal of the day to eat (my lunch is at 12pm) and also so that any toning or muscle I’m trying to build in the gym isn’t going to waste because of the fasting I did earlier. Please help me.

    @ricebunny. If you are going to the gym as a means of losing weight then you’ll be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong going to the gym is great for your mental state, it makes you feel good, helps with tone if doing resistance training or fitness if youre doing cardio work but as a means of weight loss it has minimal impact. Weight loss is 90% diet, 10% exercise.

    A one hour workout will burn 200-400 calories depending on the intensity you train at. One donut has 450 calories.

    Don’t get too hung up about what meal to skip, while it does have an impact try and develop an eating pattern that is easy for you. Youre more likely to keep doing it. Your focus should be on healthy eating habits. Eliminate sugar and processed grain based carbs. Avoid protein shakes, they contain massive amounts of sugar. Read the labels and look for the sugar content. Avoid “sports” drinks, pure crap. Avoid juice, pure crap. Avoid breakfast cereals, pure crap. Avoid honey, way over spruiked, its just sugar. Lots of veggies (no potatoes), high fat low sugar Greek yogurt. Some fruit, especially berry type fruits. No bread, cakes, biscuits. Nuts like almonds, pecans, walnuts. Lots of fibre rich foods like beans, legumes.

    Good luck.

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