Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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    G’day blokes and sheilas!

    I think that salutation will be well known in Aussie; if it’s not, someone called Sheila will be scratching her head.

    Despite my best efforts, I’m afraid I still haven’t joined the double digit dieters, as the scales this morning gave me the bad news I was half a kilo over the magical 99.9kg. Oh, well – good things come to those who wait, so no use getting my t’s in a tangle.

    The view (pictured) down to the beach while collecting the paper this morning raised my mood somewhat, sending me back inside for a camera.

    LJoyce – interesting to hear your zucchinis are turning into triffids. I planted my Z plants about a month ago and so far they’ve sat there sulking.However, this week we had some hotter days and they’ve finally realised their mission in life and the plants have quadrupled in size. No flowers yet, but remember we’re close to Antarctica! I usually produce plenty of yummy zuccinis, and some courgettes as well (no, that’s a joke).

    Lindsay L – you’ve got a great spot on that island! I’d love to spend some time there, as long as there are no crocs! And I’ll tell you what (after seeing an amazing TV news clip recently) – if I was walking a dog there and a wee croc leapt out and dragged it into the water, I’ll just ask the croc does he want salt on it? A fair number of oldies from my city, Dunedin, have apartments and timeshares in Queensland and usually escape the Otago winter cold, but this year they were stymied by covid and all they could do was tour as far north as possible in Kiwiland, and splash their cash on stuff like motor homes and flash boats. I prefer to go skiing in winter, so I look forward to seeing lots of snow on the mountains.

    Thinatlast – sorry you can’t open my pix. Must be some sort of incompatibility issue. Just for you, I’ll describe today’s pic – morning mist is wreathed over Lawyer’s Head as big boomers roll in off the blue Pacific Ocean on to Ocean Beach, Dunedin, NZ. It should have prompted me to go for a long walk on the beach (3.5km each way) but my Merrells stayed in the wardrobe, as I spent the day trying to work out how to self-publish a book on Amazon. It’s quite an involved process but I hope it will be worth it in the end. And I guess I’d better stop researching my young adult fiction novel and get writing that book and all those to follow! This week I heard a prolific Kiwi author who self-publishes has raked in $200,000 this year!

    Keep shrinking, everyone!

    Jony, thank you! It’s snowing here! The boat is covered. Just a little more patience and you’ll be in the nineties – we’ll all be here cheering you on.

    Cinque, what a strange problem with the thread page numbering. The most recent page showing is p496. Having clicked ahead and arrived here (p497), I can see a light grey (inaccessible) p498 above. If I click on p497, I get taken back to the previous page and then 498 becomes accessible again. Click on that option and you arrive back here, p497. Anyway, I’ve reported it to JJ. See you tomorrow.

    Sunday FD for me. I’m feeling a bit grumpy as the lung infection has flared back up and I recommenced antibiotics again this morning. Enough already!
    I just hope the symptoms are gone by Wednesday as my infusion is due then.

    Oy! Where is everyone? A distinct lack of postings from our group members. Maybe they all left for other groups?
    Thinatlast thanked me for the snow. Thank you for that but I don’t know what I did. I’ve been doing hot weather dances to try to remind the weather gods it’s summer time here and the weather better warm up very soon – especially for the bike ride I’m running next Sat. We’re even finishing with drinks on St Clair beach, just to tempt fate a little more.

    Today I’ve included a delightful photo to cheer you all up. Each year my newspaper, the Otago Daily Times here in Dunedin, publishes a big calendar packed with photos taken ar0und Otago by our photographers during the year. I just picked up my 2021 calendar and I reckon this pic is pick of the crop for 2020. That young girl being dragged through the surf by her horse should be screaming in fright, but as you can see she loves it. And the horse is having a giggle too. Hope you all enjoy this pic. It just screams “I’m young and alive and life’s fantastic”.

    One thing about fasting – you’ve gotta be on your game at all times when planning your social life. Yesterday I arranged to meet a friend from our writing group for an informal meeting at a nice cafe tomorrow. Tonight I thought, dammit – that’s my fast day! I hope he doesn’t order blue cod and chips and scoff it in front of me. I’ll have to do my usual trick of smuggling in a wine or bran biscuit to nibble with my coffee. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our figures! And our lives, I guess.

    Keep on shrinking!

    Jony, I’ve failed to communicate effectively yet again. Apologies, I do tend to assume the reader knows what’s in my head. This often gets me into trouble here. Fortunately, on this occasion no offence has been taken, just a misunderstanding. My first sentence was to thank you for your description of the photo just for me in which you described the morning mist. The second sentence, was just comparing the weather here rather than attributing it to anything you’d done.

    Jony, accolades however are in order for your ability to embrace this WOL so well and to recognise that it fits into life, no excuses. Planning is key I find.

    I have since subscribed to imgur where before it wasn’t necessary in order to open photos. Despite now giving them details I’d prefer they didn’t have, this still hasn’t enabled me to open any photos.

    LJ, hope you feel better soon. You do get a lot of lung infections.

    FD here. Considering Chicken Jalfrezi. We have an ALDI conveniently located just across the footbridge from the marina. I find them the worst for enforcing social distancing and always feel very stressed when I’m in there and equally relieved to get out. I had the idea to take advantage of the proximity and go close to their closing time. Last night, we braved the 5C temps and what a treat! We almost had the place to ourselves. I can’t tell you what a relief that was to shop like ‘normal’ for the first time in 8 months.

    On Tuesday, our vaccine campaign begins. As I said before, I’ll be well down the list of prioritised recipients. Nevertheless I have every confidence in the NHS to deliver. For the first time ever, I had a ‘flu vaccine last week (reluctantly). I was so impressed by the professionalism, efficiency and safety with which they conducted what was called a ‘flu clinic. I never sat down, didn’t make contact with a single other patient and was in and out via a one-way system within 3 minutes. No wonder Britons are so proud of their healthcare system. Go NHS!

    Morning all.

    I hope you all had good weekends. I was reasonably busy, I was doing some gardening work and wood chopping on Saturday and then filled in for a tennis team in the afternoon. Sunday I got some pruning done and re-staked all our fruit trees that were damaged by the wind we had a few weeks ago and then played frisbee golf in the afternoon. A nice mix of work and play.

    I’m on day 22 of the Whole30 so just over a week to go. My stomach issue has come back, the only thing that I’ve eaten different this weekend has been a whole lot of nuts. Perhaps that is what was causing my issues. I’ll cut out nuts for the next few days and see how that goes.

    Have a great one everyone

    Good morning,
    Monday in Melbourne and a lovely day for me and my garden, with gentle sunshine after rain. (Miso the cat would prefer it to be warmer.)
    Just eking out my fast by writing this before breakfast (after my Sunday fast day). I might write in a bit of a rushed way 😉

    A busy weekend for me, hence no post Jony. Minded Miss 4 on Saturday, but then Miss 6 needed some grandma time on Sunday. Resting today.

    Anzac, thanks for your kind thoughts. It is quite like me to struggle on fast days, sad to say, when I am tired or symptomatic or fallen off the fasting wave. Sigh.
    But I have had better sleeps and yesterday wasn’t too hard. 🙂
    You will be counting down the days to the weekend. I am so excited for you!

    Jony your body must be just stretching out the time for you to get under 100kg so your celebration will be even more exciting. I’m betting it will be this week!
    You are spot on about life throwing (lovely) events at us to test our fasting. Well it might make for an interesting conversation with your friend. Fingers crossed he doesn’t go for fish and chips, for your sake.
    Thankyou for posting those lovely views. Just stunning, each one. And what a gorgeous picture of the little girl and her horse.

    Thin, yes, I am being directed to a page two pages back too. And I never got straight on to the right page 497. I will (still) try to write to JJ too, so she is getting more than one report about it. At least I am able to click from 496 onto 498 without any trouble.

    LJoyce, so sorry to hear that lung infection has flared up again. Have the antibiotics worked quickly again?

    Thin, so glad your flu jab was safe and easy, and hoping your turn for the covid vaccine comes soon. Only a few million to give out first! Yay for the NHS.
    Cheers for chicken jalfrezi and social distancing in Aldi’s. Does the internet show Aldi’s quietest time? It seems to be the first hour they are open for Aldi, and every other shop too, here.

    Neil, super weekend. So sorry those stomach issues are back. Oily nuts make me wonder about gallstones. I do hope the pain has settled and the next 8 days go really well.

    Well, I am off to have fresh made flatbread with tomato, roasted capsicum, olives and avocado and parsley. And coffee. What a lovely way to break a fast.

    Ok, I will message JJ first.

    Cheers all.

    Cinque, you had me worried but I looked it up and it’s definitely not that. None of my symptoms fit and the pain is in a different place to gallstones (gallstones are apparently up at the base of the ribcage, mine is down lower on the right side near where the appendix is.) I’m guessing it’s just where I get a bit of blockage when I get backed up because it seems to have passed now. I’m certainly going to lay off the nuts for a few days to see if it helps.

    Good afternoon everyone.
    It’s cool, wet and very windy here, although as I’m confined to the house at present I haven’t had to deal with it. The lung infection is still present but I noticed they were much easier to clear this morning.
    Hopefully a couple more days of antibiotics will kill off those persistent bacteria as I confirmed my infusion for Wednesday evening. I probably shouldn’t have done that, but in the same text they warned me that they’d have difficulty finding another infusion time if I didn’t confirm this one – I felt railroaded into accepting the Wednesday infusion as I do not want the arthritis to flare up over Christmas.

    Jony, we can be erratic posters. Some days we’re all busy and don’t get to post and on others everyone posts multiple times! It’s not that we’ve deserted you for other forums.
    I understand that your zucchini plants will be a bit behind mine. Until a couple of years ago I lived up in the Adelaide Hills, which are much chillier than my current abode. I couldn’t even put veggie plants into the soil until late spring as it was too cold for them and somethings there was just no point even trying to grow (like eggplant and capsicum). It’s been a pleasant shock seeing how fast things grow down here.
    I have everything crossed for a double digit number for this week. You are doing exceptionally well. It took me over a year to get from triple to double digits.

    Neil, I’m glad the pain subsided. If it keeps reoccurring you should get checked for appendicitis. The other thing I’d be suspicious of is diverticulitis, as nuts and seeds are the main foods that triggering this. However, as you’ve said, it could just be the speed with which your bowel is functioning. Any reduction in fibre and water intake can have a negative impact.
    I bet you are glad there is just a week to go.

    Cinque, I’m sure you are weary today, but I suspect a weekend of granddaughter time was worth it. Hope you have a restful day. Very glad to see you have been sleeping better – so important for fatigue levels.
    I got my Jane Grigson vegetable and fruit books out this morning to look for ideas for using my plentiful zucchini and rhubarb. In her section on rhubarb I actually found a recipe for rhubarb with lamb shoulder that is very similar to the one you shared with me. Hers is called “lamb khoresh with rhubarb” and is adapted from “Persian Cooking” by Nesta Ramazani. I love Jane Grigson’s turn of phrase. She wrote: “You need not admit to the rhubarb if you fear a domestic riot. Nobody would guess, though the interesting nature of the sourness might puzzle them.” While I love the glossy colourful pictures of food in most cookbooks, most of my favourite cookbook actually have none. The are just text with an occasional black ink drawing. What I find so appealing is that the two writers (Jane Grigson and Mollie Katzen) engage with the reader, they don’t just write recipes they tell stories.

    Thin, I have found the the beginning and end of the supermarket opening hours are usually quietest here too. Although I can avail myself of those times without facing a northern winter!
    Is it still snowing? I thought England usually got snow near the end of winter. One of my “To Do List” items is a white christmas – one of these days.

    I’m quite pleased with myself. Every time I’ve been stuck at home like this I have had trouble controlling my eating, but thankfully not this time. I had scheduled a FD yesterday and went ahead with that and I have another scheduled for tomorrow. I decided today would also be strictly controlled and I plan to make a pot of zucchini soup for dinner. Despite the cold weather my appetite is surprisingly behaving with restraint.

    Have a good day all.

    Neil, I’m very glad it is unlikely to be gall stones.

    LJoyce, so cool re the rhubarb recipe is Jane Grigson’s book. I got them (mostly the vegetable one) out of the library often and so enjoyed the way she wrote, but it was back in my vegetarian days so I wouldn’t have looked at a lamb recipe.

    Keep working antibiotics!

    Hello everyone from a HOT Sydney.

    Quick post as am frantic at work. Only 7 more work days after today until the three week Christmas shutdown!

    Neil, I echo LJ about diverticulitis as I had this diagnosed recently. It’s a pain (no pun intended) but manageable with keeping loads of fibre in your diet. I would get pain exactly where you said so my doctor first sent me for an ultrasound and when that didn’t return anything I went to a gastroenterologist who did a colonoscopy and that detected it. If you do have it, bad flare ups are treated with antibiotics but I’ve only had it that bad once.

    LJ, glad your lung infection is better and sending lots of healing power so that it is ok on Wednesday. Congrats on not overeating

    I had too much bread and salty foods on the weekend so back to my mindfulness and 800-1000 calorie days to try and counter the damage

    Jony, we would NEVER desert this forum! As LJ said, sometimes we collectively get busy and it gets a bit quiet

    Glad you FD was easier yesterday Cinque and you were able to have a better sleep.

    Glad too Thin that your flu shot was efficient and risk-free

    Gah, must run – am being pinged by several people on Skype.

    Take care

    Anzac, just a few more days until you can properly relax. Wonderful. You deserve a break.

    Neil, hoping you don’t have an issue with nuts.

    Jony, let us know when you get to double digits this week ….

    LJ, mention of rhubarb reminded me that I haven’t yet tried Cinque Lamb and Rhubarb recipe waiting patiently on my desktop.

    Cinque, glad you had a good FD. And a lovely weekend with the littlies. Thanks for writing to JJ if you feel up to it, the more that do, the weightier it becomes. She removed yet another spam post I’d reported very quickly overnight.

    I’m not sure whether there’s up to date info on quiet shopping times but being so close to the ALDI, it made sense to take advantage of it. It’s not my favourite store due to the rummaging section in the centre aisles which doesn’t seem covid-safe but their prices are good and, last year, we bought our entire Christmas food list from them. On the way back, we met our marina neighbour, a long distance overnight lorry driver with a bag of groceries. He said he does everything at night including his laundry at the members’ block.

    I really need a haircut! I have only had one since my shearing last November. I am so torn because it seems such a likely place to spread the virus and I have to take pot luck not knowing the salons or their operators. I’m amazed by the volume of people crowded into nail salons. Really? That’s a priority?

    CalifD, thinking of you. California is such a mess. 85% of the state now in lockdown. I can’t help feeling that Thanksgiving travel en masse had something to do with the frightening spike. I know you’ll stay safe but it’s a worry. Take care.

    I’ve just received a covid humour email. “I don’t like the fact that my chances of survival seem to be linked to the common sense of others”!

    LJ, I’m sorry to hear that the lung infection came back. I hope the antibiotics do their thing again so you can go ahead with your infusion on Wednesday. Zucchini is a great vegetable to just slice and sauté with onions, garlic and a little salt. I sometimes add some small pieces of red capsicum if I have it available, mostly just for the color. My birds like sliced raw zucchini too and have some almost every day with a few other vegetables.

    Thin, good to hear that the Covid vaccine will be started there on Tuesday. Will they use the flu clinics and do it by appointment? Is there a list of when it’s available? The one they’re talking about here needs 2 shots, I think a couple weeks apart. Is the one you’re getting there the same? They still haven’t given final approval here. What we’re hearing now is “before the end of the month”.

    Penguin, hope your move preparations are going well and the move date hasn’t changed again. And hope that temporary apartment you were going to look at was a good one. There always seem too be so many details that have to come together when buying and selling homes. It’s a wonder that any of us ever move house!

    Cinque, glad to hear you had some granddaughter time, but I’m sure it felt like a real workout. 4 and 6 year olds have so much energy! It seems like they never stop moving. I’m sure they love being able to spend time with you again.
    There seem to be a few Covid cases each day in Australia, usually under 10. Are any of them in Victoria? I know LJ mentioned a couple in SA a week or so ago. The US seems to be breaking new records every day, now including our area. We have been staying away from people other than for grocery shopping since March, so the new stay at home orders that will probably start this week in Cal won’t be very different for us. I still feel very stressed just seeing the numbers each day. California has the most cases in the country lately, but it’s a big state with over 39.5 million people, more than the population of all of Canada. On a per capita basis, California is 41 out of 50 states for the number of cases. That still doesn’t matter if hospitals get overwhelmed.

    Jony, I love the picture you posted of the misty morning view from your home. So beautiful!

    Anzac, glad to hear you have only 7 days til your Christmas shutdown. It will be so nice for you to get away after being so busy.

    Lindsay, that photo from your beach house is so beautiful and relaxing. What a nice break for you!

    Neil, congrats on the new bike, but please be careful. 31km is really fast for a bike. I hope eliminating the nuts helps with your stomach issues. Are you eating enough fiber? Are beans part of the diet?

    We just finished Series 1 of another Aussie show, “Janet King”. We really enjoyed it. Marta Dusseldorp, one of the lead actors in it, also had a leading role in “A Place to call Home” which we finished a couple weeks ago. I really like her.

    Well time to get some sleep. Hi to everyone I didn’t mention by name. Have a great rest of your day.

    CalifD, at the moment, we only have approval for the Pfizer vaccine that has logistical issues surrounding transportation and storage. The Astra Zeneca/Oxford University one doesn’t have those temperature requirements, may have less efficacy and is expected to be approved soon. People over 80 who can get to a designated hospital hub or people over 80 being discharged from hospitals will be vaccinated first.

    Care home residents, care home workers and NHS workers are all priorities but the former have to wait until distribution logistics can be overcome. The media, still hell bent on trying to rip the country apart above all else, predictably pounced on that one as a government failure – but the scientists lashed back and put them back in their box.

    Because all of them require a booster three weeks later, it’s important to make sure that there’s enough still available for those already vaccinated. And that none is wasted through inadequate delivery methods.

    The ‘flu clinic I went to was located in a GP medical centre. The ‘list’ has been devised to prioritise categories. People will receive letters inviting them to partake when it’s their turn. Ultimately, GPs & pharmacists could be utilised.

    At one point, vets were being considered but this has been ruled out. It’s not like they aren’t already inundated risking their lives trying to save animals throughout this mess. DD said she’d have welcomed the opportunity to inject some of the more rude humans she’s been subjected to with 16 gauge needles!

    P.S. No need to contact JJ Cinque, she has told me that she’s working on the problem and it may take a while. It has to do with how the programme deletes these unwanted guests that keep popping up on our thread. Please go away spammers! We have found our solution thank you.


    It was FD yesterday and I was very good. I loved my 150g of fresh baked blue cod and dill with roasted veges for dinner and jumped on the scales his fine morn. No! Still stuck in the noughties, on 100.6kg. I’d rather be stuck in the naughties! At least I’d have some fun.

    Very frustrating, especially after I logged a tough 44km bike ride in the hills on Sunday OK, I do ride an e-bike, but you’ve still got to pedal it, and a 67-year-old needs a little help.

    Today’s file pic comes from Lake Tekapo, South Canterbury. We were married in this lovely kirk, the Church of the Good Shepherd, in 1975 and 9 years later we arrived with two kids and lived there for 2 years, setting up a tourist business. We used to ski in the mountains in the background and I used to fish in and sail on the lake, which is glacier-fed. Lovely place to live, but journalism was calling again and I headed south to start with the Otago Daily Times (Dunedin-based), working in Oamaru, Alexandra and finally Dunedin.

    Keep shrinking folk, and great to see you all back on the forum!


    Good morning lovelies,

    I did write to JJ before breakfast yesterday and a lovely reply was the first thing I read this morning
    “Hi —
    Thanks! It has to do with the software getting confused by deleted spam posts. I’ll work on it — the tools the software has to do the fixes time out on the long topics so it will take a bit of custom work. Which is not a problem! It will take me a bit to do it though.
    Sorry it’s misbehaving!

    (As you said, Thin. Ha, I could have left it to you.)

    Cali, at the moment Australia’s covid cases are all from people coming home to Australia from overseas, and they are staying in hotel quarantine when they develop it. There is one worker at hotel quarantine in Sydney who unfortunately caught it, but that is pretty well the only scenario for it to get into the community. So the whole country is feeling quite covid free, but lots of effort going into safety procedures for hotel quarantine.

    Anzac, I wish you had an easy week before holidays, like the last week of the school year when we played card games and did each others hair. At this rate you will need to spend the most of your holidays just recovering. Take care.
    I hope your 800 – 1000 days are winging along. You can get plenty of delicious food in under 1,000 calories, can’t you.

    Ha Thin, I am similar visiting Aldi, never sure if it will be wonderful or useless. I do hope you can get a lovely haircut soon. Remember that story of the two US hairdressers who caught covid early on, but they were so careful at work they didn’t pass it on to any of their customers they looked after before they were diagnosed.

    Oh dear, isn’t that quote spot on: “I don’t like the fact that my chances of survival seem to be linked to the common sense of others”

    And I’m chuckling at DD’s remark.

    Another stunning picture John Jony, what a wonderful life you have had (and are still having). Ooh those grams are holding on to you hard, aren’t they! I bet you do a surprisingly big jump down soon, and then you might never see the naughty noughties again.

    Well I INDULGED myself yesterday. I am counting it as a feast day. I know it doesn’t sound too indulgent, but I really only need very small amount of carbs in the day. I had a couple of flatbreads for breakfast and then, with my evening soup, I had my first go at a filled flatbread to go with it (Indian stuffed roti style but a very plain filling). I put greens and some grated mozzarella sandwiched between the dough. First try rolling it out I did get a few holes but it still worked and was so delicious, it was just too much.

    No indulgences today Cinque.

    On that note I am off to make another cup of tea.
    Except Miso the cat is on my knee, purring.
    I’ll check my social media!

    Bye now, and best wishes to you all

    Morena everyone

    Day 23, just 1 week to go after today!

    Well there have been a lot of posts in the last 24 hours to read through.

    Cinque, don’t let one day of excess get you down, back on the horse and it’ll be a small blip.

    Jony, small world, my neighbour works at the ODT, I think he’s in the advertising department.

    Anzac and Ljoyce, I did have a colonoscopy a couple of months ago so they should have picked up any irregularities during that.

    Thin, hopefully the logistical problems can be sorted out and the vaccination can start being distributed soon.

    Cali, Beans aren’t allowed, all legumes including soy and peanuts are off the menu, but I do get enough fibre. I eat so many fruit and veg every day that I definitely hit the fibre goal.

    I’m up to 42 kilometres into the 100k to Christmas goal so I’m well underway. 58k to go in the next 17 days.

    Have a great one everyone.

    Morning all.

    After cooking for a couple of days, it’s milder today and we had some rain!! How lovely to hear that patter on the roof. Checked the forecast for OH’s surprise weekend away, and the max is 21. I guess I’d better pack a jumper. So far so good with maintaining the surprise – although the little girls at the weekend kept whispering things like ‘is this the time we are all doing something special somewhere else with barbar’. The cover was also blown too when DD turned up with her springer well and truly clipped ….and the reason I’d given him for taking the dogs to the kennel was to have them clipped. Luckily OH can be pretty oblivious to what’s going on around him.

    Well I’ve had a pretty painful few days. I hurt my foot while walking on the beach last Thursday and by evening it was really painful. I walked again on Friday (silly, I know) and since then I’ve hardly been able to hobble on it. I saw the doctor yesterday and had a blood test and scan and xray scheduled for later in the week. In his view, it could be arthritis, tendons/muscles in the foot pulled from stepping into soft sand holes in the lagoon, or….gout! Surely not. It seems more muscular than in the joint, and is not sore to the touch like OH’s gout, but excruciating, and the foot looks like a little balloon.

    Neil, it’s not unusual for a big change in diet like you’ve had to cause some side effects. And aren’t you doing well? I think we’re all keen to know how much weight you’ll have lost when your 30 days are done.

    Your feasty day sounds pretty delish Cinque ….some days are just like that, and it’s good to just go with it when the mood takes you.

    Jony a great pic of Lake Tekapo….OH and I holidayed there with a brother and SIL in March this year. Here’s the view from our holiday house https://imgur.com/a/jScDewU Such a beautiful place.
    I was a journo too, before I moved to academia. OH too….he was my chief of staff when I started my cadetship at the ABC. My DD too is a journalist…in the genes.

    Thin I saw something on TV last night about the vaccine arriving in the UK, but can only be distributed through hospitals at the moment, because it arrives (I think) in doses of 700, and requires a level of refrigeration that nursing homes don’t have. I guess these logistical things will be sorted out quite quickly, now it has been delivered and is ready to go.

    Thin/Cinque I found Aldi pretty useless when they first set up here, but increasingly I am doing more of my shopping there. Some pretty random things, that’s for sure, but I have noticed how much Australian produce they are selling, which is a good thing. I was so disappointed to find my favourite washing machine liquid was made in China – so many wasted air miles – so have switched to Aldi’s, which was recommended by Choice (Australian consumers’ assn) and is Australian made. Aldi’s bread is half the price of the expensive whole grains I was buying elsewhere, and at 5.8 grams, much more fibre than the heavily promoted ‘healthy’ ones. (Their chocolate is also pretty good – but I’ll keep that secret if you will).

    Not long now Anzac, to your holidays. Feeling calmer about leaving Maxx this time? I was so anxious to leave Rose, but they really do love it don’t they?

    LJ sorry about the infection coming back again – you have had a rough trot with health lately.

    Calif, hope things will start to calm for you soon too. Again, such a troubling year. Looking forward to a nice family Christmas?

    We are having DD & DS and their families this year ….just the 10 of us which will be lovely. I must get on with shopping. I asked Miss 4 what she’d like from us this Christmas, and after a moment’s thought she said she really had everything she needed, thank you. When we asked the 2 year old what she wanted, she replied ‘my birthday’ which I am taking to mean that she wants presents. Sweet children.

    must fly – off to the butcher on the other side of the river to stock up on Rosy’s food. After her turning her snout up at all the more expensive cuts, it turns out her absolutely favourite is the $7.99 offcuts from a bulk butcher. It’s quite fatty, but a lot of good meat too, and my girl sure needs the calories.

    good day all.

    Good morning all.

    Thanks for the get well wishes – they are working. I’m still taking antibiotics but the symptoms are definitely clearer. My lungs are almost clear of congestion and my breathing feels almost normal. All very good signs.

    Lindsay, so sorry to hear about the foot injury. Does icing help? If so then inflamed ligaments or tendons are a likely culprit. It sound like rest is in order – Rosy won’t like that!
    If you and Neil keep comparing such lovely views, the rest of us will become very despondent about the lack of a view from our own houses.

    Neil, it’s a very good thing you have had the colonoscopy and been given the all clear. At least that means that whatever is happening is probably diet related.
    Hopefully the process of adding back foods will help you work out whether specific foods are causing issues.

    Thin, I too had a good chuckle at your daughter’s remark. Sound’s like she had some difficult customers to deal with – and I don’t mean the animals.
    I was watching the BBC news this morning (your 6pm broadcast) and saw the never ending Bexit saga continues. The big fear seemed to be that it might hold up the vaccine supplies and the cold chain would be compromised in transit.
    They mentioned that the Australian option was looking likely – no Brexit agreement but reliance on world trade agreements. That situation hasn’t prevented Australia from negotiating more favourable agreements with many countries or regions, so I suspect the UK could aim for that in the future too – probably easier when there’s no deadline looming.

    Anzac, it’s wonderful that this is your last week. Such a lovely break to look forward to.

    Cinque, those feast days do sneak in don’t they. I think you have enough control to manage things though. It’s bread products that are often my downfall too. I was interested in your filled Indian bread. It sounds like a cross between an Indian Paratha and a Turkish Golzeme – both very yummy.

    John, The scales can be frustrating little sods at times! I think we all have moments they they are close to being flung out of the window. They will get their comeuppance though when get to double digits.
    See what I mean about the posts on this forum – sometimes it’s a drought and at others a flood!

    Cali, I did hear yesterday that much of California was going into lockdown, although they made it sound like it was mostly southern California so I wasn’t sure if your area would be included. I hope it helps to get infection rates down. I saw that Biden is asking people to wear masks for the first 100 days of his presidency – it remains to be seen whether any of the current non-mask wearers would actually take any notice of this (my expectation is not high). The vaccine will help, but it will take so many months to get everyone (who wants a vaccine) vaccinated. It’s even more complicated when most of the vaccines that I have heard about require 2 shots as you need to rely on people coming back for that second shot and people forget or misunderstand the process.
    As Cinque explained, all of the covid outbreaks we’ve had here in the last 6 months started in hotel quarantine, with hotel or security staff becoming infected and then taking it out into the community. We ended up with about 33 people infected in the community in Adelaide in the last month or so. But it is looking like it’s contained now – they did this by putting over 4000 people into home isolation (or hotel quarantine if they couldn’t isolate at home). They did this with contacts of the infected people and also the contacts of those contacts – for each infected person that’s usually over 100 that need to be isolated for 14 days. It’s been 10 days since we had a new case in Adelaide. Once we’ve gone at least 14 days with no cases I’ll be more confident that it’s controlled again. I hope they are also continuing the sewage testing as that can pick up possible infection – although I suspect at the moment it would also pick up infection from our current cases.

    Another FD for me today and I’m looking forward to the cherries I’ve set aside for lunch – first food for the day. I made a small pot of cream of zucchini & spinach soup for dinner last night and am planning to make minestrone for tonight’s dinner. The cold days have me in a soup mood, although the forecast says it will be 35C on the weekend, so I suspect most of it will end up in the freezer.

    Have a good day everyone.


    Ooops! When I posted that pic from inside the Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo, I meant to include an outside shot so you can see what it looks like. The stone kirk appears very old but was actually opened in 1935. It’s interdenominational an is incredibly popular for weddings because of the picturesque church and surrounding scenery. When my wedding was under way we had tourists trying to bust the door open so they could come inside for a look. Our “bouncer” firmly suggested they stay outside.

    Good evening everyone. Surprise, surprise, I’m back! (Though you probably haven’t missed me – awww!)

    Well, not sure how often I can post just at the moment – as others said, jonykiwi, life gets in the way at times. But, I’ve loved your past few photos, and had no problems opening them on imgur, where the early ones were a lot more yes/ no/ yes, etc.

    LJoyce, sorry to read that you’ve had another infection, and have to have your infusion before you’re fully recovered. I hope it goes okay for you tomorrow evening.

    LindsayL, you’re in the wars, too, with your foot – sometimes it’s easier if something is broken, because then it just repairs itself and that’s it, whereas strains and sprains often just seem to hang on. My left foot is now permanently slightly swollen from all the sprained ankles I got playing sport. Oh well.

    Neilithicman, yay you for persevering through your 30 days. I honestly wondered if you’d make it even this far, but I should have trusted you. You’ve been so diligent with 5:2 that your self-control, when you choose to exercise it (as you have been for the past year or more), is self-evident.

    Anzac65, hope you’re doing okay, and that work has slowed down enough to allow you a decent break over Christmas.

    CalifDreamer, sure hope the vaccine is released over your way soon. The Covid numbers have been horrible. You have consistently been sensible in what you do, so I trust you’ll continue to stay well. Glad you continue to enjoy lots of Aussie shows.

    Thin, I’m guessing you’re now in your winter mooring (I haven’t tried to read back before this page). And yes, I had the same problem you and Cinque mention re the numbering. Got here okay, though.

    Cinque, lovely that you’ve been able to enjoy granddaughter-time again, without having to stress about it.

    Finally, the plumbing is done. Had the official “inspection” on Monday – the inspector didn’t come, so that apparently means the compliance certificate is simply issued by the department and I’ll be emailed a copy. They may come back in a month or so to do a high pressure jet clean of the concrete (it’s listed in the contract, but hasn’t been done), but I don’t care at the moment, just glad it’s over with. Ouch to the hip pocket, but it had to be done.

    With that, plus being pressured a bit by my supervisors to get some transcripts finished, the stress eating got out of control. After I see them again via Zoom on Thursday, the stress levels will probably ease off and eating sensibly and with control will be easier (I hope!). So much happens in the weeks before Christmas, it just gets hard, as you all know. Well, one can but do one’s best. I’ll try to post more, for accountability.

    Goodnight all

    Good morning from a lovely day in Melbourne,

    Thinking of Lindsay with your sore foot, and Betsy in what I hope isn’t a vortex of stress eating, but just some choppy sea that you will get through better than this time last year.

    Penguin, are you readying for your last treatment? Is the house packed? Are you holding up? So many good thoughts and wishes hurtling over to you for your Wednesday, I have a whole field of flowers for you: https://media.architecturaldigest.com/photos/56a16947f62777972f2fe29b/master/w_3888,h_2592,c_limit/fields-of-flowers-01.jpg

    Neil, you are in your last week of the Whole30 and hopefully no pain.

    Lindsay so glad the heat let up.
    I hope your foot pain is easing. I’m going for tendons/muscles since that seems so likely from walking on sand, and should heal nicely. Fingers crossed. It must make everything so tricky… I’ll go for muscles as that will heal more quickly than tendon damage. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/04/7f/aa/047faa9baf058efe225668684d70d4a9.jpg

    Yay for Rosy loving those cheap offcuts. I laughed, noting whiskas packets that contained offal were cheaper. Hate offal myself, but Miso the cat likes it fine.

    Yes my little feasty indulgence was delicious and hasn’t made me cross with myself. Just another lesson I need to stick in my brain!

    LJoyce you are right that it was a cross between a paratha and gozleme.

    May those good signs be even better for you this morning, and breathing easy. Is it infusion day today? Sending best wishes.

    Jony, what an excellent bouncer you had at your wedding!

    Betsy, ofcourse we missed you, and lots of good wishes have been wending their way to you as you grapple with those transcripts, and the plumbing. Hooray, the plumbing is done and dusted…. done anyway, haha.
    Ooh it is awful to read of the permanent damage you have from those foot sprains.

    I hope you have some great transcribing done for Thursday and that your process for managing the day just keeps getting better and healthier. Get over rough ground as best you can (yes my metaphor has jumped out of the choppy sea) and the timer on for stretching and exercise breaks.
    I hope you can post more.

    I minded Miss 4 yesterday, picking her up from kinder. Her sister has now finished her assessments for Autism Spectrum. Today I tidy and tomorrow I am minding Miss 4 again while my daughter gets her long planned tattoo. It is small but artistic and will take a few hours.

    So it is housework fast day. I’d better make the most of the energy I have this morning. Best wishes everyone. It is cleaning, not eating, for me today!

    Cheers all.

    Morena all

    Day 24 so less than a week to go now. I have returned to being regular and the pain has gone, I must have just not drank enough water that day, unless it was the nuts that caused the constipation. It might be something to try after I’ve reintroduced my foods, eat normally and just cut out nuts.

    Jony, sorry to see that I’ll be joining you for the final ride of your group. It’s a pity your numbers have been dwindling. Hopefully I can keep up with the e-bikes going up Castlewood road. I’m well acquainted with the road as I used to work at Larnach Castle in a former life (around 16 or so years ago now) so I drove up or down it every day.

    Well I’d better crack on with my work, it’s been pretty busy in the leadup to Christmas. Have a great day everyone and a nice easy fast day for those of us depriving ourselves of Christmas goodies today.

    Hi Betsy, great to see you back, and yes we missed you.

    Good morning everyone.

    The lung infection is still barely there, but I’m going ahead with the infusion this evening regardless. There’s always a risk that it will make the infection flare up again, but I’ll cross my fingers and hope.

    Betsy, of course we missed you. It sounds like the pressure continues from your supervisors. Hopefully they will let up a bit near christmas.
    Excellent to see that the big plumbing job has finally finished.
    I am the same with my foot – I tore ligaments in my left foot twice and it’s remained larger that other ankle for decades.

    Neil and John, how wonderful that you get to do the same bike ride in your beautiful part of the world. If you have time to take a photo of the lovely scenery we’d be happy to see it.

    Take care all.

    Good evening all.

    Note – second post in two days 🙂 It’s news time, so I’m posting quickly before going out to a 40th birthday celebration/ end of year celebration for one of my prayer groups. I’ve already eaten, so am aiming to be very well-controlled for the evening. I’d eat a lot more if I felt hungry.

    Cinque, good that you’re having good times with the family. What kind of tattoo is your daughter getting? I keep resisting the temptation – I’d like a little butterfly on my shoulder, but…. maybe not at 71 🙂

    LJoyce, glad you’re a bit better, but difficult that you have to have the infusion or miss out before Christmas. Yes, like you, I was told I had a chronically strained?sprained? ligament, and the foot is just a bit swollen always. It’s not too extreme, just a bit noticeable.

    Neilithicman, enjoy your bike ride. How lovely that you’ll get to meet jonykiwi.

    Cinque, loved the pictures you posted, especially the one of the foot – LindsayL, take note, and hope the foot repairs quickly. You and OH are a pair of crocks at the moment, him with his knee and you with your foot. At least Rosy is well now. Or was it only Maxx who had a problem? Maxx, I definitely remember, not being allowed to go for walks for a week or so, but there was something with Rosy, too, wasn’t there?

    Penguin, good luck with all the last minute packing and clearing of the house, and hope the chemo goes well and doesn’t affect you too drastically, especially for this time.

    Stay safe and well, everyone.


    Kia ora, whanau (whanau is family)

    Today’s pic I took in remote Danseys Pass, well inland from Dunedin. I know it well, as my grandad owned the pub on the Naseby side. Aged just 3 I used to sit on the bar and drink red beer! Well, I thought it was beer but it was actually raspberry. It must have been a tough place for my grandmother to operate in, as it didn’t have electricity – all cooking for guests done on the coal range. And she was a great cook.

    Neil – great to hear you’re finally coming out for an AOK bike ride, even if it’s on our farewell outing. You will find climbing 300m on Castlewood Rd on an LPB (leg powered bike) a wee bit different to driving up, but I’m sure you can do it. We might wait for you at the top. When you run a bike group and numbers dwindle, you quickly pull the pin. The reason is the rise of e-bike numbers and the subsequent antipathy from LPB riders. No use pushing shite uphill with a rake! Of course I have plans for a new AOK group, this time a midweek group for all ages. I’ve been running AOK (Across Otago Kneebuilder) events and group rides since 1999. Our biggest ride took 300 people around Otago over 3 days.

    LJoyce – thanks for the encouragement on being stuck in the Noughties. I’m getting so paranoid I had a mini fast day today, before tomorrow’s true FD. I’ll probably gain! I must reveal I ate roasted butterflied leg lamb and roast veges tonight, which is probably not ideal diet chow. Ironically, my BH couldn’t chew her lamb because of a tooth problem – bugger!

    LyndsayL – great to hear you stayed at our former mountain home, Lake Tekapo! And that you’re an ex-journo. Now I know why you’re such a great person! If you’re ever in Dunedin, look me up and we’ll have a coffee and a carrot.

    Oh well, off to do some pushups, pulldowns and belt-tightening in prep for tomorrow’s FD.

    Keep on shrinking!

    Morning all

    Day 25, after the weekend I’ll just have 2 days to go. One thing I’ve noticed recently is that things seem to taste way sweeter. I ate a carrot this morning and it tasted like the sweetest thing I’ve ever eaten. I’m guessing if I introduce sugar back in when I’m reintroducing foods it will taste overly sweet.

    Jony, I should be alright with the climb, I climb over 300m every day on the way home, it’s about 160m up to the top of Stuart Street from the Octagon and then another 160-odd meters from the bottom of Brockville Road up to my house up the top of Brockville. It’ll probably just take me longer to get up there than you speed demons on your e-bikes. My ride home takes me about 20 minutes and I saw it took you about 7 minutes on your e-bike to go up Castlewood Road.

    Betsy, I hope your birthday party went well and you managed to enjoy yourself without indulging too much.

    Ljoyce, How did your infusion go? Hope your lung infection didn’t get any worse.

    Well back into it, second last pay-day before Christmas so I’ll have to start thinking about Christmas presents soon. Have a great day everyone.

    Good morning,
    I had a good day yesterday and got a lot done, but I’m having one of those ‘grasshopper that has just hit the windscreen’ kind of mornings. I am hoping my coffee will get me into form for looking after the dear little one today.

    Neil, it is extraordinary how sweet everything tastes! My head practically explodes with the sugar hit from a bit of roasted kumara, these days. And even my long rise whole grain bread tastes so sweet I can’t really imagine how I used to put honey or jam on it.

    LJoyce, I hope your day after infusion is an easy one.

    Betsy, rocking it! 2 days, 2 posts. I hope you had a lovely celebration with your prayer group.
    My daughter showed me the sketch for her tattoo, it involves a cat and a little astronaut, and the sketch had no colour, just black lines, but I didn’t check with her if that is exactly how it will be. The design is still being tweaked but it looks beautiful and she is planning to have it near her elbow, so she will get to look at it easily.

    Jony, that spaceship crash is sure to feature on Doctor Who sometime!
    Ha, re the raspberry lemonade. How cool you would have felt with that. Kudos to your grandma, and I bet her cooking was so appreciated.

    Well, my coffee was wonderful, and now I am going to move slowly and steadily and drink lots of water, and maybe even get some pasta dough made so I can show Miss 4 the pasta machine.

    Best wishes everyone, I hope today is a good day for you.

    Good morning everyone,

    The infusion went without a hitch and my best vein behaved itself – always a relief. That’s the last one for this year. Lung infection seems to be in abeyance at present.

    Cinque, I can just imagine your granddaughter’s delight at watching a lump of dough turn to into spaghetti. Maybe she’ll actually want to taste some, unlike the broad beans she helped you shell.

    Betsy, hope you had a fabulous time at the party and that your strategy of eating early worked. So many tricky food events to navigate this time of year.

    Neil, I have also noticed that I’m more sensitive to sweet flavours when I not eating much of them. It’s alarming how quickly to readjust though, once you start eating it again.

    John, lovely memories of your grandparent’s pub. I marvelled at my grandmother managing on an isolated farm with a wood stove and oil lamps – but she just had a large family to cook for, not paying guests as well.

    Although I did FDs on Sunday and Tuesday I am doing a another one today (800cal). I have lunch out at a restaurant tomorrow, followed by afternoon tea. That’s means a third FD is definitely called for this week. I baked a tray of cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini and potato with garam masala, turmeric and cumin last night. I just need to reheat a portion when I get home from babysitting tonight.

    I have been pleased that, although I’ve been confined to the house for days, I have managed to stay away from added sugars and gotten my sweet fix from just fruit. That’s a big improvement on the battles I’ve had in recent weeks. I had a long argument with myself last night about wanting a scoop of icecream – I settled for a handful of cherries – battle won. I even managed to avoid all the baking – yesterday I baked 2 dozen mini-pavlovas and 80 shortbread (for christmas gifts). The pavs will head out to my nephew’s place with me tonight as my great-nephew turns 9 this weekend and I promised him pavlovas. I have a passionfruit cream and fresh blackberries and cherries to top them with. He absolutely loves them and can eat 3 in one sitting – a real sweet tooth! Most of them are for his party this weekend, but I will put the toppings on a few tonight so there is a special dessert after their macaroni cheese tonight.

    I’ve been up since 6am, so it’s time for a second pot of tea I think. I’m surprised I held out this long actually.

    Hello everyone, quick post as I’m very busy finishing up work before our 4 day weekend up at the Hunter Valley

    Today is my birthday! 55 years young 🙂 and the weather is lovely – sunny and 27 today. That’s the end of the good weather news sadly. For the entire four days, the Hunter Valley is 19-20 degrees with strong cold winds and lots of rain. That is winter weather here! BOO HOO. Oh well, instead of pool time we are taking DVD’s, CD’s and a pack of cards for in-between outings.

    Then only four days next week then three weeks off!

    Glad your lung infection has abated and your infusion went well LJ and good for you for avoiding overeating when you had all that temptation there. Your baking sounds delicious

    So sorry you are having a grasshopper day Cinque. Take it easy and I hope Miss 4 just wants gentle plays today.

    Ouch, your poor foot Lindsay. Hope it is feeling better and so glad your heatwave is over.

    We did miss you Betsy and how lovely to hear from you. I hope you had a lovely time with your prayer group.

    Jony, awesome pictures. I do love your country and lived there (Windy Wellington) for almost 2 years which is where I met my hubby. I brought him home to my parents when we were approaching the second winter and I realised I just couldn’t go through another one. Brrrrr…..and that wind – diabolical.

    Only 2 days to go Neil! Hasn’t that month gone quickly? All kudos to you as it couldn’t have been easy with that level of restriction. What are you looking forward to the most?

    Cali, every day the news out of the USA is more and more bleak and devastating. I can’t believe that people are still protesting about being forced to wear masks. I even heard one idiot woman say that masks make you more likely to catch it. WHAT? Honestly, don’t they care about anyone other than themselves? Rant over…sorry…

    Thin, I was having an online chat with my nephew this morning and he said it is freezing over there. Stay warm! Your chicken Jalfrezi sounds nice, do you have a recipe?

    I’ve strayed from my 800-1000 calories this week so will get through the weekend and hit it hard from next week.

    Take care all

    Happy Birthday Wonderful Anzac!
    What a great age! (5 is my special number and you have two of them!)
    May this be the best year yet!

    Happy Birthday Anzac
    Hope you have a fabulous break in the Hunter Valley.
    It might be cold – but that’s just as excuse to taste a few nice reds!

    Hello everyone. My absence has not been of my own doing, we’ve had no internet for the last 14 days….uuuhhh so damn annoying. Our internet provider had a major network meltdown which lasted 5 days but we still couldn’t get a service when it was apparently back up and running. Their helpdesk/call centre was inundated, I spend days on end on hold for up to 5 hours without getting through, and they never returned any calls I left on their call back service either. So by day 10 of no service and not being able to get through, I signed up with another provider. Thinking all would be good, but not so. My modem would not work with the new provider…..another uuuhhh. Anyways to cut a long story short, I paid for an IT expert to come out and sort it….. new modem and 3 hours of his time, all sorted…I’m not looking forward to receiving the bill but at least we are back up and running again.

    So I have not read posts because too far behind to catch up. Also very annoying was I had 2 questions left of my next study unit to complete before the outage so I couldn’t complete it and submit, so I’m 2 weeks behind from where I was hoping to be.

    So today Miss G’Day finished her last day of Primary School. She is celebrating with her friends who have been at our house since school finish today, running amuck and squirting each other with water blasters (sooper soakers), swinging from and climbing the gum trees and generally doing what kids should do. As I type they are all walking down to the local deli/servo to buy a hug bag of hot chips and lollies to share for their tea. Not the type of food I would normally allow but this is a special occasion so I’m happy to let the kids do what makes them happy. Miss G’Days dad and I attended her graduation last week (only 2 people allowed) and I have to say I fought back tears…big step going to high school next year.

    Weight wise for me, the scales are still stubborn and don’t want to go downward but looking in the mirror I’m not too bad. Oh gotta go, the tribe are back from the deli and wanting more food. Cheers all

    Good evening all.

    Managed a controlled eat at the evening celebration yesterday, then came home and ate ice-cream. Duh! Met a friend for lunch today – Chinese food, so chicken, cashews and vegetables with rice, and a jack fruit smoothie. Very nice, but I still ate normally at dinnertime. I really need to avoid food until as late as possible in the day. Planning a FD tomorrow. First in a while, so hope it goes well.

    LJoyce, glad the infusion went well, and the lung infection is under control. Mini-pavlovas? I’d be like your grand-nephew, eating 2-3 in a sitting. Darned sweet tooth!

    Happy belated birthday, Anzac65! 55 years young, and becoming more beautiful with every year 🙂 Hope you have a lovely break away, despite the cool weather.

    Cinque, sorry you were feeling “ordinary” today, but hope grandma duty perked you up.

    G’DayfromSA, congrats in having a “graduate” in the family, even if only from primary school. Will being at high school mean a further distance to travel?
    What a pain about losing the internet for so long, and it putting your studies behind. Very annoying.
    The way the kids are playing sounds very like me with my brother and lots of friends during the summer – water everywhere!

    jonykiwi, hope you have a great bike ride at the weekend.

    Neilithicman, nearly there. Isn’t it interesting how the taste buds change?!
    No Christmas presents yet? Are you one of those people who leave it till almost the last minute? (Says me with pride, who had virtually finished all my Christmas shopping by the end of November 🙂 . Really, it’s just that I don’t like the crowds).

    Only one more eating “event” now until Christmas day, so maybe I can actually lose some of what I’ve gained in the next couple of weeks. Wouldn’t that be luverly 🙂

    Morning everyone

    Happy birthday Anzac! I hope you have a great birthday and relaxing break. In answer to your question, I’m looking forward to a nice bit of cheese, but I’ll have to wait another week after I’ve finished the 30 days to get that, because dairy is the second-last thing to be reintroduced.

    Gday, glad you’re back on board again. I don’t know if my two boys would survive without internet for 2 weeks :/

    Betsy, yeah I tend not to buy presents until the last minute. We do a secret santa for the adults in our family so I only have to buy 1 present, it’s just the kiddies I have to think about and they’re usually pretty easy to buy for because they all have very specific tastes.

    Well I swapped out the slick tyres on my mountain bike for Mountain bike tyres ready for the ride tomorrow. I was going to ride it into work today to make sure I had everything set up properly, but it’s pissing with rain today. It should make the Karetai track pretty greasy so that could be fun to do.

    Have a great one everyone

    Ka kite anō


    Kia ora, everyone! Well I’ve been and gone and dunnit! I told the scales this morning I’d do a Basil Fawlty on them (remember when he flogged his Morris 1100 with a big tree branch when it refused to start?) if they didn’t give me an agreeable figure, so they meekly obliged with a 99.7kg. Maybe it was the mini FD on Wed, before yesterday’s official FD, that helped. Now I’ve got 3 days of normal eating – make that overeating, as we’re having an early Xmas/birthday party for elder daughter at our place tonight, as they’re away over Xmas. I think I’ll just nibble on a couple of lettuce leaves. And I have to go out a grab another bottle of Asti now!

    Neil – looking forward to meeting you finally tomorrow. I’ll look for the skinny bloke eating a Moro bar and gagging on the extreme sweetness. You’re a little bit astray with your estimate of how long I took to climb imposing Castlewood Rd – it was 17min, not 7! Not even a Mustang 5.0 would get up there in 7min. And I’ve changed the ride course because of the rain and Karetai Track will no longer feature, so we’ll be chasing you on the big downhill to Centre Rd tomorrow. See you there!

    Anzac – hearty congrats on your birthday. You don’t look a day over 39! No doubt you’ll get lots of hate mail over your less than complimentary assessment of Wellington weather. They breed them tough up there. They don’t have ordinary skin, they have oilskin. Good for the rain and wind!

    Ka kite, folks

    Oops! I forgot to write about the pic I included with today’s post. Yesterday I wrote about Danseys Pass, and the pic shows the Danseys Pass Coach Inn, which my grandfather owned in the 1950s and 60’s and I was a frequent visitor as a wee kid. The pic was probably taken about 1890. My grandad actually did the blasting when they built the middle section of the pass road about 1920 and he said he used to carry the explosive down his shirt in winter to keep it warm, as it was liable to explode if it got a shock. It was poor form to slap an explosives guy on the back!

    Jony, congratulations! Well done, Hip, hip hurray! Don’t blow it now! I’m very excited that you and Neil will be meeting up. So much in common. When I lived in Perth, I met several of the contributors to this thread for coffee and walks. It was great fun putting faces and real names to usernames – never as I’d imagined. It’s killing me that I can’t see your photos. When I have more time, I’ll investigate the imgur issues further. I have fond memories of Lake Tekapo. Like almost every inch of NZ, stunning beauty.

    I’ve been reading the posts but haven’t had time to comment and, as usual, I’ve all but forgotten who said what. Just briefly then:

    Happy Happy Happy belated Birthday Anzac for the 10th! Where were you this time last year? I can’t remember which country.

    LJ, glad the infusion went OK.

    Welcome back Betsy. You asked me a question which I’ve since forgotten. I think it was whether we were now in the marina and the answer is yes. Glad all that plumbing mess is behind you.

    GDSA, congratulations to miss D.

    Lindsay, sorry about injuring your foot. I have visions of vast white sandy beaches so I’m wondering how that could have happened especially as you’re abstaining from alcohol (mostly). he he.

    Cinque, I hope you’ve recovered from the not so great morning.

    A blow about the Queensland vaccine being scrapped. I’m assuming all must be going extremely well with the vaccine administering here since there’s virtually no mention of it on the news. Two developments concerning our potential Canary Islands trip, one being that it’s now being added to the list of self-isolation countries on return to UK and the other that self-isolation is being shortened from 14 to 10 days. I think one can make that even shorter by paying for a covid test privately £65-120.

    I’ve made it to Friday alcohol free.

    Morning all.
    The quickest of posts, as I’m just about to leave to take Rosy and her pal Davy out to the kennel for their overnight stay while I take OH for his birthday secret weekend. He still hasn’t guessed, despite high excitement and many clues from the grandchild department. Now I just need to get the suitcase to the car, pick up his birthday cake, and hope I haven’t forgotten anything.
    It is cold and bleak here ….well, I guess it’s all relative, but down from highs of 40 Monday and Tuesday, to pouring rain and max 21 in Toowoomba. And up to 300 ml of torrential rain expected between now and Tuesday.
    I’ve had the results from my scan and xray on the foot. Not gout, as I thought, but what was surprising is that I have significant arthitis in that foot, combined with bursitis. Ouch. Yes Thin, wide sandy beaches, but also a lovely lagoon which is tidal, so at low tide there is some soft sand and more than a few holes to step into. But the doctor thinks it is because now OH’s foot is better (ironic, yes?), our two hour walks have triggered the arthritis I didn’t even know I had. So, a steroid injection to get rid of the bursitis, but not til after Christmas probably.
    Jony and Neil, hope you have a great ride and catch-up. How wonderful for you both. And Jony, congratulations for hitting that important goal. Hat off to you. Great motivator, isn’t it?
    Happy belated birthday Anzac. Hope your weekend away is divine. You’ve sure earned it.
    LJ good your infusion went without hiccup. As usual, in awe that you cook all that marvellous stuff for your family, and yet you still adhere to this WOL.

    Cinque, a lovely card, thank you. You really are a sweetie – Jony hit the nail on the head (we always knew it, but he said it 🙂 Hope the little girl’s assessment went well. Will you post a closeup of DD’s tattoo?

    Ok must run. Best wishes all, and a big hello to those I’ve missed. Penguin, wishing you good thoughts. Calif, hope the vaccines will start to see the end of the nightmare. Gday, internet! how did we live without it?

    Saturday morning in sunny Melbourne. I have watered the garden, had a lovely breakfast (poached chicken and lettuce on toast, yum) and am sitting down to catch up with all you lovely people before I do some more pottering around.

    Jony, woot! https://cdn5.vectorstock.com/i/1000×1000/55/94/grand-prize-win-gold-badges-vector-13655594.jpg

    Lindsay best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Happy Birthday to Mr Lindsay! https://www.expresspartysupplies.com.au/image/cache/300×300/251015/happy-birthday-blue-birthday-cake-boys-fabric-hat-head-accessorie.jpg

    I am so, so sorry to hear about that arthritis and bursitis. I have several friends and relatives suffering from bursitis in hip and/or shoulder, but yikes how awful to have it in your foot! My sisters tip (she has it in her hip) is to get ice on it as soon as it might flare up. The earlier the better. I suppose you need the pain to die down before you start being able to avoid it flaring up. I do hope it eases.

    I can show a picture of my daughter’s tattoo, it is a line tattoo, this is just after it was done so the clear dressing is on it https://imgur.com/a/HERDQFu

    Anzac, I hope the weather is a bit friendlier than expected, but there is something to be said for being away from home and just doing plenty of nothing. Enjoy every minute.

    LJoyce, hooray your infusion was so easily done and dusted.
    I do hope your social eating went well.

    Hi Gday! Oh dear a fortnight is a long time without the internet. I am so glad it is fixed now.
    Is your trim figure without losing grams due to all that wonderful exercise you are doing? Lovely.
    Goodness it will be a big change to have a high school girl. End of an era. What a lovely celebration of it she had with her friends.

    Betsy, that is what I do! I come home after a social event and want to eat to help me wind down. In fact it is so bad with me that I am best off not eating socially (or having as little as I can get away with) and having a healthy meal ready for me when I get home.

    Yes, you can lose those extra grams you have put on with the festive eating, and enjoy doing it! A lovely Christmas gift to yourself. All power to you.

    Neil, Jony, best wishes for a great ride!

    Jony, eep that explosive story about your grandfather.

    Thin, yes, it was a blow to hear they were shelving the Qld vaccine. So glad to hear all is going well with the roll out in the UK, and that the two people who had a severe allergic response had their epipens with them.

    Yay for that alcohol free week, hoping you are feeling trim, taut and terrific.

    I had a lovely time with Miss 4 and we did make pasta (slight mishap as she grabbed the cut fettucine and it all squished together). She was a great help turning the pasta machine handle and setting the rollers to higher numbers each time we made it thinner.
    And goodness me, doesn’t home made pasta taste fantastic. Having small amounts with meals since we had to leave it here to dry.

    A big day yesterday as I had to do my HIIT skip for my cardiovascuar health and start off my sweet potato fly (you might have to look it up 😉 ) as I had all the ingredients ready. But on top of that my iron died and before buying a new one I went to the trouble of asking my goodkarma network in case someone had a perfectly good one they weren’t using. Yes. Went and picked it up. Turns out it was badly scorched. I tried to clean it but had to give up and go and buy a new one anyway. I was SO pissed off I left the group! Haha.

    While I was still angry about that wasted morning, I lost my remote control and couldn’t find it for two hours, during which time the TV was stuck on too loud (no controls on the box). It waited until I had searched the most ridiculous places and looked up how to buy a new one before it re-materialised.

    But with a working iron and a working tv I felt very happy with life. Ironed lots of summer clothes (while watching tv) with a nice meditation on how good it is to be healthy and slender.

    And writing this has hopefully got me past the dangerous thinking of how much I would just love another piece of chicken and lettuce on toast, and I am all set to do some three-things-at-a-time pottering until my 2pm meal.

    Off to pick some leaves from the garden before they wilt in the sun.
    Best wishes all, enjoy this precious day.

    Evening all,

    I had a good ride with Jony’s group. The wind was pretty strong so we did a tour round the town belt and gardens rather than the intended ride on the peninsula. Turns out we have even more in common, we both used to play tennis at the same club.

    I was starving this evening because I wasn’t hungry this morning so I skipped breakfast and just had 4 eggs for lunch with a little bowl of cherries (so glad it’s moving into summer fruit season). So I pigged our at dinner. I had some curried chicken livers, a huge bowl of salad, and finished it off with a little treat, some chopped frozen berries with a bit of coconut milk. The berries freeze the coconut milk to make a sugar free, dairy free ice cream.

    I think Jony has some pics from the ride so he’ll probably post them later.

    Have a great evening everyone.


    Neil and I finally met today when he brought his new road bike along for our final AOK Wanderers ride in Dunedin. It was a very windy day and I opted for a more sheltered ride along Dunedin’s Town Belt. We’re pictured in the Dunedin Botanic Garden, where we adjourned for afternoon coffee. More in my next post.

    Good evening everyone.

    John, a huge congratulations on getting to double digits. Hopefully the ride you went on with Neil today will help the downward trend. Thanks for the photo.

    Neil, you are looking very svelte in that photo – I am remembering those you posted when you first got to goal. I can see why you’ve been getting comments in recent days.

    Lindsay and and Anzac, I hope you are both enjoying really lovely weekends away with those you love (despite the threat of cold or wet weather). Enjoy these special days.

    Cinque, my goodness, the household gadgets have been sending you on a merry dance. Glad you finally got it all sorted. When you mentioned the tv remote I remembered Anzac describing Maxx chewing theirs and I gave a momentary thought to Miso. Then realised how ridiculous that sounded.

    GDSA, I hope you have a permanent fix for your internet woes and have found a better provider. Congratulations to Miss GDSA on her graduation. As someone else asked – will she have to travel further for high school? (Being a country kid myself I know that even though my small town had a primary school I had to travel to a different town for high school – which meant getting up horribly early to catch a school bus – remember the old bright yellow ones.)

    Thin, I saw the announcement on the BBC about the Canary Islands being classified as a destination requiring quarantine. As long as you could do that on the boat it would probably be ok – although I expect you’ll also need your vaccine before going to make it a safe trip for you. (If you are are vaccinated, perhaps they may make exceptions to quarantining when you get home. If they haven’t thought of this yet, I’m sure it will come up.)

    Penguin, if I remember correctly you have 2 days before the big move. I hope everything goes without a hitch and you can settle in by christmas.

    Betsy, hopefully you have found your determination to get your eating back on the straight and narrow. I seem to be oscillating between being either really good or really bad – I wish I could just stay in the steady middle ground most of the time.

    I had a day out yesterday that involved far too much eating. I am paying the price this weekend by doing two B2B FDs. It’s been easy so far, helped by yesterday’s overeating and the scorching temperatures here this weekend.
    For dinner I have done something similar to Neil and put some almond milk, frozen fruit (banana & raspberries) and psyllium in a large tumbler – then I pureed it into a huge low cal smoothie – both cooling and filling.

    I have a busy couple of weeks ahead (as I’m sure you all do), with several social food events, which will be a serious challenge and two days of babysitting each week, now that the kids are on school holidays. I’m trying to have quiet days when I can. Thankfully I have to go nowhere this weekend, so I can relax before babysitting starts Monday.

    Have a lovely weekend all. I’ll pop in when I can.

    Success! I couldn’t get around the imgur problems without doing my head in but had the idea to log into the forum on my phone and presto! I am now caught up with jony’s super images. Stunning photo of the Good Shepherd church, brought back happy memories of Tekapo. What a super place to get married. I was also excited to see the photo of you and Neil. You both look great. My OH is a geography major and loves pointing out geological features. We saw schist rock formations on a walk in the Malverns this summer. And Lindsay, that’s some view from your holiday home. Sorry about your foot diagnosis, bummer.

    LJ, we were having that conversation about whether it was necessary to self-isolate from an overseas trip if you’ve been vaccinated just this morning. There are no plans to give recipients any physical documentation so proof would probably have to be at one’s own expense in the form of testing. Self-isolating on the boat is easy as we can be self-sufficient for four weeks – except for water but we need not come into contact with anyone else while filling – and we’d already decided that we’d stock up on food products before leaving even before this new ruling as things can change in an instant and we wouldn’t want to burden anyone else just so we could have a holiday.

    The thing I hadn’t realised about self-isolating though was that exercise is not allowed. A bit harsh not to let us off the boat in the country to go for a walk when you haven’t even tested positive I’d have thought. The Travel Gods are definitely against us though. OH’s misplaced visa was finally resent after nearly three months missing. But the courier tracker says ‘delivered’ last Thursday – and it wasn’t.

    Cinque, next time you lose the remote, unplug the TV at the mains!

    I’m talking to myself here. The end of a good FD and an alcohol-free week. I hope yours was good too if you were fasting today.

    Last year I totally forgot about my 4th annual Silly Season Challenge and, this year, I doubt anyone needs it. But, just in case our newer antipodeans were thinking of indulging over the Christmas period, weight gain is NOT inevitable. Here’s how we did it before: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-third-annual-silly-season-challenge/


    That’s a good idea Thin, although I’ve never really struggled with gaining weight at Christmas, even when I was fat, because that’s usually the time that I get to do active stuff outside, it’s when I’m back at work chained to my desk afterwards that I used to gain. In fact last year was the only time I’d gained weight over the period because we went to Fiji and my wife’s relatives kept feeding me starchy stuff like rice and roti.

    Ljoyce, I hope you have a good time looking after the kids and you come through the social events unscathed. The good point of doing my whole30 programme at this time of year is that it’s pretty hard for me to overeat. We had a big Church Christmas lunch yesterday and all I could eat was the roast chicken and salad, and since most other people were loading up their plates with all the stuff I couldn’t eat I had as much of it as I could eat. I ended up have a couple of big pieces of chicken and two plates of salad.

    Well 2 more days to go on the programme and then I’ll be able to introduce foods, it’s legumes including peanuts and soy on day 1, but I already think I know what was causing me issues. I avoided nuts for a couple of days after the last splurge I had on them, then I ate a couple of handfuls of cashews and almonds yesterday and I’m feeling some of the old symptoms, just a litte though, so pretty sure it is nuts that don’t agree with me when I eat too many of them.

    It’s my wife’s and my anniversary today, 18 years of married bliss. We’re planning on getting some food from a nice south-east asian restaurant and heading to the Botanic gardens to eat it, but the wind has been really bad for the last 3 or 4 days so we’ll have to see what it’s like this evening.

    Have a great one everyone, and I’ll see you on Wednesday for the big weigh-in.

    Hey everyone 🙂 just checking in. I’m 5 weeks in now. Loss of exactly 7Kg. Pretty happy with that. OMAD is getting easier and easier too. I have found myself extremely hungry on the week ends and after a surprise loss after a huge meal last weekend, I decided to PLAN to eat considerably more on the weekends. I woke up at Friday’s weight this morning and I am stoked as I ate so many calories (still all carnivore) on the weekend…only to hunger though. I am tweaking my plan again for the next two weeks in preparation for the inevitable feasting on Christmas and New Years eve (I am only going off my carnivore plan on those two occasions.) I will be switching to 4:3, Fasting at 500 on the 3 fast days, 2 days during the week at 1200 and 2000 plus on the weekend. I had a knee injury a few weeks ago, it’s feeling better, got some RapidGel for that so will be doing a bit of low impact cardio plus knee strengthening exercises too. Hope everyone in the north east is staying dry and safe, the weather is pretty wild and wooly today!

    Good morning,

    Neil and Mrs Neil, Happy Anniversary! https://www.shaadidukaan.com/vogue/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/wedding-Feature-Image.jpg

    Heat, skipping and maybe a little bit too much childminding made my weekend hard and I jettisoned my precious fast day as it needed more resolve than I could master. I got over rough ground as lightly as possible, and while we have a couple more hot days, I can just cruise and make frugal eating my high priority. I’m aiming for some Fast800 days but I don’t think today will be one. It might be close though!

    I’ve got someone working on the plumbing right by my back door. Cutting through concrete and other loud activities. So excuse me if I am distracted!

    Wonderful picture of Neil and John!

    LJoyce, I hope you had an excellent weekend and are ready to face the social eating of the next two weeks.

    Haha, no I couldn’t blame Miso the cat for the missing remote control, thank goodness I don’t have a dog that could chew it.
    Thin, yes, haha, I was getting close to the wall option.

    Super fast day and alcohol free week, Thin (I did the latter too 😉 woot! the one bonus of being alcohol intolerant.)
    Good memories of the Silly Season Challenges too.

    Neil, excellent to see the Whole30 end in sight and an interesting week or so to follow. It does sound like nuts are the ones causing trouble.
    If it is because of phytates in them, you might find them fine if you soak them.

    Rae, so good to hear from you, and with such great weight loss to tell us about. Brilliant! And lovely tweaking! That’s the trick.
    I’m glad your knee is healing and that you are managing to do an excellent amount of exercise.
    I hope you are surviving the rain up there!

    Well, the drill is going full bore, but the second it is finished I am in the kitchen to make coffee. And even though it is hot here, I am going to make a big pot of nourishing soup.

    Best wishes everyone

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