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  • I’m a soon to be 46 year old man who has really packed on the pounds in the past dozen years or so. I was horrified to see my picture in a 2012 photo where I weighed 225 lbs. But I realized too late my body was changing and didn’t know what to do with the calories maybe needed for a 20 something year old, and kept expanding. This January, when I hit 279 lbs., I knew things had to change. In February, I went back to calorie restriction, and by May 10, I weighed 269. But I had gone through this before several years ago, going from 249 to 232 in a few months. I knew calorie restriction was the only thing that worked, but it is so easy to lose track of whether or not you are daily reducing your calories over the long term. That was evidenced by my climb from 232 up to 279. So, although I lost 10 lbs between January and May (two months with little to no weight loss), I knew that I was in danger of losing track again. I read up about the 5:2 plan on May 10, and decided to try the 500 calorie twice a week plan. I thought that it made sense, and it would be easy to remember two fasting days a week. So, I began on May 11. I think on week one, I probably overindulged a bit on the post-fasting days, so I’m trying to be mindful of that this week. My mom is very curious if it works, as she has struggled with weight since her 30s. She asked on Friday, the day after my second fasting day, if I had lost any weight. Not really. But yes, truthfully half a pound. Usually, I would have expected to have gained a bit. She and a online work colleague said I did look thinner in the face already. Today is the day after my 3rd fast day. A few ounces down from last week, so I am still encouraged. I think as long as I try to eat normally and not feast on the nonfasting days, I may see greater weight loss. I like the concept, because I know that over time, I will naturally start making more nutritious choices every day of the week and be mindful of real hunger vs. social eating or eating out of boredom. I am just starting out, but am glad to find this forum where we can offer each other support.

    Hi North Georgia,
    Welcome to 5:2 and the forum.

    Congratulations on all the hard work you have done to help your health. I do hope you find 5:2 is easy and sustainable as that is the trick that means you can just keep going with it.

    A lot of us find that we get our fast days sorted and then we can gradually make our non fast days healthier. Not with a whole lot of calorie counting, but cutting down on processed foods, getting more veggies in, avoiding snacks etc. It sounds like you are already getting those good habits underway.

    You probably won’t see quicker weight loss on 5:2, but if you can keep at it it will be a steady downward trajectory and when you get to your healthy weight you will be able to stay there.

    Best wishes and all power to you.

    Thanks. Yes, I love the idea of easy and sustainable and think that’s the missing piece in my struggle. I’m finding in week two, I am already rethinking choices on non fast days and am not binging as I did in week one. I lost a few ounces, and was 268 lbs. this morning. I know weight fluctuates, but the last time I weighed 268 was July 2019. I’m good with slow and steady with this nice change in lifestyle habits. I try to get in a moderate 20 minute walk each nice day, too. Thanks!

    Hi again NGeorgia,
    That is the best news. Slow and steady wins the race.
    And if we have a bad day, we can just get back on track the next day.
    Sending more good wishes!

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